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Published by [email protected], 2018-11-16 12:23:00

K- P' Vayeitzei

K- P' Vayeitzei

‫ יעקב‬laid down to rest on ‫ הר המוריה‬and put 12 stones around his head. ‘‫ ה‬made a ‫נס‬
that the 12 stones became one. ‫ יעקב‬dreamed of a ladder from the ground

reaching to the sky. ‫ מלאכים‬went up and down the ladder, “‫”צאתכם לשלום בואכם לשלום‬,
‫ מלאכים‬escorting him and greeting him.

‫ יעקב‬and ‫ רחל‬made up special ‫ סימנים‬before their wedding, but ‫ לבן‬tricked them and
‫ יעקב‬ended up marrying ‫ לאה‬instead!

We made challah dough into 12 “stones” and when the dough rose and
baked it became one large “stone”!

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