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Cheat Code Book

Cheat Code Book

Cheat Codes

You have just completed the entire Falcon Heart training!


To mark your perseverance, here is the E-Book or, if you had chosen it this way, the
printed version of all the tips and tricks shared during the videos. These things will
be a great help to you. To offer you the opportunity to see them easily, wherever you
are, seemed obvious to us.

Take the time to review the videos of the entire “Heart of the Hawk” training several
times in order to properly integrate information and techniques. Keep this book
close to you and take a look at it when you need a little help.

It’s been a pleasure to have you with us. We hope you enjoy this great journey as
much as we do. Inner freedom and Lightness will gradually settle in you and will be
there to stay.

The path will sometimes seem long and difficult, but if you give it enough attention
and time, you will manage to transform your life and that of others exponentially.

Wishing to see you again,

Your friends- are sincere, the Team

Proceed The Moment

The Gum

Imagine that this gum is in fact the material version of the ball of emotion and fears
to be released in the moment. A gum that tastes like crystallized information… Um...

Remember, when you activate your Spiral, it is its content that will dictate the
events of your daily life as well as the emotions and thoughts that will occur. Logic
and control will have very little influence on current events.

Balls that rise to the surface must be chewed carefully. You will need to fully taste
the subtlety of their flavours and textures. Listening to what’s happening and your
feelings and you will speed up the process enormously.

However, stretching your gum can dilute and drastically eliminate the flavor.

Eraser balls represent circumstances, emotions and thoughts that have been
crystallized in the past and want to express themselves – in the moment. When the

past speaks in the moment, it helps to decrystallize the information and reactivate
the energy stream.

Stretching the eraser means pushing emotions, thoughts and feelings into the future
and thus cutting off access to information that tries to come to life, in the moment.

Stretching your gum dilutes the taste, since the chewing material ends up outside
your mouth.

Imagining unpleasant situations can serve as a springboard and amplifier to
facilitate the collection of crystallized information. However, focusing too much on

the infinite continuity of these feelings over the coming months will only keep them

under cover.

This simple detail puts an energetic brake on your ability to live your feelings with
the required depth and completeness. Who wants to immerse themselves
completely in an ice bath if the plan is to stay there for years to come? No one… me
included. I’d obviously try to keep half my body out of the water.

Although it is essential to accept every thought that passes through us as truth -
including that which stretches the Eraser to the maximum - it is essential to always
keep a patch of consciousness of the path on which we are engaged. By increasingly
incorporating the message revealed by The Heart of the Falcon, you will be able to
maintain this parcel of consciousness, even through the most intense moments.

This plot of consciousness of the path will be your transforming power; that part of
you that chews the Gum instead of stretching it through time. You will masticate
your fear of the future fully, keeping in mind that soon you will see more clearly.
On the way, you will advance through bubbles of very powerful intensity, one after
the other, but these bubbles will always pass through.

When your emotions and thoughts get excited, remember that you are doing a
monumental job of liberating your Spiral, and once it is done, the circumstances of
your life will match with your Centre as well as with a world devoid of imprisoning

Just keep the Heart of the Hawk in mind. Keep in mind The Spiral, the Pillars and all
these images to remind you of what makes up our life, until they are no longer part
of it.

The Beach Ball

We used the image of the ocean to illustrate the phenomenon of immersion in our

When you’re in the middle of your ocean and you see idyllic landscapes on the
horizon, you’ll notice a number of beach balloons floating around you.

Imagine what it is. You’re in the water and in order not to drown, you have to swim.
You’re so tired. A balloon is approaching you and you grab it. You’re resting on him.

Thanks to it, you forget for a while that you are in the middle of the ocean. You keep
your gaze on the horizon, on these magnificent landscapes and imagine that you

enjoy peacefully these sweet, warm and dry beaches.

Understand that these balloons represent all the activities, things, people or magical

thoughts that divert you from the feelings that coexist within you. Whether it’s

shopping, food, substances, video games, positive thinking, etc.

We all have a panoply of beach balls floating gently around us. It’s nothing serious.
Nevertheless, if you really want to get to the end of this great road, it is a matter of

making the conscious choice not to use them. With their help, emotions and fears

may seem to cloud into the sky and disappear, but this is unfortunately far from
reality. Because of their crystallized existence in your Spiral, these feelings only go

back to the fold and wait for the right moment to come out. Once you have agreed to
activate the Spiral, the circumstances of our life will act together with this ongoing


ALL emotions are valid

A simple reminder: the importance and validity of ALL emotions.
Remember the Game of Failures. The concept of the Game of Stoppers wants us to
pay attention to internal transformation, to the content of the Spiral, one element
after another. One emotion at a time, one realization at a time, one truth formed and
distorted at a time, while trying not to focus on what we want to create in our lives
or the ideal of what we want to be. Some movements of the Game of Chess will seem
contradictory or opposed to the objective you have in mind. Emotions are included.

This means that “yes”, we have learned or established concepts, rules of decency,
rules of soul deity or whatever we call it. “Yes” we all want to be the best version of
ourselves, “yes” we understand what would be ideal, “yes” we all want Peace and
Harmony but… Until then, there is a reason for what is.

Whether the colour of what vibrates within us and wishes to express itself is blue,
green, black, white or purple, its existence is justified and validated because of the
diagram created by the unification of continuous information in each.

Emotions and thoughts are stories that are told. If these emotions or thoughts seem
to take root far beyond the current situation, don’t worry, everything is normal.
Fighting what goes through you is more painful than welcoming it through an
understanding of the current process.

It’s ‘OK’ to have an impact on people

The definition often associated with the concept of being a “good person” often
resembles staying polite, thinking about others before oneself, not getting angry or
making others cry, respecting and accepting, using our emotional intelligence to
support others, etc.

Generally speaking, Modo!

Numerous philosophies, many centuries old, have anchored guidelines to the
deepest of us. Without even needing to remind us of them every day, we constantly
have the angel and the demon sitting together on our shoulders. Each parcel of our
actions is scrutinized in the second and locks us in an endless quest for the best
version of ourselves. “
Whether it’s “stretching the other cheek” or “especially not being affected by the
actions or words of others”, these guidelines filter our opinion of others and
especially ourselves.

The concept of the Turn-Disk, revealed in the Heart of the Falcon, maintains that
internal information exists even before external situations come to provoke it. Yet,
in the popular concept, we learned that actions create the reactions, the emotions of
others. Thus, out of a desire to maintain peace or balance in our relationships, we
have developed lists of good and bad conduct, good and bad emotions, etc.

The disharmonization of our relationships, personal or collective, should be avoided
at any cost. Because of this, experiencing emotions is a misfortune, imprisonment
and a major obstacle to the evolution of our life and of the world.

