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Low organize games packet

Low organize games packet

725 × 483

Low Organized Games

KINE 1151-P01
MW 7:00AM – 7:50AM
FEBRUARY 6, 2019

Table of Contents

 Page 1: Cover Page  Page 10: GAME 7: “Tug Of War”
 Page 2: Table of contents  Page 11: GAME 8: “Crab Soccer”
 Page 3: Warm-up  Page 12: GAME 9: “4 Corners”
 Page 4: GAME 1: “Red Light, Green  Page 13: GAME 10: “ Dead Tag”
 Page 14: GAME 11: “Jump to it”
Light”  Page 15: GAME 12: “Keep it up”
 Page 5: GAME 2: “Run away from 12”  Page 16: WRAP IT UP!
 Page 6: GAME 3: “Duck Duck Goose”
 Page 7: GAME 4: “Simon Says”
 Page 8: GAME 5: “Get in it”
 Page 9: GAME 6: “Christmas Tree”

Warm ups

 2 laps around the gym
 Stretches to get the muscles ready

Red Light, Green Light

1 person stands in the front while everyone lines up shoulder to shoulder
 The person standing alone will turn their back and yell “green light”
 Once greenlight is said, everyone will move as fast as possible, without running, to

reach them
 When the person yells “red light” they will turn around and everyone must stop
 Anyone caught still moving once red light is yelled will be sent back to the start.
 The cycle continues until someone reach the caller
 Whoever reaches the caller first is the new caller
❑ Skill focus: Comprehension
❑ Equipment: none
❑ Half Court

“Run away from 12”

 Rules:
 There will be 1 person standing in the middle of the court (half court to be

 The other 10 people will be on the baseline (end lines). When everyone is,

ready and set “12” will be calling out “IF” questions.
 For example, “If your favorite color is blue run to the other side of the baseline

(other end line). Once you are tagged by “12” you will be on the same team
as “12”. Then you will also be the tagger for the rest of the game.
 Equipment: None
 Skill Focus: Comprehension, Speed

Duck Duck Goose

 Rules : Everyone will sit in a circle with their hands inside of their legs for
safety. There will be one person going around saying, “Duck Duck

 The person that is it will touch the persons who are sitting down should
saying,” Duck Duck Goose.” When the tagger says, “Goose” they tagger
will run back to the person they tagged spot.

 When you are tagged, you must run and try to catch the other person if
you don’t tag the tagger you are now it.

 Skill Focus: Speed
 Equipment: None

Simon Says

 Rules: One person will be Simon, Simon will give commands beginning
with “Simon says.”

 The players can will only the commands that begin with the phrase
“Simon says.”

 If the participants do anything without the phrase, “Simon says” in it they
are out.

 Skill Focus: Comprehension
 Equipment needed: None

Get In It

 Rules: Hula Hoops will be scattered randomly around they court.
 Students are to walk around until they hear a number called. Once the

number is called, that number of people are to try to fit into one hula
hoop within 4 seconds.
 Those who aren’t inside a hula hoop within the time are out.
 A hula hoop is removed each round.
 Skill Focus: Effort
 Half court
 Equipment needed: Hula hoops

Christmas Tree

 Rules: Have students form a single file line, the one left out will be the
“Christmas tree” and will stand on the opposite side of the court.

 Each student in line will receive an item to “decorate” the “tree”. At the sound
of the whistle, the students in line will race over one by one to place an item
on the “tree” (which is the student).

 The items can be placed anywhere on the person, EX: hula hoop hanging on
the arm, bean bag in hand, cone on head, etc..

 The group who finishes decorating their tree the fastest wins.
 Skill Focus: Speed, balance, teamwork skills
 Half Court
 Equipment: one item for each person in line, beans bags, cones, hula hoops,

noodles, etc.…

Tug of War

 Rules: Split the class into 2 groups
 Have them grasp the rope firmly and at the sound of the whistle, the two

teams will pull on opposite end of the rope.
 The team that pulls the other team past the marker wins.
 Skill focus: Strength and Endurance
 Equipment: Rope and Marker
 Half Court

Crab Soccer

 Rules: Divide the class into two equal teams and have one team with jerseys

 Have them sit on the floor at opposite ends of the court. Place a goal at each
end of the court and the ball in the center of the court.

 The students must crab walk to the ball and attempt to kick the ball toward
the goal and score. Players must stay in crab-walk position the entire game.
Whichever team reaches an agreed-upon number of points wins.

 Skill focus: Flexibility, Coordination
 Equipment: Jerseys, one ball
 Half Court

4 Corners

 Rules: 4 different colored cones will be at each corner of the court.
Students will walk randomly throughout the court. The instructor will yell out
one of the 4 colors.

 Students are to run or get to that colored cone quickly as possible within 8
seconds, while each second is being called, those who don’t make it to
the cone in time are eliminated. You must continuously be moving if color
not called yet.

 Skill Focus: Speed and listening
 Equipment: 4 different color cones
 Full Court

Dead Tag

 Rules: 3-4 players will be “IT”, students will spread out throughout the court.
When they are tagged, you will lay on the floor on your back with your
feet in the air.

 Those who are not tagged are to touch those who are on the floor to
bring them back to life without being caught.

 You can not move unless you are untagged
 Skill Focus: Speed
 Full court
 Equipment: 3-4 taggers

Jump to it

 Rules: Students are to hop as frogs around the gym. There will be 3 “IT”
people, once they yell “RIBBIT” they are free to tag whoever.

 If you are tagged then you are out of the game. If you are not hopping,
you are automatically out of the game.

 Skill focus: Space awareness
 Half court
 Equipment: None

Keep it up

 Rules: Split the students up into 2 groups and have them in opposite sides
of the court. The players scatter over their side of the playing area and a
ball is tossed up in the air.

 The objective is to keep the ball in the air using any part of the body.
Once one ball is up, get two or three balls going at the same time. The
group to have all their balls hit the ground first loses.

 Skill Focus: Concentration, Agility
 Equipment: 6 balls for 2 groups or 3 balls
 Half court



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