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Published by Zhandre Stark, 2019-11-19 14:20:24

Hattie Headlines November 2019

Term 3 A4 colour

H ttie Headlines
THIRD EDITION November, 2019


Head learners - 2020

Naledi Phetlu (Chair person), Aidan Borchjes (Head boy), Emihle Zingxashi (Head girl),
Aneequa Isaacs (Deputy Head girl) & Zakeer Botha (Deputy Head boy)

UCT Maths competition First Aid POD Radio Provincial Skills Competition

Kwandokuhle Mbenambi & Jano Struwig, Terry Struwig & Zarah Kamaldien, Gabriella Wagter, Alrick Jade Petersen & Kyle Maart won third
Osorachukwu Anugwom Oratile Mongwe Erasmus, TJ Hendricks & Megan Chalres prize in the competition

Eisteddfod Hattie Headlines DUX learner 2018 Top Academic - Grade 8

Zenokuhle Mkhize & M. Charles, S. Timm, O. Anugwom, Sasha de Voux Amsolele Desile, Kwandokuhle
Kyle Stiglingh A.Erasmus, I. Mafofo, L. Copisho & R. Jack Mbenambi & Dominique Lally
Top Academic - Grade 11
Top Academic - Grade 9 Top Academic - Grade 10 Top Academic - Grade 12

Caleb Meyer, Channen Mentoor & Zhuan-Li James & Jordan Sias, Aidan Borchjes & Aiden Schippers, Alrick Erasmus &
Jordan Booysen Zikorachimnefe Anugwom Sonwabise James Osorachukwu Anugwom

From the Hattie Star
Editor’s Desk

Alrick will be something of Matthew Fortuin Xena Sampear
greater influence as
Hey Hatties, the potential hosts are This term brings two in Drum majorettes or
a very promising group stars instead of one. “Drummies”. Now most
This year is done of Hattie learners. This term we have Xena of us are not familiar
and dusted already, Sampear and Matthew with this sport. A drum
WOW! Isn’t it amazing The blood donation Fortuin(again). These two majorette is a female
how much we have drive has received are our sportsman and baton twirler who leads
accomplished in such many more donors sportswomen for 2019. We a marching troupe of
and appreciates all all know Mathew from girls. The sport has roots
a short time span? who decided to make the first Hattie Star that digging into military
another person’s life was published, Matthew drills and marching
Our school’s rugby better by donating. is a very successful cyclist. bands and is quite a
teams did what seemed As a school, I believe In fact, Mathew spent a popular sport, even in
nearly impossible as we are capable of so few weeks in Germany, Cape Town, but the
they achieved a 75%- much more than we Frankfurt, competing in love for other sports
win ratio, a feat only might think, I hope we the Junior World Track such as rugby, soccer
once afforded back realise we can reach Champs from the 14th to and cricket drowns out
in 2005. Pod Radio our full potential by the 18th of August 2019. the other sports such as
has seen an influx of striving to promote He also participated in a dummies.
listeners responding to beneficial skills and European race during the
the good work done values, instilling in June holidays. We are very lucky and
by our hosts this year, ourselves a sense proud to have such
and rest assured that of well-being and Then there is Xena excellent athletes here
next year the podcasts accomplishment. Sampear. She is in grade at Bellville Technical
11, and earned SA colours High School.
I wish you all a blessed
holiday and 2020, and
may you seek success
in all that you do.
Remember, if you want
what you never had,
you have to do what
you have never done.

67 Minutes for Mandela day Zayaan Ryland

In celebration of Mandela learners sang beautiful songs which brought much
day on the 18th of July, joy and delight to everyone. When it was almost
grade 9 Hatties visited the time to leave, the learners were very disappointed
La Belle old age home in because they wanted to spend more time with the
Labiance. elderly as they were
so kind-hearted.
The girls treated the
ladies to hand massages What a wonderful
and also painted their experience it was to
nails while chatting about spend time at the old
life, love and everything in age home, even if it
between. The boys spent was only for a short
the morning playing chess with the men and getting period, we would love
lost in conversation. to return again soon.

