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One Word Substitution-1

One Word Substitution-1

SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir


1. Abattoir : A place where animals 22. Anarchist: person who seeks to
are killed for food
overturn the established Government

2. Abstinence: 23. Anecdote: A short amusing story
Careful in eating and drinking
24. Anorexia: A prolonged disorder of eating

3. Abstruse: Difficult to due to loss of appetite
25. Anthology: Book of literary

4. Acoustics: Science of sound selection by various authors

5. Acrophobia: Fear of height 26. Antidote: A remedy to counteract
6. Actuarial: Pertaining to insurance
statistics 27. Aphasia: Loss of speech due to injury
or illness
7. Addendum: A section of extra
28. Apiary: A place where bees are
information that is added at the end of the book kept

8. Adulterate: Make impure by 29. Apostate: One who abandon his
religious faith
adding inferior or tainted substances

9. Aerie: Nest of flesh 30. Apotheosis: An ideal example of
eating bird something

10. Agnostic: One who is skeptical of 31. Arbiter: A person who settles a dispute

the existence of God between two parties

11. Alimony: 32. Arboretum: A facility where trees
Payment made to an ex-spouse after divorce
and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition
12. Allegory: Story in which characters
33. Archaeology: Study of Artifacts and
are used as symbols
relics of early mankind
13. Alliteration: Repetition of beginning
sound in poetry 34. Archipelago: Group of closely located
14. Altruist: Soil deposit left by running
water 35. Aristocracy: A government by
the nobles
15. Alluvial: Soil made and
scatteres by flood. 36. Arsenal: Storage place for materials
of war
16. Ambidextrous: Capble of
37. Artisan: A manually skilled worker
moving both hands with equal ease

17. Ambrosia: Food of God 38. Ascetic: Living a life of severe discipline
and hardship
18. Amnesia: Loss of memory
39. Atavism: Resemblance to remote
19. Amphibian: Animals which live both
ancestors rather than to parents
on land and in water
40. Atheist: Person who does not believe
20. Amphitheatre: Oval building with tears
of seats in the existence of God

21. Anachronism: An 41. Autopsy: Examination of a dead
error in time body

42. Avalanche: Great mass of falling
snow or ice

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

43. Barb: Sharp projection from fishhook 67. Cemetery: Place for corpses to be
or other object

44. Ballistic: Related to the study of 68. Centrifugal: Moving away from the
dynamics of the projectile

45. Bankrupt: Person unable to pay his 69. Centripetal: Tending towards the
debts centre

46. Bequeath: Leave to someone 70. Chauvinist: Blindly devoted
by means of a will patriot

47. Bibulous: Addiction to or fond of 71. Chiropodist: One who treats the
alcoholic liquor ailments of feet

48. Biennial: That which happens in 72. Circumlocution: Roundabout
every two years way of expression

49. Bilingual: One who can speak two 73. Clairvoyant: Fortune teller
languages (Having foresight)

50. Biped: A creature having two feet 74. Coerce: Use of force to get
someone to obey
51. Blasphemy: Speaking irreverently

about God or sacred things 75. Cognate: Having the same source or
52. Bludgeon: A heavy headed
76. Collateral: Security given for loan

53. Bohemian: One who does not 77. Conflagration: Huge destruction by fire

follow usual norms of social life 78. Connoisseur: person having sound

54. Brittle: Hard but easily broken judgment in the field of art

55. Buccaneer: A sailor who attacked 79. Connubial: Pertaining to marriage or
matrimonial state
ships at sea and stole from them

56. Bureaucracy: Government by group 80. Contagious: Which spreads by
of paid officials
physical touch or contact

57. Cacophony: Unpleasant sound 81. Coquette: A woman or girl who
58. Calligraphy: Art of beautiful handwriting

59. Camaraderie: Feeling of friendship and 82. Cornucopia: Symbol of
trust among people who work or spend a lot of

time together 83. Coronation: Ceremony of
60. Cannibal: The man who can eat
human flesh
84. Cosmopolitan: Belonging to the
whole world
61. Carcinogenic: Causing cancer