These conclusions come from the result of the equation: Action – Response.

By changing the angle of view, we are therefore obliged to revisit most of our beliefs
and standards.

Now, let’s go back to the concept of the Heart of the Falcon and its emphasis on the
Centre’s return journey. With this look, all situations that offer us the chance to visit,
understand and release crystallized information or a float, become an invaluable

Nothing happens for nothing. If you move a particular piece in your Game of
Stoppers, people affected by your actions will in turn have the opportunity to play.
Their spiral will be attained the way they need it to move forward. We are all on the
same path, whether we are aware of it or not.

Of course, some people will not understand all this and will want to make you
responsible for their emotional state, but this is no reason to ignore the “joust” that
occurs at a deeper level of your relationships.
If someone holds you accountable for their emotions and it affects you, it is possible
to use this situation to your “advantage” by allowing you to play the game of failure
called: disempowerment of the emotional life of others.

Of course, the goal is not to cause pain and suffering for the sake of doing so. Look at
your first intentions and you will know then that the movement of Coin that you
made was beneficial for the Spiral of each one.

By moving on the chessboard, it is possible that another person’s piece moves on a
square called sadness or anger or feeling of rejection. From there, perhaps you will
realize that you rejected the other and perhaps you will try to see the reason for
your action. However, at the base, the visited space was necessary for your journey
towards the purification of your Spirals.

The Game of Stoppers does not have a training booklet about feelings. These feelings
do not belong to a white or black box. Emotions such as anger, sadness, disgust,
hatred, etc. all contain a message and a story to listen to. For you, as for the others.
Whether they take responsibility or not.
Understanding and incorporating the concept of the gradual transformation of the
truth of each one will allow you more and more to be able to play this great Game of
Liberation with finesse, awareness and focus.

Duty and Have to’s

This point is very simple and consistent with the above points.

Falloir and Devoir refer to the established descriptions and rules relating to the
floats that surround our Spiral. Its floats come from the Micro-Organisms in which we
live as well as the expectations we have towards ourselves. The Need-Duty are only
true if we have established them that way.

The rules and regulations come from the plastic worlds.
Freed from the Spirals, from the attacks of the Octopus, from the fires caught on fire,
perhaps we would be naturally respectful and conscious towards each other. Once
we return to the Centre, where the Self is free and protected, we will be able to look
outward and the consciousness of the world around us will be the cradle of our
harmonious interactions.

When we hear the need to come out of our mouth, we quickly note the contours of
our Spiral and its contents.

The Resistance

During the emotional returns, you will often feel resistance to the acceptance of
feeling, accepting, accepting and loving the emotion that submerges you at the

This resistance occurs when information from the volcano, from the inner geyser,
undermines the presence of the floats and their chains within you. While you feel a
lack of understanding in the face of this bubbling chaos as well as in the face of the
validity of your feelings and situations occurring in your life, be curious:

• Why does this reality in front of my eyes not seem to me to be in its place, or
to fit into the lines of my expectations and my definition of good or

• Why can’t I feel the emotions inside me? Who or what is whispering in my
ear that I am mistaken to react so emotionally?

• What are the expectations I am trying to meet?
• What am I afraid of losing?

We have learned to defend our value or to defend the value of others – if we are the
type of savior. We have learned to act to preserve our inner peace or the inner peace
of others. We have learnt to earn recognition, to fuel and cultivate love.

Say one thing: you are not the information of your Spiral, your gestures, or your
reactions… nor even your attempts to advance in your Spiral. From one clarity to
another, it is obvious that your decisions and reactions would be different under
similar circumstances but, in this case now - the now where the past mingles with
the present and the future - you are the only one to know the result of the
combination of information of your Spiral.

You’re the ultimate scientist. You have the ability to hack into your network and all
the others in which you exist. Breathe, observe and feel. These are the foundations
of your important work.

“Evolving” is done Downhill

A very surprising thing about this path is that you will feel like you are falling, again
and again in reality. As if you are becoming more aware of what surrounds you, the
gestures and words of others, the situations – the content of the moment.

The more you evolve, the more you open your eyes, the more you connect to this
world. And it’s not always pleasant. I’ve often felt like I’ve been hit with a
sledgehammer on my head. I couldn’t see or hear anything coming and... bam!

We go down the stairs one step at a time.

The answers lie in the details of the world that is created before your eyes, in the
version of life that you live here on earth and not elsewhere. This is where you have
a Spiral. It’s in your body that it feels, and it’s with your head that it translates.

If you feel your level of consciousness rigorously hitting the showcase of your daily
life and you are going through moments when you feel like you are sinking instead
of rising, you are in the right direction.

It’s going to pass. You’re turning to the bottom, and that’s the right direction. In
reality, everything intertwines, everything loses its meaning. You go up and down.
Senses, words, logic, directions… and hop, through the window.

Expelling or integrating emotion

Sometimes the emotions we feel are so strong that we feel they will explode, tear
our skin, invade and eliminate us.

In the depths of these moments, participating in the work of transformation and
liberation of the Spiral becomes a challenge.
In many renowned teachings and philosophies, emotions are abnormalities of the
human species. By referring to emotions in this way, we indirectly imply that they
are unwanted parasites and that we need to act, feel or think differently.

You cannot transform the existence of something by trying to replace it with its

Forcing our beliefs or emotions not to exist is not the action plan to follow. I call that
the renovation of floats, that is to say replacing the rules and the laws with others.
Add floats to control others. You can add floats, rules and laws, but this will not
eliminate your Spiral.

Transmuting the Pillars and the Antre de la Spirale is therefore done in two stages:

It’s the Expulsion.

If I try to describe the phenomenon of eviction a little bit, I see it as a very powerful
vibration wall, which looks a bit like the heat ripples on the roads, occurring when
it’s very hot.

Once we have decided to activate our Spiral in consciousness, the emotions being
felt will aim to free space. Every crystalized emotion will push to the surface to
escape. Movement is similar to shooting stars. These little balls of moment will start
from your unproven Reality – Vibratory Body – to reach your conscious reality, here
now. Almost tactile, it is possible that the output of these crystals is painful at the
level of your shoulders, your torax or up your back.

Thanks to our new awareness of the path begun after the activation of the Spiral, we
allow this information to begin a process of liberation, of decrystalization. Before
activation, emotions were felt as the state of our inner being and the constant of our
life and the world in which we live.

After activation, each information will reactivate its curve of Life, wishing to express
the crystalized feeling through all our realities - unifying particles and vibrations,
visible and invisible - in order to finally be able to return to Energy Flow.

Just let out the emotional “smoke” from your Lair’s fire, as well as all the feelings
crystalized throughout your Life. This will allow you to free the space of your Spiral.
Imagine your feelings as a white or coloured smoke or as a shooting star coming
from within and up to the surface - to heaven or to earth, use your imagination.