Everyone was treated to a cupcake and there was
also a fun lucky draw that took place. Three lovely

2 Hattie Headlines November 2019

Hattie Academics

Q&A: Top academic achievers grades 8 to 12
Sydney Timm
ALRICK ERASMUS How do you plan to achieve
Gr. 12 these plans? during the week, and studying
well in advance for exams.
What are your plans for the By ensuring that my results this year
future? are up to standard and with the What motivates you to do your
help of the scholarship program best?
I plan on doing an internship at a I am a part of (Go 4 Gold) I am
civil engineering company next sure I will be well on my way to I want to look back on my life
year and then complete a four- achieving these goals. knowing that I tried my best and
year degree in civil engineering in the process become successful
or perhaps architecture. What are your short term – which to me is becoming the
goals in terms of academic best version of myself.
What advice do you have for
I hope to maintain an 85% those wanting to do better in
average for my final two terms of their academics?
grade 12.
Begin studying well in advance for
What are you doing in order exams, plan when and what you
to achieve those goals? will study, use study methods as
they become habits (my favourite
Weekly mathematics and science is mind-mapping), and have a
classes with Go 4 Gold, regular positive attitude towards your
practicing of all my subjects, academics.
attending all my classes

SONWABISE JAMES How do you plan to achieve these What motivates you to do your
Gr. 11 plans? best?

What are your plans for the future? I plan to work hard to manage my I think that the fact that my
time properly so I can study more. education will be a huge benefit
I plan to pass matric and go to in my future is what motivates me
university to study civil engineering. What are your short term to be the best.
goals in terms of academic
achievements? What advice do you have for
those wanting to do better in
To study at least an hour a day and their academics?
to achieve a 75% in mathematics.
Plan your time and practice. The
What are you doing in order most important thing is to keep on
to achieve those goals? trying.

I am using my time more
efficiently because I believe it is
very important for us as students
to make more time for our studies.

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with
what you can do.”

John R. Wooden

November 2019 Hattie Headlines 3

ZIKORA ANUGWOM What are your plans for the I read every day and pay attention
future? in class and get help from my
Gr. 10 teachers or fellow learners when
I want to become a great person I am in trouble. I also help my
JORDAN BOOYSEN in my career. Globally known after friends.
performing wonderfully in my studies.
Gr. 9 What motivates you to do your
How do you plan to achieve best?
KWANDOKUHLE these plans?
MBENAMBI The image of who I want to be in
By working hard consistently. the future and those who have
Gr. 8 helped me get this far, like my
What are your short term parents, teachers and friends.
goals in terms of academic
achievements? What advice do you have for
those wanting to do better in
I want to be the best so I can win their academics?
awards for the school and prove
that anyone can succeed. Failure is not a reason to give
up. Instead, it’s a reason to work
What are you doing in order harder. If you fail, stand up and
to achieve those goals? walk tall. NEVER GIVE UP!!

What are your plans for the future? What are you doing in order
to achieve those goals?
I plan to go into a career in robotic
engineering. I am studying hard and putting in
a lot of effort.
How do you plan to achieve
these plans? What motivates you to do your
I plan to study hard and
experiment with robotics well The thought that all the hard work I
before I reach university. am doing will pay off in the future.

What are your short term What advice do you have for
goals in terms of academic those wanting to do better in
achievements? their academics?

I hope to achieve at least 85% in You will not get better overnight,
mathematics this term. but rather by continuously putting
in the hard work.

What are your plans for the future? What are you doing in order
to achieve those goals?
I wish to become a surgeon
and study at either Stellenbosch I am studying and making my work
University or UCT. easier by doing my homework
and paying attention in class.
How do you plan to achieve
these plans? What motivates you to do your best?

By working hard and achieving I only wish to help people to the
my goals that I set for tests as I go best of my ability and by doing so,
along. being the best person I can be.

What are your short term What advice do you have for
goals in terms of academic those wanting to do better in
achievements? their academics?

