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Published by [email protected], 2019-01-25 12:52:42

N- P' Yisro

N- P' Yisro


‫אחדות‬ABOUT LIKE ‫ בנ“י‬DID IN THE ‫פרשה‬

We went under the parachute to “camp TOGETHER by ‫ ”הר סיני‬and we all shared

nosh with each other even though we’re all different!

We learned about the ‫ מצוה‬of ‫כבוד אב‬
‫ואם‬, which is one of the ‫עשרת‬
‫ הדברות‬in this week’s ‫פרשה‬

We combined last

week’s Shabbos Party

with a delicious cake to
learn about ‫!קריעת ים סוף‬

First we plant the cacao and grow it, cut it when it’s ready, grind it and melt it into chocolate!

Parsha Room—‫’אברהם‬s tent and ‫’נח‬s ‫תיבה‬

Our visit was a culmination of all our brachos! We reviewed ‫המוציא‬
and ‫ מזונות‬by lunch, ‫ העץ‬and ‫ האדמה‬by the planting steps, and ‫שהכל‬

‫ שבעת המינים‬Room—just in time for ‫!ט“ו בשבט‬
We went “grocery shopping”!

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