Feel their texture, shape, fragrance - if they have any. Imagine them in you and up to
the surface. During this step, you do not need to understand them, do not need to
name them, etc. Just let it flow out of you.

You will be able to use this technique when emotions are felt as a detonation, a
panic. When your body gets agitated and you’re about to lose your mind. So, let it
flow without restraint and without judgment. Let the thousands of tiny, vibrant
plots tell their story through your tears or anger.

However, emotional smoke is not the only form that the emotions that inhabit you
will take. Emotions are not foreign bodies. Rather, they are a version of yourself, an
inscription of your history, a condensation of your life experience recorded in time.
Once you are on the way, there are several ways to perceive, receive and treat your
feelings depending on the state and form with which they present themselves to
you. The chemistry of liberation is very skilful and will tell you what to do.

Once the smoke of the Antre is released, your eyes will adjust and the contours of
the feelings will begin to reveal this to you. That’s when you can integrate them.

Integrating … means validating the information – the feeling – by dressing it.

Dress up for your feelings. Put them on like a sweater but inside yourself. To do this,
find the place where the feeling is in your body and make it grow through you, little
by little, as if you were creating a double of yourself in another form and another

If you feel more than one emotion at a time, try to separate each of these feelings. If
you can’t, start dressing up all these feelings and ask that the most prominent one
reveals himself as he dresses you.

By creating this double of yourself, you will give it form and life in the moment.
You’ll give him back a presence and an identity. This is how you will allow him to
transform himself and that he will finally be able to complete a cycle.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate the power of this technique.

One day, I walk into a small clothing store. As I head towards the exit, my hand
borders the side of a large table of glass slightly scratched in the same place.
So you can imagine what happens. Easy but surely, I feel the skin on top of my hand
cracking. A tear noise is heard slightly in my ear. For a second, before I become
white and trembling, I see a beautiful and deep opening of skin.

To put it in context, I’ve always been afraid of physical pain. So much so that just
hearing a story about blood and pain could make me lose consciousness. That day,
as I watched the inside of my hand come to light, my dismay prompted me to look at
the store manager with insistence. I really want to be saved! But the lady in front of
me obviously has the same phobia. So I find myself alone with my misfortune
knowing full well that it is impossible for me to faint since no one will come up to

Then I’m in Mexico. I don’t know the premises or the hospitals. So I sit on a couch
and... I breathe. At this point in my life I am deeply involved in the creation of The
Heart of the Hawk and I remember the concept of integration. Now is the time to
test it because my fear of pain is greater than my fear of fear.
So, quickly I understand that my loss of consciousness is my beach ball, my refusal
to feel pain, and my way of escaping. So I’m making up my mind to use my
technique. Anyway, I have no other way out.

Trying to expel my pain is also useless since it only amplifies as a fire stoked by air.

Integrate: find pain, immerse myself in it and let it grow through my body Accept
pain, feel it and let it live in me. I just want to die. This is hell, man. I start by
visualizing the opening of the skin, and I integrate it. I feel like my skin is ripping
from hand to elbow, etc. I’m becoming my wound.

As I grow the pain inside of me, dressing inside of it, I feel a sharp increase in evil.
An intense crescendo of the feeling of laceration of the skin.
I hear a part of me trying to block that feeling and get me off the ground. I’m dodging
that instinct, and I’m back in pain. I keep growing it in me and suddenly… the pain

I’m in shock right now! There is a huge opening on my hand, without any blood
flowing and, above all, without any pain. And so it is until the wound closes a few
days later. I think the lady at the store had a hard time believing me.

The Pillars are energy brands embedded in our Spiral, which exist from the smallest
to the largest. This Spiral exists on all our bodies, even in our cells. The Pillars are
like this open wound on my hand. A profound mark at every event in our lives
validating your definition of yourself and the world. Tranquilly you will cross and
cross the furrows dug throughout your life… until the complete transformation.

Remember these two techniques: Expulsion and Integration.

Withdrawal and detoxification

The integration process can sometimes be felt as intensely as withdrawal or
detoxification. Why do you think this has to be so extreme? I also asked myself the
question, and only the answer could get me to agree to go through these moments
with a certain loosening-grip.

To help you understand, let’s go back to the Russian Doll principle. What is written at
a level automatically prints at the lower levels. The physical world is the
materialization of energy inscriptions and it is forged around existing information. He
is trying to testify to what is at other levels.

Therefore, according to this principle, the energetic content of your Spiral is inscribed
in your cells. The content of your Spiral is the content of your cells. Through
repetition, the vibrations of the information – Pillars, sparks, Chains – become an
integral part of the body. A substance, almost like your blood.

Transforming this information, modifying the Spiral, consists in modifying the
constitution of the body. This can be brutally felt since the body gets used to what is
given to it. Drugs, coffee, alcohol, fears, anger, etc.
As we drink water to keep our bodies in balance, we may subconsciously seek to
maintain or recreate fears, emotions and even situations for the same reasons.

To make the way back to Self is to gradually release what is in the body but which is
not necessarily part of the body’s original composition.
In this sense, the phases of release are very similar to the weaning process,
sometimes giving way to tremors, panic, body pain, etc.

Since this involves both physical and emotional transformation, the process must be
gradual. The Spiral shape path is ideal for calibrating the transformation process.
Turning in circles allows us to visit the Pillars several times and this, more and more
deeply. Thanks to this gradual process, everything that composes us can then slowly
transform, allowing the Cube Rubik effect to occur. Information that changes affects
all the others that also change, changing our structure infinitely.

What a chance we have to experience an infinite combination of truth through us,
thanks to our feelings!

Not being able to contain the Flow of Transformation

- Physically unable to hold in anymore -

Something special will start happening on Continent 1, and so on. Your body will
begin to react violently to circumstances being 'misaligned' with who you are.

This means that when you come into contact with people or situations that
reactivate the elements of your Spiral and that the situation 'might' ask you to hold in
your emotions, your needs of the moment etc (as you used to do until now) your
body will clearly show you that recreating Crystals is no longer an option.

Anxiety and panic will occur and you will be forced to do things that were really
difficult to do so far. Express what you feel, respect your space or your self value .. in
short, do what you need to continue the 'work' of releasing and reverse the elements
of your Spiral.

To arrive to a point where you will live a life based on who you really are and not a life
influenced by the inscriptions of your Spiral or the 'rules and laws' of the Russian
Dolls in which you live.

