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Published by WTC, 2021-05-06 23:40:54

@Intersections May Issue 2021


ISSUE 7 MAY 2021 James David Gailliard, Senior Pastor
Email: [email protected]
Official Monthly E-Newsletter of Word Tabernacle Church Phone: 252-442-2925
821 Word Plaza Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Kyle Durrell Johnson, Associate Pastor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 252-316-8312

Stephanie Battle, Associate Pastor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 252-316-8309

Angela Gailliard, Chief Corporate Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 252-316-8302

Eric Spivey, Director of Operations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 252-316-8306

Trishonda Roberson,
Executive Director of The REACH Center,
Director of Center for Community and
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 252-557-9177

"A place of relevant ministry where relationships are built, needs are met,
purpose is fulfilled, and God is is enjoyed"

Greetings Word Family, SALVATION &
Our S.O.W. Event was such a success! Thank you for coming out
and showing your support for the vision. I want to reiterate what BAPTISMS
I communicated during our first Coffee and Chat on Saturday
morning before the S.O.W. Event. While we are preparing for The
Return, we are calling this the Every Member Campaign! Our goal
is to have every member growing, every member serving, every
member giving, and every member thriving. What does that look
like for all of us?

Every member Growing:

We do that by attending Worship, connecting with a small group,
participating in church at study, and Bible Study.

Every Member Serving:

We all have something to contribute to the Kingdom. We need
people doing the work, not just sitting on the sideline. God has
placed something in each of us to share with others. Even if
you're a senior citizen unable to leave your home, consider
writing note cards to encourage someone, or call someone and
pray with them.

Every member giving:

We don't want just a few of the family members carrying the
load. We want every member giving. We all understand that
people do what they want to do. We find ways to get our hair
and nails done, go on vacation, whatever it is we enjoy. Let's not
neglect giving to the work of the Kingdom.

every member thriving!

If you were unable to attend the event, visit online to see the
progress and the opportunities available for you to serve. The
only way we will be able to return 100%, we need everyone
doing their part. Also, if you haven't taken the Vaccination
Survey, please go to the following link and complete for your
entire family:

We are excited about the Return to campus. Until then, continue
to Grow, Serve, Give and Thrive.

Respectfully, James D. Gailliard

"So the people were restrained from bringing, for the
material they had was sufficient to do all the work, and
more." Exodus 36:6

Congratulations Lady G!

"Gailliard named to Photo courtesy of New Standard Videography & Photography
NCCF statewide
board of directors"
Protection Program
The North Carolina Community Foundation is pleased to PPP Loan
announce the election of Angela Gailliard to the statewide board
of directors. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), established as
Gailliard is the chief corporate officer of Word Tabernacle Church part of the 2020 CARES Act, provided a loan as direct
at The Impact Center in Rocky Mount, NC, for which she is a incentive for small businesses to keep their employees
founding member. Prior to Word Tabernacle Church, she held on payroll during the COVID-19 crisis. Upon meeting
leadership positions in operations, finance and engineering at certain criteria, the business could later apply to have
several large corporations. up to 100% of the PPP loan forgiven. The criteria
Gailliard holds a bachelor of science in engineering from Duke included: employee and compensation levels
University and a master of business administration from the maintained, loan proceeds spent on payroll costs and
Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. other eligible expenses, and at least 60% of the
In addition to her many years of corporate experience, Gailliard proceeds spent on payroll costs.
has served her community for more than thirty years, holding As shared in our February business meeting, Word
leadership roles with many notable nonprofit organizations Tabernacle Church applied and was approved for a PPP
including the United Way Tar River Region, Down East loan of $190,700. This loan assisted in our ability to
Partnership for Children and Big Brothers Big Sisters. maintain our staff during the pandemic without any
The NCCF board of directors is looking forward to working with cutbacks. WTC applied for the forgiveness program in
Gailliard, according to Steve Wangerin, board chair. " Angela September 2020 and after months of waiting to hear
brings exceptional executive and corporate leadership the status, we are pleased to announce that we have
experience to our board,” he said. “She will be a strong asset to been approved for 100% PPP Loan forgiveness. This is
the North Carolina Community Foundation.” great news! Many thanks to our CCO, Angela Gailliard,
for her diligent work in helping us arrive at these
Source: 2021 North Carolina Community Foundation News results.
named-to-nccf-statewide-board-of-directors? Page 3



