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Artificial Lift System Brochure V9 - For Print

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Artificial Lift System Brochure V9 - For Print

Artificial Lift System Brochure V9 - For Print



Applications: 45 Plungers
• Dewatering liquid loading gas wells
• Wells with high gas-to-oil ratio 67
• Wax, hydrate and paraffin control


• Conventional (Solid, spiraled and brush)
• New padded plunger design
• Continuous flow plungers (Flow/Shift)
• PCP Plungers (Paraffin Control Plungers)

Lubricators: 1 – Flow/Shift Bottom Hole Bumper Spring
• Built to API 6A specifications 2 – Flow/Shift Bottom Hole Isolation Pack-off Assembly
• Sweet and sour service available 3 – Flow/Shift PCP (Paraffin Control Plunger) Bypass Plunger
• Cold temperature material reliable to –50oC 4– Flow/Shift Bypass Plunger
• Threaded and flanged connections 5 – Flow/shift PCP Conventional Plunger
• Up to 10K psi rating 6 – Flow/Shift Padded Plunger
• Custom configurations available 7 – Flow/Shift PCP Padded Plunger

Bottom Hole Assemblies: Lubricator
• Standard API hold downs
• Multiple styles of tubing seal assemblies
• Auto fluid dump feature available
• Multistage bumpersprings for dual plunger


• SCADA interface
• 1-3 valves supported
• 25 cycle history
• Optimize on time, pressure or travel speed

Complete Plunger System

2 |

Universal PCP
Driveheads and Wellhead Equipment
Universal Pump Hold Down
• Zero spill stuffing box…complete environmental containment
• Heavy Oil direct gear drive 2.1:1 ratio
• Hydraulic motor options provided varied torque and speed ranges
• Flanged or pin-type wellhead connections offer installation

• Proven high efficiency and reliability
• Lower noise, operations and maintenance cost
• Integral rod clamp for enhanced safety during service and

• Hydraulic power skid w/ optional natural gas or electric power

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Universal Pump Hold-down (UPHD) for Insert PC pump

• Universal Pump Seat Nipple (UPSN) suitable for insert rod pumps
or insert PS pumps

• UPHD is adaptable to all brands of PC pumps
• The UPHD (Universal Pump Hold Down) PCP assembly features

torque holding collet, metal to metal axial hold down rings, and
debris barriers to prevent sand build up
• For either a conventional insert pump or progressive cavity pump
the installation is very simple – set down to install, and straight pull
to retrieve – no additional manipulation of the rod string is required.
The axial force can be adjusted to suit the application
• Hold-down suitable for cold or Thermal production
• Friction Seal hold-down provides controlled seating / unseating
• Available tubing sizes: 3-1/2” , 4-1/2” , 5-1/2”,
** other sizes available upon request OUR CUSTOMERS ARE PRIORITY ONE | 3


Sucker Rod Pumping System - • VDM high strength-corrosion • Pump style and sizing
Design, Performance/Analysis resistance polished rod recommendations, complete with
and Recommendations ~ 100% guarantee against corrosion material options
from formation fluids/gases
• Bottom to Top complete system design • Solutions to Thermal and HZ well
• Well completion options (tubing • Style, type, material and placement of problems
rod guides or scrapers if required ~ Enhanced materials for thermal
wear mitigation, gas separation, sand gas, steam, wear issues
control/concerns, etc) • Horizontal well options…optimize ~ Enhanced Wear Components for
~ Optimuss flow-back to Gas rod fall and addresses sideload and side load/wear resistance across
buckling forces pump components
Separator completions tool ~ Guiding specific to ensure rod ~ Introduced to the HZ well issues
~ PSN or Landing nipple options rotation to the pump the Enhanced Velocity Sand & Gas
• Corporate design team with > 200 ~ Wheeled roller coupling and pump
years practical experience supported guided rods with hard-koted
by sucker rod pumping system tubing placement • Fail Cause Analysis (target to reduce
predictive software ~ High Surface Finish couplings in the Failure Frequency)
Poly-lined tubing
• Echometer Q-Rod • Review pump data-base for
• Lufkin S-Rod • Sucker rod failure analysis component failure trends, recommend
• Complete string design and • Instruction on care and handling of and implement changes
installation support
~ Vertical, directional or Horizontal sucker rods • Electronic transmission of Pump Work
multi-stage Orders, Summary reports and pump
~ Fiberglass sucker rods (Fiberod)… Bottom Hole Pump Expertise tracking database packages in varied
string design and installation formats
support • Owner & Distributor of • Customer access available
~ Steel sucker rods…coupled, Pro- Dura Products pump parts, an API to DNOW Global Pump &
Rod or hybrid licensed manufacture since 1979, Tracking System (GPTS)
• API class D Carbon- Alloy- located in Saskatchewan.
• Pump school instruction (Technical
Special Alloy • Local rod pump design & repair and Operations levels)
• High Strength expertise in 20+ locations with 24/7
• Class 1 reconditioned emergency on call service
• System performance evaluation and
optimization • Strategically located in fields requiring
conventional rod pumps

