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Tulsa Visitors Guide 2012

Tourism Guide

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

Dine, Hike, Play, Tour and Discover.

Tahlequah, OK Where else can you enjoy an
authentic Native meal…kayak the
rivers and hike the rolling green
hills of ancient lands…learn to
shoot a blowgun and hunt for
arrowheads…experience the thrill
of gaming…and discover the true
meaning of Cherokee hospitality?
Come, see why Cherokees say
hello like no one else.

Osiyo is the traditional Cherokee greeting. Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 201122/5/11 12:31 PM3
Come say “hello” and plan your tour.
(877) 779-6977

11335_TOUR_DHT_7.375x9.875_GCMA.indd 1

Letter From The Mayor

W hether you head north, south, Visittulsa
east, or west, there is something Williams Center, Tower II
for everyone in our city. You can enjoy 2 West Second St., Suite 150
great restaurants, shopping, museums and 800.558.3311
entertainment, no matter where you turn. 918.592.6244 (F)
Tulsa is the cosmopolitan city of the
Midwest and home to a world-class ballet Visitor information also available at:
and opera, as well as the Gilcrease and Cherokee Nation Welcome Center
Philbrook Museums, where displays of Western Art or Italian Renaissance I-44 and 161st East Avenue
will capture your eye. Catoosa, OK

Experience our vibrant downtown by visiting hot spots such as Cain’s Senior Vice President of VisitTulsa and the Tulsa
Ballroom, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, catching a ball game at the new Sports Commission
ONEOK Field, or experiencing a live show at one of the top venues in the Ray Hoyt
nation, the BOK Center.
Tulsans also enjoy the much-traveled paths along our famed River Parks, Don sibley, bRyan CaMPbell
which covers miles of beautiful trails winding along the edge of the Arkansas
River. If you enjoy outdoor activities, remember to visit “America’s Favorite Writer/Copy Editor
Zoo.” This city-owned gem at Mohawk Park is truly a memorable experience aManDa MCConnell
for the whole family.
You will not have to look far to find great restaurants and live bRyan CaMPbell
entertainment all over our city. But by far, Tulsa’s greatest assets are the
talent of our people, a low cost of living, quality of life defined by the city’s VisitTulsa is dedicated to promoting the Tulsa
beauty, thriving arts and sports venues, and our abundant natural resources. region as a convention and tourist destination.
The guide is an official publication of VisitTulsa, a
Most of all, you will find that Tulsa is a friendly community and a great program of the Tulsa Metro Chamber.
place to call home. I hope you enjoy your stay in Tulsa and visit us again very
soon. You can always find out more about Tulsa by visiting our website at: A special publication produced in cooperation with:
GReen CountRy MaRketinG assoCiation
Best Regards, 2825 E. Skelly Drive, #826
Tulsa, OK 74105
Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr. 800.922.2118
Mayor, City of Tulsa 918.744.0580 (F)
[email protected]

Publisher: Green Country Marketing Association
Graphic Design and Production: Green Country
Marketing Association
Contributing Writer: Jeanette Swindell

FoR aDDitional CoPies ContaCt:

100,000 copies produced at a cost of 35¢ each.

Produced in Cooperation with the Oklahoma
Tourism and Recreation Department

4 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

bOK CenTer©COPYRIGHT 2009 WALT BEAZLEY Table of Contents
uniVerSiTy OF TulSA
7 Experience Tulsa

8 Festivals + Events

13 Entertainment Districts

16 Tulsa Shopping

20 Tulsa Public Art

22 Equestrian Events

24 Tulsa Sports

26 Tulsa Gaming

29 Golf

32 Tulsa Metro Visitors Map

34 Discover Green Country

40 Attractions

48 Downtown Tulsa

50 Heart of Tulsa Map

51 52 Things to Do In Tulsa

52 Tulsa River Parks

54 Tulsa Performing Arts

55 Accommodations

ACCeSSible FACiliTy
If multi-level, facility has an elevator or
non-slip, gently sloping ramps that reach
each level. Clear signage directs visitors
to elevators, ramps, restrooms and
accessible entrances and exits.
At least one staff member is fluent in
American Sign Language.
brAille SiGnAGe
Restroom signs and elevators are
equipped with Braille symbols.
Questions about accessibility?
Call the City of Tulsa’s Department
of Human rights, 918.596.7818.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 5


Crucita – Taos Indian Girl in
Hopi Wedding Dress and Dry Flowers

Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953) American
detail, oil on canvas, GM 0137.2194

Open Tues. – sun. n 10 a.m. TO 5 p.m. n 918-596-2700 n 1400 n. Gilcrease museum rd. n Tulsa, OK n Tu is an eeO/aa insTiTuTiOn

6 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012



Tulsa is revitalizing its roots

with a renaissance of growth

and redevelopment. A city

full of cultural diversity, artistic

elegance and vibrant venues

continues to surprise visitors

with its charm, friendliness

TulSA and one-of-a-kind relaxed
cosmopolitan vibe.

Tulsa boasts an eclectic mix known Premiere attractions like the Tulsa Zoo and All this awaits your Tulsa visit, and at
nowhere else, one of big city extravagance Living Museum, the Oklahoma Aquarium, bargain prices. According to the American
and small town charm. Cosmopolitan arts and the Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Automobile Association, Tulsa is the least
like the Tulsa Ballet, Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Planetarium are a destination for all ages expensive of the 49 large American cities
Performing Arts Center and Tulsa Symphony with interesting creatures and learning surveyed.
Orchestra collide with the classic cowboy experiences sure to excite and educate
charisma found in the infamous Cain’s young and old alike. Plus, should you choose to make your stay
Ballroom, the historical Gilcrease Museum, permanent you’ll be in good company. Tulsa
and world-renowned horse shows like the Residents and visitors both appreciate the recently was named “most livable city in
Palomino World Championships and the unique shopping districts like Utica Square; America” by RelocateAmerica, at number 1;
Breeder’s Invitational. festivals like Mayfest and Oktoberfest; fine and Forbes, at number 5. Tulsa was the only
dining; gaming; horse racing; outdoor trails American city to rank in the top five of both
Unexpected treasures are found at every like River Parks for hiking, biking or running; surveys.
corner. State-of-the-art facilities like the BOK gardens; nightlife in the Blue Dome, Brady
Center and ONEOK Field stand side-by-side Arts Districts, Brookside, or Cherry Street; In the following pages you’ll find more
with the rejuvenated high-rise buildings like and so much more. detailed information on Tulsa’s attractions,
the Mayo Hotel. Built during the height of neighborhoods, recreation, surrounding
Tulsa’s oil boom era, the Mayo Hotel is one of Just about everywhere you turn in this destinations, shopping, nightlife, restaurants
many Art Deco-style architectural gems that dynamic city, you’ll find a renaissance and so much more. On the off chance
still stand in Tulsa today, offering a glimpse spirit — to renovate, reinvent, revitalize and you don’t find what you’re looking for in
of Tulsa’s rich oil heritage. restore. Newness and change are ongoing, these pages, go to or call
but the city respects and holds dear its 918.585.1201 for more information.
historic landmarks.
Your Tulsa experience awaits.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 7


festival + events

January 2012 15 – MARTiN lUTHeR KiNg JR. pARADe 24-29 – celeBRiTY ATTRAcTioNs – THe
Pine Street & Cincinnati Avenue To ADDAMs fAMilY
JANUARY-ApRil 2013 – TUlsA 66eRs Greenwood District Tulsa Performing Arts Center
BOK Center 918-492-9495 918-596-7111
918-596-7177 17 – TUlsA oileRs vs. MissoURi
BOK Center 27 – lADY ANTeBellUM
6 – TUlsA TowN HAll – MicHAel wAllis BOK Center
“wAY DowN YoNDeR iN THe iNDiAN 918-632-7825 918-596-7177
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 20-21 – 57TH ANNUAl cliff KeeN TUlsA NATioNAls 27-29 – gReeN coUNTRY HoMe AND
918-749-5965 (season tickets only) Pavilion gARDeN sHow
Tulsa Expo Square Expo Square, Exchange Center
6 – MoNsTeR JAM
BOK Center 918.744.1113 918.493-8531
918-894-4200 20-21 – oMeA 29 – cHAMBeR MUsic TUlsA – MiRo
Oklahoma Music Educators Association QUARTeT
7 – TUlsA sYMpHoNY – MUsicAl Tulsa Performing Arts Center
MigRATioNs 918-596-7111
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 918-596-7111 21 – HARleM gloBeTRoTTeRs
918-596-7111 BOK Center 29 – TUlsA oileRs vs. lAReDo
918-596-7177 BOK Center
10-14 – cHili Bowl NATioNAls
Expo Square, QuickTrip Center 918-632-7825 22 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs –
918.838.3777 lADYsMiTH BlAcK MAMBAzo 30- feBRUARY 2-5 – TUlsA BoAT, spoRT
Tulsa Performing Arts Center AND TRAvel sHow
13-24 –THeATRe TUlsA – wAiTiNg foR Expo Square, QuikTrip Center
lefTY 918-596-7111 918-744-1113
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 22 – TUlsA cHilDReN’s MUseUM – Jeff
918-596-7111 poRTeR & THe clApTeT 31 – TUlsA oileRs vs. Rio gRANDe
Tulsa Performing Arts Center vAlleY
14 – TUlsA oileRs vs. AlleN BOK Center
BOK Center 918-596-7111 918-632-7825
February 2012
ArT in THe SQuAre, uTiCA SQuAre
2-25 – oUiDA MeRRifielD ART exHiBiT
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

3-4 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs – MARK
MoRRis DANce gRoUp
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

4 – TUlsA sYMpHoNY – THe AMeRicAN
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

8 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

10-11 – TUlsA BAlleT – RoMeo & JUlieT 21 – TUlsA oileRs vs. foRT wAYNe
Tulsa Performing Arts Center BOK Center
918-596-7111 918-632-7825

10-12 – TUlsA woMeN’s liviNg expo 24 – TUlsA TowN HAll – BARRY AsMUs
QuikTrip Center Expo Square “America’s Economic Future”
203.259.3351 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
10-18 – THe plAYHoUse TUlsA – williAM AND JUDiTH
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 24 – TUlsA oileRs vs. TexAs BOK Center
11 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT
TRAcK RolleR DeRBY 24-25 – THe fAce of eMMeTT Till
Tulsa Expo Pavilion Charles E Norman Theatre Tulsa Performing Arts Center
11 – TUlsA oileRs vs. evANsville
BOK Center 25 – TUlsA opeRA – DeAD MAN wAlKiNg Chapman Music Hall
918-632-7825 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
11-19 – THe plAYHoUse TUlsA – THe TeMpesT 918-596-7111
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 25 – wiNTeR JAM 2012 ToUR specTAcUlAR
918-596-7111 Founded and hosted by Grammy-nominated Christian music
mainstay NewSong
12 – TUlsA oileRs vs. Rio gRANDe vAlleY 918-596-7177
BOK Center

14 – TUlsA oileRs vs. evANsville
BOK Center

16 – geoRge sTRAiT wiTH speciAl gUesT MARTiNA McBRiDe
BOK Center

17 – TUlsA oileRs vs. DAYToN
BOK Center

17-19 – DARRYl sTARBiRD’s NATioNAl RoD AND cUsToM cAR
Expo Square, Exchange Center

18-19 – MicHAel JAcKsoN: THe iMMoRTAl woRD ToUR
By Cirque du Soleil
BOK Center

19 – secoND ANNUAl RiveR spiRiT BRiDAl expo
River Spirit Casino

19 – cHAMBeR MUsic TUlsA – TRio solisTi
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 9

AbA bMX 3 – TUlsA oileRs vs. RApiD ciTY 18 – TUlsA oileRs vs. MissoURi
BOK Center BOK Center
26 – Jeff DUNHAM
BOK Center 918-632-7825 918-632-7825
918-596-7177 6 – TUlsA oileRs vs. RApiD ciTY 20 – TUlsA oileRs vs. lAReDo
BOK Center BOK Center
29 – eNcoRe! THeATRe ARTs –
ciNDeRellA 918-632-7825 918-632-7825
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 6-11 – celeBRiTY ATTRAcTioNs – sToMp 23 – TUlsA oileRs vs. TexAs
918-596-7111 Tulsa Performing Arts Center BOK Center
March 2012 918-596-7111 918-632-7825

MARcH-JUlY – TUlsA TAloNs 8-11 – gReATeR TUlsA HoMe AND 23-24 –pAc TRUsT: iMAgiNATioN seRies
BOK Center gARDeN sHow –TwiNKle, TwoNKle Expo Square, QuikTrip Center Tulsa Performing Arts Center
918-596-7177 918-744-1113 918-596-7111
1 - ApRil 1 – 35TH ANNiveRsARY exHiBiT
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 9 – TUlsA oileRs vs. QUAD ciTY 24 – TUlsA sYMpHoNY – THe UNiveRse BOK Center iN 90 MiNUTes
918-596-7111 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
1-3 – eNcoRe! THeATRe ARTs – 918-596-7111
ciNDeRellA 9 – AlwAYs….pATsY cliNe
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Tulsa Convention Center 25 – TUlsA oileRs vs. MissoURi BOK Center
918-596-7111 877-TULSA-CC
2-3 – THe fAce of eMMeTT Till 9-11, 15-17 –THeATRe TUlsA – THe effecT
Charles E Norman Theatre of gAMMA RAYs oN MAN-iN-THe-MooN 30 – TUlsA TowN HAll – AllisoN leviNe
Tulsa Performing Arts Center MARigolDs “Oxygen Not Included” Tulsa Performing Arts Center Tulsa Performing Arts Center
918-596-7111 918-749-5965
2, 4 –TUlsA opeRA – DeAD MAN wAlKiNg
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 10 – BABY fesT AND fAMilY expo 30-31, April 1st – TUlsA BAlleT – A Tulsa Expo Square Central Park Hall BAlleT RUsse eveNiNg
918-596-7111 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
2-10 –AMeRicAN THeATRe – THe BoMB- 918-596-7111
iTTY of eRRoRs 15 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs –
Tulsa Performing Arts Center BATsHevA DANce coMpANY April 2012 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
918-596-7111 1 – TUlsA BAlleT – A BAlleTs RUsse
918-596-7111 eveNiNg
Tulsa Performing Arts Center
16 – TUlsA oileRs vs. ARizoNA
BOK Center 918-596-7111
918-632-7825 OKTOberFeST