Do not worry, if you do not know what is the right answer or the right behavior to
adopt, an internal push will tell you. A bodily force, almost like a panic, will force you
in the direction necessary to reverse your Spiral. It does not matter if it's not the final
answer. It does not matter if your actions are not what you would do at another time
in your life. It does not matter if your behaviors seem contrary to being a good
person, an evolved or positive person. The movement of the Chess Piece will want to
be done.

The Spiral Game, the reversal of its inscriptions, is the most important at this stage of
your life. Everything happens in its own time ;)

This anxiety and inability to reproduce your old ways of being will be part of your
path from now on. The messages of your Vibratory Body will be communicated more
and more clearly through feelings throughout your Physical Body.
You will always be your best guide since your Vibratory Body, just like your Physical
Body, will no longer want to contain the accumulation of Crystals created by your
unsaid feelings. You will be pushed by everything you are - Spiral, Flow and Center - in
the right direction.

Let's remember that the Chains are the ones that most often block us. They are the
ones that hold the expression of our thoughts, desires and feelings - the resumption
of the Cycle of Life in the Flow of our inscriptions. As our world is full of definition and
expectation from both sides, it can be difficult for us to understand what Chains are
in front of us in a situation, what definition we need to reverse, etc. The force of the
Flow will then be the one that will allow you to go head first in these Chains, thus
reversing your understanding of the world and of yourself, releasing your Crystals
and 'erasing' a little more the impression of your Pillars on your Spiral.

The more your Spiral restores and frees itself, the more the Flow regains its place and
momentum in your Vibratory Body and Physical Body. The more the stream becomes
free and the more its strength increases. Your transformation will become a priority
inside of you, whether you choose it consciously or not, and no matter what others

The Flow is the key at all times.

Optimizing your Power with the Falcon

When one of our Pillars is hit, our land trembles, the fire of our Antre activates and
your wild horses panic, it is possible that all our goodwill is not able to help us
manage the moment well.

Everything becomes so intense and chaotic that our thoughts only revolve around
one thing: let everything stop! The feeling of powerlessness that settles then can
make us stagger. The technique of Expulsion or Integration becomes a real

The transformative force that allows us to clear the way back to the Centre, comes
from the way we treat information in consciousness about the moment. That is, our
ability to remember the map of travel – use the gaze of the Falcon who flies over the
situation – while living the moment in all its details, all its truth.

When we feel helplessness, we let ourselves be engulfed by external and internal
Powerlessness makes us see the circumstances of our lives as a fatality occurring
despite us, despite our efforts, despite our vulnerability. We forget the concept of
the Turn-Disk that asserts that everything that happens in our lives and in us is the
result of an Activated Spiral aimed at liberating our Centre. The Tourne-Disque
reveals that the bubbles of information of our Spiral will be the ones that will play
the soundtrack of our life, staged a film allowing us to navigate this invisible
universe and yet present in us.

The feeling of helplessness is normal. I had it too, very often, even as I was writing
The Heart of the Hawk. I also wondered how I would survive all this when I was
alone in the storm trying to recreate in my life the wisdom and power of the Hawk.
In the hollow moments, I didn’t know how to use my Integration strength and
everything I had written so far lost its meaning. All hours of work went up in smoke.
I was wrong to continue this path. I had no more Super powers, I was a mortal,
victim of a cruel and foolish world.

One day, when chaos prevented me from using my translator and all my analytical
tools, I had a revelation: The Heart of the Falcon that I had worked out for hours and
hours now had its own existence. All the energy injected hour after hour, month
after month, had taken shape. A universe, a hologram, an escort was flying in front
of me.

So I went from the creator and the chemist, to the student, to the user. From now on,
I wasn’t alone on the way. I was no longer alone in trying to understand what was
happening before my eyes and inside me. The Hawk had come to life.

After months and years of fine tuning, the Heart of the Hawk had become
autonomous. I could hold on to him on my darkest nights.

So, in the hollow of my wave, I thought of the Heart of the Hawk. To where he
pointed me. I clinged to his belly, in a small ball, while all around me was dancing. I
said, "I trust you, I don’t know how to handle everything. I feel like I’m alone. I don’t
know where this is going. But I do have confidence. I trust that what has been revealed
through me will have the strength to carry me.”

At that moment, no word came to me, no explanation. My analytical, illustrative and
expressive strength did not fail to see the contours of what was happening.
So I let myself go to darkness, waiting for the wings of the Heart of the Falcon and I
trusted a world that was totally unknown to me.

When you are unresourceful, when you no longer understand anything, let this
feeling manifest itself in you. Let it be in you and around you and think about the
Hawk. Hang on to him. He’ll help you get to the other side, get through the storm. On
the back of the Falcon in full flight and as the wind breathes your skin, let all your
feelings leave you with it, without trying to understand, identify, proceed or direct
their movement. Up, down, left right, let it go. Don’t worry about your translator,
your GPS, the card and all the explanations. Trust and keep faith.

Don’t worry about tomorrow and what could happen. Imagine yourself as in a space
outside of this world, outside of everything and through it things are very different
from what you know. Kind of like when we go to the dentist. We know neither the
techniques nor the repairs they make on us, we do not understand all the needs of
our teeth so we trust them without understanding, without planning.

On the Falcon’s back, your processing powers will be optimized. Simply, thanks to
your trust and abandonment. Be with the Flacon. You’re not alone on the way.


If we hold what is greater than us then, what is greater needs us to transform itself.
The Universe has every reason to want to support you and participate in your
expansion and personal journey.
If we help the Universe and the Earth evolve and return to its point of origin, then
the Universe will try to help us in turn.

One cannot exist without the other.

The weekly or monthly explanation of the stars' position in the sky and their impact
on our emotional life has saved my life many times. Why did you do it?

Because sometimes, the phases of the moon or the retrograding have accelerated
and caused emotional returns in me without any external circumstances provoking
them. What do you mean? I don’t know about that. But it was real and it still is.

Despite the fact that we can become experts in the transformation of feelings, when
we enter into a phase of intense emotion and nothing around it explains it, we
sometimes need to be reassured of the health of our being. I know all of that.
That’s why I share this little thing that has helped me so much many times.

We can’t lock ourselves in boxes. Since we are all different, I recommend that you go
through the different astrologers that exist in order to find the one who will have a
way of perceiving and interpreting that resonates with you and your personality.
Of course, listen to your feelings and take the messages that are good for you in the

Clear The Way
Ask The Questions

Videos, Writing and Speaking Alone

One of the reasons behind the existence of this book comes from this great leap that
I made one day, without really knowing why: open a Youtube channel.

For hours and hours, I opened my heart to perfect strangers. I shared what I felt in

my heart, as honestly as I could. On this channel, thousands of words, ideas,

questions and observations were finally expressed.

Very often, nothing I said made sense, but that was not the purpose of this activity.