Our Campus Team worked diligently to complete the newly
renovated space, once known as the Game Room, now the
illustrious Dining Hall. The completion was just in time for
Administrative Professionals Day. The staff enjoyed a
healthy and hearty luncheon prepared by our Director of
Food Services, Dorea Nunery, accompanied by Zelma
Peeler head of our Design Team and Administrative Office
It was a refreshing opportunity to have most of the staff in
one place for lunch and to be able to break away from the
office desk. Lunch was baked chicken, a vegetable medley,
rice pilaf, mixed greens, followed by an array of desserts.
The Design Team spent several hours shopping for décor to
compliment the seating, tables, and flooring. The result is a
beautiful, clean and spacious area for staff and guests to
Now, instead of rushing off to grab something to eat or
meet a guest for a luncheon meeting, we can invite them to
the Impact Center.
The Dining Hall also welcomed our Thrive 365 Patrons
during the SOW Event. Patrons arrived early and were
greeted with ham and turkey sliders, several pastries, fruit,
and yogurt cups. There are many more renovations on the
horizon. We are excited about them all. Stay tuned for
more progress reports on how your giving is helping to
advance the Kingdom so we may continue to impact the
church and the community.

Christy Arnold,
Director of Health and
Wellness approves of the
menu while taking a second
to pose for a photo opt with
Assistant, Alciner Jones.

Cassandra Greene, ACS Associate Pastor Stephanie
Administrator and Anita Battle's smile sums up the
Bynum, Financial Analyst
take a much needed break entire experience!
from their office space
along with one of our Page 4
faithful Receptionist
Ms. Martha Clay.

Families, our program has not officially opened but we are
collecting information for families who would like to be
added to the "waitlist" for admittance. We will contact you
when registration begins! Please complete a form for each
child you are adding to the waitlist. Being added to the wait
list does not equate to registration nor does it guarantee
admittance to The Impact Academy. We will send
information to the email used for registration/waitlist as
opportunities open for your family to join! We encourage you
to connect with our team monthly if you would like any
specific updates.
You can contact Tevin Boykin at [email protected]
or 252-316-8314 if you have any questions or need more

The Center for Leadership and Capacity Page 5
Building at Word Tabernacle Church presents
The Impact Internship Program. Membership
at WTC is NOT required to be an intern.
The Summer Impact Internship is an 8-week
paid internship designed for college students
who are committed to serve, have a desire to
be developed, are interested in the offered
areas of internship based on the centers at
WTC, and are inquisitive about how and why
the Church is connected to community.
Contact Kyle at [email protected] for
more information, or you can also go to, click on "programs" and
click on "internship" for details and to apply!


The REACH Center recently went through a Client File and Fiscal The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Desk review of the Emergency Solutions Grant by the North Carolina monitoring conclusions consisted of three outcomes: a Finding that
Department of Health and Human Services. If you’ve ever received a meant there was a violation of the federal ESG requirements, HUD
grant, the work doesn’t stop when those funds are received. Most regulations, or other relevant regulations of federal agencies. If a
grants require massive reporting to demonstrate that funds are Finding was determined and not corrected, it could result in
appropriately allocated and used for their intended purposes. repayment of funds. A Concern identified deficiencies in the
program's performance, and a Recommendation was a suggestion
I spoke with Trishonda Roberson, the Executive Director for that led to best practices. REACH’s staff was pleased when both
The REACH Center. she explained the process required of her and reviews resulted in No Findings, Concerns, or Recommendations!
the Center's staff. She shared that the NCDHHS visits the site, but The Fiscal Desk and Client File review met all ESG compliance
because of COVID-19, all the documents had to be uploaded and standards. I asked The REACH Center their thoughts about the review,
submitted. Of course, this required additional work on the center. to which Shawanda Barnes shared, “I felt relieved when the results
The Fiscal review involved examining the expenses to make sure came. Not that I didn't know what I was doing, but because we were
they matched what was paid, and the payment was indeed an doing something we never did before." Congratulations, Reach Center,
eligible one. Timesheets, pay stubs, canceled checks, vendors, bank on a job well done!
statements, check requests, as well as REACH’s accounting system
all had to be reviewed. The second part of the review involved the The grant serves to assist the community with housing, but it has
Client File review. Each Case Manager was responsible for having
their documents available and in order. One client's file could be as allowed The REACH Center to create job opportunities. Some volunteer
many as 100 pages or more. The ESG provided funds used for the
Re-Rapid Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program. The roles can be performed from the comfort of your home. Please
results of the review were of great importance to The REACH Center,
as well as the hundreds of clients seeking assistance. consider becoming a part of this amazing team!