62. Carillon: Set of bells capable of being 85. Cynosure: Centre of attraction
86. Defrock: To officially
remove a priest from his job
63. Carnage: Killing of large number of
87. Delirium: Mental disorder marked by
64. Carnival: Public merrymaking and
88. Demagogue: A political leader who

65. Cartography: Art of map making delivers sentimental speeches

66. Catechism: Book for religious instruction 89. Democracy: A government by the

people, of the people, and for the people

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

90. Demographic: Related to 116. Elegy: A poem or song expressing
population balance lamentation

91. Dermatologist: One who studies 117. Ellipsis: Omission of words from a
skin and its diseases text

92. Destitution: Lacking basic 118. Emetic: Substance causing vomiting
necessities of life
119. Emigrant: A person who leaves his

93. Detrimental: Causing harm and own country and goes to live in another
120. Empathy: Ability to identify another
person’s feeling
94. Dexterous: Skilful at handling things

95. Dialectical: Related to the art of 121. Endearment: A word or expression that
is used to show affection

96. Diatribe: Bitter and violent attack in 122. Epicure: Person fond of delicious food
123. Epidemic: Disease affecting a wide
97. Diffidence: Lack of self confidence

98. Dinghy: A small boat 124. Epigram: A short poem with witty
99. Diorama: Three dimensional scene from

nature or history 125. Epilogue: A short speech at conclusion

100. Dipsomaniac: A person who of a dramatic work

has a strong desire for alcoholic drinks 126. Epitaph: Inscription in the memory
of a dead person
101. Dirge: A song sung at burial

102. Disenfranchise: 127. Epithet: Words or phrase
Deprive of the right to vote
characteristically used to describe a person or thing

103. Disputatious: Fond of arguing 128. Epistemologist:
Philosopher who studies the nature of knowledge
104. Dissertation: A long piece of writing
129. Epitome: Perfect example or
on a particular subject embodiment

105. Diurnal: Active during the day time 130. Equinox: Period of equal days and night

106. Doggerel: Worthless or foolish poetry 131. Etymology: Study of word parts

107. Dorsal: Related to the back of an animal 132. Eugenic: The science of improving

108. Drudgery: Hard boring work the quality of human race

109. Dynasty: Succession of rulers 133. Euphemism: Mild expression in place

belonging to one family of an unpleasant one ( The expression ‘he passed

110. Dyspeptic: Suffering from away’ is a euphemism of ‘he died’)
134. Euphoria: A strong feeling of happiness

111. Ecologist: Person 135. Euphonic: Pleasant to listen

concerned with the interrelationship between the 136. Euthanasia: Practice of killing a person

living organism and the environment without pain who is suffering from a disease that

112. Edible: Something fit to be eaten cannot be cured

113. Effeminate: A person having womanly 137. Eviscerate: to remove the
traits internal organs of the body

114. Effigy: Statue of a famous person 138. Exegesis: Explanation and elucidation
of scripture
115. Egoism: Excessively interested in
one’s self

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

139. Exorcise: To free a person from evil 164. Heckler: Person who verbally harasses
spirits others

140. Expurgate: Remove objectionable 165. Hedonist: One who believes that

material from a book etc. pleasure is sole aim in life

141. Fastidious: Difficult to please 166. Hegemony: Dominance of one nation
over others
142. Fatalist: One who depends on and
believes in faith
167. Henchman: Faithful supporter

143. Fauna: Animals of a region 168. Henpecked: Excessively fond of one’s
144. Filial: Pertaining to a
son or daughter
169. Herbivorous: A vegetarian animal
or human being
145. Filibuster: Block
legislation by making long speeches
170. Herculean: Having enormous
strength or size
146. Filigree: Delicate

decoration made from gold or silver wire 171. Hierarchy: Arrangement by rank or
147. Flora: Plants of a region or era

148. Fluke: Stroke of fortune 172. Hieroglyphic: Picture writing

149. Fratricide: Killing of one’s brother 173. Hinterlands:
Areas of the country that
150. Galleon: Large sailing ship
are away from the bank of a large river
151. Gargoyle: Water spout carved in
174. Holocaust: Destruction by fire
grotesque figures on a building