I plan to stay number one in my I would say that you should push
grade until the end of the year hard and persevere because
and I want to get a certificate for not everyone understands your
Natural science and Mathematics. situation, so prove yourself by
actually asking questions, doing
homework and studying.

4 Hattie Headlines November 2019

Megan Charles
What a way to end off the term with a successful
A Women’s day poem blood drive. We received 120 new donors of which
only 645 could donate. We thank all Hatties for making
By Victoria Mutandiro – Grade 8E5 the life-giving decision to donate blood -well done! A
single donation can potentially save more than three
Women are striving for freedom. lives, which is truly remarkable.
The freedom that they fought for.
Women are our heroes, Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the matric
our African heroes. peer promoters and the farewell took place at
Today we’re going to show them who we Panarotti’s in Athlone on the 20th of August 2019. It was
were, a sad and emotional day but they will always be a part
who we are of the superheroes team.
and who we shall be.
We welcome the new peer promoters and believe they
Be Brave. will follow the example set and do an amazing job such.
Be Bold.
Be Unique. We would like to
encourage all Hatties
to consider donating
blood again next
term. Your blood
counts! Remember
to stay healthy and
come and join us at
the next clinic.

THE Y. G. N VOLUNTEERS Peer promoters 2019

Making the world a better place one step at a time Likhona Cophiso
commented when interviewed. A
The Y.G.N is BTHS’s first homes, like The Ark, and donation special thanks to Mrs Spangenberg
volunteering group. It consists shelters to donate clothes, and Mr JL for always making
of BHTS students who believe in books, toys and even shoes for themselves available to help the
change, driven by positive actions. underprivileged children. The group, the learners who donated,
The group was established at the donations were not only made by and the teachers for their support.
beginning of 2019 and has already the group members but also other
made remarkable traces on the fellow BTHS students, teachers and We urge more BTHS learners to join
community’s hearts. members of the community. for the greater good of humanity
because together we can make
On the 31st of May 2019, the Y.G.N “Honestly, I would just love to thank the world a better place, one step
made its boldest impact. The everyone who has contributed at a time.
students went to a few children’s to our success”, Jordan Botha

interviewed our sports first team
captains and found out what their We thank everyone who
mottos and motivations in life is. participated in our podcasts
We had a specific podcast for our this year, making it something to
matriculants to share their thoughts, remember.
ideas and planning suggestions for
their matric farewell. Your opinion matters so come
and let your voice be heard. Join
We’ve come to a time where us next year for some exciting
we need to say goodbye to our new topics.
hosts (Megan Charles, Alrick
This year’s podcasts were Erasmus, Zarah Kamaldien and
loaded with some awesome Gabriella Wagter) and thank
topics discussed by our fellow them for their hard work and
Hatties. We’ve discussed topics dedication throughout the
such as our school’s values, year. We wish them all the best
learners’ worst fears and what for their futures endeavours
skills our leaners would like to and may there be wonderful
learn in school. We have also opportunities awaiting them.

November 2019 Hattie Headlines 5


Students have dreamt and fantasised about
the most magical evening one could have
in high school, the long awaited Matric Ball. It
is set apart by its exclusivity as a formal event
reserved for the better part of one’s high
school career. The Matric Ball is known as a
prestigious, exuberant event where students
get to experience an unprecedented night
of glamour, fulfilling the dreams of the rose-
cheeked girls and crush-stricken boys. In
essence, the matric ball is like a fairy tale, a
story with a happy ending that blesses the
minds of those who are fortunate enough to
partake in it. And that is the very reason why
it is the highlight of one’s high school career;
it leaves you with lingering memories that put
a smile on your face and warm your heart
when you are reminded of it. It is a night to
look forward to, and this year it has, once
again, exceeded all expectations.

