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Published by nikki.mcnulty, 2021-04-01 07:06:39

Maternity Effective Handover W/C 29.03.2021

WC 29.03.2021


Get your first COVID-19 vaccine (if you haven’t already)

• As the vaccine remains the best way to protect ourselves, our patients
and loved ones, we are encouraging those who have not yet had their
vaccine to do so as soon as possible. A report from Public Health
England (PHE) has shown that one dose of the vaccine reduces the risk
of catching infection by more than 70%, rising to 85% after the second

• To help allay common concerns about the longer term impacts of the
vaccine and to help you make an informed decision about whether to
have the vaccine, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions
on TrustNav which include information on the side effects of the vaccine,
what it means if you have already had COVID-19 and the impact of the
vaccine on fertility. In addition, some of our leaders across the Trust
have been sharing videos discussing why they have had the vaccine.


Get your first COVID-19 vaccine (if you haven’t already)

• Please speak to your line manager if you have any further questions.
Alternatively, you can find out more at our upcoming drop-in sessions, or
you can contact our dedicated COVID-19 vaccine helpline by calling ext.
25419 or emailing [email protected] and using ‘Staff Vaccine
Query’ in the subject of the email.

• As an organisation we are taking all the necessary steps to protect you
and our patients and we are considering contacting all staff who have
not yet received their vaccine by letter to their home address.

• If you would prefer not to be contacted in this way, please email
[email protected] by Monday 22nd March 2021.


Compassionate café drop in sessions for staff

• The Chaplaincy and our Health and Wellbeing team are holding a series
of ‘Compassionate Café’ sessions over the coming weeks to give staff
the opportunity to have a chat and enjoy refreshments whilst learning
about the extensive support available across the Trust. