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Mesivta Handbook

Mesivta Handbook

As ‫ חז"ל‬put an impetus on the importance of davening in the same ‫מקום‬

that we learn by expounding upon the idea of

"‫"לשמוע אל הרינה ואל התפילה‬

All bochurim are expected to daven all ‫ תפילות‬in the Yeshiva.

Educational Briefs  ‫לימודי קודש‬


Torah Temimah emphasizes the total involvement of the ‫ תלמיד‬in a full-day program beginning
with ‫ תפילת שחרית‬at the Yeshiva. Davening in the Yeshiva is required of all bochurim every day,
including Sunday. Parents who feel that this may create a problem for their son MUST contact
exemption must be punctual to seder / shiur at 9:15 AM. Davening, which begins at 7:45 AM,
(7:40 AM on Mondays, Thursdays and ‫ )ראש חודש‬is held in the Mesivta Bais Medrash ‫זכרון יהודה ליב‬
on the second floor for grades 9, 10 and 11. The Yeshiva provides transportation to davening at
no extra cost, effectively removing any obstacle to participating in the Yeshiva ‫מנין‬. This service
is provided at a substantial expense to the Yeshiva, since the Yeshiva recognizes the extreme
importance of talmidim participating and experiencing a Yeshiva davening. This feature makes an
important ‫ חינוך‬point - ‫ תורה‬and ‫ תפילה‬go together. The list of bus stops is attached. Please
make sure that your son makes the proper preparations to come to the Yeshiva davening on time.

Mishmar- Night Seder:

Our Night Seder features the direct involvement of each individual Rebbi; each catering to their
own ‫שיעור‬. They return to the Yeshiva each evening, specifically to personally monitor the
learning and the ‫חזרת השיעור‬. This ‫סדר‬, which begins at 7:00 PM, concludes after ‫ מעריב‬at 8:15
PM. Bus transportation is provided. For the 9th grade Mishmar will be Monday and Thursday. For
10th and 11th graders ‫ משמר‬will be held three times a week. (See weekly schedule on page 4.)

Post Mishmar Seder:

The talmidim spend a substantial amount of their day in ‫ סדרים‬and ‫ שיעורים‬mandated by the
Yeshiva. The successful development of a ‫ בחור‬compels him to take the initiative to undertake
new ‫ סדרים‬outside of the scheduled ones. To this end, a program has been set up for the
‫’תלמידים‬s extra ‫ סדרים‬learning. It is gratifying to see the ever increasing number of ‫ תלמידים‬who
spend their time in the post-mishmar ‫סדרים‬, for the love of learning rather than conforming just
to Yeshiva requirements.

To use this extra learning time wisely and effectively, the post-mishmar format is both organized
and supervised under the guidance of one of our senior Rebbeim. He will be present every week
night from 8:30 - 10:00 PM to answer questions and provide help and supervision for our young
‫מתמידים‬. Transportation is provided after this ‫סדר‬.


To insure that the extra learning is indeed geared to the individual ‫’תלמיד‬s benefit, each
participant must get approval from the ‫ מנהל‬by filling out a request form at the beginning of the
‫זמן‬. Parents who have concerns about these extra ‫ סדרים‬may, of course, discuss them with the
‫ ראש מתיבתא‬or ‫ מנהל‬.

‫סיום מסכת‬

One of the highlights of the year for a dedicated talmid is the completion of the ‫מסכת‬. Each
bochur will be sighted and honored at a gala siyum, and will receive a significant set of ‫ספרים‬.
The Rosh Mesivta and Menahel will supervise a program to give ‫ בחינות‬at different intervals to
promote ‫ חזרה‬of the supplemental ‫ לימוד‬to complete the ‫מסכת‬. Monetary incentives are offered
for proficiency in these ‫בחינות‬.

It is a considerable accomplishment to make a ‫ סיום‬on the ‫מסכת‬. It is an incredible milestone to
master the ‫ מסכת‬with ‫ חזרה‬and to acquire a thorough ‫ ידיעה‬in its entirety.
This is the goal of this program.

Evaluation: - Parent / Rebbi & Parent / Teacher Conferences

The ‫’תלמיד‬s progress is continually evaluated by his Rebbi and by the ‫הנהלה‬. The Rosh Mesivta
and Menahel will conduct regular ‫ פארהערס‬to small groups of ‫תלמידים‬. A ‫בחינה כללית‬, a
comprehensive written exam, is given several times a year. In addition, faculty meetings on each
grade level are held, at which time the progress of each ‫ תלמיד‬is evaluated in discussions between
the ‫ הנהלה‬and the ‫’תלמיד‬s Rebbi. These meetings provide valuable insight into the development
of the ‫תלמידים‬, collectively and individually.

As you will note on the enclosed calendar, Parent / Rebbi / Teacher Conferences have been
scheduled. These conferences are important for parents, Rebbeim, Teachers and for the ‫תלמידים‬.
Every effort should be made to attend. However, should you feel the need to consult with your
son’s Rebbi prior to the scheduled conference, feel free to contact the office. We are available to
partner in every way possible to shep the greatest nachas from your children. There will b.h be a
2nd p.t.a.later in the school year to keep tabs on your son’s achievment’s.