• Industry leading repair, inspection
procedures and training

Pump Pull Count / Average Run Days Trending



600 588 645 575 602
544 522 444
610 540
500 544 540

2009: OIl price drop... 488
some wells not serviced
2010: start HZ well
400 program...increased

short run-days (sand) 2011: change pump
style & Operational
300 conditions (address
sand & gas issues)
2012: lower pumps,
change rod string &
200 tbg design


0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
2008 Ave. Run Days

Pumps Pulled- All Reasons Linear (Ave. Run Days)

4 |


Surface Equipment Options Pumping Units The DNOW/DPEG pumping unit has
and Recommendations features of reliable performance, simple
DPEG has been manufacturing structure, easy operation and maintenance,
• Wellhead equipment conventional pumping units from their etc. The technical parameters meet API
• Flanged or threaded tie-in facility in Daqing China since 1961, with Spec 11E Standards and China Industry
configurations entry into the North American market in Standard: SY/T 5044. There is a wide
• Critical Service Well / Pollution the early 1990s. selection of units in all of the size ranges
Control - Envirofriendly stuffing C80 thru to C1280.
box devices An API licensed manufacture, DPEG
• ESD currently supply more than 1200 units DNOW have invested extensively in
• Leak containment annually to North American producers. inventory, PDI and service facilities
• Integral combination BOP/Flow DistributionNOW has been associated and technical personnel. The unit has
tee welllheads and representing DPEG since 2005. We a sturdy structure, with the features of
have since enhanced the design even working smoothly, lower noise and easy
• Pump jack / Prime movers further for our Canadian environment. maintenance with off the shelf bearings
• Conventional and Hydraulic A significant feature of the DPEG unit is and seals. The gear reducer utilizes
that they are manufactured by in common herringbone double arc gears with high
• Pumping units facility including, gear cutting, assembly, bearing capacity and long working life.
• Natural Gas engines and testing and fabrication. This allows them
to operate a concise and effective QA/QC
• Electric motors program. DistributionNOW has performed
~ Arrow K, C and A series engines an internal QA/QC audit of their processes
~ Nema B and D motors and they meet or exceed our stringent
~ Soft Starters standards.

• Well Automation and Control
• Basic VSD with hand-dial speed
• Rod Pump Controllers
• Optimization and automation


Hydraulic Rod Pumping Systems (HPU)

• Hydraulic pumping units (HPU) can be a viable solution for many rod pump
applications. They feature a smaller footprint, lower installation costs, and are an
optimal unit for rental and testing a well’s deliverability.

• Morlift 4-post Unit
• 40,000 load capacity, 0 - 144” surface stroke; .5 to 5 spm max**

• Corlift Cable Unit
• 20,000 load capacity, 0- 120” surface stroke; .5 to 5 spm max

• Units mount directly to the wellhead and do not require guide wires.
• Available for rental and purchase.
• Natural gas or electric skids

• conversion of customer owned PC skids
** maximum SPM subject to working load

Prime Movers:

DistributionNOW, through its Shearer Power Systems division, offers Engines &
Generator Sets for ALS applications.


Designed specifically for pumpjack application, the C series Arrow engine origin
dates back to 1955 and has been providing exceptional products through a
distributor network including DistributionNOW ever since.

The C,K & L series engines, designed to work at low RPM, utilize a heavy
flywheel, resulting in high inertia to off-set the fluctuating loads of the pumpjack,
which equates to lower wear, reduced maintenance and reduced repair costs.

Capable of running on gasoline, propane or natural gas, the C series engine has
proven to be an industry leader in pumping equipment.
• K-6 2.7-4.8hp (400-800 rpm) • C-106 17-32hp (300-800 rpm)
• C-46 5-9hp (400-800 rpm) • C-255 32-55hp (400-750 rpm)
• C-66 7-13 hp (350-700 rpm) • L-795 35-65hp (300-600 rpm)
• C-96 11-19hp (300-600 rpm)

The A series multi-cylinder was introduced as an economic alternative for
natural gas engines in mid-to-high horsepower requirements in rod pumping.

Users receive benefits of reduced maintenance costs associated with it’s robust
design for industrial use including wet-sleeve design.
• A-42 25-35hp (1000-1800 rpm)
• A-54 23-55hp (1000-1800 rpm)
• A-62 50-70hp (1000-1800 rpm)

Turbocharge versions also available.


DistributionNOW, through its Shearer Power Systems division, offers Propane or
natural gas generators with a range of 28 Kw thru 200 Kw.

• Sales, lease or lease-to-own
• Start-up and commissioning services
• Post installation maintenance & service

Full enclosures are standard and a complete line of sound attenuation products
are available.

