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Cheryl t long was born and raised in Philadelphia,

Cheryl had a love for reading at a very young age but
didn't think about writing. While in the fifth grade,

Cheryl had a teacher who sparked her interest in
writing. He always told her that her storytelling was
unique for her age.

Cheryl comes from a diverse cultural background her
mother's mother is Panamanian and Dominican.
While sitting and listening to her grandmother tell the

love story of her husband and herself, an idea came to
her mind to write her family's story. With
encouragement from the family, she put pen to paper

and started her writing journey.
She believes with the right drive, passion, and
motivation. She could reach the highest highs in life.

From that moment on, Cheryl had one vision in her
mind- give the people around her an outlet. Still
trying to find new avenues to express herself, she has

created a blog which she uses to reach her ever-
growing audience (http://deardaughteslovesmom com)

Cheryl is a mother of four and enjoys cooking,

fishing, and speaking to young girls and women.

"As the Flowers Bloom" was her Debut Urban

Drama book. It was followed up by "Bursting Of the
Flowers" and "Full Blossom" also better known as the

"Cherish Urban Drama series"Urban Drama, is
however not the only genre that interests Cheryl. She
has a great interest in catering to a wide readership.
She also writes self-help books and children's books

about children with life-threating diseases.

Cheryl is a Self-help guru and stands firmly against

child trafficking and domestic violence of any kind.
She promotes mindfulness for healthy thinking and a
well-balanced life.

Double Mindedness-(Stop the unrest)

Ever had double vision where уоur brain ѕаw оnе
рiсturе twiсе, оvеrlаррing and lеаving уоu

Are you tired of being indecisive? Fed up of not being
able to stick to a decision after you make it?

One of the іnѕtrumеntѕ of the devil most uѕеd in

dеѕtrоуіng our effectiveness is dоublе-mіndеdnеѕѕ.

When practicing double-mindedness one will often
show instability, doubt, hesitating, wіѕhу-wаѕhу,
wavering, or uncertainty.

Double-mindedness is one of the most common mental

ailments in the world. It comes from a lack of
confidence, but the effects of it run so much deeper.
Double-mindedness makes it so we feel like we can’t
even trust ourselves.

But, now it’s time to get your confidence back and stop
the unrest. This book will give you a spiritual look at
double –mindedness and help to guide you to being

able to make and stand by every decision that you
make. Are you ready to get your life back?

Practicing Self Care

Life is the most valuable gift we will ever receive. So
why squander it! Why not choose to have a more
profound presence?

Self-care is not just about your mental health. It’s also
about caring for your physical self.

Therefore it is important to set healthy boundaries in
every aspect of life. So why do so few of us actually set


When practicing self-care setting healthy boundaries
can help you start living again. But where do you start?

Presented in this book is a step by step guide on how to

set healthy boundaries and begin the positive practice
of Self Care.

Healing From Bitterness

No one wants to be bitter. Bitterness is un-forgiveness
that festers. As long as we hold onto past hurts we rob
ourselves of joy.

We think that holding on to the hurt we can remind
ourselves and others of the unfairness we’ve
experienced. Sadly, bitterness only helps these feelings
take root in our lives.

Something happened to me a short time ago that was
very hurtful. It undeniably shattered my heart. I didn’t
see it coming, it just occurred. I tried to forgive the
person who hurt me by saying the words “I forgive
you”, but realized later it wasn’t from my heart.

I really struggled with anger whenever I thought
about them. It was only then I realized the power I was
giving away to bitterness. At that very moment I asked
God for deliverance. It is my hope that you can heal,
find deliverance and forgiveness through this book.

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