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Last News

Last News


B’KESHER ‫טייערע תלמידים‬

Dear Parents, Our pride in your accomplishments we’d like to convey
‫ בשבח והודאה‬our talmidim have completed another year of ‫הצלחה‬ With ‫ הכרת הטוב‬to your Rebbeim for teaching you every day
While you enjoy your well-deserved summer break
‫ בלימודים‬Mazel Tov to all the graduates from coy little Nursery ‫ בחורים‬to Your Rebbeim’s lessons do not forsake
accomplished High School ‫בני תורה‬. The Yeshiva’s goal of the “pursuit of Where ever you go, in each activity you partake
excellence” is evident in the transformation from tot to ‫!תלמיד חכם‬ There are opportunities a '‫ קדוש ה‬to make
Praiseworthy are the joint efforts that bring the weekly ‫ בקשר‬to fruition. Your ‫ אחריות‬as a ‫ בן תורה‬extends beyond the
‫ כותלי הישיבה‬to everywhere you go…
We laud Rabbi E. Silver’s total commitment to each and every facet Reflected in your choices and interactions
of this publication the proverbial extra mile for his talmidim and the Yeshiva ‫בין אדם לחבירו‬
always. ‫ – שויתי ה' לנגדי תמיד‬always remember and know
When you start each day with ‫ תפילה בכוונה‬and ‫לימוד תורה‬,
We thank Rabbi Rapaport and all the Rebbeim for insightful you’ll feel accomplished and grow
lessons from the parsha. . Thank you to all the staff for all the exciting news When you return to Yeshiva it will be apparent for all to see
and views they shared with us. You have utilized your summer vacation properly!

Our appreciation to Mrs. Leitman is boundless. Her devotion and SCHOOL RESUMES ON….
efficiency was evident in each and every issue. Thank you Mrs. Reinhold and DUE TO THE EARLY YOM TOV SEASON IN
Miss Y. Blum for distribution and making sure that every talmid gets one
each Friday. SEPTEMBER OF 2018
We thank Baruch Goldburd, Shloimy Herskowitz, Dovid Alter and MESIVTA WILL ‫ אי"ה‬BEGIN ON
Aron Mandel for turning in the submissions to the office and the weekly THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2018
distribution of the paper – all done so responsibly! ELEMENTARY WILL ‫ אי"ה‬BEGIN ON

We are proud of all the talmidim that responded to the weekly THURSDAY, AUG. 30, 2018
Parsha questions.
As we are already in ‫ חודש תמוז‬and the three weeks are almost
upon us, may we be ‫ זוכה‬that these be the last ‫ בין המצרים‬and may we see
the )'‫ "עשרה נסים שנעשו אבותינו בבית המקדש" (אבות ה‬with the ‫בנין בית השלישי‬.
‫ושם נעלה ונראה לפניך אי"ה במהרה בימינו‬.

While our talmidim are enjoying a well deserved rest, the Yeshiva
will be a buzz with activity. “Home Improvements” repairs and upgrades will
enhance the learning environment for the coming school year. Our ‫ מנהל‬and
Rebbeim are reviewing and planning new curricula. We look forward to the
new initiatives in chinuch.

As always our office is open all summer long from 10:00 – 2:30 for
your convenience. Have a meaningful and restful summer – ‫"ה' ישמר צאתכם‬

!‫צאתכם לשלום‬

HaRav Eliezer Rapaport, ‫מנהל‬
‫ והביט אל נחש הנחשת וחי‬- It is not gazing up toward a copper snake that brings life, rather, Chazal explain, it is looking up
to Hashem that infuses life.

The Yeshiva was indeed challenged with a degree of uncertainty in the beginning of the year. However, looking up
to Hashem, it was the foresight of dedicated parents and friends of the Yeshiva that recognized the great potential of
Torah Temimah. Extending their hands and hearts, successfully helped navigate the yeshiva in a wonderful way.

In recent months, the Rebbeim have seen gevaldige ‫ הצלחה‬with the Talmidim, better than ever before! Boruch
Hashem there is a renewed interest in registration to YTT for siblings within and for newcomers from the outside as well.

