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Mundham & District
Gala and Flower Show

North Mundham Playing Field

for all the family

Ample Parking £3 ⚫


Programme of Events
Saturday 13th July 2019

8am to 10am Marquee open for exhibitors to stage their entries

10am Exhibitors to leave the marquee

10.30am to 12.30pm Marquee closed for judging

2pm Flower Show and Gala Open to visitors

During the afternoon Flower and Vegetable entries and results on show

in the marquee, as well as cookery, arts and crafts
and photography competitions
Music from George’s Coastline Jazz Band
TS Sturdy marching band
Stalls selling plants, produce, bric-a-brac, books,
china & glass, cakes
Football Roulette, Crockery Smash,
Face Painting, Tombola, Raffle
Teas, Barbecue, Pimms, Ice Creams
Display of Vintage Vehicles
And much, much more…..

3pm Dog Show

Handsomest Dog
Prettiest Bitch
Most Appealing Scruff
Dog Most Like Owner

4pm Announcement of Prize Winners and Raffle Draw

3.30pm to 4.30pm Prize winners collect their prize money from the
4pm to 5pm Marquee
Exhibitors collect their entries from the Marquee

The programme may be subject to alteration and some attractions
may close if there is adverse weather.

All those attending the Gala do so at their own risk ⚫


In the main Show Marquee ⚫

4 ⚫

5 ⚫


Schedule of Classes


Please read Hints & Tips for All and Rules of the Show—Pages 17 & 18


John Brinkman Challenge Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Div A
Frederick Attrill Challenge Shield awarded for the Best Exhibit in Div A
1 Five bunches of red currants
2 Five bunches of black currants
3 Ten raspberries
4 Ten gooseberries
5 Five specimens - any single soft fruit not included in Classes 1-4
6 A display of soft fruits on a plate (max 5 kinds)


Mark Neave Challenge Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Div B
The Fisher Lane Trophy awarded for the Best Exhibit in Div B
7 Five red potatoes - any variety
8 Three carrots - foliage trimmed to approx 75mm
9 Three beetroots - foliage trimmed to approx 75mm
10 Display of mixed salad leaves
11 Collection of fresh culinary herbs - three kinds in separate vases
12 Three onions - each weighing 250g or under
13 Three onions - each weighing over 250g
14 Five runner beans
15 Five french beans
16 Five spring / salad onions
17 Seven pickling shallots - diameter must not exceed 30mm
18 Five pods of peas
19 Five pods of broad beans
20 Five leaves of spinach or chard
21 Two cucumbers
22 Three medium tomatoes, approx 60mm diameter
23 Three plum tomatoes - no more than 35mm diameter
24 Five radishes with foliage
25 Three garlic bulbs, trimmed - not giant
26 Three sticks of rhubarb, leaf trimmed to approx 75mm
27 Three courgettes - 10-20cm length
28 A cabbage with leaves, approx 75mm of stalk
29 Three different vegetables arranged on a black cloth
30 Trug or basket of mixed vegetables and herbs for culinary use; basket base max 60cm
31 Longest runner bean
32 Your most odded shaped vegetable ⚫


Rose Collins Salver awarded for the highest number of points received in Div C

33 Rose - one bloom (large flower) in a vase

34 Roses - three blooms (large flower), different varieties, in a vase

35 Bowl of mixed garden roses for all round effect


Hastings Challenge Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Div D

The Bryan Linkhorn Sweet Pea Cup awarded to the winner of Class 40

36 Vase of mixed annuals, maximum of 8 stems

37 Mixed Vase - see note below

38 Planted pot of mixed annuals - max pot size 25 cm

39 Six fuchsia florets, displayed on a board - three varieties

40 Vase of sweet peas - five stems

41 Five nasturtium flowers, displayed on a black cloth

42 Carnations or Pinks, five stems

43 Hydrangeas, three stems

44 Collection of freshly cut decorative foliage - three stems of three differing kinds in

separate containers - max height 61 cm

45 One fuchsia plant in flower - any variety - max pot size 25cm

46 Flowering Plant - maximum pot size 10cm

47 Flowering Plant - minimum pot size 10cm

48 Foliage Plant - maximum pot size 10cm

49 Foliage Plant - minimum pot size 10cm

50 Cactus or Succulent - maximum pot size 15cm

51 Pot of Pelargoniums - max pot size 25cm

52 Your best weed

53 Hanging Basket

Display stands will be provided but exhibitors should supply chains & large 'S' hooks

Note—CLASS 37:
MIXED VASE CLASS is for a vase of mixed flowers containing a total of between five and ten stems, taken
from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants; two
varieties of the same flower are NOT two kinds.