17 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs – THe
oRigiNAl TRiBUTe To THe BlUes
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

17 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls
pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR
Tulsa Expo Pavilion

18 – cHAMBeR MUsic TUlsA – AMeRicAN
Tulsa Performing Arts Center

10 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

1 – TUlsA cHilDReN’s MUseUM – THe May 2012 TulSA inTernATiOnAl MAyFeST
veRve pipe
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 3-31 – MAYfesT ART exHiBiT 19 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs – Tulsa Performing Arts Center DiAvolo
918-596-7111 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
5-29 – MARJoRie TeMpesT ART exHiBiT 918-596-7111
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 4 – TUlsA TowN HAll – JoHN eDwARD HAsse June 2012
918-596-7111 “Ragtime, Blues and Jazz”
Tulsa Performing Arts Center JUNe-sepTeMBeR – TUlsA sHocK
12-15 – eNcoRe! THeATRe ARTs – BOK Center
sHeRlocK HolMes 918-749-5965 918-596-7177
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 5 – TUlsA sYMpHoNY – MUsicAl
918-596-7111 fiRewoRKs 6-10; 12-17; 19-24 – celeBRiTY
Tulsa Performing Arts Center ATTRAcTioNs – JeRseY BoYs
13-15 – oKlAHoMA peRfoRMiNg ARTs Chapman Music Hall
– TBD 918-596-7111 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 5 – RogeR wATeRs – THe wAll live 918-596-7111
918-596-7111 BOK Center 6-30 – TUlsA glAssBlowiNg exHiBiT
14 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls 918-596-7177 Tulsa Performing Arts Center
pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR
DeRBY 8-12 –celeBRiTY ATTRAcTioNs – 918-596-7111
Tulsa Expo Pavilion fiDDleR oN THe Roof Tulsa Performing Arts Center 8-10 – sAiNT fRANcis TUlsA ToUgH RiDe
918-744-1113 AND RAce
918-596-7111 Various locations in downtown/Riverside
15 – cHAMBeR MUsic TUlsA – Aviv
QUARTeT 10-13 – THe plAYHoUse TUlsA – THe 918-585-1201
Tulsa Performing Arts Center UNMeNTioNABles Tulsa Performing Arts Center 8-10 leAKe AUTo AUcTioN
918-596-7111 QuikTrip Center, Expo Square
918-596-7111 [email protected]
19-22 – THe plAYHoUse TUlsA – 800-722-9942
URiNeTowN 11-13, 16-19 –AMeRicAN THeATRe –
Tulsa Performing Arts Center loMBARDi 9 – oK plAY! cHilDReN’s expo Tulsa Performing Arts Center Tulsa Convention Center
918-596-7111 918-894-4350
20-21 –pAc TRUsT: iMAgiNATioN seRies –
ARe YoU MY MoTHeR? 11-13, 17-19 –THeATRe TUlsA – ARseNic JUNe – AUgUsT – “oKlAHoMA!”
Tulsa Performing Arts Center AND olD lAce Discoveryland! Amphitheater Tulsa Performing Arts Center 19501 West 41st Street, Sand Springs
918-596-7111 918-245-6552
21, 27, 29 – TUlsA opeRA – MADAMe
BUTTeRflY 12 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls 12-17 – MiD AMeRicA foRD TeAM sHelBY
Tulsa Performing Arts Center pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR NATioNAls DeRBY
918-596-7111 Tulsa Expo Pavilion 405-620-6189
26-29 – THeATRe pops – goD of 918-744-1113
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 12-26 – BReeDeRs iNviTATioNAl Expo Square
27-28 – pAc TRUsT: sQUAReD seRies –
zoRRo MiD-MAY – UTicA sQUARe’s sUMMeRs
Tulsa Performing Arts Center fifTH NigHT Utica Square – 21st Street and South Utica
918-596-7111 Avenue
28 – cHoRegUs pRoDUcTioNs – MUsic
of THe sUN: eTHel wiTH RoBeRT 17-20 – TUlsA iNTeRNATioNAl MAYfesT
MiRABAl Downtown Tulsa, Main Mall
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 918-582-6435

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 11

11-23 – piNTo woRlD 14-16 – TUlsA gReeK fesTivAl December 2012
Championship Show Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Expo Square, Livestock Complex TBD-TUlsA BAlleT pReseNTs “The Nutcracker”
918-744-1113 27 - ocT. 7 – TUlsA sTATe fAiR Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Expo Square
July 2012 8 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls
918-744-1113 pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR
4 – TUlsA fReeDoMfesT DeRBY
RiverWest Festival Park 29-30 – oKlAHoMA sTATe sUgAR ART Tulsa Expo Square, Pavilion
2105 South Jackson Ave. sHow Expo Square, QuikTrip Center 918.744.1113
918-596-20 01 TBD - cHRisTKiNDlMARKT
918-744-1113 1429 Terrace Drive
9-21 – NATioNAl AppAloosA sHow
Expo Square October 2012 TBD-cHRisTMAs pARADe of ligHTs Downtown Tulsa
918-744-1113 ocToBeR-MARcH 2013 – TUlsA oileRs
BOK Center
13-15 – AN AffAiR of THe HeART of saint Francis tulsa tough
TUlsA 918-596-7177 June 8-10, 2012
Expo Square, QuikTrip Center 13 – williAMs RoUTe 66 QUARTeR Quickly becoming one of the top-paying
405-632-2352 MARATHoN cycling events in the nation, the Saint
Downtown Tulsa Francis Tulsa Tough attracts racers and
14-15 – TUlsA RocK & MiNeRAl socieTY riders from across the country to
Tulsa Expo Square, Exchange Center compete in this highly entertaining but 18-21 – oKToBeRfesT intense cycling event scheduled for June
918-587-4400 RiverWest Festival Park 8-10, 2012.
29 - AUgUsT 4 – pAloMiNo woRlD The three-day cycling festival is
Championship Show 19-27 – U.s. NATioNAl ARABiAN & HAlf designed to promote fitness and
Expo square, Livestock Complex ARABiAN cHAMpioNsHip HoRse sHow healthy lifestyles while showcasing the beautiful city of Tulsa and surrounding
918-744-1113 918-744-1113 communities. Tulsa Tough offers events
and spectator opportunities for everyone
August 2012 27 – TUlsA RUN with professional and amateur races,
Downtown Tulsa recreational and tour rides, kids and youth
JUlY 29 - AUgUsT 4 – pAloMiNo woRlD activities, live music and vendors in one
Championship Show action-packed weekend.
Expo square, Livestock Complex November 2012 Visit for complete
918-744-1113 fesTivAl of TRees event details.
Philbrook Museum of Art
4 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls
pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR 918-749-7941
Tulsa Expo Square, Pavilion 15-17 – TUlsA gloBAl AlliANce – KiDs woRlD
918-744-1113 Expo Square, Exchange Center
24-25 – cliNToN ANDeRsoN wAlKABoUT 918-744-1113
Tulsa Expo Square, Pavilion 16-18 – AN AffAiR of THe HeART of TUlsA
918-744-1113 Expo Square, QuikTrip Center
September 2012 918-744-1113

1 – gReeN coUNTRY RolleR giRls 17-18 – williAMs RoUTe 66 MARATHoN
pReseNT: woMeN’s flAT TRAcK RolleR Downtown Tulsa/Historic Route 66
Tulsa Expo Square, Pavilion 23-27 – ABA/BMx gRAND NATioNAls
918-744-1113 Expo Square, QuikTrip Center
13-16 – RocK ‘N RiB fesTivAl 918-744-1113
Outside BOK Center, Third and Frisco 23 - JAN 1, 2013 – wiNTeRfesT
918-894-4200 Outside BOK Center, third Street
14-16 – oKlAHoMA scoTTisH fesTivAl 918.894.4200
RiverWest Festival Park

12 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

blue DOMe DiSTriCT

Entertainment Districts

supply plenty of nightlife

As Tulsa’s bright sun fades in the West, beckoning neon lights signal an
exciting nightlife emerging in the city’s numerous Entertainment Districts.

The excitement permeates the clubs and restaurants in these and Not to be overshadowed by the new kid, Tulsa’s Performing Arts
other areas such as Brady, Brookside, Cherry Street and the Blue Center embodies the city’s longtime love of the arts. Occupying half
Dome districts known for attracting music scene makers and birthing of a city block in historic downtown, the PAC holds four theaters that
the “Tulsa Sound.” provide entertainment to more than 300,000 patrons annually. The
PAC is home to 13 resident performing arts organizations, a touring
Seemingly, as a tribute to Tulsa’s importance in the entertainment Broadway series and renowned international and national performers.
world, the BOK Center glistens in downtown, attracting world-class
entertainers from Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood to Journey, Elton Alongside the BOK Center and Tulsa Performing Arts Center, several
John and Sir Paul McCartney. It also serves as the home court for downtown Tulsa districts provide an active, trendy nightlife.
Tulsa’s newest sports franchise – the WNBA Tulsa Shock team.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 13

Amidst art galleries, shops, restaurants and nightclubs, you’ll find

two historic entertainment venues, the Brady Theater and Cain’s
Ballroom, in the Brady Arts District.

The Brady Theater, built between 1912 and 1914, was originally
designed to serve as the city’s Municipal Auditorium and was listed on
the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Supplanted as the City
Auditorium in 1979 by construction of the Performing Arts Center in
downtown, “the Old Lady on Brady” continues to be used today for a
wide variety of concerts and theatrical productions.

Cain’s Ballroom, an historic venue called the birthplace of Western
Swing and the Carnegie Hall of Western Music, is also listed on the
National Register of Historic Places. So much talent has passed
through its doors, from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys to Hank
Williams and Patsy Cline. Later, names such as Van Halen, The Police
and INXS joined the ranks. The grand ballroom continues to attract
concert-goers as diverse as the music that draws them here.

There’s plenty happening in the historical district known for its funky
vibe, with plans to create an entire, walkable arts district in a span of
only a few blocks. A number of the older buildings are in the process
of renovation, like the Mathews Warehouse, with neighboring buildings
like the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Arts Center
expanding the district’s desirability. These exciting new locations have
plans to house art galleries, including satellite locations of the Philbrook
and Glicrease Museums; studios; learning centers; groceries and much
more. Be sure to visit often for an expanded landscape housing any
and every thing the artistic soul might desire.


14 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

blue DOMe DiSTriCT brOOKSiDe Dave& Buster’s
The Blue Dome District is another center Brookside, Peoria Avenue between 33rd
the 1 and only place
for downtown nightlife. Once a 1920’s gas and 51st Streets, is another popular nightlife
station attracting Route 66 travelers with its venue. Here, you’ll find dining, dancing and to have it all
Art Deco blue dome, this gem is now the trendy clubs. This eclectic district boasts
place to enjoy pubs, restaurants, a vintage sushi bars near biker bars and indie coffee great food,
bowling alley or regional bands. Several shops near martini lounges. At its center cool drinks,
festivals take place here including the Blue is the upscale international shopping and 1g0a0m’seosf
Dome Arts Festival, FreeTulsa music festival dining experience named Center One.
and St. Patrick’s Day Festival. 71st St. and 101st East Ave. (West of HWY. 169)
DeCO DiSTriCT 918.449.3100
GreenWOOD DiSTriCT Downtown Tulsa hosts one of the largest
Once called “Black Wall Street,” Tulsa’s
collections of Art Deco architecture in the
historic Greenwood District boasts the nation, ranking with cities like Miami, Fl. and
world-class ONEOK Field, the downtown Chicago, Ill. This district is home to some
baseball stadium and home to the Tulsa wonderful eateries with outdoor seating,
Drillers. The stadium supports further perfect for a break in your walking tour of
development with new venues nearing the beautiful buildings like the Courtyard
completion in the surrounding areas. by Marriott, the Philtower and the recently
Artifacts from the historic district’s past revitalized Mayo Hotel.
can be found at the Greenwood Cultural
Center, the Mabel B. Little Heritage Center, PeArl DiSTriCT
John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, and One of Tulsa’s up-and-coming districts,
heard at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
located in the Jazz Depot in the city’s core the Pearl District, is located on Sixth Street
business district. between Peoria and Utica, right outside
downtown Tulsa. This corridor between
CHerry STreeT downtown and the University of Tulsa is
Cherry Street is more than its name quickly becoming one of the hip new places
to open a business, bar or restaurant. With
implies—this colorful seven-block area of a new art bar, Lot No. 6, a great Farmer’s
15th Street between Peoria and Utica wears Market during growing season, a beautiful
many faces. On Saturday mornings during park and a number of plans in the works (like
the growing season, you’ll find striped tents a record store and a fresh-made bagel shop),
brimming with area growers’ harvest at the Pearl District is an ever-growing place to
the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. Later hang out.
in the day, you’ll love browsing the shops,
bistros and cafes. And in the evening, you’ll
find restaurants with bars catering to those
seeking a trendy and upscale nightlife.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

Tulsa Tulsa offers many amazing shopping experiences,
depending on the treasure you’re seeking.