Contact With ‫תלמידים‬:

We would like to stress that the office staff, though more than ready to be of assistance, will not
be able to personally deliver messages to ‫תלמידים‬. Such requests present a tremendous
hardship on the office staff and create unnecessary disruption. Your understanding and
cooperation is vital.

Admission Cards:

No ‫ תלמיד‬will be admitted to General Studies classes, Tuesday, September 4th, without an
Admission Card. This policy will be strictly adhered to. The following conditions are to be met
before admission cards will be issued:

1. All previous tuition balances should be cleared.
2. A signed Tuition Contract for the coming school year is to be returned to the

Yeshiva with 10 post-dated checks or credit card authorization.


Food Services:

All ‫ תלמידים‬will be issued a bar-coded card that can be scanned for breakfast and supper. The
cost of a breakfast is $1.00 and a supper is $2.00. ‫ תלמידים‬that are entitled for Free and Reduced
Price Lunches are eligible for Free and Reduced Price Breakfast as well.

Torah Temimah Info-Line: 718-518-4615

This number should be used as your source for the dissemination of important information about

the Yeshiva, as well as schedule changes. The Info-Line is the number to be called when you

need answers to the following questions and issues:

1. Is the Yeshiva closed today due to inclement weather conditions?
2. Is there an early dismissal due to snow?
3. Is there regular night seder tonight?
4. Bus delays
5. Changes in the calendar
6. Important Yeshiva events

The system is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously and messages will be updated
when necessary. Please avoid calling our office for a question that can easily be answered by
calling the Info-Line.


In keeping with the Yeshiva’s principle that bochurim should not have to leave the Yeshiva
premises during the day, the T.A.T. (Student Organization) maintains a Canteen. Canteen hours
are: 1:20-1:50 PM, 3:15-3:25 PM and 6:20-6:50 PM.

Transportation / Bicycles:

Bus service is provided before ‫ שחרית‬and after night ‫סדר‬. Please note that bicycles may be used
ONLY to and from Yeshiva. Bicycles must be parked in the Yeshiva bike rack. It is not advisable to
bring a bike when there is night ‫סדר‬. Metro cards for eligible ‫ תלמידים‬are issued by the General
Studies Department.


Lockers are available for all Mesivta talmidim. Lockers will be assigned by the Menahel.

Please submit or/and update your e-mail address either by calling the office or by e-mailing us at to be linked in to this valuable form of communication.
The Yeshiva wants to assure you that the lines of communication are always open. To reach

our Pre School, Elementary and Junior High School Staff you may leave a message on their

voice mail as indicated below.


Rabbi Chanoch Posy , Rosh Mesivta
Rabbi Yaakov Choueka, Menahel

GENERAL STUDIES: [email protected]
Rabbi Yosef Ch. Fogel, Principal, HS Ext. 159


Rabbi Fievy Lieberman Ext. 123 [email protected]
[email protected]
Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman, Administrator Ext. 154 [email protected]
[email protected]
Rabbi Eli Goldberg, Administrator Ext. 125

Mr. M. Waldman, Bookkeeper Ext. 155


We want to emphasize an important policy. The Yeshiva’s schedule can only be successfully
implemented with the cooperation of the ‫’תלמיד‬s family. Parents and ‫ תלמידים‬are urged to
schedule Doctor and Dentist appointments – as well as family activities – at times that do not
conflict with the daily schedule. Please make all appointments after 1:15 PM so that your son
does not miss first ‫סדר‬. Any absence due to appointments, or even for family ‫שמחות‬, must
be cleared in advance with the ‫הנהלה‬. No part of the daily schedule should be regarded
lightly. To do so is to encourage ‫פריקת עול‬, an irresponsible attitude that is destructive to the
learning process. Full day attendance is required. Do not expect your son to run errands for you
during Yeshiva hours. It is the Yeshiva’s policy that Mesivta ‫ תלמידים‬are not permitted to leave
Yeshiva grounds from the time of arrival to the time of departure without specific permission
from the Hanhalla.

We wish to restate the Yeshiva’s policy regarding out of town ‫שמחות‬,
mid-year vacations, trips to Eretz Yisroel, etc. ‫אין מבטלין תינוקות של בית רבן אפילו‬

‫לבנין בית המקדש‬. Only under very extenuating circumstances will the ‫ הנהלת הישיבה‬consider
granting permission for interruption of the ‫ לימודים‬of a ‫ תלמיד‬during the school year. Any parent
taking their child out of the Yeshiva for such trips without prior permission and consent in
advance, must realize that their son may not be able to continue in the Yeshiva.


Cell Phones
Usage of cell phones in Yeshiva is prohibited without prior
consent from the Menahel. A Bochur found with a cell phone in
his possession will have it taken away and disciplinary action

will be at the Menahel’s discression.

'‫ועינינו נשואות למרום שתהא השנה הזאת שנת הצלחה ועלי‬
.‫בתורה ויר"ש לכל אחד ואחד מתלמדינו היקרים‬

Rabbi Chanoch Posy Rosh Mesivta
Rabbi Yaakov Choueka Menahel

Important Reminder

Do you have a child to enroll in Nursery or Kindergarten in September 2019? Please
contact the Yeshiva as soon as possible, but no later than November 30, 2018.


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