152. Gastronomy: Science and art of 175. Homicide: Killing of a human being

preparing and eating good food 176. Horticulture: Art of growing
vegetables and fruits etc
153. Genealogy: Study of family history

154. Genocide: Murder of a race or 177. Hypochondriac: A person unduly
community worried about his health

155. Genuflect: Bend knee in 178. Iconoclastic: Criticizing
popular beliefs and established customs and ideas

156. Gerontocracy: Government run by old 179. Illegible: Incapable of being read
180. Immigrant: A person who comes to

157. Gerrymander: Change voting a country from another in order to settle there

district lines in order to favor a political party 181. Impalpable: That cannot be touched

158. Glutton: One who eats too much 182. Impenetrable: Incapable of penetration

159. Gossamer: Very fine thread made by 183. Imperialism: Policy of extending
spiders a country’s empire

160. Gourmand: Person who takes 184. Impertinent: Not showing proper respect

excessive pleasure in food and drink 185. Imposter: One who assumes a character

161. Gratuitous: Given Freely ( Gratuitous to deceive others
186. Impregnable: Which cannot be
162. Gregarious: Liking to be with other
187. Impromptu: Something done without
163. Gyroscope: Apparatus used to
maintain balance
188. Impunity: Freedom from

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

punishment 215. Levee: Earthen of stone embankment to

189. Incendiary: Which causes prevent flooding
fire burning
216. Lexicographer: Compiler of a
190. Incorrigible: That cannot be corrected

191. Incredible: Which cannot be 217. Linguist: Person speaking many
believed languages

192. Indefatigable: Incapable of being tired 218. Malingerer: One who pretends illness
to escape duty
193. Indelible: That cannot be erased

194. Indemnity: Compensation for loss 219. Mariticide: Killing of one’s husband

195. Inevitable: Incapable of being 220. Marsupial: One of the family of
mammals that nurse their off springs in a pouch

196. Inexplicable: That cannot be 221. Martinet: No talking at
explained meals

197. Infallible: Always right or never wrong 222. Martyr: One who voluntarily suffers

198. Infanticide: Killing of an infant death for a noble cause

223. Masochist: Person who enjoys
his own pain
199. Infectious: Disease which spreads
through air
224. Materialist: Person who consider

200. Inimitable: Matchless money or material gain as most important thing

201. Insolvent: One who is unable to pay 225. Matriarch: Woman who rules a family
debts of group

202. Insurrection: Rebellious against 226. Matricide: Murderer of one’s own
government mother

203. Invincible: Which cannot be conquered 227. Mealy-mouthed: Indirect in

204. Invulnerable: Incapable of being harmed speech (Mealy-mouthed politicians) cunning

205. Irrevocable: Incapable of being changed 228. Megalomania: Mania for doing
grandiose things
206. Jingoist: Extremely aggressive
and militant patriot
229. Menagerie: Collection of wild
207. Juggernaut:

Irresistible crushing force 230. Mercenary: Greedy for
208. Juxtapose: Place side by side

209. Kaleidoscope: Tube in which 231. Metallurgical: Pertaining to the art

patterns made by the reflection in mirrors of of removing metal from ores

colored pieces of glass 232. Metamorphosis: Change in
210. Labyrinth: Complicated series of
233. Metaphor: A word or phrase that is used

211. Lachrymose: Tear producing to describe something else in a way that is different

212. Lagoon: Shallow body of water near from its normal use
234. Meticulous: Very particular about
small details
213. Larceny: Crime of stealing something from
someone 235. Mirage: Unreal reflection or optical
214. Lilliputian: Extremely small
236. Misanthrope: One who hates

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

mankind grown

237. Misogamy: Hatred from 261. Obelisk: Tall column tapering and
ending in a pyramid

238. Misogynist: A man who hates women 262. Obituary: Death notice

239. Monarchy: Government under a single 263. Obsequy: Funeral ceremony
264. Obsolete: No longer used because

240. Monastery: Place where monk lives something new has been invented

241. Monotheism: Believe in one God 265. Octagon: A figure with eight sides
and angles
242. Moratorium: Authorized delay in an
266. Olfactory: Concerning the sense of
243. Moribund: Coming to an end

