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Published by [email protected], 2018-11-30 09:30:28

K-P' Vayeishev

K-P' Vayeishev

‫ יעקב‬made ‫ יוסף‬a special colorful coat, the ‫כתנת פסים‬, which made the other ‫ שבטים‬very jealous of ‫יוסף‬.
‫ יוסף‬dreamt two dreams where the other 11 ‫ שבטים‬bowed down to him, first as wheat stalks, and
second as stars, with his parents as the sun and moon. The brothers got very jealous and mad at ‫יוסף‬
so they threw him into a pit and sold to Arabs, eventually landing up in jail from ‫בית פוטיפר‬. In jail he
met the ‫ שר המשקים‬and ‫שר האופים‬, where he interpreted their dreams too and they actually came true!
He told ‫ שר המשקים‬that he will get to go back and work for ‫פרעה‬, but ‫ שר האופים‬won’t.

Thank you Mrs.
Rolnick for the

‫ מנורה‬project
and delicious
dreidel nosh!
Thank you Mrs.
Goldberger for
the delicious
cupcakes and

Thank you Mrs.
Cohen for the deli-

cious donuts,
dreidel bubbles,
and adorable Cha-
nukah sheets!

Thank you Mrs.
Berman for the
delicious donuts,
and edible ‫!מנורות‬

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