Making sense is our daily quest. Camouflaging internal chaos and becoming this
human being with ordered thoughts and emotions is usually what we are asked to


So authenticity was my primary purpose. Find the key, the answer… Thanks to the

spilling of the waves of my inner ocean into the basins of the world, I could
gradually make sense of what I thought. I began to see a certain logic unfold through

the secrets of my being.

Talking or writing allows you to externalize what is intertwined on the surface to
dive deeper and deeper.

Speak when you’re alone, even without someone in front of you. We often prevent

ourselves from saying certain things out of fear of judgment, being too heavy or

being misinterpreted. People’s reactions can also divert the flow of our words and
explorations and influence the vision of our own Spiral.

I strongly encourage you to make a video diary. You don’t have to keep it or share it.

The advantage of video, or audio if you prefer, is the speed with which you can

formulate your thoughts. You will not be slowed down by your fingers, nor the
shape of the sentences.

I love writing, believe me, but when it came to pronouncing the thousands of
feelings I felt... The slowness of the writing caused me anguish. Just thinking about it
made me give up.

You’re the Star of your life, don’t forget. The world is in you. What you experience,
contain and cross is not unimportant in comparison with the rest of the world. Give
yourself that microphone and fill the screen. Start with one video, then another, etc.
Persevere and believe me the benefit will be great.

The Thoughts

We spent several pages discussing this great tool of the brain. So I just want to re-
emphasize the importance of the messages you will hear between your ears.

Each message takes root in the complex soil of our Spiral. Everything that seeks to

express itself is essential, real, and seeks to tell years of silence, repression and


A story that extends from the very beginning of time, from one end of the world to

the other, intermingling emotions, non-said, prohibitions, rules, expectations,
definitions, etc.

Your thoughts will try to show you the existence of all this. They are very important

and it is desirable to try to decode their messages. Your thoughts will point out all

these signs along the road that are trying to turn you back. These posters are
screaming that this is the way it is, that the rules are incontrovertible.

Your thoughts will expose all those things that have shaped your world view

throughout your life.

Your thoughts will reveal to you what is superior to you, what you have the right to

do and be, and all the prohibitions. They will tell you about others and your connection

to them.

Take the time to listen to you think. Seriously and sincerely. What you have to say
will allow you to highlight the bars of your prison, costumes, labels, lies,

superstitions, etc.

All that is heard in opposition is to question and analyze, even if the intention and

the message seem to come from the best of values and intentions


We’ve had a lot of discussion about the emotions, beliefs, and fears in our mental
and emotional bodies. Although most of our daily feelings come from these bodies, it
should not be forgotten that the physical body also has its own Spiral.

On your way you will cross phases of integration of Pillars, Sparks, floats and
primary fears of physical body survival.
Fear of starvation, fear of pain, fear of lack, fear of illness, fear of isolation, etc
– You will also visit the obligation to comply with existing information from other
bodies, but we will come back to this.

The physical body has experienced its own challenges and stories. A story full of
shortfalls and sorrows when we did not yet have all the necessary resources to
ensure daily comfort and protection, when there was life and death in Gader in

One of the most extreme and poignant feelings I had to go through was the fear of
survival. This vital fear, of immediate end, crossed me with extreme intensity in
moments of my life when I had to face the theme of money and work. Every little
step and challenge brought me up a wave of fear of death. The intensity was really
disproportionate in comparison with what was playing out in my life at the time, but
the Spiral of my physical Body had also been activated.

If you feel your body falling to the bottom of the black well when the staging of your
life touches what is related to material survival, take the time to breathe. Integrate
this fear, slowly, conscientiously, like during childbirth. The body is the one who will
have the most difficulty to live this process of inner liberation. Do not invalidate the
importance of his experience.

Crédit: Pexels, Pixabay

The Mirror

This trick is a little more difficult to understand and accept. Discerning what to see
in the mirror requires internalization and observation. You will also have to
remember the Falcon Heart process in order to proceed from the Falcon’s viewing

Interactions with others - or important situations - are the workings of the Clock.
They bring to the surface the elements inscribed in our Spiral. The important
information to use - which occurs during our interactions with others - is mainly
found below the surface of the words. Your inner reactions will guide you on the
nature of what has been brought to light.

Simply put, people don’t have absolute truth and their opinions about you are rarely
objective. When we hear that others are your mirror, we do not hear that they are
your mentors and teachers. It took me a while to figure out the difference.

I therefore suggest that you try not to look for a final answer in your discussions
with others. Rather try to hear and perceive the clues illustrating what is in your

The mirror can return several information about us:

1. The contents of our Spiral.

• The Octopus: Understand your personality, defense mechanisms and comfort
areas by observing how others react to you. People will have a reaction to your
words and attitudes. They will open, close, protect themselves or defend

Try to note the reactions of others during your exchanges through their
posture, their eyes, their tone of voice or even their comments. You are not
100% responsible for their reaction, but sometimes you may learn
something about yourself.

For example, for years people told me that I was independent and
inaccessible. I was very unhappy with these comments because inside of me I
felt so much emotion and fragility. Over time, I discovered my defense
mechanism, the actions of my Octopus, and I was quietly able to see and
accept that I was indeed hiding my vulnerability from others, despite the fact
that I felt that I was far too vulnerable.

• Floats: When you feel like shutting up, leaving, hiding, justifying or defending
yourself - your identity has been affected. To sail the world we have set up an
amalgam of floats all around us, in order to ensure our belonging or our
survival in the world.

Our floats are there to hide our Pillars, our sparks and our Antre. It assures
us of our validity in a world of expectations and judgments. Feeling
inadequate or judged can allow you to perceive what keeps you in a
particular shell and controls your actions and actions instead of letting you
be free – free to play your Game of Stoppers well.

For example, someone makes a comment about your clothing. You have an
internal reaction. You will want to justify your clothing or even decide to
transform your style in the future. This points in you all the floats composing
your identity in physical appearance.

Your Floats come from the Micro-Organizations in which you live. For
example, the Micro- Women’s organism having defined a certain appearance
and choice of dress. Or the Micro-Organization of your country that defines
social classes and their values. Therefore, the choice of clothing also
identifies a person in one class or another. Etc. Several sources are possible.

• The Pillars ad the Sanctrum: if we follow the same example in connection
with the clothes, what may also have been reached, are your Pillars. For
example, I went to a private school where the children had relatively affluent
parents, whereas I came from a modest family. My clothes were never up to
the most popular girls in school. I felt really inferior to these girls and I’ve
long tried to look like them in their clothing choices. For a long time, the
prestance of my clothes represented my membership in the grassroots
groups of society. When my clothes were subject to discussion, it
automatically referred to the years of my life when I felt worthless about
others and the shame of my family’s monetary situation.