The inspiration for the theme of the evening
was drawn from The Greatest Showman and
the ball was thus circus-themed. Upon arrival,
a red carpet led one straight into the entrance
of the hall which had lush palm trees along its
sides and the door was garnished with red
drapes and a big sign that read, CIRCUS.
The inside had beautiful white fabric draped
ceilings resembling a blossoming flower, fairy
lights flowing from above enhanced the
ambient lighting of the hall, an ornamental
chandelier hung over the dance floor and a
golden elephant greeted us at the entrance
along with our stunning stewardess, Emihle
Zingxashi, and steward, Aidan Borchjes, who
were dressed in circus ringmaster apparel.

The food was so delicious and heavenly.
The tantalising starter was a phyllo bundle
with chicken and a delectable sauce. The
main included chicken pie, sirloin beef, tasty
pumpkin fritters, and salads. And the desert
was a delightful peppermint tart, and sticky
toffee pudding with chocolate eclairs.



6 Hattie Headlines November 2019

EWELL 2019 Alrick Erasmus

Now, for the honoured guests of the evening,
the matrics. They arrived in an extraordinary
fashion in their fancy, flamboyant cars and as
they stepped onto the red carpet everyone
got their chance in the spotlight. Each
and every one looked so beautiful in their
dresses and suits which was a sight, however
unfamiliar, was a breath of fresh air. The event
was soon underway.

Heartfelt speeches by the principle, Mr
Koopman, the grade head, Mr Nel, and
Mrs Erasmus left eyes tearing up. Our gazes
then shifted and eyes gleamed in awe and
excitement at the amazing act of the circus
performers; the acrobatics, the magic tricks,
and the dancing left the hall in amusement
and wonder.

But then the dance floor was opened! We
never knew that this would be the catalyst for
what soon became an unforgettable night.
The DJ elevated the atmosphere allowing
everyone to truly enjoy themselves and show
off the dance moves they’ve been practising
for sooo long.

The matric ball is in celebration of getting
this far and conquering the challenges in our
past. Its significance is its acknowledgment
of the hard work we have done and have yet
to do, the successes we have yet to achieve.
The matric ball is, therefore, our birth into the
new world, as well. All in all, the matric ball
was a blissful occasion, invaluable time was
spent with our classmates and memories
were made.

A special thanks, therefore, goes out to our
grade heads, Mrs Lourens and Mr Nel – and
everybody else involved in the organisation
of this momentous occasion.

PINESS LIKE Hattie Headlines 7

RNUM (The Greatest Showman)

November 2019


Valedictory! The day we take a look back on how As glamorous as the event was, there was a shed of
we have grown over time. A celebration to end tears from our matriculants. Tears of understanding
a chapter in our lives. On this day we realise that we that this chapter in their lives was over. Mrs Lourens
are progressing and moving forward with time. played a sideshow of pictures collected over the
years which filled the learners and teachers with
On the 11th of October, we celebrated with the much joy and it was evident that a strong bond
class of 2019, the last day of their overwhelming developed between them over the years and
high school career. We cheered as they walked 'a although their high school careers have come to an
la mode to the school hall where they had their first end, the memories will last forever.
assembly five years ago.
The class of 2019 wrapped up the event by singing
The event was hosted by our new head learners and the school song on the soccer field where they
it started with a scripture reading and welcoming planted trees which represent each matric register
by Mr Williams. Touching words by Mr Koopman class of 2019. We wish the matriculants all the best for
and Mr Nel on behalf of the Matric educators their future and hope they keep the spirit of a true
were expressed. There was an emphasis on the Hattie alive.
importance of proper preparations and a dose of
harsh reality, which was eased with assurance that it
will all make sense in the end.

8 Hattie Headlines November 2019

Hattie Buzz

The Rubik’s Cube Contest Alrick Erasmus
with a time of 01:08:16 and 01:38:33, respectively.
On the 20th of July, learners
converged for a contest unlike any This contest was an effort to uncover the hidden,
other. Connoisseurs of this fascinating awe-inspiring talent Hattie learners have and
puzzle tested their wits at our very first hopefully other opportunities like this will give rise to
Rubik’s Cube contest in which learners even more undiscovered talent amongst the pupils
raced against the clock to complete of our schools.
the infamous Rubik’s cube. Many attempted the
feat, yet only a few came within reach of the R100 Left to right: Michael Carolissen, Ayden Kiewiets &
prize. Otto Landsberg

Needless to say, the atmosphere in the room was
nothing short of nerve-wrecking, anxiety-induced
and ecstatic beyond measure. Organisers of the
contest arranged for participants and spectators to
bring a sense of enthusiasm and excitement to an
otherwise normal school day, by endorsing healthy
competition amongst learners, thus promoting the
idea of honing one’s skills in order to shine a light on
the talent in all our learners.