Plants used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seed heads or berries are allowed.
The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the dis-
play. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.

No accessories whatsoever – such as bows and additional foliage – will be allowed.
Foliage, which is growing naturally from the flowering stem, and still attached to that stem, will be al-
lowed. Packing material – including florists’ foam – to keep the stems upright and in place is allowed.

Voucher prizes for highest number
of points in Divisions C & D
generously donated by Brick Kiln
Garden Centre ⚫


THEME FOR 2019—Community Spirit

Chichester Southdown Observer Challenge Cup awarded for highest number of points and
Island Cottage Challenge Cup awarded for second highest number of points received in Div E
75 A fresh flower arrangement using a Cup and Saucer – maximum dimensions 20cm wide

by 20cm high
76 “For Your Hostess” – a tied bunch to be presented in a glass container
77 “Lovely Leaves” – an arrangement using greenery only – may include grasses
78 A wedding buttonhole – maximum 10cm wide by 10cm high
79 “Summer” – a circular table centre for a community event – any materials
80 “Spirited” – a contemporary arrangement using three stems of a single headed flower
Please note, unless otherwise specified, natural materials only and no arrangement to exceed

maximum staging area: 60cm wide x 75cm high


The Garth Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Division F
81 One jar of marmalade
82 One jar of any fruit jam
83 One jar of any jelly
84 One jar of honey
85 One jar of tomato chutney
86 One bottle of cordial
87 One bottle of fruit flavoured spirit
Note: entries for Classes 86 and 87 should be in a clear bottle, so that colour is visible, labelled

and filled to 3cm from the top, with an appropriate stopper for easy removal.


The Gala Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Division G
88 Red onion tart
89 Iced Cherry Cake
90 A gluten free cake of your choice
91 Six sweet biscuits
92 Men only - Six cheese straws
93 Men only – Latticed treacle tart
94 A special cake depicting one or more local activities – to be judged for the decoration

and displayed on a 25cm diameter board


The Royal British Legion Cup awarded for the highest number of points received in Division H
95 An item of beadwork
96 A small box made to contain a collection of items – maximum size 25cm by 25cm
97 A greetings card for a gardener (handmade)
98 Hand knitting – any article
99 An item of silver jewellery
100 Creative needlework – any article
101 A picture in any medium, framed or unframed, maximum size 75cm by 75cm ⚫



Parish Silver Salver awarded for the highest number of points received in Division J
102 “Happy Days – maximum size 25cm x 31cm
103 “A local sporting event” – maximum size 25cm x 31 cm
104 “Before & After” – two photographs maximum size 17.5cm x 12.5cm each

Annual Vehicle Display

Antique, Classic, Vintage, Pre 2000 Models
Cars, Farming, Military, Commercial Vehicles ⚫


Junior Classes

Please read Hints and Tips for All and Rules of the Show - see Pages 17 & 18
Cups are awarded for the Best Exhibit in each Section (Judge’s Discretion)
Children under 5 years
54 A Picture
55 A Model you have made using any medium
Children in School Year Reception
56 Portrait of a grandparent or other special person
Section A - Checketts Cup - Children in School Years 1 & 2
57 A handwritten poem about a plant
58 A picture of a plant
Section B - O'Shea Cup - Children in School Years 3 & 4
59 A handwritten poem about the Greeks
60 An ancient piece of art from the Greeks (3D)
61 A sketch of Greek Gods
Section C - Simon Forsyth Cup - Children In School Years 5 & 6
62 A picture of a tree in mixed media
63 A handwritten poem about nature
Section D - Village Hall Cup - Children up to 14 years
64 “Our Community” – artistic impression – can be hand-drawn, painted or computer

65 A miniature garden on a round tray, max diameter 30cm
66 A model of your favourite animal, any materials, maximum dimensions 20cm x 20cm x

Section E - Major Collis Brown Cup for Flower Arrangements
67 Max age 8 years: wild flowers and greenery, arranged in a glass jar
68 Age 9-15 years: wild flowers and greenery, arranged in a glass jar
Section F - Charles Leeder Cup - maximum age 15 years
69 A Lego model, maximum dimensions 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
70 A fruit or vegetable monster, maximum dimensions 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
Section G - Alice Leeder Cup for Baking - maximum age 15 years
71 Five muffins or six biscuits or six sweets on a decorated paper plate
Section H - Geoff Rowe Cup for Photography - maximum age 15 years
72 A photograph you have taken at the seaside
73 A photograph you have taken of your favourite animal
74 A photograph you have taken of something funny ⚫