Spend a morning enjoying a river view as you stroll among shops and brOOKSiDe
eateries. Enjoy the gardens and relaxed atmosphere at an upscale 33rd to 52nd Streets on South Peoria Ave.
plaza where an outdoor café is a must for lunch. Perhaps your
treasure lies in an offbeat boutique, museum shop, antique store, or
mega mall where selection abounds. No matter your preference, they Filled with quaint boutiques, art galleries, antique shops and
await your exploration. trendy restaurants, Brookside is a shopping adventure. Stay for the
evening when it turns into a neon avenue, where crowds enjoy the
unforgettable nightlife.

CHerry STreeT/15TH STreeT DiSTriCT
15th Street east of South Peoria Ave.

“Upscale but not uppity,” is the slogan you hear for this trendy area
that was redeveloped in the early 1980’s. Known for its architecture,
antiques, designer interiors, eclectic shops and fine dining, Cherry
Street seems to cater to every taste. Add the Farmers’ Market on
Saturdays during the growing season, and you have the makings of a
perfect outing.

DOWnTOWn AnD SurrOunDinG
Tulsa’s downtown districts offer unique shops and experiences

for Tulsa visitors. Brady Arts District is home to glass-blown works
of art at the Tulsa Glass Blowing Studio and chocolate creations
from Glacier Chocolatier while one-of-kind Tulsa trinkets are
available at Dwelling Spaces and true Okie tees can be purchased
at BoomTownTees in the Blue Dome District. A true Tulsa treasure is
Lyon’s Indian Store, offering the largest selection of Indian goods and
Oklahoma souvenirs in Tulsa since 1916 on old Route 66. Just outside
of downtown is a one-of-a-kind gallery with adjacent metal shop
featuring sculptures ranging from whimsical figures and funky flowers
to Deva pets and art that hangs.

51st Street & South Sheridan Rd.

A little bit of country in the heart of town, this tree-lined center
features a restored rustic barn and boardwalk-style walks between
shops. More than 40 national, regional, local retailers plus an
assortment of restaurants create a convenient, pleasurable shopping

uTiCA SQuAre
16 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

JenKS, AMeriCA movie theater. This big, but cozy mall is family friendly and features carpeted walkways for
your shopping comfort.
Wander the many antique shops in the
heart of the Jenks downtown district, west SHOPS OF SeVille
of the Arkansas River on South 96th Street. 101st Street & South Yale Ave.
Stroll along RiverWalk Crossing, on the banks
of the Arkansas River, and enjoy the fine This quaint collection of upscale shops
dining, shopping venues, a state-of-the-art invites visitors to explore boutiques for gifts
movie theater, and live entertainment. and home furnishings, dine at a charming
bistro, and discover unique gifts in the trendy
KinGSPOinTe VillAGe shops.
61st Street & South Yale Ave. SOuTHrOADS 41st Street & South Yale Ave.

At this outdoor shopping center, you’ll find Browse to your heart’s content at Barnes &
sporting goods, interior designs, clothing Noble, or catch the latest flick at the AMC 20
and salons. Cap off your day with dinner at movie theaters. Other stores include Sports
Camille’s, McGill’s or Pei Wei. Authority, Ulta and PetCo to name a few.

THe PlAzA TulSA HillS shops and restaurants. Don’t miss out on
81st Street & South Lewis Ave. West 71st Street and U.S. Hwy 75 South the one-of-a-kind shopping experience at Miss Jackson’s, where you’ll find personal
The city’s largest retail development since shoppers, a penthouse spa and fine
A modern, outdoor shopping center, The Woodland Hills Mall opened in the 1970’s goods you can’t get anywhere else. This
Plaza features upscale shops showcasing Tulsa Hills offers 1.5 million square feet of outdoor shopping center features beautiful
clothing, accessories, health and beauty retail space. Shopping there is in full swing landscaping, water fountains, English
products, jewelry, home furnishings, personal already with such stores and restaurants as telephone booths, wrought iron benches and
services and several restaurants. Target, Belk, Lowe’s, PetSmart, Marshalls and Old World tower clocks. After shopping you’ll
Chili’s. love a relaxing meal or snack in this beautiful
PrOMenADe MAll setting.
41st Street & South Yale Ave. uTiCA SQuAre 21st Street & South Utica Ave.
JCPenney, Macy’s and Dillard’s anchor
this spacious shopping mall, which includes A Tulsa original, Utica Square offers a
a variety of specialty shops and a 12-screen variety of upscale local and national retail

71st Street & South Memorial Dr.

Day or night, rain or shine, shopping in
the largest mall in the region is an amazing
experience. Your entire family will enjoy
shopping at Woodland Hills, with more
than 165 specialty shops and four major
department stores: Dillard’s, JCPenney,
Macy’s and Sears. You’ll find even more
choices for whatever it is you need with plenty
of options.


Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 17

Brookside Business Association


Veterinary Hospital

Full-Service Veterinary Care
Serving Brookside Since 1942
3550 S. Peoria - Tulsa, OK • 918-747-1641

18 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

Brookside Business Association

Three Tulsa Locations


3348 S. Peoria Ave. • 918-749-2400

Fabulous selection of fine gifts in all price ranges 9999 S. Mingo, Suite K
918-872-9191 Sunday - Thursday
She will love it! 11 am - 10 pm
“The Mill Shopping Center”
Nielsens – Brookside Nielsens – Plaza 6973 E. 71st St. S. Friday & Saturday
3515 S. Peoria Ave. 8138-A S. Lewis Ave. 918-481-7200 11 am - 10:30 pm

Tulsa, OK Tulsa, OK Catering Available for Special Occasions
918-747-4141 918-298-9700 918-277-6666 •



Electric & Hardware Supply

3647 S. Peoria 918-743-3763
Tulsa, OK 74105

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 19

Tulsa GilCreASe MuSeuM

public art

Walking or driving, you can’t miss the blue DOMe DiSTriCT
amazing works of art that are sure to
enhance your cultural experience in Tulsa.

That’s exactly what some forward thinking ClAyTOn COSS' "in THe TreeS OF THe nATureWOrKS SCulPTureS On
city officials intended in 1969. These officials TulSA: CHAinSAW ArT" riVerSiDe DriVe
passed an ordinance designating one Utica Square Shopping Center and
percent of public construction dollars be set throughout Tulsa Impressive displays of nature adorn
aside for artwork. Riverside Drive thanks to Tulsa’s
You’ll find Coss' chainsaw sculptor talent NatureWorks, a non-profit organization
Ever since, the artistic collection has in the tree trunks around Tulsa, from school dedicated to assisting wildlife conservation
grown and accounts for a large number of yards to city parks to the yards of residents. efforts. Each year, they honor local
outstanding art pieces adorning the city’s He carves mostly oak trees in the Tulsa area, supporters of all things wild and natural
landscape, from the Nature Works outdoor and there are several examples of his work in with a bronze sculpture donated to the
sculptures on Riverside Drive to the latest, the Utica Square Shopping Center at 21st St. City of Tulsa and installed in River Parks.
impressive art collection in the BOK Center. and Utica Ave., including “The Chef” in front One of the latest additions is “Black Mesa
of Williams-Sonoma. But with the recent Muleys,” (near Galveston Ave.) sculpted by
Take some time to explore the artistic ice storm suffered by the city, his treasured artist Daniel Parker. Whether you’re driving,
quality of our city. You’ll find unexpected pieces are seen more and more gracing the walking or biking, these animals enhance
treasures in our Public Art. trunks of once stately old neighborhood your journey. Other works include “Osage
oaks. Coss has “thousands” of carvings Cougar” by Jim Gilmore (near 57th St.),
bOK CenTer ArT COlleCTiOn around Green Country and is nationally “Splashdance” by Robert Ball (near 71st
200 S. Denver St., 918.894.4200 known for his artistic carving ability. St.) and “Bruins’ Riverpark Picnic,” also by Gilmore (at 71st St. and Riverside Dr.).
DAle elDreD’S “THe TulSA TiMe AnD
The gleaming BOK Center houses more liGHT COnTinuuM” AnD “rADiAnT rOSAlinD COOK’S “CelebrATinG THe
than just world-class entertainment acts and rAnGe” ArTS” AT HArWelDen
sports teams, there’s a million dollar-plus art Tulsa Convention Center 2210 S. Main St., 918.584.3333
collection adorning this downtown icon. Five Sixth St. and Houston Ave.
renowned artists, Joe Andoe, Mark Lewis, One of Tulsa’s great artists, Rosalind
father-son team Bill and Demos Glass, and “Continuum” makes the most ephemeral Cook, has created the perfect sculpture to
Kendall Buster have their artwork on display. of seemingly ordinary things with light adorn the home of the Arts & Humanities
The artwork includes a floor medallion, through a self-generated rainbow of Council of Tulsa—a dancing jester complete
paintings and a cloth sculpture. It’s the iridescent tubes, hanging from the ceiling of with a cap, bells and theatrical masks. The
largest collection of public art purchased at the Convention Center. “Radiant Range” is a animated jester is holding a flute, embracing
one time in the city’s history. 100-foot-long stretch of reflective squares on all things musical.
the center’s upper level.

20 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

bOK CenTer

TulSA HiSTOriCAl SOCieTy VinTAGe THe TulSA PerFOrMinG ArTS CenTer World-class exhibitions, a restaurant, gift shop, and
GArDen—THe FiVe MOOnS ArT COlleCTiOn 23 acres of beautiful gardens complete this classic
2335 S. Peoria Ave., 918.712.9484 110 E. Second St., 918.596.7122 Oklahoma attraction. Come experience Philbrook!

Another new addition to the magnificent For one of the most extensive art
art adorning the city, “The Five Moons,” collections this side of a museum, look
was recently installed on the grounds of the no further than the PAC. More than 70
Tulsa Historical Society’s new home. On the individual’s works—paintings, tapestry,
northeast corner of 25th and Peoria, a group prints, sculpture—are home in this
of five larger-than-life-size bronze statues permanent collection. Some of the artists
honor Native Americans and especially represented are Louise Nevelson, Barbara
Oklahoma’s five internationally acclaimed Hepworth, P.S. Gordon, Otto Duecker and
Native American ballerinas: Yvonne Daniel Lang.
Chouteau, Rosella Hightower, Moscelyne
Larkin, Maria Tallchief, and Marjorie Tallchief. Gracing the Williams Green near the
Gary Henson, a Native American himself, PAC at Third and Boston is Jay O’Melia’s
created the five statues. He is already well “Oklahoma Indian Ballerina.” This graceful
known as the artist of “The Great Spirit” work, alive with form and movement, honors
sculpture, located on the southeast corner of Oklahoma’s five Native American ballerinas,
21st and Peoria in Woodward Park. all of whom had a lasting and profound
impact on the dance world in Oklahoma,
the United States and the world. The PAC
also showcases the work of notable Native
American artists like Woody Crumbo, Joan
Hill and Doc Tate Nevaquaya. 918.749.7941

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 21

events trot to


Tulsa is the place to be
for equestrian events
of all kinds.

u.S. ArAbiAn AnD HAlF-ArAbiAn

It should be no surprise that horses and Just about every breed is represented Plus, the Oklahoma Dressage Society
equestrian events are popular in Tulsa. After including Pintos at the Pinto World Schooling Show Champions is competitive
all, it’s not unusual to see horse fanciers and Championship; Quarter horses at the horse training at its finest. Dressage’s
cowboys here in ranching country just about Tulsa Holiday Circuit; Palominos at the fundamental purpose is to develop, through
any time. However, the quality and numbers Palomino Horse Breeders of America World standardized progressive training methods, a
of international and national equestrian Championship Show; Buckskins at the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness
championships held at midtown’s Expo American Buckskin Registry Association to perform. This “ballet” demonstrates the
Square is amazing. World Championship Show; Morgan horses horse’s ability to respond smoothly and
at the Tulsa Summer Classic; Arabians at the gracefully to a skilled rider’s minimal aids.
Expo Square’s multi-use facilities include U.S. Nationals ranked most prestigious North
the newly renovated Pavilion, the new Built American championship at the U.S. Arabian If these shows don’t satisfy all of your
Ford Tough Livestock Complex and the and Half-Arabian Championship Horse equestrian viewing needs, be sure to see
huge QuikTrip Center along with ample free Show; Appaloosas at the National Appaloosa some of the other competitions such as
parking. Event organizers appreciate the and World Championship Appaloosa Youth team roping at the Oil Capitol Stampede and
facilities so much that they continue to book Shows; a variety of breeds at the Breeder’s jumping horses at the Mid-Winter Classic
years in advance. Invitational and Reichert Celebration; and Hunter Jumper Show.
Miniatures at the American Miniature Horse
If you’re an experienced horseman or a Registry Nationals, offering a variety of As you can see, Tulsa IS the place to be
neophyte, you’ll be spending a lot of time classes from showmanship to obstacle for equestrian events of all kinds. Be sure to
enjoying all that’s offered in Tulsa throughout driving. check the event calendar for
the year—whether you fancy watching cutting your favorites.
horses or the miniature variety.

