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SomReP financial literacy session plan guide

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Published by somrep, 2022-07-13 04:50:27

SomReP financial literacy session plan guide

SomReP financial literacy session plan guide



Agency ________________________ Project________________________________

Module Sessions Time Week and Training day Remarks
1. Financial literacy and duration of (indicate (Mark completed
Financial inclusion Training rationale and 20 minutes training actual date once done with
goals Week 1 of training) day/week sessions)
2. Savings, making my Pre-test 30 minutes 2hrs 50 mins
money grow Financial literacy and
Financial inclusion 1 hour Week 2
3. Loan/Debt Needs and wants 1 hour 2hrs 30 mins
management Financial goal setting 2 hours Week 3
Financial services and 30 minutes 3 hrs 15 mins
4. Insurance services service providers
5.Remittances/Transfers Savings and saving goals 1.5 hours Week 4
6. Personal financial 3 hrs 15 mins
management Savings accumulation 1 hour
Selection of saving 45 minutes Week 5
7. Investments services 2 hrs 35 mins
Savings plan 1 hour
Concept of loan 30 minutes Week 6
2 hrs 30 mins
Selection of loan 30 minutes
providers Week 7
Loan plan and capacity to 30 minutes 3 hrs 30 mins
Consequences of loan 45 minutes
Risk and risk mitigation 1.5 hours
Type of insurance 30 minutes
Remittances/Transfers 10 minutes
Channel of transfers 15 minutes
Digital financial services 15 minutes
Prioritization of 30 minutes
expenditure and leakage
control 1 hour
Rules Regarding Personal
and business Financial 1 hours
Business and Family 2.5 hours
Budget 1 hour
Budget formulation
Definition, importance
and types of investments

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