Finally, a word to our talmidim. My dear friends, the summer has arrived. You are departing from the Yeshiva, yet
the Yeshiva shall not depart from you. Take along what you have learned and acquired in the Yeshiva wherever you go.
Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

!‫צאתכם ובואכם לשלום‬

555 Ocean Parkway / Brooklyn, NY 11218 / 718-853-8500 / [email protected]


Reflections of the Year

Shmuly Dorfman Zev Fuchs

Third grade was taskful! My favorite Third grade was awesome! My
subject this year was handwriting
favorite subject this year was
because we buy stuff with the Math because it’s easy. The most
paperclips we get. The most fun
exciting thing we did this year
thing we did this year was Class
was Class President. The thing I
President. One thing iw ill always always remember about his year is
remember about third grade is Class
Morah. I would tell someone
President. If I would give advice to a
going into third grade that it’s
boy starting third grade, I would tell awesome!
him to be good.

Avi Goldschmidt Aron Goldstein

Third grade was amazing. My Third grade was fun. My favorite
favorite subject this year was subject this year was Science

reading because it had so because I liked the experiment with
many new and interesting celery. The most exciting thing we
stories. The most exciting did this year was the experiments.
thing we did this year was One thing I will always remember is
Class President. One thing I
will always remember about the script party!
Third Grade is starting script.
Yehuda Gonter
Chaim Yehuda Gottesman
Third grade was fun. My favorite subject
Third grade was fun! My favorite this year was Reading because it was easy.
subject this year was Reading The most exciting thing was when we made
the Shavuos flowers. The thing I will always
because I like to read. The most remember about third grade is Reading. If I
exciting thing we did this year would give advice to a boy starting third
was the Reading p arty. One thing
I will always remember about Grade I would tell him that this was the
best year!
third grade is the parties.
Menachem Grunbaum

Third grade was fun because of Class President. My
favorite subject this year was Penmanship because it

makes me know how to write script. The most fun
thing we did this year was Class President because
you get to be first on line. One thing I will always
remember about third grade is my Morah. If I would

give advice to someone start6ing third grade it
would be to tell them to try to be class President.

4th GRADE WRITING Reflections of the Year

Dovid Zweig

We realize how much we grew this year. We accomplished a lot scholastically. We grew in Math. We started addition and
now we are learning division and subtraction of fractions and decimals. Do you know what else we learned? For examples
we learned spelling and had many Spelling bees. We also learned how to read better. We learned about America and its
people and how America grew from coast to coast. What I will remember is what we learned about neatness, responsibility

and Derech Eretz. We learned about appreciating family. Everything we learned in Mrs. Lerner’s class is like another
diamond in a crown. There are lessons for life!

Raphi Gershkovich

Looking back at fourth grade, we realize how much we grew this year. We learned a lot scholastically. In Math, we learned
place value and value of numbers, fractions, division and decimals. In Spelling we had Spelling bees which we had to spell

words under pressure. Above all we learned Derech Eretz, Middos Tovos and appreciation of family. I kinow my family
loved the family tree we made. We also sent letters to the President of the United States about Mr. Rubashkin’s jail

sentence for 27 years. I would like to thank Yeshiva Torah Temimah for all their hard work in making this the best year I
ever had. My Hashem bless Torah Temimah to be able to teach kids Torah and Mitzvos and General Studies too!

Menachem Steinfeld

Looking back at 4th grade, we realize how much we grew this year, either scholastically or in Middos. Scholastically we
accomplished in Math “hard” multiplication and division to fractions, decimals, area and perimeter, etc. in Spelling, we

learned 30 lessons and had many bees. This is only a little bit. There is a lot more. In History we learned from when
Columbus discovered America in 1492 to regions and geography about dams to volcanoes. In Vocabulary we covered 112
words. We learned about famous people such as Albert Einstein, Martin L. K. J. and Yosef Mendelovitch. We also learned the

current events such as Trump freeing Mr.Rubashkin to him recognizing Yerushalayim as Erets Yisrael’s capital. We also
learned how to write an essay and that practice makes perfect. To top it all of, we learned about Derech Eretz, neatness and

responsibility. Three major things in life. We learned how to appreciate family and not to take anything for granted. We
learned how to take a “no” calmly since it’s for our own good. Finally, we learned how to pass the real test of life!

2nd GRADE Mrs. Kryksman’s Personalized Poems

Moshe Farkas was our Math whiz, Daniel Blatt

You excelled at every test and quiz, I must tell you that,
Wise in math well beyond your grade, You are a fine boy indeed,
At the top of the class all year you stayed! You rare happy to help those in need!
In every subject you did beautifully, Your bean plant that started with a seed so small,
You did your work happily and exceptionally, Grew to be the tallest of all!
You learned a lot this year,
If truth be told,
You love of learning was a pleasure to behold! That is very clear.
You are responsible and correct,
Good Midos from you we can expect!