22 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

reiCHerT CelebrATiOn HOrSe SHOW

u.S. ArAbiAn AnD HAlF-ArAbiAn reiCHerT CelebrATiOn HOrSe SHOW


uniVerSiTy OF TulSA FOOTbAll

OrAl rOberTS uniVerSiTy Men'S bASKeTbAll TurKey MOunTAin TrAilS

Tulsa PrOFeSSiOnAl COlleGiATe
The BOK Center and ONEOK Field have The University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts
game on!
created a new stage for professional sports University also offer the best of competitive
Sports play an important in Tulsa while a renovated Tulsa Convention sports on the collegiate level. Throughout
role in the city’s overall Center creates flexible space for hosting an the year, the city hosts numerous regional
quality of life and array of sporting events. and national amateur tournaments in several
entertainment opportunities. sporting categories including baseball,
In Tulsa, there’s always a The Tulsa Drillers have hit their stride in basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer,
game on. their new home at ONEOK Field, celebrating gymnastics and bowling.
more than 100 years of professional baseball
in Tulsa with continued tradition. Enjoy a CArS, HOrSeS, biCyCleS
Friday night game complete with a fireworks Sports also come on four legs in Tulsa
display framed by a gorgeous downtown
Tulsa skyline. with the many national and international
horse exhibitions and shows filling the
The BOK Center plays host to a number calendar at the state-of-the-art Expo Square.
of professional sporting events, including You’ll see just about every breed here, from
the WNBA Tulsa Shock who call the arena Miniatures to Palominos. There are also
home. The Tulsa Oiler hockey team, Central rodeos, barrel racing and calf roping events.
League, also utilizes the multi-use facility, Plus, quarter horse racing at Tulsa’s Fair
transforming the main floor into an ice rink Meadows track is a thrill to watch.
for its match-ups. Don’t forget the number
of events hosted in addition to the regular In other types of racing, there’s also
events, like the NCAA rounds, Bassmaster the four-tire variety with scheduled races
Classic in 2013 and much more. Check out at the Tulsa Raceway Park and Hallett
the schedule at Motor Racing Circuit. In addition, major car
shows call the city home in various venues
Across the street, at the Tulsa Convention throughout the year.
Center, the Tulsa 66ers NBA Development
Basketball Team keeps hometown fans Two wheels compete here, too, when the
entertained. American Bicycle Association BMX Grand

24 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

Nationals ride into the QuikTrip Center at Expo Square over Thanksgiving sportvsenues
weekend, where the largest indoor dirt track in the nation is built to
support approximately 3,000 racers. Spectators are welcome, check out Tulsa’s various sports venues for info. offer opportunities for playing or
watching a wide range of sporting
And if that were not enough, Tulsa is home to the exciting, ever-growing events.
Tulsa Tough, a three-day cycling festival designed to promote fitness and
family fun while showcasing the beautiful city of Tulsa and surrounding all star sports Complex
areas. The event offers professional-level racing, recreational rides, tour 10309 e. 61st st., 918.459.0399
rides, activities for kids, live music and vendors. Cash prizes are awarded
in several categories. Sign up for this year’s race June 8-10 at www. bok Center 200 s. Denver ave., 918.596.7177

Adding even more credence to the sport of bicycling in Tulsa, the city Carl smith sports Complex
recently received the honor of being named a Bicycle Friendly Community east 21st street between 163rd & 177th
by the League of American Bicyclists. east avenue

OuTDOOr ACTiViTieS Donald W. Reynolds Center arena
Tulsans love the great outdoors, and they like sharing all the 11th st. and s. Harvard ave., 918.631.5222

opportunities for the many sports enjoyed outside. Your outdoor adventures expo square Pavilion/Quiktrip Center
will have you discovering many gorgeous parks with running, hiking and 4145 e. 21st st., 918.744.1113
biking trails; bird watching; gardens; playgrounds; sports fields and tennis
courts. Fair Meadows Race track
expo square, 918.743.RaCe
One of the most utilized recreational areas is River Parks (11th Street
to 101st Street along Riverside Drive). Here you can stroll, run, bike or H.a. Chapman stadium
skate along its 20-plus miles of trails on the banks of the Arkansas River 11th st. and s. Gary ave.
and enjoy beautiful scenery and amazing sculptures. There are also
playgrounds, picnic areas, the River SkatePark, a disk golf course, a water Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
park and entertainment at the floating amphitheater. You may even catch a 95501 e. 55 Rd., Jennings, 918.356.4814
glimpse of rowers on the river.
JRP (Junior Raceway Park) speedway
Tulsa’s nearby lakes and recreational areas allow you to expand your 5920 W. 51st st., 918.446.7000
outdoor adventures even more. Several major lakes offer a variety of
activities, ranging from boating, fishing and scuba diving to swimming, oneok Field
camping and waterskiing. 201 n. elgin ave., 918.744.5998

Running is another favorite pastime of Tulsans, with a number of oRu Mabee Center
opportunities year-round for half and full marathons, like the Tulsa Run. Or, 7777 s. lewis ave., 918.495.6000
check out Warrior Dash for an interesting twist on your typical foot race.
sand springs bMX track
HAlleT MOTOr rACinG CirCuiT 2500 s. River City Park Rd., 918.813.2157

savage Park
17200 e. 21st st., 918.610-5767

tulsa Raceway Park
3101 n. Garnett Road, 918.437.7223

union Multipurpose activity Center
6636 s. Mingo Road, 918.461.8622

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 25



When you’re hot you’re hot, and
Tulsa’s gaming scene is definitely
ablaze with excitement.

There’s plenty of variety with several machines, casual and fine dining and free poker and table games; five dining venues
Native American casinos and resorts offering live entertainment. including McGill’s on 19, a fine-dining
everything from Las Vegas-style gambling penthouse restaurant; and six nightclubs and
and luxurious accommodations to fine The two popular Osage Casinos, in Tulsa entertainment venues including the 2,500-
restaurants, big-name live entertainment and and Sand Springs, offer more intimate, seat Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Event Center
championship golfing opportunities. themed settings. These casinos offer and newly opened The Joint, a 45,000
dining options, fast gaming and plenty of square-foot “indoor amphitheater” event
Just step inside the city’s two largest, attractive promotions. And, the star-studded center. Owned by the Cherokee Nation,
newly expanded and reinvented casinos— entertainment is second to none! Hard Rock Hotel and Casino also features
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and River Spirit Center Bar, displaying an 80-foot frozen bar
Casino—and you’ll understand why Tulsa is a Live horse racing heightens the excitement top, and Friction lounge where the nightlife
hot gaming destination. at Expo Square during the Fair Meadows experience is on par with metropolitan
summer meets. Simulcast Racing, featuring clubs with live music, amazing décor and
Gaming, dining and entertainment viewing results at tracks around the country, a terrific dance floor. And speaking of par,
reached new heights in mid-America when also is available at this mid-town racing the adjacent Cherokee Hills Golf Club
The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, owned by destination. championship golf course is one of the
the Cherokee Nation, opened. It continues to finest in the state. The Hard Rock retail
expand, with an additional tower and gaming HArD rOCK HOTel & CASinO TulSA store is stocked with favorite Hard Rock
floor for guests under construction. You’ll 777 West Cherokee Street, Catoosa merchandise and souvenirs. Take a moment
find five dining venues, a metropolitan-style Interstate Hwy 44, Exit 240A to enjoy the many displays of memorabilia
nightclub and four other clubs; a Hard Rock 918.384.7800, 800.760.6700 of famous musicians and rock stars as well
retail store; and 125,000 square feet of non- as the beautiful Native American/Cherokee
stop gaming space. works of art adorning the facility.
As the seventh Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
River Spirit Casino pays tribute to the in the world, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
heritage of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Tulsa boasts Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar 365 days a year.
This $195 million casino, shimmering with & Grill; 350 luxury hotel rooms and suites;
beautiful colors and inviting gaming at more than 125,000-square feet of gaming
every turn, features the latest in high-tech space with 2,300 electronic games and 70

26 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

81st & Riverside - 8330 Riverside Pkwy., South Tulsa
918.995.8518, 800.299.2738 Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs is just 20 minutes from Tulsa and features live
Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing in
One of the largest casinos in Oklahoma, the new and beautiful the spring and fall. There’s also year-round
$195 million River Spirit offers more than 300,000 square feet of simulcast racing, 250 electronic games,
gaming space with 2,750 high-tech machines, 24 table games and the new KOA RV Park and live entertainment
15 poker tables. With four dining venues including the state’s largest Thursday through Saturday at the Dog Iron
buffet and a sports bar, dining options are incredible. Other draws Saloon. We’ve also got ample facilities
include free entertainment, exciting promotions, a prestigious High available to plan your next banquet,
Stakes Lounge and excellent customer service—all within a beautiful meeting or event.
new building. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a

Expo Square, 4145 E. 21st St., 918.743.7223

Site of live horse racing Thurs – Sun, June 13 – August 3, 2012.
Simulcast Racing from tracks around the nation can be viewed in a
state-of-the-art Simulcast Racing & Sports Bar. Closed Thanksgiving
and Christmas. Admission Charge.

On Highway 97, 1.5 miles north of the 129th Avenue West exit, off
Sand Springs Expressway, 918.699.7667

Enjoy a food court, bar and lounge, and more than 500 electronic
gaming devices in this 25,000-square-foot “oilfield” themed casino.
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

951 W. 36th St. North, 918.699.7600

The 47,000-square-foot casino features a “blues and jazz” theme
with 1,000 electronic gaming devices and an entertainment venue
featuring headlining concert acts, amazing shows and high-intensity
sporting events. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days
a year.

Will Rogers Turnpike at Exit 255, Claremore, OK | 918.283.8800 |

Copyright © 2011 Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC. See Guest Services for details. Management reserves all rights. Know your limits. Gambling problem? Call 800.522.4700.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 27
CNENT_16091_WRD_TulsaVisitorsGuide_3_562x9_875_4C_113880.indd 1 11/9/11 11:41 AM

GaminG ∙ dininG ∙ entertainment


conveniently located at 81st & riverside,
river spirit casino is tulsa’s choice for
gaming, dining and entertainment!

• Over 2,600 of the latest electronic games
• The friendliest Poker Room in Oklahoma!
• River Spirit Event Center–Tulsa’s most intimate concert environment
• FREE live entertainment showcasing Tulsa’s best local bands
• Three dining venues
• Sports Bar

81st & riverside | tulsa | (918) 299-8518 |

28 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012



When it comes to golf, Tulsa enjoys a fine

reputation for high-quality, beautifully landscaped lA FOrTune GOlF COurSe

courses. Pack your clubs and head out to any of

our 19 public golf courses or many award-winning

private courses.

Our newest private course is The Patriot Golf Club designed by pre-eminent golf course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr. It joins the ranks of

Tulsa’s prestigious courses including the Southern Hills Country Club, with its Perry Maxwell-designed championship course, one of the premier

clubs in the United States and host of 13 major golf championships. Cedar Ridge Country Club and the SemGroup Championship have been a

part of the Tulsa golf scene for years.

Public Golf Courses

bailey ranch Golf Club emerald Falls Owasso Golf and Athletic Club
10105 Larkin Bailey Blvd., Owasso 30510 E. 63rd St. South, Broken Arrow 13604 E. 84th St., Owasso
918.274.4653 918.266.2600 918.274.4884

battle Creek Golf Club Forest ridge Golf Course Page belcher Golf Course
3200 N. Battlecreek Dr., Broken Arrow 7501 E. Kenosha St., Broken Arrow 6666 S. Union Ave., Tulsa
918.355.4850 918.357.2282 918.446.1529
[email protected]

broken Arrow Golf and Athletic Club laFortune Golf Course Sapulpa Municipal Golf Course
1651 E. Omaha St., Broken Arrow 5501 S. Yale Ave., Tulsa 1200 W. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa
918.355.0602 918.496.6200 918.224.0237

The Canyons at blackjack ridge links Golf & Athletic Club South lakes Golf Course
1801 N. McKinley Ave., Sand Springs 11500 Links Ct., Bixby 9253 S. Elwood Ave., Jenks
918.246.2606 918.369.6055 918.746.3760
Cherokee Hills Golf Club lit’l links Golf Club
1-44 & 193rd East Ave., Catoosa 11915 S. 129th E. Ave., Tulsa White Hawk Golf Club
918.384.7600 918.481.3673 14515 S. Yale Ave., Bixby 918.366.4653

Clary Fields Golf Club Mohawk Park Golf Course The Woods Golf Course
9999 S. 49th West Ave., Sapulpa 5223 E. 41st St. N., Tulsa 11872 S. 274th East Ave., Coweta
918.248.4080 918.425.6871 918.486.3117
Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

The Mother Road

2636 E. 11th St. • Tulsa, OK 74104 We’re on Facebook! Friend us to find out the latest on what’s happening
918.744.5500 at The Campbell Hotel!

Oklahoma’s Cast of Legends A Great Selection of Pecans & Other Assorted
Nuts, Snacks, Homemade Fudge, Jams &
Located on Historic Route 66 Jellies, Cookies, Gourmet Coffee & a Gift
300+ Antique & Collectible Dealers Shop Featuring Route 66 Souvenirs.
World Class Museums • Great Accommodations
26677 S Highway 66 • Claremore, OK 74019
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World’s Largest Private Firearms Collection • 12 galleries of his life & times Free Local Calls
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 Western and Native American items • Activity-filled Children’s Museum Weekly Rates Available
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__1_7_2_0__W_._W_i_ll_R_o_g_e_r_s _B_lv_d_. MEMORIAL Located on Historic Rt 66
On historic Route 66 in downtown Claremore. Birthplace Ranch in Oologah MUSEUMS Just 5 Miles From Downtown
5th & J. M. Davis Blvd.
9501 E. 380 Rd. Tulsa And The Airport


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Annual Tabouleh Festival and 5K Wildflower Run Labor Day Weekend - Chamber of Commerce
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Inset 1 33 106th St. N.
96th St. N.
7 2092 30 86th St. N.
5 46 76th St. N.
66th St. N. 56
15 56th St. N. 65
MTTA 126
Station 32


39 6 46th St. N. 24

107 64 40 31 Mingo Valley Expwy 27

Denver Ave.91 86 36th St. N.

