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The clown in the woods

The clown in the woods

The clown in the woods

He stood outside the forrest. As the boy lead up
to walk in the forrest nerves were going through
him all he could see was the pitch blackness,
standing outside the forrest all he could hear
was the tree's blowing. The boy had to walk
through the forrest as that was the only way
back, for him so he was also used to it but not
at night when it was dark. As the boy was
standing outside the forrest he was thinking to
himself I wish I came back earlier rather than
staying longer and playing more games of fifa
with his mates.

As the boy actually had confidence to walk in
the forrest after about 10 minutes on debating
what to do, he started to walk very slowly and
all he could hear at this point was the trees
blowing and the branches cracking, then


suddenly he heared a cry like a seabird in the
wind he gulped with fear but kept on walking
again slowly. The forrest was about half a mile
long so it took sometime to walk it. Walking
through the forrest the boy could smell smoke,
it was getting stronger and stronger as he
continued to walk through the forrest however
the boy was very brave to keep on walking.

The boy was nearly half way through the forrest
he was still scared but he calmed down a bit.
Then he heared a big BOOM! It was as loud as a
bomb. The boy was very nervous and worried
cause he didn't have a clue on what was going
on so he countinued walking and tried to ignore
the noise. Again the boy could hear creeking
and weird noise so he started running and as he
was running he spotted someone in the corner
of his eye, the boy stopped to see who it was it


was a clown. The clown was huge he was sitting
on a chopped up block of wood glazing into
space humming and whispering to himself but
then the boy spotted weapons around the block
of wood he was sitting on there was an axe,
hammer and a load of knifes, the boy freaked
out he was looking for the closes exit but the
only option was for him to walk by the clown
very quietly because he has came so far and
thats the only way home for him.

The boy was standing looking at the clown
waiting for a good time to walk past him and all
the clown was doing was glazing into space
talking to himself. The clown was very scary his
eyes were very red and the rest of his face was
very white, it was the ugliest and freaky clown
the boy had ever seen.The boy was so scared he
was nearly crying but he had to stay calm so the
clown couldn't hear him.


The boy then eventually found the time to walk
past the clown he had to be very quiet, but then
CREEEEK! the clown turned round fiercly and
picked up his axe and started walking towards
the boy the boy was running rapid he was a fast
as lightning the boy was also screaming and
balling HELP!! tears were all running down his
face the boy looked back and the clown was
nowhere to be seen so he stopped the boy was
sweating and breathing heavily and his face was
chopped white he was feeling very sick.But that
wasn't the end the clown appeared again the
boy started crying and looked at the clown it
was looking at the boy very angry the boy was
very afraid so he started running again he
heared the clown laugh very loud it was really
creepy but the boy managed to get out the
forrest eventully.


Then when the boy got home evryone was
asleep so he ran upstair and got ready for bed
he was relieved that he was home and away
from the forrest the boy was very wet with
sweat and tears from that horrible experience
he was scarred for life to go back to the forrest.
When the boy eventually got in bed he sarted to
hear a loud scrapping noise from down the
street so the boy looked out his window and
there he was the clown, looking exactly at the
boy with his axe in his hand the boy screamed...


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