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Published by [email protected], 2019-01-04 10:47:57

K-P' Va'eira

K-P' Va'eira

‫ משה‬and ‫ אהרן‬went to ‫ פרעה‬to ask him to set the ‫ אידען‬free but ‫ פרעה‬said NO and ‘‫ ה‬sent the 10 ‫מכות‬...

‫אהרן‬threw his ‫ מטה‬in the
water and all the water in

‫ מצרים‬turned to blood!
Only the ‫אידען‬had clean

water so the ‫מצריים‬
bought the clean water

from the ‫!אידען‬

King ‫ פרעה‬was covered in jumpy ‫!צפרדע‬

We also learned about a tepee!

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