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Ivitamazing EBrochures

I-VitAmazing Luxury Vitamin Bar for Spas

Now you can offer your customers a total wellness
and anti-aging experience!




Why Partner with


I-Vitamazing can offer the services that will increase
foot traffic to your spa. It allows your clients to have
access to antiaging services that other spas are offering
without the risk or cost. All you have to do is provide
the space and watch your business grow! Your clients
will access to high grade hydration therapy, vitamins,
hormone replacement and so much more.

Delivers vitamins, amino acids,
minerals and other vital
nutrients into the bloodstream
quickly without needing or
taxing the digestive system.

I-VitAmazing Luxury IV Vitamins are formulated to
help clients feel and look their best, starting from
the inside out.

I-VitAmazing Luxury IV Vitamins are ideal for people on the move. Vitamins
that are IV bypass the digestive system entirely. This means that the
vitamins are absorbed faster and clients can reap their benefits sooner than
taking the same supplements by mouth. I-VitAmazing Luxury IV Vitamins
are for clients who are on the go and need their body to function well
without down time or having to remember to take hundreds of pills. Most
of our clients feel and look better after just one treatment!



Your clients can now complete their pampering experi-
ence with high-grade vitamins, nutrients, and
high-grade anti-aging intravenous solutions that will not
only boost their metabolism and mood but will bring
back their youthfulness and beauty.

Nothing but the BEST for our clients!

I-VitAmazing Luxury IV Vitamins and hydration are made up of unique blends. We partner
with FDA 503B Registered Compounding Pharmacy to bring our clients nothing but the
best pharmaceutical grade vitamins to meet your health and anti-aging needs.

IV Nutrient

Therapies Available

Sick and Tried of Being Sick and Tired?
See How Hormone and Nutrient
Therapies can Help

Relax and Enjoy the Experience

Our goal is to pamper you. So,

relax unwind and Enjoy the

Luxury IV Vitamin Experience



Enhance – Energize – Repair

I-VitAmazing Luxury Vitamin Bar injection therapy. The
client can access vitamins that include unique all-natu-
ral injectable elixirs that you won’t find anywhere else.
Each unique shot blend has been carefully created to
target very specific goals. Depending on what your
health concerns + goals are, we can custom craft a
shot to meet your needs.


Injections vs. Oral

When you pop a vitamin pill in the morning, those nutri-
ents enter the body through the digestive system. Your
digestive system can become too saturated, limiting the
amount of nutrients your body can actually absorb.

What your body can’t absorb is then excreted through
urine or stool. This means there is no guarantee that your
body is receiving enough nutrients through oral supple-
mentation. Think about vitamin C, a common supplement.
When we take too much vitamin C orally, the body reacts
with loose stool and diarrhea.

A healthy, safe alternative to your daily over-the-counter
vitamin is injectable nutrients or vitamin injections. With
injectable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other
micronutrients are injected directly into the body. This can be
done either intramuscularly (IM) or intravenously (IV).
Injectables are more effective than oral supplementation



With I-VitAmazing Luxury IV Vitamins, your
clients can also add a host of antiaging
hormones and botanicals to their antiag-
ing regimen. This level of services will
require a medical clearance and labs that
all can be done at your location or in the
client’s home.



Yes, we do that too! claims regular sex can make you look
younger. In a new study, Dr. Weeks found that older men
and women with an active sex life appeared five to seven I-VitAmazing Luxury
years younger than their actual age. IV Vitamins offers:

It releases anti-inflammatory molecules. When you have 01 Women - Scream cream
sex, you're bathing the skin in anti-inflammatory mole-
cules such as oxytocin and beta endorphins. As we get 02 Men - Viagra and Cialis
older, we don't heal as often as we repair. But having sex
can turn the clock back on that." 03 Men - Hormone Evaluations
and Replacement
It makes your skin physically glow. Sexual intercourse
also boosts our immune system, prevents stagnation,
allows us to feel more alive and sweat out toxins from our


Q How does my spa get started with I-VitAmazing Services?
A 1. Contact us at the number or email provided
2. Schedule an onsite meeting to discuss your needs
3. Identify space that can be utilized- ideally, space that can support two to three IV lounge chairs
4. Negotiate times dates, ect
5. Get started

Q What is the dress code for I-VitAmazing Staff?
A Staff standard uniform is black pants, skirt, black shoes, black tops with the company gold logo.

Q Staff Competency?
A All IV and or Injectable services are performed by certified and or licensed staff under the direction
of an MD or NP with Full Practice Authority

Q Does IVitAmazing have liability Insurance?
A IVitAmazing is a service offered by Baal Perazim Wellness. Baal Perazim is a not for profit organiza-
tion that is insured wholly as a health organization with standard coverage.


Client can personalize their I-VitAmazing experi- All Boost IV formulas include electrolytes, B-vita-
ence by creating their own custom Hydration IV mins, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glutathione.
Treatment. Get more of what you need most with an add-on
I-VitAmazing clients’ well-being is our • Glutathione
number-one priority. We understand no two • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
people are alike, and sometimes special health • Pain Reliever
concerns require a unique IV treatment. We • Anti-Nausea
make it easy to customize your hydration therapy • Vitamin C
with just the right supplements to support your • Extra Fluids
lifestyle and wellness goals.
IV therapy has many benefits, and gives every cell
I-VitAmazing Luxury Vitamin Bar can supplement in your body the fluids and nutrients it needs so
any of our IV treatments with an add-on boost. you can look and feel your best.
Speak to one of our highly experienced vitamin IV IV vitamin therapy can help you:
professionals to create a custom IV formula just • Fight off a cold or flu faster
for you. • Promote healthy, youthful skin
• Recover from an intense workout
Enjoy your relaxing IV vitamin infusion in our • Cure hangover symptoms faster
spa-like wellness center. • Recuperate from jet lag and the effects of air
Add-On Boost IV Drip Ingredients travel

Book an IV Vitamin Event

The IV Vitamin Bar makes a great group activity for
wedding parties, coworkers, sports teams, travelers and
more. Book IV hydration with I-VitAmazing Luxury
Vitamin Bar mobile services. Choose from any of our IV
treatments or Boost shots or ask us about custom

Learn more:
• Private parties
• Bring a friend reward
• Package pricing

Contact us
Dr. M. Brownlee
[email protected]
Phone: (773) 217-8326
I-VitAmazing is a Baal Perazim Wellness Service

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