127 Apache St. Cherokee Expwy Gilcrease Expwy 78


67 57th W. Ave. 14 Newton St. Tisdale Pkwy Pine St. Sheridan Rd. 84
94 Admiral Blvd. 56 113 9
108 Edison St. 105 M.L. King Jr. Expwy 119 99
12 33rd W. Ave. 13 89
25th W. Ave. 1 1 177 In
68 11th St. S. 100
87 12515th St. S.
21st St. S. 111
Arkansas River 82 10 45 Broken

28 16
65th W. Ave. Southwest Blvd. 54 Arrow Expwy 92
49th W. Ave. Riverside Dr. 18
Peoria Ave.26 31st St. S.
Utica Ave. 41st St. S.
41st St. SS.o1u0t6hwest Blvd. 93 44 94 (County Line)
61st St. S.
85 79 114 116 83 50
Skelly Dr. 96 115
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Turner Turnpike118 36 89 161st. E. Ave.(Elm Pl.) 193rd E. Ave.
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Union Ave. 11 53 41 (Washington)
Frankoma Rd. 43 42 91 Garnett Rd.
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86 123 Mingo Rd.

34 Hilton Rd. 69 969th3St. S. Creek Turnpike 121 (New Orleans)
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95 Louisville 76

109 (Florence) 86

111th St. S. E. 1
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Peoria Ave. Inset Expedition
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S. Louisville
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Pavilionn Expedition
Arena Oklahoma Ford
2 Dealers Barn
ExCcehnatnegr e

98 151st St. S. 70 EXPO SQUARE

QuikTrip Center

Gate 13 2 Gate 13

Golden Driller

30 2010 Tulsa Visitors Guide


1 AATleTxRanAdCrTeIHOoNgSue Gallery of Art 26 PPhhiillbbrrooookkMMuusseeuummooffAArrtt 82 OOSSUUCCoollleleggeeooffOOsstteeooppaatthhiicc MMeeddiicciinnee
26 82
RReeddbbuudd VVaalllleeyy NNaattuurree PPrreesseerrvvee OOSSUUTTuullssaa**
316 AAlmexearnicdar’se IHnocgreudeibGlealPleirzyzaof Art 27 RRiivcehraWrdessotnFeAsstiiavnalAPrat rMk useum 3 OOUUTTuullssaaSScchhuusstteerrmmaann CCeenntteerr
36 ACmomerpicaan’ys Incredible Pizza 27 3
46 CAonmdypaBn’syRiverlanes
Verdigris River 4368 AAnrkdaynBsa’ssRRiivveerrlaMnuesseum at Tulsa Port 88 83
28 83
of Catoosa
38 Arkansas River Museum at Tulsa Port 28 RRiivveerrWSpeisrtitFCeasstiivnaol Park 21 OOrraall RRoobbeerrttss UUnniivveerrssiittyy
2 oBfigCaStpoloassah Water Park+ 11 21
23 BBilgacSkpSlaesthtleWrsa:tPericPtoarrika+l Exhibit*
38 BBlOacKkCSeentttelerr*s: Pictorial Exhibit* 11 RRoivueter S6p6irTitraCnasspinoortation Village 84 SSppaarrttaann SScchhooooll ooff AAeerroonnaauuttiiccss
86 BBOoKstoCnenAtveern*ue Methodist Church* 93 84
64 BBoosutnocneAUvenue Methodist Church*
45 BBoraudnyceTUheatre* 93 SRhoeurtwe i6n6MTirlalenrsMpourstaetuiomn Village 85 TTuullssaa CCoommmmuunniittyyCCoollleleggee((44))
57 BCraaidny’sTBhaellartoroe*m* 29 85

38 29 oSfhJeerwwiisnhMAirllter Museum 86 TTuullssaa TTeecchhnnoollooggyy CCeenntteerr ((44))
76 Sopf iJrietwBaisnhkAErvtent Center 86
TTuullssaa WWeellddiinngg SScchhooooll
76 TShpeiraittrBeanNkorEtvhe*nt Center 87 UUnniivveerrssitityyooffTTuulslsaa
30 87

30 TTuhlseaatrAeirN&orSthp*ace Museum 1
31 1

32 T&ulPsalaAnerttaDrieucmo District Downtown*
Will Rogers Turnpike McClellan-Kerr 32 TTuullssaa CAortnDveenctoioDnisCterinctteDr*owntown* 56 BBaaiilleeyyRRaanncchh GGoollff CClluubb
Navigation System 33 56 BBaattttllee CCrreeeekk GGoollff CClluubb

879 CCairincl’se BCainlleromoam* 33 TTuullssaa GCaorndveenntCioenntCere,nTtuerls*a 57 BBrrookkeenn AArrrrooww GGoollff &&AAtthhlleettiicc CClluubb
8190 CCirrecelek CCionuenmcail Oak Tree 35 57
1900 CDraeveek&CoBuunscteilr’Osak Tree
9102 DDaisvceo&veBryulsatnedr’!s’s Oklahoma! 35 RTuoslseaGGaarrddeenn, CLeinnnteare,uTsulGsaarden 58
122 DEixspcoovSeqruylaarned+ !’s Oklahoma! 35 TRuolssae HGiasrtdoerinc,aLl iSnoncaieeutys Garden 58
22 EExxppooSSqquuaarree+Pavilion+ CChheerrookkeeee HHiillllssGGoolflfCClulubb
101 425 ETxhpeoFSraqnukarHeoPmaeviblioynB+ruce Goff 35 TTuullssaa PHeisrftoorrmicianlgSAocrtisetCyenter* 9 CCllaarryyFFiieellddssGGoolflfCClulubb
31st Ct. 1334 GFararndkeonmDaevPaotStecruylpture 37 9

31st St. S. 1143 GGialcrrdeeanseDeMvausSecuumlpture 37 TTuullssaa PPoerrtfoorfmCiantgooAsrtas Center* 59 EEmmeerraalldd FFaallllss
38 59
nset 3 124 GGoillcdreenasDeriMlleurs+eum
38 TTuullssaa SPpoorttloigfhCt aTthoeoastare* 73 FFoorreesstt RRiiddggee GGoollff CCoouurrssee
79th E. Ave. 39 73
33rd St. S.
Memorial Dr. 39 TTuullssaa ZSopootalingdhtLTivhinegatrMe*useum 60 HHaalllleetttt MMoottoorrRRaacciinngg CCiirrccuuiitt
40 60

40 VTaunlsaTrZeoaoseanPderLfoivrminigngMAurstesuCmenter 94 LLaaFFoorrttuunnee GGoollff CCoouurrssee
41 94

41 WVaanlteTrreAarstes PCeernfotermr aint gHoAlrlatsnCd eHnatellr 61 LLiinnkkss GGoollff &&AAtthhleletticicCClulubb
42 61

MTTA 42 Walter Arts Center at Holland Hall 62 LLiitt’’ll LLiinnkkss GGoollffCClulubb
Transit 62
86 63
63 MMoohhaawwkk PPaarrkk GGoollff CCoouurrssee

32 GGroelednewnoDordillCeru+ltural Center* SSHHOOPPPPININGGCCENENTETRESRS& & 64
OOwwaassssoo GGoollff &&AAtthhlleettiicc CClluubb
209th E. Ave. 93 HGarredenRwoocokdHCotuelltu&raCl aCseinnoterT*ulsa DdIISSTTRRIICCTTSS 65
Creek Turnpike 65
PPaaggee BBeellcchheerr GGoollff CCoouurrssee
225th E. Ave. 196 HHaarrwdeRldoecnk Hotel & Casino Tulsa 4466 BBrraadyy DDiissttrriicctt SShhooppss 66
241st E. Ave. 66
257th E. Ave.
73 1176 HHealrlewreTldheenatre 4444 BBrrooookkssiiddee 67 TThhee CCaannyyoonnss aatt BBllaacckk JJaacckkRRiiddggee
60 SSaappuullppaa MMuunniicciippaallGGoolflfCCoouurrssee
1197 KHaelleleidroTshceoaptereChildren’s Museum 4455 CChheerrrryy SSttrreeet 68
MuskogeeTurnpike 68
SSoouutthh LLaakkeess GGoollff CCoouurrssee
1189 LKaasleeirdQosuceospt e Children’s Museum 4488 JJeenks, America 69
WWhhiittee HHaawwkk GGoollff CClluubb
2108 LLiavsinegr QAurtessot f Tulsa* 4499 KKiinnggssPPooinintteeVVililalaggee 70
TThhee WWooooddss GGoollff CCoouurrssee
2210 MLiavbinege ACretsntoefrTulsa* 6600 SSoouutthhRRooaaddss 71
AAllllSSttaarr SSppoorrttss CCoommpplleexx
231 MMaabbeeleBCLeintttleer Heritage House* 5511 SShhooppssooff SSeevviillele 74
CCaarrll SSmmiitthh SSppoorrttss CCoommpplleexx
931 OMsaabgeel CBaLsiitntloe—HeTruitlasgae House* 5522 TThhee Farm 75
OOnneeOOKK FFiieelldd++
2921 OOssaaggee CMaislliinoon—DoSlalanrdESlmpr—ingTsulsa 5533 TThhee Pllaaza 92
FFaaiirr MMeeaaddoowwss RRaaccee TTrraacckk++
15th Street 2232 OOkslaagheomMaillAioqnuaDroiullmar Elm 4477 TTuullssaa HHiillsls 2
6 Gate 7 Tulsa County 15 OCkalsaihnoom—aSJaanzdz SHparllinogf sFame* 5500 TTuullssaa PPrroommeenade 2
Gate 7A Health Dept. 5544 UUttiiccaa SSqquuaarree MMiicchhaaeell DD.. CCaassee TTeennnniiss CCeenntteerr
71 5555 WWooooddllaannddHHiillsls 1
Drillers 1
33 LLaannggsstton UUnniivveerrssiittyy**
23 OORkUlahPoramyaerATqouwareirum& Willard Elsing 8811 NNoorrtthheeaastern Statee UUniversity— 77 Donald W. Reynolds Center
21 77 Donald W. Reynolds Center
Explorer SuEpxperloDreurty BBrrookkeen Arrow
Barn Barn 15 MOkulsaehuomma Jazz Hall of Fame* 77 HH..AA.. CChhaappmmaann SSttaaddiiuumm
Mustang Explorer Super Duty 2241 OOxRleUyPNraatyuerreTCowenetre&r Willard Elsing TTuullssaa RRaacceewwaayy PPaarrkk
Arena Arena Arena 25 PMeurrsyemuman Wrangler Ranch 78
24 (OgrxoleuypsNaotnulrye) Center 78
Ford Ford Truck Central Central Fair Meadows Fair Meadows 79 JRP Speedway
Truck Exhibit Park Park Grandstand Race Track
Arena Hall Hall S. Ya le Avenue
79 JRP Speedway
80 UUnniioonnMMuultlitpipuurprpoosseeAAcctitvivitiytyCCeennteterr
Simulcast 25 Perryman Wrangler Ranch 80 SSaavvaaggee PPaarrkk
Racing (groups only)
2 72
* See Inset 1 + See Inset 2 72

80 2 * See Inset 1 + See Inset 2
ACCO MMODATIONS : Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, RV campgrounds see p. 55–61
Big Splash Water Park

Gate 12 ACCOmmOdATIONS: Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, RV campgrounds see p. 25–29
VISITORS INFORMATION : Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Williams Center Tower II,
E. 21st Street ? TVTwwISooIWWTO.. SSReeSccooInnNddFSSOtt.R.,,mPPlalAazTzaaILOLeNevve:elT,l,uCOlhskealraoChkooenemveNanaTttoiioounnriW&smeVlcIinsoifmtoorermsCaBetinuotrneeraC:uIe-,n4Wt4eirl&:liIa1-m6441ssC&t eE1na6tse1trsATtvoEewa.seCtraAItIov,oes.2a010 Tulsa Visitors Guide


Green Country

Tulsa is the heart of Green Country, where WOOlArOC lODGe
Northeast Oklahoma’s treasures are hidden
in rolling hills and small towns. Discover
history, culture and more with these day trip
excursions outside of Tulsa.


While there is so much to see and do in Or step inside a museum honoring Be sure to take in the beautiful scenery –
Tulsa, the nearby communities within an easy Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers. A from waving prairie grasslands to lush Ozark
drive offer their own mix of interesting things visit to the weekend homestead of an oil foothills – as you discover hill-top wineries,
to enjoy while visiting Green Country. Take a baron finds you marvelling at the Western gorgeous parks, sparkling lakes and clear
day trip and let the discoveries continue. art collection amassed inside a museum or streams.
delighting at the exotic and native animals
Your adventures will uncover unbelievable grazing nearby. Here are some suggestions for your day-
finds, like Frank Lloyd Wright’s only trip adventures, trips you’ll be able to make
skyscraper, a historic oil well and a true tall History was made here, and the many in a day, garnering memories that will last a
grass prairie complete with roaming bison. museums and historic sites pay tribute to lifetime.
Traverse the lands of the Cherokees, Creeks those of diverse cultures who first ventured
and Osages and take a spin on America’s into an unsettled land.
Main Street – Route 66.

