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Guide to pre sale presentation

Guide to pre sale presentation




Selling your home is one of the most important transactions you will
undertake in your life. So the opportunity to create the very best
result is paramount.

Over the past 17 years I have learnt that a great result does not just
happen, it is created.

To help you understand the elements involved, I have created this
simple guide.

I hope you find it useful.


Simon Wendt

Sales Manager | Licensed Estate Agent | Auctioneer



  to the Senses

When somebody decides to inspect your home, it is usually because they are seriously

considering buying a property that offers similar features to what your home offers. The way the

buyers feel during these relatively short inspections is key to whether they will make an offer or

keep looking. During this inspection the buyers become acutely aware of their surroundings and I

have identified the key areas of preparation that will build the pe
  rception of value in the opinion of

the buyer. The benefits of careful preparation are;

1. Attract more buyers
2. Less time on the market

3. Greater chance of competition
4. Higher price

First impressions are lasting and research shows that many buy
  ers make a decision to purchase

within the first 60 seconds of arriving at the home. Make the bu y
  er feel at home from the moment
they arrive. Pay attention to all the senses of the buyer including Sight, Touch, Smell & Hearing;


Sight. What they aarveoliidkevliysutoalsdeisetrfaircstt?ionF.uBrnuidshgetht efohr ofrmesehafslolwave
 irsshflyoraesaycohuirnbsupdegcteiot nwill allow and
remove clutter to


Touch. Will they feel physically comfortable? Control the temperature depending on the season.


Smell. Is the air in the home appealing, unappealing onrecneesustraarly?
  Open windows to increase fresh
air and avoid unnatural or overbearing fragrances. If you can try a citrus spray or a

subtle fragrant candle.

Sound. Are there any unpleasant sounds or unhomely silence you can distract from? Play some
classical music or ask and I can recommend some background music suitable for your particular
home. Sound can add feeling, emotion and personality into the home.





























  Money spent on upgrading the street appearance and the fr
o   nt entrance is the best investment you can make when

  preparing your house for sale. If you have a limited budget,
s   pend it first on these two areas.


  o Cut all lawns regularly as a well-kept lawn implies a we l
 l maintained home.
o Sweep paths and remove any weeds and leaves from driveways. Even sweep the front street gutter.

  o Weed any garden, add bark mulch or similar to keep it t

  o Wash all external walls, painted surfaces, gutters, wind o
  w and door frames.
o Repaint if necessary.

  o Trim any shrubs and add some potted flowering plants
n   ear the street entrance

  o Repaint or replace the mailbox and check that the numb
  er is visible from the street.
o Repair any fences and repaint if necessary.


  Front Entrance

  o Paint ayonudrcwleinadnoawrosupnrdoftehsesiwoinnadlolywcsle, aenaevedso, rddraoinasmaentdi
 cfurolonutsdjooobr.yourself. A crystal clear view through the
o Have

  windows gives the feeling of spaciousness and therefo
  re value.

  o Buy a new doormat. buyer will feel and the senses they
  will get as they first enter your home. This moment has
o Think about how the

  an extraordinary power over the buyers overall impres
 sion. Remember the buyer has already seen your photos
in the advertising so it is important that your home is equally as impressive in the flesh and in-line with their initial

expectations of value for money.































  Buyers respond to homes that appear spacious, clean and well-built with bright, airy, open rooms and a fresh

  atmosphere. If money has to be spent, spend it on paint, carpet, cleaning and furnishings as money spent on these

  areas will be more likely recouped in a higher sale price. I can advise you with great confidence on the areas that
will add the most value so please ask.


  o Animals - remove pet bowls, put dogs in a boarding kennel or with neighbours.
o Make sure the house is cool in summer and warm in winter.

  o In summer - open curtains/windows to let in fresh air.
o In winter - light the fire if you have a fireplace.

  o Steam clean carpets.
o Repair any damage e.g. dripping taps, broken or squeaking doors, sticking windows and doors, broken light

  fittings, cracked tiles.

  o Fix any squeaky doors, windows, floorboards. are sa

  o Repaint walls if chipped or dirty (neutral colours

o Ensure that everything is in good working order e.g. plumbing, heating, air-conditioning etc.


Reduce Clutter


  Practicality equals higher value.

  o Remove all unnecessary furniture and clutter so that rooms appear spacious, clean and tidy. Either place extra
items in storage or sell them before selling your property.

  o Keep kitchen bench tops clear of clutter.
o Arrange items in the pantry and household cupboards as neatly as possible. Buyers want to see additional

  storage space.

  o Minimise clothes, shoes and stored items in wardrobes to make them appear larger.
o Put away valuables and jewellery.

  o Remove children’s artwork and other person items and photographs from fridges and bench tops.

  o Reduce the clutter and pictures on the walls of children’s bedrooms




























The kitchen and bathroom, in particular, need to be sparkling.

o Clean the oven and all kitchen appliances and surfaces. Eliminate any odours.
o Clean the bathroom shower, bath, basin, and mirror and hang new towels and place
fresh flowers in a vase.

o Clean tiles with hot water, vinegar and bicarb of soda. Have carpet professionally
cleaned. If the carpet is worn, consider replacing the worn area rather than covering

with a mat.

o Clean black finger marks off paintwork, especially around doorknobs and light

o Clean the garage out and organise what is left into n
  eat shelving or tool racks.
o Clean heating and air conditioning filters.

Enhance Interior Décor

Bright lights and white walls make rooms look bigger. Dark colours can do the reverse and
can turn-off buyers. Appeal to the visual sense of the buyer.

o Replace lights with higher wattage bulbs and make sure that they all work.
o Use your best linen and add soft furnishings such as throw rugs, cushions, rugs
o Put fresh flowers in the living area.
o Buy, borrow or make your own artwork for hanging on bare walls. Officeworks and

other photo stores can enlarge your most artistic or interesting photos or put them on
o Think about the placement of furniture to allow for a good flow as the buyer visits the
o I can advise you specifically on what furniture will best suit the space you have.






Property Styling

If you are selling an empty house, seriously consider hiring
furniture, floor coverings, additional lighting and wall hangings
from a specialist "Home Staging" company. Skilled staff will come
in with furniture and accessories that will promote your property to
best advantage, add value, and show prospective buyers what
they may be able to achieve.

Even if you are selling a furnished house, you
may consider hiring a property staging
specialist to maximise your existing décor.
Having your home looking its absolute best
from the outset will maximise the chances of
you selling for the highest price.

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