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K-P' Vayishlach

K-P' Vayishlach

‫ יעקב‬prepared himself in three ways before going to meet ‫עשו‬:
‫תפילה‬, davening to ‘‫ ה‬- We know that whenever we have a problem we can daven to ‘‫ ה‬for help!

‫דורון‬, presents of many animals
‫מלחמה‬, getting prepared to fight
‫ יעקב‬crossed over the ‫ מעבר יבק‬to get back the ‫פכים קטנים‬, the small jars, that he left there. The ‫מלאך של עשו‬
appeared to fight ‫ יעקב‬there. ‫ יעקב‬got hurt in his thigh, which is why we don’t eat the ‫ גיד הנשה‬of animals,
but ‫ יעקב‬defeated the ‫ מלאך‬and the ‫ מלאך‬changed ‫’יעקב‬s name to ‫ ישראל‬because he won over the people and

the ‫מלאך‬.
‫ יעקב‬and ‫ עשו‬finally encounter each other, and ‫ עשו‬pretends to kiss ‫יעקב‬.

OUR ‫ב‬-‫ א‬LETTERS!

We felt the difference between
smooth and bumpy...

We smelled many different items
to determine the differences...

We made our own applesauce
and learned the 4 different
tastes of our tongue…
sweet, salty, sour, and bitter

‫מזל טוב‬
on your
new baby


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