11 ⚫






TEL: 01243 776739 FAX: 01243 532419



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How we use the details you provide on your entry form
The personal details which you give on your entry certificate are held on computer,
access to which is by the Show Manager and Treasurer only. We ask for address, phone
number and/or email address. Your name will be displayed on your entry card on the
table alongside your exhibit. This card is destroyed at the end of the Show.
We need your contact details to process your entry and, should you win a prize or
trophy, to communicate with you about this. We also use your contact details to send
you a personal copy of the Gala schedule in subsequent years. If you do not wish us to
retain your contact details, please let the Show Manager know. However, this will of
course mean that you cannot take away any trophy that you win (trophy winners keep
the cup they win, engraved with their name until the next Gala).
This is no change from the way we have used your names and contact details over the
past 100 years and, in order to comply with the new regulations, unless you specifically
notify us, we shall assume that you are happy for this to continue.. ⚫

Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Master) 14 ⚫

Post Code

Telephone *


I wish to enter in the classes ticked below subject to the regulations as published in the Schedule and enclose

Entry Fees amounting to £ : p (50p per class).

Apply by post Please send this completed entry form, and a cheque made out to Mundham Gala, to:
The Show Manager, Mundham Cottage, Honer Lane, South Mundham PO20 1LY.
Apply by email Please scan this completed entry form and send to: [email protected].
Pay your entry fees by bank transfer to Mundham Gala, Sort Code 30-91-97, Account Number 02320192
giving your telephone number * (as above) as the reference.
Apply in person Please bring this form to the Village Hall on Tuesday 9th July 2019 between 3pm – 7pm
and pay by cheque or cash.

Entry Forms and Fees must be received by the Show Manager by 5pm on Thursday 11th July
By entering this event I agree to become a temporary member of the

Mundham & District Gala & Flower Show for this year at no additional cost.

Signature Date

Adults - 7 entries or more : free car parking on gala afternoon

15 ⚫

16 ⚫

Hints and Tips for All 17

JUNIOR CLASSES Please label exhibits on the reverse side or base with your name, date of birth
and the number of the class you are entering

CHILDREN’S ART - Originality and creativity will be rewarded as well as technical skill.

ARTS AND CRAFTS - Must have been made within the last twelve months.

FRUIT - Gooseberries, raspberries, currants, loganberries and strawberries should be
picked with a good piece of stalk attached, and are best cut with scissors.
Raspberries are shown complete with plug. Currants should include all the
berries on the strig/string.

PRESERVES/JAMS - These must state type, month and year. Jars to be filled to within 3 mm of top
(fill to the top to allow for shrinkage). The cellophane should be sealed tightly
and neatly.

CHUTNEY/PICKLES - Must be at least six to eight weeks old before showing. All must have vinegar-
proof seal, e.g. glass or plastic lid or screw top, not cellophane jam pot cover.
All preserve jars for showing should have clear sides, not ribbed, and no brand
names or numbers on them.

CAKES - Should show no marks on surface from cooking rack.

SOFAS FROM £995 Unit F, Portfield Trading Estate
Bognor Rd, Chichester
Quality bespoke Sofas & Chairs at Tel: 01243 839850
competitive prices
Open 7 days a week
Visit our showroom:
Eastmead House Mon - Sat 9 to 5 & Sun 10 to 4
Midhurst Road
Lavant PO18 0DB

01243 839222
07718 161009

Open: 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday
9.30am to 4pm Saturday ⚫


Rules of the Show

The Show will be conducted in accordance with the rules and standards laid down in the
Horticultural Show Handbook 2016, issued by the Royal Horticultural Society, except where
stated in this Schedule. A copy of the Horticultural Show Handbook may be seen on
application to the Show Manager.
Exhibitors may only enter ONE exhibit per class.
Entries in Divisions A, B, C and D (Fruit, Vegetables, Roses and Flowers) must have been
grown by the exhibitor in their own garden, glasshouse or home for at least the current
season. Pot plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least six
Entries in Division H (Arts and Crafts) must have been made by the exhibitor within one
year of the Show.
Volunteers are on duty in the marquee during the afternoon but entries are left at
exhibitors’ own risk.
Please ensure you register your entries by 5pm on Thursday 11th July
The staging of the exhibits will take place in the marquee on the morning of the Show from
8am to 10am. It will not be possible to stage any exhibits in the marquee on Friday
evening. Exhibits must be staged by 10am; all exhibitors must leave the marquee until the
Show is opened at 2pm. Please note that no containers or accessories are supplied for any

Exhibits may be collected between 4pm and 5pm.
Prizes If an exhibit qualifies for a prize, points will be awarded as follows:

1st prize 4 points
2nd prize 3 points
3rd prize 2 points
Where no exhibit in a class merits an award, no points will be given; when a prize is shared,
the prize winners will each receive the points applicable to the prize.
Prize Money Prize money can be collected from the marquee between 3.30pm and
4.30pm. Prize money not collected will be donated to Gala funds. ⚫



Divisions A, B, C & D - Fruit, Flowers Mark Ward and Gordon Cooper
and Vegetables
Junior Classes Debbie Mitchelson
Division E - Floral Arrangements Gill Powell-Jones
Divisions F & G - Preserves / Wine / Linda Baker & Elaine Lendrum
Division H - Arts and Crafts Debbie Mitchelson & Linda Gebhart
Division J - Photography Stephen & Kim Tattersal

Prize Money 1st 2nd 3rd

Adults £2 £1 50p
Juniors £2 £1 50p
Class 30 – Mixed Veg £10 voucher
Class 37— Mixed Vase £10 voucher - -
Total of classes in Divisions C & D £15 voucher - -
(excluding class 37) £10 voucher £5 voucher

Earth Seed to Bloom
Old Barn Nursery
Fisher Lane
North Mundham

Fresh Flower delivery for Chichester and Bognor Regis

We can provide Bouquets for all Occasions such as
Birthdays and Anniversaries

as well as Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Tributes.
We specialise in Weddings, as well as providing flower displays for

Corporate Events and Parties
All major Credit/Debit accepted

Call 01243 531581
Mobile 07799062974
Email: gill ⚫

20 Trophy Winners 2018 Nicol Beard
Division A Fruit Nicol Beard
John Brinkman Challenge Cup
Frederick Attrill Challenge Shield

Division B Vegetables Mark Neave Challenge Cup Nicol Beard
Fisher Lane Trophy Kelvin Baldwin

Class 30 £10 voucher Kelvin Baldwin

Division C Roses Rose Collins Salver Janice Parsons

Division D Flowers Hastings Challenge Cup Janice Parsons

Class 37 Mixed Vase £10 voucher Nicola Stephens

Class 41 Sweet Peas Bryan Linkhorn Sweet Pea Cup Rosemary Jenkins

Division C and D (excluding class 37) Sponsored by Brick Kiln Garden Centre
1stPrize £15 voucher Janice Parsons
2ndPrize £10 voucher Heather Sullivan
3rdPrize £5 voucher Jeannie Taylor

Division E Floral Arrangement Sue Smith
Chichester Southdown Observer Challenge Cup Diana Shambrook
The Island Cottage Cup

Division F Preserves & Wine The Garth Cup Nicol Beard

Division G Cooking The Gala Cup Susan Waite

Division H Arts &Crafts The Royal British Legion Cup Anne Dibley

Division J Photography Parish Council Salver Tim Smith

Divisions E to J best score The Jubilee Bowl Susan Waite

The Checketts Cup

The O’Shea Cup Hebe Winstanley

The Simon Forsyth Cup Jonah Venables

Village Hall Cup Jude Smith

Major Collis Browne Cup Daniella Stopps

Charles Leeder Cup Fletcher Budd

Alice Leeder Cup no winner this year

Geoff Rowe Cup Amelia Budd ⚫

21 ⚫

22 ⚫

23 ⚫

24 ⚫


Restaurant open for Lunch
and Dinner 7 days a week

Traditional Sunday Lunch
Private Functions ~~ Wedding Parties
For enquiries and reservations please
telephone (01243 785881)

Gala Walnut Tree

Hunston North Mundham Pagham

The Walnut Tree is pleased to support the North Mundham Gala ⚫

26 A
commercial company

working for
our community

Now on the 4th generation of Hills, Hill Brothers has an excellent understanding of the UK market.
We focus on quality and innovation and our aim is to deliver unique,
seasonally well focused, British grown products to our customers.

At Hills we produce on average 2 million indoor and outdoor ornamental flowering plants a year.

Growers for:

Marks and Spencers

Hills Bros Ltd Lagness Road Runcton,
Chichester Tel: 01243 756242





OPEN 7 DAYS: Tel. 788571

01243 783889 ⚫


After expenses the proceeds of the Gala are donated to village organisations.
In 2018 donations were made to: North Mundham Playing Field, Sunbeams Pre-

School, TS Sturdy and the Village Hall.

Mundham & District

The Committee wishes to thank all the
sponsors, local businesses, advertisers and
volunteers whose generous donations and support
ensure the Gala is a great success each year.


Sarah Gunn Celia O’Shea
Clive Johnson Clive Budd
Joanna Armandias Annie Maclean

Please tell advertisers you saw their services in this schedule.

Thank you to all the photographers whose photographs we have used. ⚫


To place an advertisement next year, please contact: ⚫

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