6 |


A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) • Independent Up and Down
allows operators to easily vary the speed stroke SPM
of an electric driven ALS system while
protecting components of that system. Our • Independent inputs for rods and
products have Well Automation & Control surface equipment protection
software that “operate” the well seeking to (well parameter specific)
optimize production and electrical cost
while protecting all system components. • Optional load cell for pump and
surface card
• Broad application range: PCP; SRP;
ESP • SALT® SRP Pump off control /
prevention – modify speed to match
• New Wells or existing (optimization) pump fillage and/or maximize work
being performed
• Current 2 technology offering • Optimization logic derived from
• Maximize power usage per produced • 4-Quadrant speed control….
barrel independent speed change
possible through 4 portions of
• Remote access /communication: the stroke cycle.
• read / write capabilities, warning ^ Maximize average SPM via
alarms and call-outs increased Upstroke SPM vs.
• compatible with SCADA or well slower downstroke within the
manager systems (XSPOC) POC speed change commands.
^ slower downstroke = reduced
• Ancillary inputs available (pressure, rod compression & buckling
temperature, tank alarms, etc) forces failures
• Non-Regen design results in
• Regional or local technical support enhanced power savings (17-
available 24%)
• Optional load cell for pump and
Beam Pumping surface card viewing

• Basic VSD with hand spm control and PC Pumping
basic motor protection
• Basic VSD with hand rpm control and
• Unico Rod Pump Controller – load basic torque protection
cell and software to display pump and
surface cards for monitoring purpose. • SALT® PC Pump off control /
• Compatible with electric motors prevention – modify speed to match
(start/stop commands) pump fillage and/or maximize work
• Compatible with natural gas being performed.
engines (monitoring only or • Optimization logic derived from
start-stop…subject to auto-start motor
configuration) • Motor and rod string torque
• Unico SRP Pump off control / • Gas interference detection
prevention– modify speed to match • Compatible with Permanent
pump fillage and/or maximize work Magnet Motor Drives
being performed.
• Optimization logic derived from
motor, including pump and
surface card loads plotting.

For more information on the DistributionNOW ALS product lines, please contact OUR CUSTOMERS ARE PRIORITY ONE | 7
your DistributionNOW representative or email [email protected]

1800 - 635 8 Avenue SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 3M3
403 531 5600

Alliance AB (780) 879-2218 Provost AB (780) 753-2991 Virden- Fiberglass MB (204) 748-2030
Bonnyville AB (780) 812-2972 (780) 753-2364 Waskada MB (204) 673-2420
Brooks- Drilling & Well AB (403) 362-5164 Provost- Fiberglass AB (403) 342-5540 Winnipeg MB (204) 888-5454
Servicing (403) 343-2290 Mount Pearl NF (709) 747-6626
Brooks- PVF AB (403) 362-3428 Red Deer AB Dartmouth NS (902) 468-1313
Calgary - Branch AB (403) 508-6800 (780) 649-2773 Sarnia ON (519) 336-9797
Calgary - Head Office AB (403) 531-5600 Red Deer- Total Valve AB (403) 548-8121 Thunder Bay ON (807) 622-5554
Cold Lake AB (780) 594-4180 Solutions (403) 548-8161 Carlyle SK (306) 453-6100
Consort AB (403) 577-3661 (403) 548-6131 Coleville SK (306) 965-2550
Drayton Valley AB (780) 542-5110 Red Earth Creek AB (403) 845-2445 Estevan SK (306) 634-6494
Drumheller AB (403) 823-7000 (403) 742-2400 Estevan- Fiberglass SK (306) 634-2623
Edmonton - Applied AB (780) 465-0999 Redcliff- Repair & Service AB (403) 934-9526 Kerrobert SK (306) 834-5610
Products (780) 524-3111 Kindersley SK (306) 463-3851
Edmonton - Branch AB (780) 944-8000 Redcliff - PVF AB (780) 842-3603 Moosomin SK (306) 435-2969
Edmonton - DC AB (780) 944-1000 (780) 779-4940 Oxbow SK (306) 483-2522
Edson AB (780) 723-7911 Redcliff - Fiberglass AB (250) 719-0123 Redvers SK (306) 452-3470
Fort McMurray AB (780) 791-7000 (250) 774-7748 Regina SK (306) 721-2260
Fox Creek AB (780) 622-3411 Rocky Mountain House AB (250) 785-5677 Shaunavon SK (306) 297-2300
Grande Prairie AB (780) 532-5506 (250) 372-5650 Swift Current SK (306) 773-0616
Lloydminster AB (306) 825-6292 Stettler AB (250) 562-9036 Weyburn SK (306) 842-4604
Nisku AB (780) 955-5451 (204) 522-3238
Nisku - Electrical AB (780) 955-2501 Strathmore AB (204) 748-2094
Peace River AB (780) 624-4150
Valleyview AB

Wainwright AB

Whitecourt AB

Dawson Creek BC

Fort Nelson BC

Fort St. John BC

Kamloops BC

Prince George BC

Melita MB For inquiries in Canada, contact the ALS group at
[email protected]
Virden MB

DistributionNOW has produced this brochure for general information only, and it is not intended for design purposes. Although every effort has been made to maintain
the accuracy and reliability of its contents, DistributionNOW in no way assumes responsibility for liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of
information and data herein. All applications for the material described are at the user’s risk and are the user’s responsibility.

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