"...For unto whomsoever much is given, of The REACH Center staff from left to right;
him shall be much required: and to whom Nedra Maryland, Trishonda Roberson, Shawanda
men have committed much, of him they will
ask the more." Luke 12:48 Barnes, Pamela Ward, Tameka Joyner, and
Kielana Ham


Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, JOIN THE TEAM
headquartered in Manhattan with a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler,
Medical Supply and Equipment Company located here in Rocky The REACH Center is currently hiring for the
Mount, focused for this year to address health disparities in our following positions: Administrative Assistant,
community. Housing Support Specialist, and Program Assistant.
The African American community has been impacted by COVID-19 Go to and click on
at a higher rate than other ethnicities while also having the Employment Opportunities for more information
lowest vaccination percentage. Senior Pastor James Gailliard and to apply. To submit your resume: email to
found this alarming and subsequently led an effort to make sure [email protected] to be considered. Questions
there was equal distribution in rural and African American can also be sent by email or using the Contact form
communities. When REACH heard about the opportunity to on our website. No phone calls please.
receive more funding to assist with Vaccine Clinics and educate
the community about the importance of being vaccinated, they 1ST THURSDAYS OF EACH MONTH
immediately went to work writing a grant to submit to Pfizer for
Last year, The REACH Center started working with Green Rural
Redevelopment Organization for COVID-19 testing and education;
this resulted in 682 people being tested. The Center has seen
firsthand the economic, social, and emotional devastation caused
by the coronavirus, COVID-19. Additional funding would assist
them in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in racial and ethnic
populations and rural communities.
When The REACH Center learned that they were one of the
recipients of a $25,000 grant, they were excited to know they
could establish programs to build upon past and current
partnership with other community organizations like WTC, OIC,
Nash UNC, and United Healthcare. The grant will assist the Center
in providing vaccination education through health educators,
print, incentives, PPE, monthly clinics, and nurses.
Trishonda Roberson, the Executive Director, was elated when she
learned of the additional financial support because she knows
every dollar invested into The REACH Center strengthens their
efforts to reach people right where they are. "We are grateful for
the partnership with Pfizer and the fact that our team has
demonstrated we serve our community with excellence, and the
funds entrusted to us are used for their intended purposes.
We are optimistic about what we can accomplish together for
the betterment of our community and region. "