• The sparks: the sparks are the memories written in you, Micro-Organizations
in which you live. These are the roots that continue to nourish the versions of
this world created by the human through time.

When you respond or pay a lot of attention to the realities, challenges, or
struggles of a particular group of people, you will then be able to understand
that these micro-organisms are still rooted in your energy system.

2 – Our attitudes towards ourselves.

Attitudes we accept from others show us that at the grassroots level we have the
same attitude towards ourselves or the profound belief that this is what we deserve.

• You’re not listening to me - I’m not listening and I don’t think I deserve to be
• You reject my emotional needs – I judge my own wounds and needs.
• You forget me – I forget myself and I don’t think I deserve consideration.

Wanting something doesn’t mean we think we deserve it. If we believe we deserve
this thing and if our Pillar is transmuted then we will not react emotionally to the
lack of this thing. We will then take the necessary steps to obtain it.

For years, I have sought to justify and validate what I was – with or without Spiral –
through the attitude that others had towards me. If I was disrespectful, I would try
to change that person’s attitude in order to get the evidence that I deserved respect.
All this, in order to attenuate the internal fire that burned me, the one who told me
that I was worthless.

While the person’s attitude did not change I had to integrate my feeling of being
worthless instead of trying to convince myself otherwise. I dressed it, I let it live
through me and little by little it has changed. – Refer to the Tip and Tip named

Credit: Kellepics

To help you when relational interactions - or important situations - cause a lot of
turmoil in you, take the time to answer these questions:

The Pillars and the Sanctrum:

· What do you feel on the surface? – Abandonment, rejection, isolation, lack of

consideration, treason, imperfection, invalidation, loneliness, loss, etc.
· What am I afraid of?
· How do I see the future of this relationship or situation?
· What are the primary fears of the body activated by the possible loss of this


The Floats are:

· What is the nature of my relationship with the other person or the situation?
· What is the ideal definition of this relationship or situation to me?
· In the eyes of others?
· How should I act?
· How should the other one act?
· What would the success of this relationship and/or situation prove to me?
· Prove to the others?
· What part of me do I feel I have to justify or prove to the other?
· What are the words that remain in my ears and make me react?


· What challenge or fight is currently at stake through me?
· Through the other one?
· What challenge or struggle before my eyes does he make me react?
· What group of people can judge me in what I’m going through or feeling?


· What attitude does the other person have to me?
· Does the person have comments or opinions about me that keep coming up?
· What do I do or say when the situation dislikes me or makes me react?

The Magnifying Glass

This image came to me the day I shared with a friend a text that had helped me a lot.

She and I had a lot of similar information in our Spiral and we very often shared our

achievements with each other – to help each other.

Immediately after reading the article I had shared with her, which dealt mainly with
the strength of our personal power, my friend wrote to me to share her uneasiness

at the use of the word “Devotion”. This term had put it in all these states, which had

the impact of transforming the general subject of the text. A text which, at the
beginning, dealt with the resumption of power had become, through the filter of his

Spiral, full of loss and self-forgetfulness.

Surprised by his interpretation I reread the text several times. Despite all my

attempts, I have never managed to understand him the way she did.

Later, during one of our discussions, I realized that my friend was crossing a

particular area of her Spiral and that her perception of things around her was tinged
with it. At this very moment in her life, she was facing her fear of submission. The

elements of her Spiral highlighted on this occasion put emphasis on this moment in
order to help her understand fully what she had to integrate into her, in order to

advance in her Spiral.

For my part, unlike her, I was in a phase of realizing the power of my personal

abilities and so I interpreted the text in this way.

I was fascinated to see that a text whose intention seemed so clear and simple to me
could convey so different messages in a person who had always been on the same

wavelength as me.

With this example I would like to underline this: your eyes, your attention, your

listening, etc. will automatically go to the element related to what is currently at
stake in your Spiral. Outside reality is broad enough to allow you to constantly see

things that will bring you the right message at the right time.

The Words

The words used have an extremely important impact on the current process.
Basically a word is a collection of letters forming sounds. Humans have attached a
meaning to it.
Here are two ways that words can contribute to keeping the Spirals and Micro-
Organizations in place.

1- The creation of Nodes

Words are not just sounds. They have a consistency and shape, just like the floats of
our Spiral. They have a definition, a history, and a value that is also rooted in the
history of micro-organisms and in your personal history.

The form of the words used will vary according to the Spiral that receives them. This
form will cross a Spiral that is already occupied by several elements - floats, chains,
Pillars, etc.

The fluidity of integrating shared ideas through words will therefore vary
considerably depending on what is in place. Sometimes the words will help the
transformation and sometimes the words will step into the elements of the Spiral
and can create blockages.

If words seem to be looping in your head, write them down. Attempt to find the
history, value and emotional content related to it. Is there a specific connection to a
micro-organism that you belong to? With one of your Pillars? With what a member
of your family said or did?

Crédit: Austin-Chan-275638-unsplas

2 – Words dictate a strict conduct to be adopted to all that exists.

The natural goodness of the human being can regain its rightful place when the
energy networks are released from the Spirals and their contents. When primary
fears are watched, loved and transformed.
To do this, the Spirals must be released from the floats that surround them and
whose Chains block the way back to the Centre.

These floats are all that is defined. Everything that is defined takes shape.
Everything that is defined is constrained. Even though the definitions seem to want
to maintain peace or do good, the definition itself tends to force people’s attitudes or
circumstances through a predefined perimeter.

For example, I like to see myself as independent and independent. In today’s world,
these characteristics are highly valued. Because of the good and the value associated
with these words defining me, I took a long time to free myself from their constraining

Unconsciously, because I was proud to be defined by these words, each of my Game
of Failures movements was influenced by these good attitudes to have. I refused to
depend on someone’s help because I had learned and accepted that the truth, the
answer to be reached, was detachment from the need of the other.

In spite of all this, the way of the Spiral made me live loss after loss until I was
forced to let go of this ideal, of this Truth constrained by the use of these words.
Being independent didn’t mean I was eliminating his opposite. In fact, I was neither
independent nor dependent… I was simply and freely in the moment depending on
what was on my way.

Questioning the definition of words to widen the path more and more.

See the difference; Words create a delineation to distinguish what is a thing or an
attitude in opposition to the vast network of existing possibilities.

If we are one thing we cannot be its opposite. Our choices of actions and responses
become limited, so now the floats around our Spiral are in place.

What creates dependence is not a conscious choice of action dictated by a word but
rather the automatic reaction of protection and avoidance of primary fears of
loneliness, abandonment or rejection. etc.

Family Inheritance

Many inscriptions – challenges, fears, memories, emotions, beliefs – from our
immediate, remote or even very remote family, can vibrate and be reactivated
through the events of our daily lives.

