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Rita Johnson is not having a good day, she must battle time until her 7 a clock bus comes, will she make it to her work? Or face the wrath of Mr.Scuttle.

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Published by Brittney Salazar, 2019-05-19 21:07:24

Fruits, Juice and your late!

Rita Johnson is not having a good day, she must battle time until her 7 a clock bus comes, will she make it to her work? Or face the wrath of Mr.Scuttle.

Margarita Johnson worked as a supervisor for a company
called Mr. S’s Juicy Fruit Juice and Fruits. A company
(from the tile) you can assume that sells fruit juice like
orange juice or apple. But why that? Because a couple of
months ago, someone uploaded a video to the
mainstream website called WatchTube that talked about
all the benefits of fruits. Surprisingly it stayed on their
Trending page for 3 weeks! Companies took advantage of
that idea and sold and told lots of fruits. All thanks to that
hippy watchtuber named Fargo Scaval got companies
richer. ‘’Remember’’, Fargo had said, ‘’Fruits are good as
candies! They just more juicer, brighter and healthier than

M​ argarita was only a mere worker when this video came
out months ago but she got promoted two months ago.
She worked so hard that she got to be the youngest
supervisor. But later that week Rita had troubled her boss,
Mr. Scuttle. He’d got upset was because, under Rita’s
supervision, an employee had gotten a complaint that the
apples arrived bad and mushy, so the employee named
John under Rita’s supervision had said that they’ll deliver
some fresh ones free. No charge. Rita had always known
Mr.Scuttle was a cheapskate, and he always hated the
word free except if that meant a benefit for him. He got
mad and yelled at her and gave her a warning. She had
no idea that it would be a challenge to get on his good
side again. But again, it was a stupid reason.

It all started on December 29th, 2011. Rita woke up to find
had she overslept, and it was 6:26. You see Rita always
wakes up at 5:50. That gives her enough time to take a

shower and put on her clothes, and eat breakfast before
the 7:00 bus appears. But now it was now 6:27 and Rita’s
car was already broken and needed to take another day to
fix. Now Rita quickly got up to get her clothes. Usually
she’d get up and brush her teeth and take a shower, but
there was no time for showers. She got her clothes. She
realized that she had fallen into a big, goopy mud hole
when she was walking home and it was at the dryer. So
Rita got up and dialed the laundry dept. They said that it
was hard to clean, and it would need to take another
day’s half. So Rita rushed to her closet.

She got her old work clothes. A big pair of white, saggy
jeans, a very small shirt that had the tackiest designs, and

a big black, saggy, wrinkled jacket. Great. But Rita put it
on anyway and checked the time: 6:35. Rita quickly
finished zipping her jacket and grabbed her makeup kit
and started to put it on when she reviewed the time: 6:49.
‘’Crud! Mr. Scuttle’s gonna kill me!’’ thought Rita. She
quickly grabbed a towel to remove her makeup. She knew
there was no time and quickly scrambled to get her work
and supplies and check the time: 6:58. Rita quickly ran to
the bus stop almost not locking her door. Rita was at the
stop but too late, and the only 7:00 bus drove away. If that
wasn’t enough all of Rita’s notes and pages of hours of
work dropped into the pouring rain. Rita fell to her knees in
defeat. As the bus drove away. Rita fell to the ground in a

It was a cold, murky, rainy day for Rita. She laid there for 5
minutes staring at the sky in defeat. How could she
confront her boss? Mr. Scuttle was already in his bad
mood day because he always was grumpy on Thursdays
(because his wife left him on a Thursday). She quickly got
up saggy, white pants full of dirt and misery. Picked up her
work and headed for home. Rita emailed Mr. Scuttle about
her fiasco, and he laid her off because of her ‘’lack of
trying’’ and hung up.

Rita saw an ad for a barista for Molly’s and Geneve’s
Bakery and Cafe by her friend Tiffany and was accepted.

Rita accepted fate and had nowhere else to go. She
accepted her job. While working on a part-time job at a
cafe (Molly and Geneve’s Bakery and Cafe) to help get
some money, Rita’s closest friend (Tiffany) had sent her a
link to a job in another town though it was unspecified.
Rita took a chance a quit the cafe. Rita learned that it was
a small tech comp. That needed a person to help manage
the workers and to Rita’s surprise, Mr. Scuttle had
recommended her to the boss, and he took that chance
just like Rita.

Now Rita has enough money for rent and has a good vibe
with her co-workers. Not a good vibe that she had at her
old job. But now she was happy, and that’s all that


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