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Published by aravbali2009, 2022-07-09 04:02:18


group 6


I choose Veena as the Indian musical

Significance: Veena is deemed divine in the
Hindu culture as it supposedly expresses the
emotions of the gods. As a human musical
instrument, veena is said to express the
emotions of man. As a Hindu symbol, veena is
famous as a feature on Saraswati. The goddess
is often depicted as holding this instrument.

History: The veena is one of the most ancient
string instruments of India. Its origin can be
traced back to the ancient yazh, a stringed
instrument, similar to the Grecian harp.
Bharata, in his Natya Shastra, explains the
theory of the 22 sruti-s in an octave with the
help of two experimental veena-s.
Origin: India

Artists: Asad Ali Khan and Gopal Krishan

One element of the instrument veena that
resonates with my city Gurgaon is: I think that
veena has a very enchanting music similarly
Gurgaon also has a very enchanting vibe.

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