34 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012


From Kansas City, MO ............................249 mi
From Dallas, TX .......................................263 mi
From Wichita, KS ....................................176 mi
From Little Rock, AR ...............................276 mi
From Amarillo, TX....................................364 mi
From Joplin, MO .....................................114 mi
From St. Louis, MO .................................404 mi

po box 52002 • oklahoma city, ok 73152-2002

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 35

AheAd.OppOrtunity TAHleQuAH
A little over an hour outside Tulsa is one of the most historically
Online, On-Campus or
Accelerated Programs significant cities west of the Mississippi. Home to the Cherokee
Heritage Center, here you can see the Cherokee National Museum, the
Adult Degree Programs Trail of Tears exhibit, the Cherokee National Archives and the Tsa-La-
» Criminal Justice Gi Ancient Village. Tahlequah also includes the Murrell Home and the
» Health Care Administration Thompson House. From gourds and reeds to river cane and simply
» Human & Family Sciences the earth beneath their feet, the Cherokee people have found vast
» Organizational Leadership and beautiful ways to utilize the natural resources available to them
to create art. Artists today are utilizing both traditional methods and
Graduate Programs newer, more modern art forms to capture Cherokee life and history.
» Nursing
» Business Administration bArTleSVille
» Accounting Less than an hour away you’ll find a town whose oil-rich heritage,
» Computer Science
» Natural Sciences Native American history and cowboy culture combine to create an
interesting vibe. Bartlesville is home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s only
skyscraper, the Price Tower. Now an Inn and Arts Center, this 19-story
glass and copper wonder was dubbed “the tree that escaped
the crowded forest.” Also in Bartlesville is Johnstone Park, where
Oklahoma’s first oil well was drilled in 1897. Several area museums
and historic homes highlight the region: the Frank Phillips home, La
Quinta Foster Mansion, Bartlesville History Museums and the Phillips
Petroleum Company Museum.

Enter Claremore the historical way via Route 66, the “Mother Road.”

Known for its many museums Claremore is home to the Will Rogers
Memorial Museum, built in 1938. The Will Rogers Memorial Museum
features personal belongings and a movie auditorium dedicated to the
beloved cowboy humorist’s movies. The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical

36 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

Museum is another can’t-miss destination, fishing lakes in the entire state. Pryor is home along this route. Built in 1929, the stage has
with musical instruments, steins, guns, knives to Rocklahoma, attracting music fans from held stars like Will Rogers, Bob Hope, Sally
and saddles whose intricate designs speak to around the world, and featuring internationally Rand and Groucho Marx. Miami is also home
a different era of art. recognized performers and DAM J.A.M. to a number of casinos, like Buffalo Run and
Bicycle Tour. Other attractions include Dry Downtstream, in addition to the Dobson
WOOlArOC Gulch U.S.A. and Coo-Y-Yah Museum, home Museum, Twin Bridges State Park, Route 66
Hidden away in the rugged Osage Hills to Cherokee and Osage Indian artifacts, art Motorcycle Museum and the top-rated Peoria
and local history items. Ridge Golf Course.
of Northeastern Oklahoma, Woolaroc was
established in 1925 as the ranch retreat of GrAnD lAKe O’ THe CHerOKeeS JenKS
oilman Frank Phillips. The ranch is a 3,700 Smaller towns like Grove or Disney offer Just across the river from Tulsa is Jenks,
acre wildlife preserve, home to many species
of native and exotic wildlife, such as bison, charming shops, restaurants, entertainment a riverfront attraction with small-town charm
elk and longhorn cattle. Woolaroc is also a and numerous attractions. Home of the 2013 and big-time entertainment value. The
museum with an outstanding collection of Bassmaster Classic, Grand Lake offers some Oklahoma Aquarium brings the ocean and
western art and artifacts, Native American of the best fishing in the region, while also its marine life to America’s heartland with the
material, one of the finest collections of Colt boasting areas of the lake perfect for boating, largest bull sharks in captivity held in a walk-
firearms in the world, and so much more. skiing, wakeboarding, snorkelling and much through tank. You’ll also find sea creatures
more. Camping on the shoreline or holed up in like octopi, piranhas, sting rays and much
brOKen ArrOW a beautiful cottage on the bluffs, Grand Lake more. The Ozark stream exhibit is home to
In Broken Arrow, you discover a city with has just what your getaway needs. giant catfish, beavers and plenty of interesting
details of our local water habitats.
the tranquil atmosphere of a small community MiAMi
while offering a variety of cultural, shopping Just up the road from Grand Lake is Miami, OKMulGee
and sporting opportunities. It is close to a South of Tulsa is the historical town of
variety of attractions, lakes and rivers. You’ll home to the longest stretch of Historic Route
enjoy its many fine restaurants and shopping 66. Thirteen miles ribbon through the town Okmulgee, home to the Creek Council House
venues and discover why it was named one of in Ottawa County. The Coleman Theatre is Museum, the seat of government for the
the “Best Places to Live in America” by Money
Magazine. Home to Bass Pro Shops and a Pick Your PassiMonUinSKOGEE
growing complex of shopping and dining,
it’s been a hotbed for sports and outdoor
activities in recent years. The fast-growing
suburb boasts hiking trails, a nature park and
nine public and private golf courses.

MuSKOGee Oklahoma River Rumba
A destination for history, art, nature, Music Hall of August

shopping and entertainment. Native American Fame
history lives at the Ataloa Lodge & Museum
and the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, housing Motorcycle Ride
artifacts and art of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Guides Available
Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. Check out
the U.S.S. Batfish, a retired naval submarine Dirt Track Native American USS Batfish & OK Renaissance
that is the cornerstone of the adjacent military Races History & Art War Memorial Festival - May
museum. In April, visit the popular Azalea
Festival and in September, the small town of www.muskogeecha
Rentiesville, just outside of Muskogee, hosts
the Annual Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival over
Labor Day Weekend.

Surrounded by lakes, parks, waterfalls and

stunning views in the foothills of the Ozark
Mountains, Pryor is yet another destination
for outdoor activity. Lake Hudson is less than
10 minutes away and boasts one of the best

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 37

Muscogee (Creek) Nation. This solid, two-story, sandstone structure PHOTO BY GREEN COUNTRY MARKETING ASSOCIATION
houses an extensive collection of documents, murals, paintings and
artifacts of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Enjoy a stroll to the historic
downtown, an official “Great American Main Street” winner. Take time
for shopping, antique hunting, dining and browsing of the historical

Gateway to the Nature Conservancy’s 39,000 acre Tallgrass

Prairie, Pawhuska is located on a mere fraction of the original 142
million acres that spanned the entire center of the country. A large
herd of bison still graze the lands where covered wagons crossed
over a century ago. This Osage county community, just over an
hour northwest of Tulsa, is home to the Osage Nation. Their history
extends back a millennia and is woven into a contemporary fabric of
rich tribal culture. Pawhuska is known for the Cavalcade, the world’s
largest amateur rodeo; the Osage Million Dollar Elm Tree, where
oilmen like Getty, Phillips and Sinclair convened to bid on auctioned
oil and gas leases; and the Immaculate Conception Church, that
glistens with stunning cobalt blue stained glass windows imported
from Germany almost a century ago. Pawhuska is also home to the
Drummond Ranch, where Ree Drummond “cooks-up-a-storm” as
HGTV’s Pioneer Woman. The city’s quaint downtown is complete
with shops, dining and the Historic Constantine Theatre.


THE juNe 2 2 – July 28, 2012

PRESENTS Friday & Saturday Nights

A DynAmic new DrAmA
PresenteD by the Picture in scriPture

AmPhitheAter, Disney, OklAhOmA
PrODucers Of “the mAn whO rAn”


fOr reserVAtiOns NEW!

c All 1-918-435-8207

38 Elijah Ad 11_1T9u_ls1a1.iVnidsdito1r’s Guide — 2012 11/23/11 5:37 PM


Tours: Wed-Sat 10-5 • Last tour at 4 pm
Director’s Tour: Wed, Th, Fri 9 am
1107 S. Cherokee, Bartlesville, OK


918-542-4435 BROKEN ARROW for additional concerts/special performances/events. Broken Arrow Convention & Visitors Bureau
866.503.7081 • 918.259.6512

• 15 Attractions • State’s Largest Municipal owhperpeortunity

• 13 Area Casinos Swimming Pool LIVES.

• 1 Hour Northeast of Tulsa • Home to NEO A&M College

• Exciting Concerts & Events • Special Discounts for Groups

• 8 Hotels • New Coleman Theatre Ballroom

• Oklahoma’s Capital for for Special Events

Spoonbill Fishing

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 39



PrAyer TOWer, OrAl rOberTS uniVerSiTy

Tulsa’s attractions are many and varied,
truly something for everyone.

Take a relaxing stroll along the River Parks trails, search for the wild Explore our history at some of the finest museums in the United
things at America’s favorite Tulsa Zoo, be amazed by the sea creatures States then experience the Tulsa culture for yourself at the shops,
at the Oklahoma Aquarium, breathe in the beauty of 15,000 azaleas restaurants, venues and nightlife found throughout our many popular
and 9,000 roses at Woodward Park and Philbrook Museum Gardens, entertainment districts. Whatever you enjoy, you’re sure to find it here.
or simply delight in the beautiful displays of gardening techniques at Let the exploring begin!
the Linnaeus Teaching Garden.

40 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

AleXAnDre HOGue and archeology. You’ll enjoy the brADy THeATer
GAllery OF ArT photographic archive, waterway 105 W. Brady St.
2935 E. Fifth St. memorabilia, the Native American 918.582.7239
918.631.2739 artifacts collected along the Arkansas River, and a motorized model of a lock
View traveling contemporary art and dam. Open M–F, 8a–4:30p. Closed Completed in 1914, the Brady Theater
collections and works by local artists weekends and all major holidays. Call was originally designed to serve as
in this gallery in Phillips Hall on the two weeks ahead for group tours. the city’s Municipal Auditorium and
University of Tulsa campus. Open was listed on the National Register of
August through June, M–F, 8:30a–4:30p. biG SPlASH WATer Historic Places in 1979. A sampling of
Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor PArK performers who have graced the Brady
Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 4707 E. 21st St. stage include Tony Bennett, Chicago,
918.749.7385 Roy Clark, John Conlee, Earl Thomas
All STAr Conley, Al Green, Merle Haggard, Buddy
SPOrTS Some of the coolest fun under Tulsa’s Holly, B.B. King, and U2, just to name
COMPleX sun is to be found at Big Splash Water a few. Today, “the Old Lady on Brady”
10309 E. 61st St. Park. The spacious park includes seven- continues to be used for a wide variety
918.459.0399 story-tall water slides, an exciting wave of concerts and theatrical productions. pool, float rides and a children’s pool.
Slug it out in the batting cages, tee up Open daily Memorial Day through Labor CAin’S bAllrOOM
at miniature golf at Gilligan’s Island, or Day; M–Th, 10a–6p; F–Sa, 10a–8p; Sun, 423 N. Main St.
give your thumbs a workout in the video 12–6p. Admission charge. 918.584.2306
arcade. Baseball and softball lessons,
camps and tournaments are available. “blACK SeTTlerS: THe
Open year-round. Activity charge. SeArCH FOr THe Located in what is known as the
Seasonal hours, closed major holidays. PrOMiSeD lAnD” Brady District, Cain’s Ballroom has been
M – Thur., 11a – 9p; Fri., 11a – 10p; Sat., Oklahoma State a popular nightspot in Tulsa since the
9a – 10p; Sun., noon – 8p. University—Tulsa, 700 N. 1920’s—especially for Country Western
Greenwood Ave., Hall 157, B.S. Roberta aficionados during its early years.
AnDy b’S TulSA Room, 918.594.8239 Often referred to as the Carnegie Hall
8711 S. Lewis of Country Western music, it was here
918.299.9494 This permanent photographic exhibit/ that Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys documentary project chronicles the unveiled their Western Swing music,
League bowling, glo-ball bowling, go- migration of black settlers to Oklahoma performing such hits as “San Antonio
kart tract, parties packed with fun and and their contributions to the Tulsa Rose” and “Take Me Back to Tulsa.”
food, and Oklahoma’s largest pro shop. community. M–F, 7a – 10p; Sat., Sun., 7a Other music legends who performed at
It’s all at Andy B’s, offering a safe place – 6p. Closed major holidays. Cain’s back in the good ole days include
for children of all ages to enjoy bowling. Hank Williams, Earnest Tubb, Tennessee
M – T, 9a – midnight; F- Sat., 9a – 2a; bOSTOn AVenue Ernie Ford, Patsy Cline, and Hank
Sun., noon – midnight. uniTeD MeTHODiST Thompson.
ArKAnSAS riVer 1301 S. Boston Ave. Thousands of couples have danced the
HiSTOriCAl SOCieTy 918.583.5181 night away on the truck-spring loaded
MuSeuM AnD wooden dance floor. Performers from
OKlAHOMA MAriTiMe With its distinctive 15-story tower many genres continue to play to sell-out
eDuCATiOnAl CenTer reaching heavenward, Boston Avenue crowds as this Tulsa icon retains its place
AT THe TulSA POrT OF CATOOSA United Methodist Church is an exquisite of prominence in Tulsa. Now the music
5350 Cimarron Rd., Catoosa, example of Art Deco architecture. is as varied as the guest artists and their
918.266.2291 Completed in 1929, the building was audiences. M–F, 10a–12p & 1–4p. designed by Dr. Adah Robinson to be
A port in Tulsa? You bet. The Tulsa “a sermon stone.” After approval of CHerOKee HiSTOry
Port of Catoosa is one of the largest, her original conception by the church’s TOur
most inland river ports in the United building committee, Robinson chose a 777 W. Cherokee St.,
States. The port is located at the former student, Bruce Goff, to translate Catoosa
head of the 445-mile McClellan-Kerr her design into architectural drawings. 877.779.6977
Arkansas River Navigation System that Soon after its completion, the building
links Tulsa with foreign ports by way of gained worldwide acclaim. It was placed This tour includes stops at the
the Mississippi River and Port of New on the National Register of Historic Cherokee Heritage Center and Museum,
Orleans. Places, and in 1999 was designated which houses the Trail of Tears exhibit;
The Arkansas River Historical Society a National Historical Landmark. M–F, an Ancient Village; and Adam’s Corner
Museum offers a wealth of history of the 8:30a–4:45p; Sun, 8a–12p. Guided Rural Village. Guests will also visit the
navigation system along with regional tours available weekdays by advance Murrell Home, the only antebellum
benefits of the waterway, steamboat reservation or every Sunday after the 11 plantation home left in Oklahoma.
lore, cargo shipped on the waterway a.m. service. Closed major holidays and Visitors will enjoy Tahlequah, the capital
Monday after Easter. city of the great Cherokee Nation, while
touring historic properties including the
National Supreme Court Museum and
Cherokee National Jail.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 41

outdoors—to enjoy this classic
performance, complete with thundering
horses, wagons, cowboys and ranchers—
and of course, a surrey with the fringe on

A national cast of professional singers
and dancers perform this immortal
musical masterpiece which created
such a sensation at the movies and
with its recent revival on Broadway. Call
for reservations in advance. Tickets
can be purchased at the gate prior to
performance if available. June–Aug.,
Tues.–Sat. Admission charge.

