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Download Audiobook Modern Bioelectrochemistry

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Description :

As stated by Buckminster Fuller in Operation Manual for
Spaceship Earth, 'Synergy is the behavior of whole systems
unpredicted by separately observed behaviors of any of the
system's separate parts'. In a similar vein, one might define an
intellectual synergy as 'an improvement in our understanding
of the behavior of a system unpredicted by separately acquired
viewpoints of the activities of such a system'. Such
considerations underlie, and provide a motivation for, an
interdisciplinary approach to the problem of unraveling the
deeper mysteries of cellular metabolism and organization, and
have led a number of pioneering spirits, many represen- ted in
the pages which follow, to consider biological systems from an
elec- trochemical standpoint. is itself, of course, an
interdisciplinary branch of Now electrochemistry science, and
there is no doubt that many were introduced to it via Bockris
and Reddy's outstanding, wideranging and celebrated textbook
Modern Electrochemistry. If I am to stick my neck out, and
seek to define bioelec- trochemistry, I would take it to refer to
'the study of the mutual interac- tions of electrical fields and
biological materials, including living systems'. em em




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