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Published by lydagraphics, 2019-12-13 12:56:20

kids & Eco education copy 4

kids & Eco education copy 4

Kids &smartmarvin®

Presentation By:

EcoEducationTanya Lyda

smartmarvin ®

This presentation outlines the opportunity to become a part of the
next "Smart Character" who connects to a new generation of "Smart
Kids”. The Character fosters early eco education and sustainability to
primary school age children. The image will appeal to the tech
savvy kid culture, with diverse character association. The concept is
identity driven with profitable marketing components. This will
cross multiple spaces in areas of education, environment advocacy,
consumer and corporate participation with activities and products
that are attractive to kids, families, educators.

01 Time In Nature 02 Sustainability & Kids

Understanding the 04 Introducing smartmarvin
need at a time like this. Concept

03 Benefits of 06 Business Opportunity
Eco Education Keys to Success
05 Overview
Summery 08 About
07 Research
Eco Toys

Time in nature is not leisure time.

Early contact with nature plays
an important role in developing
pro-environmental values and

Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential
investment in our children’s health. There is growing
evidence that children are increasingly disconnected
from the natural world.

Without direct experiences in nature, research findings
suggest that children are missing the opportunity to
enhance their health and well-being, and to develop
responsible long-term environmental behavior.

Sustainability and Kids

Sustainability looks at ways of making sure that our
natural resources last a very long time or even forever.

Today more than ever, politicians, scientists, businesses, and groups around the world are looking at ways to
combat climate, food sustainability and environmental issues. The United Nations says that sustainability means
“meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own
needs.” In other words, “we shouldn’t use up everything today that people of tomorrow will also need.”

Learning early to recycle are realities to
introduce young children to because it
will become an important part of their
lives in the future. A child’s appreciation
for nature develops at a young age so
beginning education that is relevant and
age appropriate, benefits their future.

Why is it important to bring
environmental education to kids?

Young kids are impressionable and open to
forming positive behaviors and attitudes that
will last a lifetime.

• Early contact with nature plays an important role in developing pro-environmental values

and behaviors.

• Naturalists and environmentalists credit experiences they had when they were very young

as key inspiration for their adult interests, values, and lifestyles. Time spent providing kids
with engaging environmental experiences can have lasting impact.

• Kids educate adults. Each generation inherits what left of the earth. Recent activities are

currently taking place globally and the youth are engaged on many levels.

• Organizing and creating awareness, participation in Earth Day and Arbor Day

celebrations, paint murals, make art displays and posters in public places, hold
science fairs, work in school and neighborhood gardens.

• They will be excited to share what they have learned to their parents and relatives.

• Kids are often drawn to environmental themes, whether they involve nature appreciation,

ecology, natural science, current issues, or community welfare.

• Activities that can keep kids engaged, helps create enthusiastic and active children.

Young children need opportunities
to make friends with nature.

YES! It is understandable that they aren't ready for today's global problems, but they can
care about the birds and small animals in the school yard and care for plants in the
classroom or the school garden. At the appropriate grade levels, children need to
develop a deep bond with the rest of nature and learn how life works on Earth.

Connecting with the natural world is vital learning and play for young children.
Nature bonding experiences are vital for preschool and primary-aged children if
they are to grow up to be people who take care of the Earth.Doing all we can to
help children bond with the natural world when they are young will help develop
in them respect for life when they are grown and ensure their keen interest in
ecology, environmental solutions, and education for sustainable development in
the higher grades.

Introducing a smart character


He stands about 2 feet tall with spiked hair, wears his work
boots, jeans and a t-shirt, it’s his comfortable gear when he's
doing what he loves best, earth work.

smartmarvin ®  is tactile. He loves the smell of "fresh earth"
and enjoys taking off his shoes and the feeling of grass, sand
or dirt under his feet. He craves the juicy taste of apples, and
can't get enough of them! 

His  mission is to teach  and explore.  He and his friends are
out to show the world  by sharing  smart  knowledge  and 
discoveries.  Our little eco conscious, earth loving pal 
smartmarvin ®   and his  friends  go on imaginative and
educational  adventures.They  appear  as  guides to our  little
explorers in various surroundings. Adventures that will
center around simplistic topics that cover:  Safety Practices,
Recycling, Vegetable Gardens, Littering, Backyard Mysteries,
Flowers, Bees, Bugs and other Critters.

This character association creates great opportunities to  guide kids with interactive, 
smart tech and fun, entertaining, learning activities. Is he an imaginary friend?
Perhaps, but to the children he and his friends are real and very helpful.



smartmarvin ® was created by Tanya Lyda / Lydagraphics Designs, an art director, graphic
designer and visual marketer with over 30 years experience in advertising, marketing and
consumer and corporate promotions.

The concept for smartmarvin® originated as a safety icon for children. Through this character
model we would produce a website and app, merchandise, downloadable activities tools. The
objective was to utilize new media tech and eco-education channels to create innovative, age
appropriate, learning experiences for primary school age children.

smartmarvin ® Has evolved into a feature character with expanded personality and a purpose to
teach eco education. The core concept is the need for a learning character model that would be
attractive to young children and have the trust of parents and educators.

The idea centers around the idea that children’s appreciation for nature starts at a young age, so
beginning environmental education as early as possible has become a necessary component of
early childhood education. The character concept is identity driven with profitable marketing
components and can be positioned across multiple areas in education, environmental
advocacy and consumer and corporate participation with activities and products that are
attractive to kids, families, educators.

The purpose of the website  is to invite kids to explore their  own natural
community on a safe web space that will feature videos, games and an interactive learning

smartmarvin® will inspire kids to understand that their own contributions no matter how small,
can make a difference. We will develop brand building strategies through image licensing and
sponsored partnerships.



Historic Overview

There are two nationally recognized character symbols that children
recognizes. Smokey the Bear who encouraged people to help prevent
forest fires. Created in 1944, the Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention
campaign is the longest-running public service advertising campaign in
U.S. history, educating generations of Americans about their role in
preventing wildfires. As one of the world's most recognizable characters,
Smokey's image is protected by U.S. federal law and is administered by
the USDA Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters and
the Ad Council.

Then came McGruff the Crime dog who urged people to take a bite out
of crime. More than thirty years ago, the National Crime Prevention
Council (NCPC) and the Ad Council introduced McGruff the Crime Dog™
to the nation and began encouraging Americans to help “Take A Bite
Out Of Crime™.” Today, more than 93% of children recognize this icon
that provides safety tips for adults and kids.

Now there’s smartmarvin ® , a fun, earth loving character that has great
potential to become a new nationally recognized icon for eco-education
and children safety practices. Marketing strategies could include spokes
character for programs with state and city recycling initiatives



• Climate change and sustainability has finally become a focus in the United States.
• Children are posed to learn about nature
• Age appropriate eco education programs are currently being used
• Can be a part of global, national and regional environmental initiatives
• Can provide economic opportunities to organizations and educational entities
• smartmarvin ® image influences diversity. Since he's a little odd looking, kids

would think he's strange. He is different and that's the point.
can promote tolerance and acceptance of the difference in each child

• smartmarvin ® can aligned with early educational science and stem programs.
• smartmarvin ® icon a symbol of product safety, and be an effective promoter of existing

state recycling programs. PSAs promoting Eco Education as a fun and positive way.
Including: 15 sec.messages on children’s networks, social media announcements to parents.

• smartmarvin ® website can be developed to include parents and educators with important safety issues

and policies; Kids and parent participation with games and e books for children.

• smartmarvin ® Licensing opportunities for merchandise e.g plush character, tech toys, recycle bins,

planting seeds and garden tools, T-shirts, backpacks, school supplies etc;

• Target Market:Primary: Preschool Children Ages 3 yrs - 7 yrs;

Parents, Guardians, Educators and Environment Advocates

Business Opportunity


Keys to Success for initial introduction

1. Funding for project development
2. Develop interactive website and app that is user friendly and engaging to our target market.

User engagements is an ultimate priority.
3. Brand introduction and marketing strategies that promotes a much needed message to school age children and adults
4. Capitalize on the traffic and data base creation that smartmarvin® will produce.
5. A strategic marketing plan that will effectively orchestrate product introduction
6. A comprehensive business plan for second phase investment presentations.
7. Partnership program to establish smartmarvin®.com presence as a innovative website for kids.

Investment and Development Schedule
Our goal is to attend and exhibit at the 2021 Licensing Expo in LasVegas

Development Timeline:

• Product Development / Supplier Identification
• Animated Character and Interactive Web Site
• Marketing and Business plan
• Produce Sample Inventory
• Book Treatment
• Marketing Materials

Investor Expectations

• Create Board of Directors
• Board position with a consulting role
• Quarterly Status Reports
• Monthly Conferences or Updates
• Annual Board Marketing Presentation
• Annual Board Sales Presentation

Development Budget This is an estimate for development funding only.
The goal is to exhibit at the 2021 Licensing Expo in
smartmarvin® Las Vegas. Suggested salaries and consultant fees
are based on 6 months of product development
Website / App Development
30:/60: sec Animation Sub Total $40,000
3 Online Games development Sub Total $10,000
Social Media promotions $5,000

2021 Licensing Expo in LasVegas $5,000
Includes: Registration, Exhibit fees; 2 Seminar events $60,00
Travel/Hotel for 3 attendees
Equipment rentals 2 laptops and monitor $8,500
Show Sample Inventory $13,500
smartmarvin ® Plush dolls / Branded Promotional Items
(i.e. coloring books, Back to School items, Sub Total $25,000
T-shirts and caps, garden toys and plating seeds) (5K monthly) $7,500
Marketing support materials (Print and digital) (2K monthly) $3,500
smartmarvin ® cut out display, 2 Retractable, Backdrop $36,000
Salaries Six (6) Months Est. $30,000
Creative Director/CCE $12,000
Marketing Assistant Sub Total
Consultants $8,000
Business Plan Developer $62,000

Total Investment $171,500

Eco Toys Research


Growing Opportunity in the Toy Industry

November 12, 2019 10:30 AM Growing Popularity of Green Toys to Boost Growth

Eastern Standard Time Market Research by Technavio

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Global Educational Toys Market: Growing Popularity of Green Toys

The global educational toys market Many vendors, educators, and parents are opting for eco-friendly educational
is expected to post a CAGR over toys due to growing concerns about the safety of the raw materials used in
11% during the period 2018-2022, the educational toys industry. Green toys manufacturers offer sustainable and
according to the latest market eco-friendly toys. With the growing demand for green toys, the market for
research report by Technavio.
educational toys is expected to showcase a positive outlook during the
forecast period.

“Apart from the growing popularity of green toys, the emergence of 3D
printing in toy manufacturing is another major factor that will boost market
growth during the forecast period,” says a senior analyst at Technavio.

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