How did the women or men of our family line live? What financial situations,
secrets, expectations, judgments, wars, separation have they experienced?

Do not neglect the impact of their
presence in you. You have inherited from their eyes and hair but also from all that
was not expressed, done, visited, accepted and understood.

Every Pillar from family history can dissipate, here and now, if you decide to take
the time to bring your consciousness and light to it.

Even if your reactions and emotions seem illogical to you, even if some family
stories seem so distant and detached, take the time to explore with welcome and
compassion all the information revealed to you and through you.

Remembering The Bigger Plan

The Gradual Transformation of Truth

It’s all true until it’s no longer true

This sentence is one of the most important in this book.

In order to optimize the transformation and liberation of your Spiral, it is important
to validate every information felt. Everything that is perceived through the body –
emotionally, mentally or physically – exists… until it no longer exists.

The whole of what happens to us is the sum of the equation between the various
information inscribed in our Spirals and that of the micro-organisms in which we
live. Our analysis and our human logic cannot judge the truth of the result that this
combination produces or how a person will translate it.

Crédit: MontionAll , Videohive

The result of adding the contents of a spiral is impossible to determine, see and feel

from the outside. You’re the only Master on board. The only specialist of your

This implies that everything you perceive as true is true. Validating another person

will not change the validity of your perception.

It is primodial to follow the order of transformation of YOUR Way, of YOUR Truth
and not to try to reproduce a ‘Truth-Destination’ described by the words of others

Credit: Meisjedevos, Pixabay

The Cube Rubik

Have you ever tried playing with a Cube-Rubik? Have you tried to re-align all colors
with a cube that is so small? What a challenge, isn’t it?

Sometimes we manage to gather several red squares on one side and then, to go
further, we have to re-menlange everything in order to get the missing colors on the
other side of the cube. A surface that seemed almost finished again, in two
movements, becomes a mishmash giving us the impression of starting all over again.

The way back to the Centre, through your Spiral, will give you the same feeling.
You’ll feel like you’re aligning parts of yourself and then losing everything again.
You’ll have to destroy truths to find them. Each movement of information will affect
others and therefore transform the total equation of what makes you and your
perception of the moment.

It’s hard to learn to surf the wave without attaching to what we have to cross in the
moment. To fully live a changing reality. Believing something totally, knowing full
well that soon everything will be different.
This route leads us to infiltrate the moment consisting of everything there while
detaching us from the destination. Every second is a destination.

When you feel like you’re living a different life every day, say you’re really on the
right track.

Jusqu’à ce que ce soit la fin, il n’y a pas de fin. (“Until it ends there is no end”) – All
through the Night from Cyndi Lauper

Deconstruction, not construction

At present, it seems to expect us to advance by building our life towards success,
abundance, family, work, possessions, etc. This building of our presence on earth
will serve as a memorial of pride.
Through all of this, we feel we are getting tangible evidence of our efforts,
competence and value that we can share with others. We then possess as a throne
on which we proudly sit.

Society has laid out the path that humans will and will follow. However, when we
fail to ensure that the walls of our monument stand up or when the structure of our
monument collapses as a result of an earthquake, our personal esteem is deeply
If we do not see a monument rise before our eyes, we doubt the validity of our
choices, the reason for our existence and the importance of our journey.

As you activate the movement of your Spiral and engage on the way back to the
Centre, the objective to be achieved will no longer be the same. The syllable “dice”
will be added to the word construction – deconstruction.
Success, the true liberation of primary fears and floats, will be achieved when you
enter the Antre, where the possibility of real change lies.

The micro-organisms in which we live have already decided the purpose of Life.
They have decided on the brilliant ideal to attain, the glimmer towards which we
must walk, but these are all words. These are only descriptions forming a Truth that
is true only when it is.

The strength of this truth, of this construction, is very powerful since it has been
maintained and believed for many decades. Doubt will invade you at times, as you
look around and see your distance from popular terrain. But tell us well that we can
only discover new continents if we do not walk where no one has yet gone.

Credit: Pixxel_Worx, Pixaba

The Cycles of the Body

Every emotional release, every piece you move on the Game of Failures will affect
your energy equation but also your body. Your body receives, proceeds and gives
you access to all the transformations underway.
Listen to what your body asks of you to support them in their work – their need for
rest, sleep, etc. It may be more common than usual.

We live in a society that asks us to be productive, energetic, positive and in full
possession of our means, every day. Given the surrounding pressure, it can be
difficult for you to accept the lower energetic cycle of your body, especially if these
stockings are more frequent than usual.

Trust your body’s intelligence during your transformation process.

Rest assured, you are not abnormal to be more tired than usual during this phase of
your life. Do not stretch your fatigue gum if it points at the tip of its nose. One
moment at a time. I promise you, you’ll get back in shape.

For nothing, the work required to make progress in your Spiral is extreme… be as
gentle and lenient as possible to you.


Credit: TheDigitalArtist, Pixabay

Integrating is not…

1. Adopt into the

Remember the technique called ‘Integration’? Dress up for emotions, beliefs, etc.?

A quick clarification: even if Integration gives you the impression that you are
adopting an emotion or belief ‘ad vitam æternam’, this is not the case. You can be
inhabited by a version of the truth during an evening and be completely
disconnected the next morning.

Even if you feel in your bones the existence of information going back to the surface
of your Spiral, it does not become your identity.

2. Create

The “philosophy” that our thoughts create our reality is very popular right now.
Without labelling it as true or false, knowing the existence of this “philosophy” can
influence your ability to use Integration as a transformation technique.

The fear of materializing your fears, simply by accepting them as true through the
integration technique, can greatly influence your transforming power. However, you
may have understood this: truth or not, the mere fact of describing this
“philosophy”, this belief, has made it float. Compulsory form of plastic,
subconsciously dictating your actions in all circumstances coming to you.

The movement of your Game of Failures pieces, called Integration, is completely
different from the creation of thought as implied by this idea. In any case, if we
create our worst fears by thinking about it, it is possible that the reason for this
creation is the Spiral’s attempt to provoke the full integration of these fears to
transform them.

If we refuse to believe that the bubbles of information that are felt in us are true, we
invalidate them and keep them in us. Only total faith will transform them – faith,
armed with the awareness of the current process, for sure.
So, either we integrate the idea or the feeling as long as it suddenly passes through
us, or we wait for our life to become exactly that feeling before we can integrate it.
One option is no better than the other. Both are essential.

The Freedom to Choose

For example, if you are a person who is afraid of loneliness and whose deep desire is
to live a blossoming love life, it is most likely that the way back to Self will bring you
through loneliness.

Many people often wonder why? What did they do wrong when their intentions
were pure? Why does life not allow them to live this great happiness?