Binyamin Greenberg is another fine boy, Refoel Donat is another master,

Who is kind, polite, Few can read better or faster!
And quite alright! You shared your games and toys,
In class you like to participate, During recess with all the boys.
In every subject you did just great! You did nice work in Math as well,
It is also worth telling, In many subjects you did excel!
That you got many 100’s in Spelling!
You are such a well mannered boy, On Purim you had lots of fun,
Having you in class was a joy! When a piggy bank of jelly beans you won!

Class Representatives – Yekusiel Stern, Benzion Miller
Address by Parent – Rabbi Efraim Nussbaum
Thank you Mr. Willy Wiesner, Chairman of the Board for enhancing our Graduation

Mazel Tov to
our 8th and 12th
grade ‫מסיימים‬

‫ – דבר תורה‬Chaim Yaakov Egert,
Yehuda Goldschmidt

‫ הכרת הטוב‬TO


DON’T FORGET ‫תפילת הדרך‬


Dear Rebbe, Dear Rebbe, OUR P1A
Please shep nachas as we are. Zevi Thank you for all the effort and patience in
has completed ‫ ספר תהילים‬at home UPON
too and we will be having a ‫ סיום‬as putting together such a beautiful and very well COMPLETION
well! We are so proud! executed ‫חומש סעודה‬. We are extremely OF THE ABC’S

Thank you, proud of Shimmy who said his part beautifully.

Zevi Schlanger’s proud parents Usually a shy kid in public, we were amazed
and shepping nachas. Thank you for that. Also,

on Shabbos, Shimmy bentched from a
bentscher the entire bentsching including ‫רצה‬
with tremendous ‫התלהבות‬. He chose to do it

and was excited to. That’s another thing we
are grateful for. Not only his ability but his
‫ געשמאקייט‬and desire to read and learn. Thank

you so muc for the wonderful foundation that
Rebbe has given the boys.

A grateful parent

COMPLETING THE SEFER ‫מסילת ישרים‬. our Spelling Bee
Winner- Chaim
. Lebowitz!

‫שבע‬-‫לזכות רפואה שלימה חי' מלכה בת בת‬ Congratulations to
our Librarian -
Is it permissible to open the plastic casings of Freeze-Pops or detach one from another Yehuda
if they are connected? Mendelsohn!
According to many Poskim, it is not permissible to open the casings of Freeze-Pops on
Shabbos, and they should therefore be opened prior to Shabbos. If there are a few Congratulations to
attached to each other, they should be separated prior to Shabbos by tearing along the Gadi Tversky on
perforations connecting them. Similarly, other products that are sold as a pack attached completing the Math
to each other (e.g. certain ices cups, lebens and yogurts) that have to be cracked apart
from each other to be eaten, should be broken apart prior to Shabbos as well. Path!
Is it permissible to tie a knot on a garbage bag in order to make it smaller so that it will
fit the garbage can?
When a garbage bag is tied so that it will fit the garbage can, if it is generally disposed of
without being un-knotted. This type of tying is not permissible on Shabbos.
If saliva has been collected in one’s mouth and it will eventually be expelled, is it
permissible to walk outside an eruv?
This is considered carrying and it is not permissible to walk outside an eruv.
Is it permissible to place soiled baby clothing into a sink or a pail of water with the
intention that the clothing become wet?
This is not permissible.
Is it permissible to peel off wallpaper or re-attach wallpaper that has begun to peel?
It is not permissible to peel off or reattach wallpaper.
Is it permissible to place a self-adhesive name label into a book?
It is not permissible to do so.

Dear Parents ‫עמו"ש‬

As highly sensitized and deeply involved parents, you
will undoubtedly share our excitement. We are delighted to
announce for the coming school year 2017-2018, our
partnering in the highly acclaimed Chofetz Chaim Heritage
Foundation curriculum in ‫ בין אדם לחבירו‬and Midos Tovos

Since you are never too young to begin Midos Tovos,
the first grade will focus on "‫"שיפור בדיבור‬, proper “think before
you speak” speech, never hurt the next one.

Our third grade will be implementing ‫קונה עולם‬, which
highlights on a weekly basis sensitivity towards others in a
myriad of situations.

