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K-P' Toldos

K-P' Toldos

‫ יעקב‬was cooking red lentil stew. ‫ עשו‬came in starving from hunting and wanted to eat the stew—he told ‫ יעקב‬to pour
the red stuff in his mouth.

‫ יעקב‬gave the stew to ‫ עשו‬in exchange for the ‫בכורה‬, which ‫ עשו‬claimed not to care about. ‫ יעקב‬cooked a meal for ‫יצחק‬
and dressed up like ‫ עשו‬so he could get the most important ‫ ברכה‬from ‫ יצחק‬as the new ‫בכור‬. ‫ יצחק‬felt him because he
said the voice sounded like ‫יעקב‬, but his hands felt like ‫’עשו‬s. ‫ עשו‬came to ‫ יצחק‬for the special ‫ ברכה‬after ‫ יעקב‬and was

very angry when he found out ‫ יעקב‬already got it.


‫ששת ימי בראשית‬

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