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Published by Horizon Satellite, 2018-12-25 23:12:36

Satellite Broadcast | HorizonSat’s customized solutions suit varying needs of our clients, which include large corporations, government sector, telecom operators, TV broadcasters and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

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Connecting People Across Horizons

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Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai 17516 AE
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Country: Dubai, UAE
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Backbone Connectivity & IP Trunking

Telco’s and ISPs can be offered direct end-to-end
Internet backbone access via satellite with any data
rate in locations where terrestrial infrastructure is

limited. This service is offered in various
configurations such as dedicated or burstable,
symmetrical/asymmetrical, simplex/duplex and can
be a guaranteed CIR (Committed Information


Managed Broadband Solutions

HorizonSat delivers broadband Internet and
communication solutions to Telco’s, governments

and large institutions. We deliver this through
HorizonSat's VNO/CNO services, which enable
customers to manage networks through our latest
hub-based solutions in a customized manner

This will in turn provide flexibility of sharing and
allocating bandwidth and space segment resources

between sites.

Private Corporate Networks

HorizonSat provides satellite capacity & integrated end-to-end network
solutions through Point-to-Multipoint or Point-to-Point connectivity between
various locations, thus facilitating businesses to conduct their day-to day
transactions successfully and efficiently.

HorizonSat’s array of Private Corporate Network Services includes:

• Local Area Network (LAN) interconnection between corporate HQ and
remote offices, or among remote offices

• Delivery of voice, data and video to remote locations, facilitating use of
videoconferencing, telephony & distance learning applications.

• Point Of Sale (POS) applications, including ATM, inventory reports and

Mobility, Offshore & Maritime Solutions

HorizonSat provides offshore and maritime solutions that cater to demands for
higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-intensive services such as video
conferencing, Internet, VoIP and media streaming delivered on board ships,
vessels, trains and offshore platforms.
Service highlights are:

A global satellite network to provide seamless maritime connectivity solutions
for voice, data & Internet
Customized bandwidth solutions for business & crew welfare
Communication services for oil & gas operators by connecting offshore/onshore
rigs in a flexible, scalable & efficient way

GSM Backhauling

HorizonSat’s GSM backhaul solutions
help Telco operators to expand their
cellular network coverage to address
the ever increasing communication

needs for mobile applications
especially in rural areas.

Our backhaul solutions through
satellite provide flexibility, scalability &
reliability to operators bypassing the
locally available networks. This can also

be used as back-up in case of
terrestrial network failure.

Disaster Recovery

HorizonSat provides complete disaster recovery solutions for client’s
existing network to reduce any potential loss of revenue due to
natural disasters & changing weather conditions. Communication
between critical locations are promptly restored in times of disaster
to enable smooth operation.

Our disaster recovery services include satellite up/down links & IP
transit over our teleport, restoring entire network or single satellite
link to minimize downtime during outages. In addition, we can also
provide alternative fiber routing to major media hubs and Points-of-
Presence (PoP) as back up to existing fiber connection with clients.

TV Distribution And Contribution

HorizonSat offers different satellite solutions
intended for TV Distribution and Contribution to

broadcasters to ensure smooth transmission.

To covering vast expanses and connect
continents, satellites continue to be the first

medium in TV Distribution / Contribution

With our technical expertise and our own
teleport facility with 24x7 support, we can help
you manage and deliver your content seamlessly.

Turnkey Services

HorizonSat offers complete turnkey
services to private and government
entities, right from network design,

satellite capacity procurement,
hardware selection, installation,
commissioning & training. We provide
complete end-to-end solution that
addresses all satellite communication
needs for a data or broadcasting


HorizonSat combines a broad range of
technical expertise with an unparalleled
commitment to customer satisfaction

when deploying a complete turnkey

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