Our sixth graders, who have the budding maturity to
recognize the hurt and damage of ‫לשון הרע‬, will be enrolled in
the renowned ‫ מושלי הלשון‬program, which will hone the
‫ מענטשליכקייט‬in our children, which we all work so hard to foster.

Our Rebbeyim will be enrolled in the groundbreaking
CCHF Bullying Awareness Seminars. They will be further
sensitized to this serious educational issue which plagues so

While we have your attention, may we also share with
you that the remarkably successful Yahadus Initiative /
Professional Development programs, offered by the renowned
Rabbi Binyomin Ginsburg, will continue and broadened for
2018-2019 school year.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

BY: Yitzchok Chaimovitz
Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky
is a Rabbi and a Posek that is living in Bnei

Brak, Israel. He is considered a leading
Posek and a Gadol Hador. He was born
January 8, 1928 in Pinsk, USSR to Rabbi
Yakov Yisroel Kanievsky, the Steipler Rav
and Rebbitzen Miriam Karlitz, sister of the

Chazon Ish.
Many years ago, a young man who was an
orphan as a small child came to Rav Chaim

and asked for him to guide him in life.
Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky inted him to come
for Shabbos meals each week. He said, to

him “from now on I will be your father
and you will be my son”. One Friday night,

the young man fell asleep with all of his
clothes on. Rav Chaim took his shoes off

gently. In the morning, Rav Chaim
apologized for disturbing his sleep and
explained that the Gemara says that one

should not sleep with his shoes on.
We can also learn from this story how Rav
Chaim cared about every Jew and treated
him like his own ch9ild. SO we learn from
this story how one should treat and care

for every Jew.

Rabbi Akiva Eiger

BY: Shimmy Eisenstadt
Rabbi Akiva Eiger was a Gadol Hador of Klal Yisroel in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He was born in the city of
Eisenstadt, which is now in the country of Austria. He lived from 1761-1837. The age he died was 76 years old. He learned in the
Mattersdorf Yeshiva, and later at the Breslau Yeshiva where he was taught by his uncle Reb Wolf Eiger.
Rabbi Akiva Eiger was a ‫ מוהל‬and wrote many responses in the Halachic and Talmudic topics. He believed that ‫ למודי קודש‬was
sufficient and opposed the party which favored secular schools. He was strongly against the Haskala movement, which was starting
out in his times.
Rabbi Akiva Eger’s greatness of heart and selfless devotion to his community can be seen from the following event. In the year
1831 a terrible cholera epidemic swept central and eastern Europe. Posen was among the cities stricken with this fatal sickness,
causing entire sections of the city to be quarantined and therefore forbidden to be entered. Rabbi AKiva Eger disregarded the
danger and went into the stricken sections of the city to care for the sick.
Rabbi Akiva Eger was a humble person. He was appointed to be chief Rabbi of Posen. At first he declined the position, due to his
humility, and also not wanting his Torah knowledge to be the source of his income. However, after much persuasion from his
father in-law he agreed to take it on. However, never accepting the official title of “Chief Rabbi of Posen”.
Among the many stories told of his humility, there I s a story told I n connection to his new appointment of Rabbi of Posen. The
whole community turned out to welcome the two great scholars. Rabbi AKiva Eger traveled by coach, accompanied by his son in
law, the CHasam Sofer. The CHasam Sofer thought that all the honors were meant for his illustrious father in law taking up his new
post. So he descended from the coach and walked beside it to join the congregation paying tribute to the new Rabbi. Sometime
later, he looked to the other side of the coach and to his great astonishment saw that his father in law was also walking alongside
the coach on the other side for he was certain that the honor was not meant for him but for his great son in law. All these stories
show that Rabbi Akiva Eger was a great man and someone who influenced generations through his greatness in Torah and good
It happens to be that my grandmother is a Schreiber and therefore I, too am an einikel of Rabbi Akiva Eiger.

Nursery Siyum

Kindergarten ‫ב סיום‬-‫א‬

‫ פ' קרח‬Answer:

What do we learn from the fact that ‫ שבט ראובן‬joined ‫ קרח‬in his protest? ‫(רש"י‬
)'‫טז' א‬

"‫ "או לרשע אוי לשכנו‬Watch who your neighbor are!



Answers to ‫פרשת קרח‬:

What are ‫ ?אבות מלאכות‬THE ‫ לט' מלאכות‬THAT ARE ‫אסור‬

YEDIOS FROM THE ‫ידיעות כלליות‬

CORNER OF ‫!בקשר‬

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