John C. Maxwell, author, is quoted to have made the statement Submitted by Stanley Purvis
“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” We live in an ever-
changing world; therefore, change is going to happen. Change Even if we don’t personally care for the spring season
comes in many forms. Any of us who have lived more than two because we love the winter season, we adapt to a new
decades can testify that change has occurred throughout our lives. season. We have done the same thing in our personal lives
Some changes have been positive and progressive while others countless times. Adaptability is within us. There are times
may have fallen far short. While watching the news during the when we need to call on others to support or even help us
Covid-19 pandemic, I have heard countless times that people have during the process of change. Using resources during these
never experienced anything like the year 2020. To further support challenging times is okay. As a matter of fact, it is
that premise, one of the church mothers who is now deceased used recommended when needed. When adapting to change
to say to me, “Keep on living baby.” I believe we all deeply know we seems daunting or maybe unattainable, tap into a
cannot stop change from EVER happening. The question remains, professional resource. Counselors, therapists, psychologists,
how are we going to respond to it? Will we get left behind? Will we and psychiatrists are trained professionals who are simply
survive? Will we thrive? here to help us adapt to the changes that occur in our lives
Remember, “Growth is optional.” It is our perspective, our view of when we find it difficult to do so. I’ll repeat it, help is
a situation or circumstance that often provides us with the available! Change is not always easy, but in order to grow, we
willpower to push on in the face of change. Many of us have been must adhere to change. For those of you who desire support
told, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Since you’re still emotionally, mentally, spiritually, individually, or for your
here, you may say, “Now what?” We can look change in the face marriage, help is a phone call or email away.
regardless of what form it comes and declare “I shall live and not
die.” Psalm 118:17 (ESV) Yes, sometimes those words are easier Co-Directors, Stanley & Tinger Purvis
said than done. Change requires adaptability. As difficult as change WTC Counseling Division
may be for some, remember that you have already endured many
changes throughout your life. Roman 5:3-5 says, “…suffering [email protected]
produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and 252-210-3434
character produces hope."
Let’s pause on HOPE. As some of you read this article, you are under
a cloud of change. You do not know whether it will simply be Illness/Warning-Signs-and-Symptoms
cloudy. Will there be a brief rainstorm? Will there be a severe
thunderstorm? Will there be a tornado? Will there be a hurricane? Page 8
You get the picture. These storms that come into our lives and
change our environment for a period of time can sometimes leave
us absolutely terrified. Perception is very much our reality.
As you open the lenses to your mind, don’t forget that after every
storm, the sun does shine again. Admittedly, fear can be paralyzing
and debilitating. “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power,
and of love, and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV) There is hope!
As a Believer in Jesus Christ, you have a strong, impenetrable
foundation on which you stand. The Word of God shall remain
forever. Our God is immutable. That speaks to His ability to change
our seasons and give us the ability and strength to adapt. Not only
on the calendar but also in our lives, seasons change. You and I
make the transition from winter to spring every year.







"ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN, THE "We encourage all of those who are part of our
PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, WHOSE HEART Church family to give—not out of obligation, but out
MOVED THEM TO BRING ANYTHING of a spirit of worship. Your gifts allow God's work to
FOR THE WORK THAT THE LORD HAD be done in our midst, in our community, and in the
BROUGHT IT AS A FREEWILL OFFERING Take a moment to visit our website: or
TO THE LORD." EXODUS 35:29 use the Church Life App and click on "GIVE". Select
the "THRIVE" Fund and join the family in helping to
reach our Project Thrive Goal. Thank you for your
cheerful giving!



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Sunday, May 9th As we come together for Worship, all women are
asked to wear a hat. This represents the many
responsibilities of women. Take a selfie and post
to social media with the hashtag

Proverbs 31:26 "She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."


@INTERSECTIONS In observance of Memorial Day, May 31, 2021, let's remember
those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us to experience
the freedoms we have today. Thank you to the families left
behind to carry on their legacy as well as the pain of losing a
loved one. We honor you on this day.

Join us every 1st Monday of each month for our Men's Roundtable at
7PM. Simply log on to Zoom, Meeting ID: 986 4030 9873 Passcode:
258906. June will be the last Roundtable before our summer break,
so make sure to tune in.

"Word Tabernacle Church – Connectivity for All" - Visit Suddenlink's E-
Newsletter to read their Community Article featuring Word Tabernacle
Church & Pastor James Gaillard. Type in your browser:
Word Tabernacle Church – Connectivity for All | Suddenlink Business

"What's Going on! Author and father, Al Mann is our spotlight for the
May Issue of @Intersections. Al Mann, a Wordite and native of Rocky
Mount, NC may look familiar because of his participation with the
Insight Drama Ministry. It is here that Al stated he found his passion
for acting. Not only does he act, but he is a poet, writer, and
songwriter. His latest project is his book called "The Storm and The
Wind". The Storm and The Wind is a compilation of several of
Mr. Mann's poetry writing. "We all have a story to tell... Poetry gives
room for the reader to imagine." If you'd like to purchase a copy of
Al's book, it can be found on Amazon in paperback or for your Kindle.

Page 14

May 7th May 8th May 10th May 11th

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