244. Mortuary: A place where dead bodies 267. Oligarchy: Government by a
are kept privileged few

245. Myriad: Very large number 268. Omnipotent: All powerful

246. Narcissist: Conceited person 269. Omnipresent: Present everywhere

247. Nautical: Pertaining to ships or navigation 270. Omniscient: Knowing everything

248. Necromancy: Practice of 271. Onomatopoeia: Words formed in

connecting with the dead people of an existing the imitation of natural sounds

word 272. Opaque: Which cannot be seen
249. Neologism: A new word or

expression or a new meaning 273. Optimist: Person who looks on the
bright side
250. Nepotism: Undue favor to
one’s own relative
274. Oratorio: Dramatic poem set to
251. Niggle: Spend too much time on
minor points
275. Ornithologist:
252. Nihilist: One who considers Scientific student of birds

traditional believes to be groundless and existence 276. Orthography: Correct spelling

meaningless 277. Ostracize: To turn
out of society
253. Nirvana: The ideal state in which the

individual loses himself in the attainment of an 278. Oviparous: Bearing eggs and not
young ones
imperial beatitude

254. Nocturnal: Active at night 279. Pachyderm: Thick skinned animal

255. Nonentity: Person of no importance 280. Pacifist: Person opposed to violence

256. Nonpareil: Person or thing which has 281. Palatable: Food or drink that are
no equal pleasant to taste

257. Nostalgia: Longing for the past (Home 282. Palimpsest:
sickness) Parchment used for the second time after original
writing has been erased
258. Nuance: Shade of difference
in meaning or colour
283. Panacea: Remedy for al diseases

259. Numismatist: Person who 284. Pandemonium: Wild and noisy disorder
collects coins
285. Panegyric: Formal praise

260. Nursery: Place where young plants are 286. Pantomime: Acting without dialogue

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

287. Parable: Short simple story teaching a play
314. Promiscuous: Having many sexual
288. Paranoia: Psychosis marked by

delusions of grandeur 315. Punctilious: Minutely
attentive to fine points
289. Parasite: Animal or plant living on
316. Pyromania: Person with an insane

290. Parricide: Killing of either of parents desire to set things on fire

291. Patriarch: Father and ruler of a family 317. Quadruped: Four footed animal

292. Patricide: Murder of one’s own 318. Quarantine: Isolation of a person or
ship from a place to prevent spread of infection

293. Pauper: Very poor person 319. Quorum: Number of members

294. Pedagogy: Art of education necessary to conduct a meeting

295. Pedantic: Display of knowledge and 320. Ragamuffin: Person wearing old
clothes that are torn and dirty

296. Perennial: Something long lasting 321. Rampart: A defensive wall of

297. Perspicacious: Mentally quick and stone or earth with a path on top
322. Recapitulate: To repeat the
main points
298. Pessimist: Person who looks on
323. Recluse: Person who lives alone
the dark side of the things

299. Prehensile: Capable of holding 324. Reconnaissance: Information
gathering activity about enemy forces

300. Philanderer: Faithless lover 325. Red tapism: Too much official
301. Philanthropist: Lover of mankind
326. Regicide: Killing of a king
302. Philatelist: Stamp collector
327. Relegate: Reduce to a lower
303. Philistine: Narrow minded person position

304. Philology: Study of language 328. Relinquish: Give up something with
305. Placebo: Harmless substance

prescribed as a dummy pill 329. Remission: Cancellation or forgiveness
of debt
306. Plagiarism: To steal other’s idea

and pass them of as one’s own 330. Rendezvous: Place fixed for
307. Platitude: Statement that is

obviously true or commonplace remark 331. Renegade: Person who changes his

308. Plutocracy: Government ruled by religious beliefs or political party
332. Repartee: Witty or clever reply

309. Polygamy: Custom of having more 333. Repercussion: Effect of some event,
action or decision
than two spouse at a time