The humble winner, Otto Landsberg completed a
Rubik’s cube within 01:06:12 seconds and the runner-
up’s Ayden Kiewiets and Michael Carolissen trailed

A door for creativity to get all the learners to work Valmarie Hendricks
together. They had attached a
The learners and teachers of whole engine to his door, which the learners as they walk by.
BTHS had the opportunity to was awesome. The learners and Congratulations to Mrs Stark for
compete in a door decorating teachers both loved the door winning the competition with her
competition, which put their cre- decorating competition and very creative Dr Seuss inspired
ativity to the test. it also makes the school more door. Second place was a tie
colourful and beautiful. between Mr Beukes and Mr JL and
It was a really tough competition the third prize went to Mrs Kotzé.
as the learners and teachers put Each door has a different theme There could only be one winner,
in a lot of effort and really thought and message which inspires but each door was amazingly
out of the box. The first runner up, creative in its own way.-
Mr Beukes, said that his aim was

November 2019 Hattie Headlines 9


On Friday, 23 August 2019, we had SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR
our very first SPORTS AWARDS
AND GALA EVENING at Bellville XENA SAMPEAR has represented
Technical High School. It is with the National Drummies team
great pride that we would like to for the past few years, as well as
share some of our highest awards participating as a key member
sports prize winners with you! and captain of our girls’ cricket

The winning team of 2019 is:
He broke the High Jump record
for both 2018 and 2019 and was
selected for the WP Athletics
team in 2019

and Mr Kumm collected the YOKE
and trophy on behalf of the team. MATTHEW FORTUIN’s achievements
over the past four years speak for
GIRLS SPORTSTEAM OF THE YEAR itself. He is a top performer in both
National and the International
The winning team of 2019 is: cycling circuit. We are extremely
proud to have him as our sportsman
The LOGANS floating trophy of the year for the third consecutive
goes to FIDEHL HENDRICKS year.


The winner of this award received
the CP THEART floating trophy
and it was awarded to EVILE
SHUBA for his allround contribution
to various school sporting codes
and his high level of achievement in
all of them.

The GIRLS CRICKET TEAM - Xena Hattie Headlines We would like to thank all the
Sampear collected the trophy on coaches, parents and sponsors
behalf of the team. involved in the sport season of
2019. Without your dedicated
TEAM OF THE YEAR involvement success would not
be possible.
This team displays the true spirit
of sportsmanship, hard work, November 2019
and discipline. They have also
achieved great results throughout
the year.

The winning team for 2019 is:


HATTIE SPORT STARS 2019 ... a learner‘s perspective

Osorachukwu Anugwom

At the beginning of the fouth term every year, break with their lead guitarist being our deputy-head
a prize-giving ceremony is organised for boy Theodore-John Hendricks. This band was hired for
all the award winners in academics, sport and the night to provide entertainment to the audience.
culture. However, this year some creative minds
decided to separate sports from academics and After dinner, the award presentation carried
culture because most people value academic on with some of our learners who got the highest
performance at high school above sport which achievements for their sports this year. Several
leads to the academic awards side-lining the sport learners attained the highest achievement for their
awards during the prize-giving. various sports by receiving their Honours Ties for
dedication to their individual A-teams for the past
four years or more.