Quite often, we believe that if circumstances push us in the opposite direction of our
dreams and ideals, it means we have to become a person we don’t want to be and
learn to want something we don’t want.
The frustration generated by this thought then leads us to live the moment with
resistance and apathy. We’re stretching the gum!

When you make a choice or have a desire going in a direction that subconsciously
protects you from your deep fears, your choice is no longer a choice. It becomes a
leak Even if you realize your dream, you will live it constantly with your worst fears
under the surface.

The return to the Centre, liberated from your Spiral, implies Liberty. Freedom is
being able to make a choice based on our desires or by following our intuition, no
matter where the path leads us. Freedom is not about making choices to protect
ourselves from our fears.

Attempting to avoid fear locks us in a straight path, with our eyes fixed on a distant
destination where we will finally be able to relax our worries. Keeping our eyes
straight ahead prevents us from seeing all available paths. All these paths that could
give us access to an even better destination than we imagined - provided we are
ready to walk in the brambling fields for a while.

To flee our fears, even unconsciously, is to cling to a static idea rather than a path of
expansion of our desires and possibilities.

Accepting and adapting to the entire Spectrum of Life Experiences does not
mean losing sight of who we are and where we are going. On the contrary.

Let us return to the example of the fear of Solitude: if we have never integrated
solutide, we will constantly seek to avoid it. Our actions will be insconsciously
directed by the avoidance of our fears, even if we live the greatest dream of our

If you are avoiding loneliness, you may be clinging to the wrong people or situations
or making choices that are contrary to who you really are. All of this may undermine
your greatest potential.

Let us look at another example. This time from my personal story:

I was someone who was afraid of being locked up and controlled. I wanted freedom
and autonomy first. I easily left friends and possessions to live the adventure of the
unknown. Some people very envied me to be so free and detached.

What they did not know was that I was chained to freedom.

I was unconsciously obliged to leave whenever I made the decision. I couldn’t stay

Even love never calmed my escape pulse. The hurricane was rumbling more and
more and suddenly, I was bursting, leaving everything behind me, as if nothing
really counted in my eyes.

So there was no freedom in my Liberty. Even if I lived the definition of the word to
the letter, every step of the way... a ball was still in my ankle. I was free in
appearance but certainly not inside me.

Life has chained me twice to integrate this fear. Prisoner 24 hours a day from my
store, forced to live on the floor, forced to do the same thing every day, forced to
have no private space...

The goal was not to force me to go in a direction that would not make me happy.
Rather, the goal was to allow me to stand upright, without anxiety, in non-
movement, in routine, nothing, emptiness, boredom, etc. This new capacity then
opened the door of true freedom. To advance towards a goal, it is a matter of
overcoming all the necessary steps, however uncomfortable they may be.

The Loss

Loss is a very common event along the way.

In loss exists emptiness, lack and all that we fear the most. Loss is the angel’s leap
from the highest cliff in the world. It’s a liberation accelerator but, which says
acceleration says... vertigo!

The loss will not be eternal throughout your life. Don’t worry about it. Though
sometimes, reaching zero material or emotional point seems an insurmountable
challenge, touching the bottom allows a quick climb, propelled by the strength of
our actualization.

This little point is to support you in these difficult times. It is not all lost, you didn’t
make a mistake. What happens can help you regain the new breath of life you dream

Being Tired, Confused – Getting ‘Crazy’!

What a necessary state! Annoying, drunk, endless, insecure but oh how necessary!

In my twenties, I studied theater. I have always seen acting as the art of letting the
essence of a character pass through Self. Without restraint, without planning,
without judgment. Simply, a breath of life created through the pen of a writer, an

One day, during one of my courses, I had to interpret an irrational person, having a
lot of strength of affirmation and a hint of wickedness. This mixture was not easy for
the fragile and embarrassed self of the time. To help me, my teacher tried to provoke
me so that this kind of emotion could express itself through me.

He pushed me and pushed me. I didn’t think it was funny anymore. I no longer
wanted to play, no longer wanted to be there… I was exhausted, confused,
frightened, feeling misunderstood, without means. I really didn’t think I’d be able to
interpret this role or anyone else for that matter - I was fed up! I wanted nothing
more, I had reached my limit!

I walked to the wall and all I wanted was to break it into a thousand pieces. I
resisted bursting… I was polite, I was strong, I didn’t want to flinch.

«I’m leaving, I’m sick of it, I don’t want anymore!»
«Non! Say the lines of the text.»
«No, it’s over I don’t want to play anymore!!»
«Corine, say the lines!»

I was so mad at him. He didn’t respect my exhaustion or my confusion. I was so mad
at her, but I had to listen to her…

So I turned to my gambling partner and looked at her. I didn’t know how to be or
what to do.... So I just said the words. Without control, without preconceived ideas,
nothing.... So, at that moment, the character came to life in me. I still remember the
power of every pronounced syllable. The impulse of a life greater than mine then
inhabited me in every corner. I had become a spectator of myself and this breath of
life that was passing through me.

This moment, this scene, forever changed my gaze on the acting game, on myself and
on the unsuspected power that hides in the «loss of control».

Our body has a huge reserve of energy when it comes to protecting us. Whether to
protect us from an attack, a physical or emotional threat... When the body recognises
the danger it robs. From there comes the force of resistance, combat or flight. In a
survival situation, even injured and exhausted, the body can continue this way for a
very long time!

Adrenalin-carbide survival … and draws us from our deep and immense reserves.
The octopus has powerful muscles in her tentacles, let’s not forget. She’ll last a long
Survival instincts have been in our cells for thousands of years and this behaviour
will take time to change.

Fatigue, confusion, lack of guidance, response, diversion, freedom etc, although very
very uncomfortable are great gifts. It is possible that we resist without knowing that
we resist. We resist because we don’t know that something else is possible,
something different from combat, protection, action-response.

During certain phases of your journey, you will think you are going crazy,
completely insane. None of the usual reactions, understandings, programming from
any of your bodies – mental, emotional, physical, energetic – will be able to solve the
puzzle in place. Nothing can get behind the wheel, act and protect you by planning,
imposing a reality, an answer or a solution.

These areas are extremely difficult to cross because you will feel bound feet and
fists. The more resisted you are, the more circumstances will attempt to remove you
from your hands while obstructing resistance.

In these moments, remember these words: the energies of Life, of your Life, desire
that you open all the doors of the possible, without exception. They try to help you
let go of what you’re holding so you can open your hands.

If you are angry, exhausted, discouraged, impotent, resourceful, weak, victim, tiny,
imbecile, disgusting, unwilling, etc, and well dive fully into it. Accept not to have an
answer. Agree to remain static and motionless in the face of danger… ready to be
eaten with arms wide open.

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