GilCreASe MuSeuM eXPO SQuAre
4145 E. 21st St.,
CHerOKee OlD SeTTler John Ross signed allegiance to the 918.744.1113
TOur Confederate States. Visitors will then
777 W. Cherokee St., tour Fort Gibson Historic Site to learn Midtown’s Expo Square is an attraction
Catoosa the history of the Fort during the War in itself, with the 76-foot Golden Driller
877.779.6977 Between the States as it changed hands poised at its entrance inviting all to several times between the troops; and experience any of the 400 exciting events
This tour revisits a time before the Honey Springs Battle Site, the location held here every year.
Cherokee Removal, or the Trail of Tears, of the largest battle in Indian Territory, The Tulsa State Fair with its Oklahoma
when a group of Cherokees willingly where the Union beat the Confederacy in Sugar Art Show; Fair Meadows horse
relocated to Arkansas beginning in 1808 the turning point of the Civil War in Indian racing and simulcast; Big Splash Water
and then to Indian Territory in 1828. Territory. Park; and countless national and
Visitors will tour Sequoyah’s Cabin State international horse shows all call Expo
Park, Tahlonteeskee Courthouse, Dwight CyruS AVery Square home.
Mission and the Fort Gibson Historic Site. CenTenniAl PlAzA Expo Square’s QuikTrip Center, one of
Southwest Blvd. and the world’s largest clear span buildings,
CirCle CineMA Riverside Dr. (East of the offers 350,000 square feet of column-
10 S. Lewis Ave. Arkansas River) Only 3.5 miles from the Tulsa Zoo
918.585.3504 Near downtown at Southwest Boulevard and Riverside Drive, visitors Call us for your catering needs
Step inside this beautifully restored, can pay homage to the famed Chicago- 902 South Sheridan Road • Tulsa, OK • 918-835-7988
historic cinema and you’ll feel a renewed to-Los Angeles “Mother Road” at the
sense of the importance of film to the Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza named
human experience. Enjoy documentaries, after a former county commissioner who
independent and foreign films along with is known as the father of the Mother
special events and film festivals. Road. The plaza will soon feature “East
Meets West,” a larger-than-life bronze
CiVil WAr HiSTOry sculpture by artist Robert Summers
TOur depicting the Avery family riding in a
777 W. Cherokee St., Model T as it encounters a horse-drawn
Catoosa carriage on its way from the west Tulsa
877.779.6977 oil fields.
This tour begins with a visit to historic DiSCOVerylAnD! uSA
Capitol Square in Tahlequah where 19501 W. 41st St., five miles
guests learn of Confederate Brigadier west of state highway 97 on
General Stand Watie’s march through W. 41st St., Sand Springs
town, burning the Cherokee government 918.245.OKLA
buildings as he went. Guests will visit
the Murrell Home, the only antebellum Welcome to the National Home of the
plantation home left in Oklahoma and award-winning musical “Oklahoma!” by
one of the few in the area to survive Rodgers and Hammerstein. Performed
the fires of the Civil War. Visitors will during the summer at Discoveryland’s
also see the room in the Murrell Home 1500-seat outdoor amphitheater,
where Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Oklahoma! was designated a “National
Treasure” by InStyle Magazine. What a
perfect location—the great Oklahoma

42 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

free event space under a cable-suspended roof that lights up
at night. The historic 1932 Pavilion, renowned for its colorful
Art Deco architecture, is the Center’s crown jewel. Ask it to
transform from an ice surface to a basketball court, to a concert
stage, and it easily obliges.

GilCreASe MuSeuM
1400 N. Gilcrease Museum Rd.
918.596.2700, 888.655.2278
One of the country’s finest facilities for the preservation, study
and appreciation of American art and history, Gilcrease Museum
is a national treasure. Housing more than 10,000 paintings,
drawings, prints and sculptures by 400 artists from colonial
times to the present, Gilcrease has the world’s largest and most
comprehensive collection of art of the American West.
Visitors from around the world are drawn to Gilcrease,
the former home of oil baron Thomas Gilcrease, nestled in
the hills overlooking the city. They come for the permanent
exhibits of American art and sculptures including works by
Remington, Russell, Catlin and Moran. They also come to view
the unparalleled collection of Native American art and artifacts,
historic manuscripts, documents and maps. In addition, many
traveling exhibits are also offered.
The beautiful facility is adorned with acres of exquisitely
themed gardens, walking paths and picnic areas. More than
160 acres of the museum’s complex have been left in its natural
state. Throughout the year, Gilcrease is an active part of the
community, offering tours, workshops, musical events and
lectures. When you visit, you’ll see why Gilcrease is referred to as
the “The Museum of the Americas”. Tu–Sun, 10a–5p. Public tours
daily at 2p. Closed Christmas Day. Admission charge.

HArWelDen MAnSiOn
2210 S. Main St.
Harwelden reflects the elegance of the early 1920's with its
unique detail and majestic style. The mansion rests in elegant
splendor against rolling hills overlooking the Arkansas River.
Harwelden was first listed on the National Register of Historic
Places in 1978, and is the only example of Collegiate English
Gothic Tudor in Tulsa. The house was built for oilman Earl Palmer
Harwell and his wife Mary. It has been the home of the Arts &
Humanities Council of Tulsa since 1967. Tours of the house are
available by appointment only.

JOHn HOPe FrAnKlin reCOnCiliATiOn
415 N. Detroit Ave., 918.295.5009
A heart-stirring memorial of a trying portion of Tulsa’s history,
the JHF Reconciliation Park was built in commemoration of the
1921 Tulsa Race Riot, one of the worst civic disturbances in
American history.
Focusing mainly on African American history in Tulsa and the
Tulsa Race Riot, the park contains Hope Plaza, a 16-foot granite
structure with three bronze sculptures depicting actual pictures
from the 1921 riot. Titled Hostility, Humiliation and Hope,
the three sculptures visually articulate the day’s events with
unimaginable emotion.
The Tower of Reconciliation at the center of the park is a
25-foot memorial tower that displays the early struggles of
Oklahoma Territory with African American and Native American
immigration and migration, Civil War battles, statehood and the
lively history of Black Wall Street in Greenwood.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 43

CHilDren’S MuSeuM 115 W. 5th St. OF FAMe—THe JAzz
6202 S. Sheridan Rd. 918.582.6296 DePOT
918.340.5252, 866.587.5173 111 E. 1st St. 918.281.8600
Welcome to Tulsa’s new hands-on Once regarded as the reeminent Tulsa
Arts and Science interactive children’s luxury hotel when it opened in 1925, The The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
museum, all 13,000 square feet of it. Mayo Hotel has returned, more brilliant was created by the Oklahoma State
Children love learning because it’s fun than ever. Listed on the National Register Legislature in 1988. Flourishing in its
and interactive. In fact, children are of Historic Places, The Mayo matches former home in the Greenwood District,
encouraged to touch the exhibits! There’s an illustrious history with first-class an early 1900's hotbed for jazz and blues
a pint-sized Kid’s City where your child amenities. Marvel at the meticulously and the site where Count Basie first
can be a barber, doctor or a fireman. restored spaces including the Crystal encountered big-band jazz, the Hall has
Enjoy a climb up one of the two giant Ballroom or make an entrance on the since moved to the historic Union Depot.
rock walls or use the special magnifying breathtaking signature grand staircase. This building is a significant Art Deco
glasses to discover hidden treasures. structure in the “streamline” style and
Open Sa, 10a–6p; Sun, 1–6p. Closed OKlAHOMA AQuAriuM now is called “Jazz Depot.”
Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission 300 Aquarium Dr., Jenks This center recognizes and honors
charge. 918.296.FISH Oklahoma jazz musicians, documenting and preserving their works in jazz, blues
MAbel b. liTTle and gospel art forms. The Oklahoma
HeriTAGe HOuSe A land-locked ocean, of sorts, awaits Jazz Hall of Fame chronicles the history,
MuSeuM AnD your amazement at the Oklahoma evolution and influence of jazz in
GreenWOOD CulTurAl Aquarium. With more than 200 exhibits Oklahoma. Part museum, performance
CenTer and more than 1 million gallons of water, hall and educational facility, the Jazz Hall
322 N. Greenwood Ave. you can “sea” many mysterious and of Fame’s mission is to inspire creativity
918.596.1020 wonderful creatures of the ocean right and improve the quality of life for all here in Oklahoma. In addition, you’ll Oklahomans through the preservation,
Formerly the home of Sam and Lucy find fresh water species and mammals education and performance of jazz.
Mackey, the Mabel B. Little Heritage showcased in their natural environs. Through its on-going concert
House was built in the 1920’s and series, classes and cultural events, the
is listed on the National Register of You’ll be amazed at many of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is raising a
Historic Places. Known as the “Black exhibits such as Biodiversity, highlighting new awareness and appreciation of the
Wall Street,” Tulsa’s Greenwood District how varied aquatic life can be, and the truly American art forms of jazz, blues
once stretched for 20 blocks and was shark exhibit including a water-filled and gospel music. Enjoy performances
the largest and richest of Oklahoma’s tunnel. You’ll walk under, yes under, giant such as Sunday Jazz. Call for tours and
50 black communities. Today, the sharks as they swim above in the water information. Open M–F, 9a–5p. Closed
Greenwood Cultural Center and the filled, see-through tunnel. major holidays.
Mabel B. Little Heritage House present a
permanent history of the district thanks The Aquarium is also home to the OrAl rOberTS
to the foresight of civic leaders. It was in Great Hall, the QuikTrip Education uniVerSiTy PrAyer
the early 1970’s that these leaders urged Wetlabs and Classrooms, the Oklahoma TOWer & WillArD
utilization of the Federal Model Cities Department of Wildlife Conservation elSinG MuSeuM
program funds to reclaim and restore regional headquarters, and the Zebco 7777 S. Lewis Ave.
the legendary Greenwood neighborhood Casting Pond. Handicapped accessible. ORU Learning Resource Center
that had witnessed and played a critical Open year-round, 10a–6p; Tuesdays until 918.495.6262—Elsing Museum
role in the Black experience in Tulsa. 9p. Closed Christmas. Admission charge. 918.495.6807—Prayer Tower
A grant for $3.5 million was dedicated
to the project. Open M–F, 9a–4p; Located in the center of the Oral
Sat. by appointment. Closed major Roberts University campus, the 200-foot
holidays. Group tours available with prior Prayer Tower serves as the university’s
arrangement. visitor center and is constructed in the