At the end of the award presentation, the guests
were entertained by the house band as well as a
magnificent performance by Tamara Andrews
while eating dessert. The event was then brought
to a close and all prize winners got the opportunity
to take pictures with their parents and family before

Lorenza Solomons, Keasha Fortuin & Anitha Bulhungu On behalf of the school, I hereby urge all learners
to participate in a sport activity in the upcoming
The event dubbed, “The Sports Awards and year in order to build themselves and achieve their
Gala Evening” was spectacularly organised and highest potential.
coordinated by our highly dedicated staff with
support from the Representative Council of Learners Damien Benjamin, Yusuf Britow, Luke Aranes & Sivu Ngubane
and a few volunteering learners. The event kicked off
with a brief intro speech from our very own Mrs Harris,
who was die MC of the night. Our head girl, Tasha
Petersen, got the show underway with a welcome
speech ending with a quote followed by a prayer
from the head boy, Evile Shuba. This concluded the
introductory process.

Mr Waylon Losper, an ex-Hattie, now playing in the
Varsity cup for the University of Stellenbosch, was
the guest speaker for the event. He spoke about
his journey so far and offered words of advice
and encouragement to all learners present in the
audience. After this the award presentations formally
commenced. This was done in an orderly fashion as
well as everything else during the event.

A break was called midway through the night for
dinner. Everybody present at the event was well
catered for and a house band played live during this

November 2019 Hattie Headlines 11

Hattie Sport


Iam overwhelmed with pride, as to what our young grow and implement it in your daily lives.
group of men have achieved. Starting in late
September 2018, they must have thought, “What are This legacy is one that many of the future Dragons
our coaches thinking, training this early, way ahead will talk about for years to come. They will emulate it
of rugby season...” and will have to work hard to beat it, but it is one you
all established as a group.
We all pushed through the hot days and it took
loads of repetition, doing the same old drills, hearing We say goodbye to a strong group of leaders (Kyle,
the same instructions, but we managed to get our Jay-cee, Zakeer), and wish them well on their future
desired results. endeavors. Thanks for all the great moments. To
those who remain, let’s go higher!
The sacrifices were made. We (the coaches) could
sense that something special was on the horizon, with #hattieguts #dragonsrugby2019 #htsbellville
a group of leaders who continued to show extreme
commitment, who were focused on our goals. It was
such a privilege to be a part of this process.

I cringed at times, but never doubted. Our matches
against Worcester Gim, Vredenburg, Monument Park,
and Swartland leave me with memories and proof
that nothing is impossible if you persist, trusting the
process of months of training. You guys were amazing.

We achieved the best results as a team, and made
memories that will last a lifetime. Who can forget
Bradwin’s Tony stoops tries, Ashwill’s against Millies or
Yaseen’s big tackles. The values we had, are values
that will guarantee future success, so continue to

Zayaan Ryland

This is the third year that, Owen Booysen (u16), which took place on the 17th of August 2019.
Jadon de Wee (u16) and Keyvin Praal (u15), took After the WPA Cross Country Championship, Owen
part in the annual Cross Country leagues in our
district. There were eight leagues that these boys Booysen and Keyvin Praal were both chosen for the
participated in, that was hosted by various schools. team and took part in the WP Cross Country team
championships on
The top position each one of them achieved the 31st of August
was: 2019.

• Owen Booysen – First place at Malibu High; Congratulations
• Jadon de Wee – Third place at both Bernadino to the boys! We
are so proud of
Heights and Brackenfell High; and them and we wish
• Keyvin Praal – Sixth place at Fairmont High. them all the best.

All three boys made it through to the Northern Zone Owen Booysen
Cross Country team and they participated in the
2019 WPA Cross Country Championship at Fairmont,

Hattie Headlines Editorial Team 2019

Alrick Erasmus (Gr 12) Editor Mr van Wyk: U19 Rugby Coach
Ms Africa: Articles/Content planner
Reporters: Ms Du Plessis: Editing & Proofreading
Megan Charles (Gr 12) Ms Lourens: Articles/Content planner
Valmarie Hendricks (Gr 9)
Zayaan Ryland (Gr 9) Ms Stark: Articles/Layout
Osorachukwu Anugwom (Gr 12)
Likhona Copiso (Gr 11) Ms Geldenhuys: Photos
Sydney Timm (Gr 12)

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