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Published by Cambridge International Sudan, 2018-09-07 14:04:02

Lesson Plan Guide

Lesson Plan

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University of Cambridge (Britain)

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How to prepare and send your

Lesson Plan

In 3 Easy Steps

Web Site– - Email— [email protected]

About The Lesson Planning

A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or
"learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to
guide class learning. Details will vary depending on the preference of the teacher,
subject being covered, and the needs of the students. There may be requirements
mandated by the school system regarding the plan. A lesson plan is the teacher's
guide for running a particular lesson, and it includes the goal (what the students are
supposed to learn), how the goal will be reached (the method, procedure) and a way
of measuring how well the goal was reached (test, worksheet, homework ...etc.)
While there are many formats for a lesson plan, Cambridge Schools Sudan has a
compulsory 2 types of Lesson Plans

Daily lesson plan

TION) for the daily lesson plan

Lesson Title

Scheme of Work (Framework) Ref.


Unit No

Teaching Aids / Materials

Other IAWB Computer CD DVD Screen Book

Lesson Plan Details

Homework Activities Lesson Outlines

The weekly lesson plan is an evaluation for the teacher's work during
the week and it should be send at the end of each week.

About The Lesson Planning

Weekly assessment / evaluation sheet
their weekly assessment sheet

Aim(s) & Objectives: In the past week students were expected to expand under-
standing of the following objectives: write the Framework Codes and Learning Objec-
tives which has been covered in the past week.

Learning Outcomes: (Main skills and sub- skills) the Students were be able to:
Anticipated difficulties and Future Planning: Bellow average students might find it
difficult to understand what certain social problems mean . Write how you maintained
for a collaborative class task to solve this during the last week . What is your future
planning for the bellow average students and the talent students.

Observations :What did you find about the pupils as individuals

Communication :Write your focused communication with the pupils themselves
and with others including parents

Teacher’s Reflection: Evaluate your daily plans during the past week.

Very Important Note:

 All the teaching aids in this site are interactive media rely on direct connection
to the Internet, with some important software . The most important ones are
Flash Player , Media Player and Java.

 The use of these methods is mandatory and not optional for all teachers and
their assistants and must be used in the classroom according to the
instructions for each tool.

 Trough the username and password of the teacher, which is stored in a
database, the school administration and senior management will be able
to know the following:

A) The number of times a teacher entering the site and the duration of his stay in
each visit.
B) Whether and when the teacher use these tools in the classroom.
C) Sending of the teacher’s daily and weekly lesson plan and receive a copy of the

Step 1

The first step

You must first register in Cambridge School Teachers web-

site here :

And click to register
Then fill the registration form

The activation of your account may take up to 2 working days .

Step 2

After activating your account on the site and providing you
with the user name and password comes the second step
Go to Cambridge School Teachers website here :
And fill your User name and Password

The home page of the web site will open for you .

From the upper menu :
Put the mouse over (Others) ,
A drop down menu will appear ,
Click on Lesson Plans

Step 3

When you click in Lesson Plans , The lesson plans page will
Choose your school , your subject , the type of lesson plan
( Daily OR Weekly ) and click the appropriate button.

The chosen lesson plan form will open

Step 3

Daily Lesson Plan

Weekly Assessment Evaluation Sheet


The preparation of lesson plan will ensure the organization of the English lesson or
any other lesson according to some criteria.
Regardless of the format, all teachers need to make wise decisions about the
strategies and methods they will employ to help students move systematically toward
learner goals. The more organized a teacher is, the more effective the teaching, and
thus the learning, is. Writing daily lesson plans is a large part of being organized.
Teachers need to have a precise notion of educational goals / objectives / standards /
Content is chosen according to the level and needs of the learners. It must be
interesting and appealing to them.

Sending your lesson Plan

It is compulsory in Cambridge
International Schools to send your
Daily Lesson Plan / Weekly Evaluation
Sheet from the teacher’s web site

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