44 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

likeness of a modern-day cross. M–Sat, the mansion and grounds as an art reDbuD VAlley
Noon–5p. A fabulous collection of rocks center for the City of Tulsa in 1938. The nATure PreSerVe
and minerals from around the world, beautiful, Renaissance-styled villa, with 16150 Redbud Dr., Catoosa
the Willard Elsing Museum includes its 72 rooms on 23 acres of elaborate 918.669.6460
collections of Indian artifacts and gardens, has retained its original integrity
Oriental art carvings. W–Sat, 1:30–4:30p. and the grandeur of the 1920’s even after Relax and enjoy the quiet beauty and
Closed major holidays. later additions were made to the facility rugged scenery at Redbud Valley Nature
and gardens. Today, Philbrook is truly a Preserve. On a one-mile, loop trail, you’ll
OXley nATure CenTer jewel among the city’s cultural treasures. see plants and animals found nowhere
6700 Mohawk Blvd. else in northeastern Oklahoma. Walk
918.669.6644 Located in midtown, Philbrook exhibits slowly and open your senses to fully more than 8,500 works of art and is enjoy the wonders of this unique place.
Nature is never far away in Tulsa. At listed as one of America’s Top 65 art This is a special habitat, preserved for
the Oxley Nature Center, in Mohawk museums. The museum collection all of us to enjoy. The trail will take you to
Park, you’ll love exploring the trails includes European art as well as Native some of the most interesting parts of the
that wind through this 800-acre wildlife American artifacts. Special exhibits have Preserve where you’ll see native prairie
sanctuary. There’s nothing like a walk included 19th-century Impressionist and woods.
in the woods to enliven the senses and paintings from France and works of art The purpose of the Valley is to
bring some peace to our busy lives. Be from the Baroque era in Eastern Europe. preserve and protect the unique plant
sure to enjoy all of the varied plant life and animal life found here. Environmental
and animal life that call this sanctuary Philbrook is listed on the National education and public enjoyment are
home. Register of Historic Places and is one important also, but take a back seat to
Bird-watching excursions, like those of only five facilities in the United States the main focus—protection. Redbud
on Saturday mornings, are popular so that includes a museum, home and Valley was originally purchased by The
bring your binoculars and your desire gardens. Families and brides often use Nature Conservancy in the 1960's.
to spot a rare species or two. Guided the stunning Italianate architecture for The property was transferred to
tours are available by appointment. The photographic background. the City of Tulsa in 1990 and is now
Visitor Center features hands-on exhibits managed as a part of the Oxley Nature
of area plants and wildlife. Handicapped Guests are invited to take a walking Center in cooperation with The Nature
accessible. Visitor Center open M–Sun, tour of the gardens or listen to a free Conservancy. Open W–Sun, 8a–5p.
10a–4:30p. Closed major holidays. audio tour providing history of the home, Closed Mon. and Tues., and all major
THe PHilbrOOK the Phillips family, and the landscape holidays.
MuSeuM OF ArT design. That design continues to be
2727 S. Rockford Rd. Italianate, complementing Villa Philbrook riVer PArKS
918.749.7941, 800.324.7941 with outdoor spaces for viewing nature. 11th St. to 101st St., along Visitors enjoy dining in la Villa Restaurant Riverside Dr.
Philbrook Museum of Art began its while appreciating a wonderful view 918.596.2001
history in 1926 as the home of oil baron of the formal gardens. Lectures,
and philanthropist Waite Phillips and performances and presentations One of Tulsa’s most utilized
his wife Genevieve. Phillips donated in the auditorium contribute greatly recreational areas is River Parks. Here
to Tulsa’s cultural and educational you can stroll, run, bike, or skate along
OXley nATure CenTer offerings. Tu–Sat, 10a–5p; Th, 10a–8p; its 20 miles of trails along the Arkansas
Sun, 10a–5p. Brunch available 11a–2p. River and enjoy beautiful scenery and
Closed Mondays and all major holidays. amazing NatureWorks sculptures.
Admission charge. Admission to You’ll enjoy playgrounds where families
Philbrook not necessary for entrance into congregate, picnic areas for a pleasant
the Shop or Restaurant. outdoor meal, the River SkatePark, a
disk golf course and entertainment at
the floating stage and amphitheater. You
may even catch a glimpse of rowers on
the river, enjoying the River Parks from
yet another perspective.
The landscape is beautiful and goes
from manicured lawns to rugged terrain
of the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness
Area. Visitors and residents alike also
flock to the area to enjoy fishing, rowing,
kayaking, Frisbee golf, hiking, biking and
horseback riding.
Summer fun includes concerts,
festivals and a huge July 4th fireworks
display. Oktoberfest is a popular annual
tradition at the RiverWest Festival Park
in the fall when visitors gather to enjoy
music, dancing, food and fun. Be sure
to stroll to the covered railroad bridge
between 21st and 31st streets where
you’ll be treated to a grand vista of the
downtown skyline.

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 45

SHerWin Miller STOne bluFF CellArS TulSA Air AnD SPACe
MuSeuM OF JeWiSH 24145 E. 191st St. South MuSeuM &
ArT Haskell, PlAneTAriuM
2021 E. 71st St. 918.482.5655 3624 N. 74th E. Ave.
918.492.1818 918.834.9900 Stone Bluff Cellars is Tulsa’s scenic
The Sherwin Miller Museum of winery, located on a hilltop overlooking An aerospace adventure for all ages
Jewish Art contains the Southwest’s the city. Enjoy wine tasting, winery is at your fingertips at Tulsa Air and
finest collection of Judaica, including tours, a gift shop, group events and a Space Museum and Planetarium, TASM.
priceless items nearly 4,000 years old. wonderful meal with your wine selection. Dedicated to preserving Tulsa’s rich
An extraordinary Holocaust Collection The winery has received several aerospace history, the 19,000 square foot
emphasizes the experiences of survivors prestigious awards for its high-quality museum offers rare and historic aircraft
who came to live in Oklahoma, as well wines. and hands-on child-friendly displays. The
as Oklahomans who participated in Relax and savor award-winning many exhibits display the large role that
the liberation of the Nazi concentration wines in the comfortable tasting room Tulsa has played in the field of aviation.
camps. where the captivating scenery, country The Museum Exhibit includes the
The museum’s mission is to educate atmosphere, and delectable cuisine Golden Age of Flight, World War II and
about the Jewish experience in make you feel away from it all. In fact, Space Exploration. The Aircraft Exhibit
Oklahoma, the United States and the at Stone Bluff Cellars you can enjoy includes the F-14A Tomcat Fighter Jet
world and to foster understanding a soft porch breeze and the quiet of and the Lear 24-D Corporate Jet. Visitors
between people of all cultures through an the countryside while sitting at one of love the Interactive Exhibit which features
appreciation of their common history and their many outdoor dining areas. You’ll the F-16 Wind Tunnel and the Space
values. As an arts educational institution enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmosphere Shuttle Launch.
and the only American Jewish museum in with a vineyard ambiance unparalleled The Electric Sky Theater/Planetarium
the region, Sherwin Miller Museum utilizes anywhere in the state. offers state-of-the-art presentations with
both art and history to preserve and You’ll also want to plan for the annual new programs monthly. After touring
present Jewish culture. Museum store fall Green Country Wine Festival. Drop the museum and all of the exhibits, be
offers unique mementos, books, jewelry by the gift shop for a selection of sure to sit back in the Planetarium and
and artifact reproductions. Open M–F, wine accessory items that include the enjoy a trip to the outer limits of the
10a–5p; Sun, 1–5p. Closed Sunday and elegant and the whimsical along with the universe in the new ESky Theater. Open
all major Jewish and national holidays. practical and necessary. Hours: Fri–Sat Tu–Sat, 10a–5p; Sun, 1–5p. Office is
Admission charge. 11–5p, Sun 1–5p. Lunch served 11a - 3p. open Mondays. Closed major holidays.
Other times by appointment. Admission charge.

46 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

TulSA GArDen CenTer, linnAeuS introduce young patrons to live theater. Contract shows can
TeACHinG GArDen & MuniCiPAl rOSe also be scheduled for groups. Office hours Monday – Friday,
GArDen 1 – 5 p.m.; Performances every Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.
2435 S. Peoria Ave.
918.746.5125–TGC, 918.746.5151–LTG TulSA WAVe PArK 3600 S. Elwood Ave.
Smelling the roses is involuntary at this rose mecca. As (West bank of Arkansas River)
you stroll among more than 9,000 rose bushes in the All-
American Rose Society Test Garden between Woodward Kayakers from across the country have long taken
Park and the Tulsa Garden Center, the aroma is mesmerizing. advantage of this stretch of the river, where an abundance of
Woodward Park—a wooded 34 acres in the heart of Tulsa water is diverted to the Arkansas River’s west bank below the
boasting azaleas, tulips, dogwoods, redbuds and flower and AEP-PSO power plant. The park features a trail and dock for
herb gardens—attracts nature lovers all year long. At the Tulsa direct access down a 29-foot slope from the River Parks trail
Garden Center you’ll find a Victorian conservatory and three- to the water.
acre arboretum. The center is housed in a 21-room Italian
Renaissance Villa built in 1919. The center’s Linnaeus Garden TulSA zOO AnD liVinG MuSeuM
is a unique demonstration/teaching garden that shows visitors 6421 E. 36th St. N. (Mohawk Park),
new and exciting gardening skills and ideas along with various 918.669.6600
Linnaeus Garden is open Tu–Sat, 9a–4p (closed Jan & Feb); If you seek adventure, a visit to the Tulsa Zoo and
open Sun 1p–4p Mother’s Day–Labor Day. The Garden Center Living Museum will not disappoint. So come ready for an
is open Tu–Sat., 8:30a–4p. Closed major holidays and Dec. African safari, a trek through a tropical rain forest, a chilling
24- Jan. 1. Donations appreciated. Group tours available with experience in the Arctic, or even an enchanting tour of Asia.
advance notice. You’ll be amazed at the animals inhabiting these country
TulSA HiSTOriCAl SOCieTy MuSeuM In Africa, discover the speedy cheetah or a relaxed
2445 S. Peoria Ave. 918.712.9484 chimpanzee. Lions, giraffes, zebras and rhinos roam these parts too, so stay alert! Asia’s exhibit includes Siberian tigers,
snow leopards and Asian elephants.
Recently located in its new home the Samuel Travis Bundle up for a trip to the Arctic where a sighting of a polar
Mansion, just south of the Tulsa Garden Center, the museum bear, arctic fox, snowy owl and arctic seal is a sure thing. A
holds an extensive collection of resources on Tulsa’s rich and stroll along a jungle floor in the Tropical American Rain Forest
diverse past. The collection contains nearly 5,000 photos, nets sightings of black howler monkeys, anacondas, jaguars
books, maps, historical costumes, architectural elements, and and more. Look up and see free-flying tropical birds! Stop by
fine and decorative arts. one of the Zoo’s newest exhibits, Cajun’s Bayou, and peer
down at ferocious looking alligators. Many other animals are
In addition, the Museum’s Vintage Garden, given to Tulsa home here, including penguins, meerkats, and a variety of
from Charles and Peggy Stephenson, invites visitors to stroll snakes. In all, 1,500 animals, 436 species, call the Zoo home.
among the flowers. Here, you’ll discover the Five Moons, Located on 78 acres within Tulsa’s Mohawk Park (the third-
life size bronze depictions of Oklahoma’s internationally largest municipal park in the country), the Zoo welcomes
recognized Native American ballerinas. nearly 600,000 visitors each year. Open daily, 9a–5p. Closed
Christmas and the third Friday in June. Admission charge.
The new home of the Tulsa Historical Society completes an
outstanding Tulsa destination, the Woodward Park complex. Will rOGerS HiSTOry TOur
The Society grounds also provide a link to Tulsa’s Cultural 877.779.6977
Corridor, from the 34-acre Woodward Park to the Philbrook
Museum of Art a few blocks south, through one of Tulsa’s
historic residential neighborhoods. Tu–Sat, 10a–4p. Closed The tour will celebrate the life and work of Oklahoma’s
major holidays and all holiday weekends. favorite son and world-famous Cherokee. Guests will have the
chance to tour the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Okla.,
TulSA SPOTliGHT THeATer and Rogers’ birthplace, Dog Iron Ranch, in Oologah, Okla., to
1381 Riverside Dr. view the historically restored house where he grew up. Visitors
918.587.5030 will enjoy shopping in the historic downtowns of Oologah and
Claremore as well as visit the J.M. Davis Arms museum.
Boo and hiss and laugh and sing at the Spotlight Theater’s
presentation of “The Drunkard” and the “Olio.” The Drunkard
holds the record as the longest continually running play in
North America having just completed its 50th year. This
adaptation of the melodrama “Ten Nights in a Barroom,”
originally written over 100 years ago as a preachment against
alcohol, is now performed as a comedy. The Olio is a variety
show consisting of 3 to 5 acts of local talent, some of whom
have recording contracts and have appeared on national
television. The home of the play is one of Tulsa’s Art Deco
treasures, originally known as the Riverside Studio, now listed
in the National Historic Registry. The theatre is also home to
award winning children’s theatre productions designed to

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012 47

Downtown Tulsa OneOK FielD

The Experience

Visitors and residents alike can tell you that Tulsa’s
interesting and unexpected charm can’t be found
anywhere else. The unique marriage of Tulsa’s
historic Native American roots and oil boom heritage
create a city rich in arts, culture and entertainment.

48 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

TulSA COnVenTiOn CenTer for an eclectic mix of bands and performers. Plans for the Brady Arts
District are abundant, with new shopping, restaurants and culture in
While the entire metro reflects a broad scope of styles and vibes, the works at every corner. One of the planned developments includes
downtown is a stand-alone experience. A new arena; baseball stadium; the AHHA, short for the Arts and Humanities Council Hardesty Arts
renovated hotels; restored attractions; and numerous venues, nightlife Center, which will house a satellite location of the Philbrook Museum of
and entertainment options create a one-spot stop for friends and family Art, along with other arts-infused galleries and spaces.
looking for some fun.
The Blue Dome District hosts a vintage bowling alley, delicious
Downtown’s anchors – the BOK Center and ONEOK Field, reflect locally-owned restaurants, McNellie’s pub and much more. Named
just a portion of the nearly $1 billion invested in the area recently. The for the art deco-style, blue-domed building on the corner of Third
18,500-seat BOK Center (pronounced B-O-K, for Bank of Oklahoma) and Elgin, the district displays interesting warehouse and art deco
attracts premier entertainers regularly performing to sold-out crowds. architecture that Tulsa is known for.
Also home to the WNBA Tulsa Shock basketball team and the CHL
Tulsa Oilers hockey team, the BOK Center also hosts a number of Tulsa’s collection of art deco architecture can be seen across
sporting events throughout the year. downtown, like in the meticulously restored Mayo Hotel. A 1920’s
legend, once the state’s tallest building and a destination for stars
ONEOK (pronounced one-oak) Field is home to the Tulsa Drillers, and celebrities, The Mayo lives again as luxury lofts and hotel rooms.
a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. Reopened in 2009, the Crystal Ballroom, restored in every way to its
This state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in the Greenwood 1925 appearance, is truly an art deco renovation project to behold.
District, a historical area of downtown Tulsa that was once called
the Black Wall Street of America. Now a fun district with restaurants Another member of the National Register of Historic Places, the
and shopping, the field is perfect for a Friday night baseball game, Atlas Life Building, was renovated into a Marriott hotel property with
complete with a fireworks display over a beautiful backdrop of care given to maintaining a piece of Tulsa’s history.
downtown Tulsa.
A visit to Tulsa’s downtown will display the community’s unique
Neighboring ONEOK Field and the Greenwood District are the Brady ability to integrate its deep respect for the past into a renaissance of
Arts and Blue Dome Districts, home to nightlife, arts and restaurants. modern times, developing the deep roots of eras gone by into a new,
exciting future.
The infamous Cain’s Ballroom stands today in the Brady Arts
District, still offering audiences a one-of-a-kind intimate experience

Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

50 Tulsa Visitor’s Guide — 2012

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