310. Polyglot: Person who speaks many 334. Replica: Copy of a work of art
335. Repository: Store house
311. Posthumous: After death
336. Reprimand: Criticize severely
312. Premonition: Forewarning for danger
337. Requiem: A Christian ceremony for a
313. Prologue: Introduction to a poem or
person who has recently dead

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

338. Restitution: Pay for damage 364. Sojourn: Stay for a short time

339. Reticent: One who speaks less 365. Soliloquy: Talking to oneself

340. Retribution: Punishment for offences 366. Solstice: Point at which sun is farthest

341. Rhapsodize: To speak from the equator

or write in an exaggerated enthusiastic manner 367. Somnambulist: One who
walks in sleep
342. Rhetoric: Art of effective
368. Somniloquist:
343. Rostrum: Platform for speech One who talks in sleep
369. Sonorous: Having pleasant
344. Rotunda: Circular building covered with
a dome
370. Soporific: Sleep causing, Sleepy

345. Saboteur: One who commits sabotage 371. Sorocide: Killing of one’s sister

or destroyer of property 372. Spartan: Lacking luxury and comfort

346. Sacrilegious: Treating holy 373. Spoonerism: Accidental
thing without respect
transposition of sound in successive words

347. Sacrosanct: Most sacred 374. Sporadic: Occurring irregularly and not

348. Sanctimonious: Displaying hypocritical at regular time intervals
375. Stoic: A person who is indifferent to

349. Sartorial: Pertaining to tailors pleasure or pain

350. Savage: Violent and uncivilized 376. Stultify: Cause to appear stupid or
351. Scapegoat: Someone who
bears the blame for others
377. Suffragist: Advocate of
voting rights for women
352. Scavenge: Hunt through discarded

materials for usable items 378. Sybarite: Lover of luxury

353. Scurry: Move hurriedly with short steps 379. Sycophant: Person who flatter others

354. Scrutinize: Examine closely and 380. Symbiosis: Independent mutually
beneficial relationship

355. Seismic: Pertaining to earthquakes 381. Synagogue: Place where
Jews worship
356. Seminary: School for training future
382. Tantalize: Torture with
357. Serendipity: Accidental
or by chance discovery
383. Tantamount: Equivalent in effect or value

358. Sibylline: Mysterious or difficult to 384. Tantrum: A sudden short period
understand of angriness

359. Siesta: Period of rest or sleep after lunch 385. Tarantula: Venomous spider

360. Simian: Monkeylike 386. Tautological: Needlessly repetitious

361. Sinecure: A Well paid position 387. Taxonomist: Specialist in
with little responsibility classifying animals or plants

362. Skullduggery: Dishonest 388. Teetotalism: Practice of abstaining
totally of alcoholic drinks

363. Smother: Kill by suffocation 389. Theist: Person who believes in God

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SUCCESS MIRROR By VinayYadav sir

390. Theocracy: Government run by 403. Vicarious: Felt or experienced by
religious leaders
watching or reading rather than by doing in yourself

391. Trajectory: Path taken by a projectile 404. Vindicate: Clear from blame

392. Truant: One who stays away 405. Vindictive: Having desire for revenge

from work or school without permission 406. Viviparous: Bearing living young ones
and not eggs
393. Ubiquitous: Something that is
present everywhere
407. Vivisection: Act of dissecting living
394. Ursine: Bear like

395. Usury: Lending money at illegal rates 408. Voracious: Eating or wanting large amount
of interest of food

396. Uxoricide: Killer of one’s wife 409. Vulnerable: Susceptible to attack or
397. Uxorious: Foolishly devoted to one’s
410. Vulpine: Like a fox

398. Vendetta: A long and violent 411. Wanderlust: Strong longing
to travel
disagreement between two families or groups in

which people are murdered in return of previous 412. Warren: Tunnels in which
rabbit lives

399. Ventriloquist: Someone who can 413. Whinny: Neigh like a horse

make his or her voice seem to come from another 414. Xenophobia:
Fear or hatred from foreigners
person or thing

400. Verbatim: Word for word 415. Yeoman: Man owning small estate or

401. Verso: Any left hand page of an open middle class farmer
416. Zealot: Person who shows excessive

402. Vespers: Evening prayers in zeal or enthusiasm

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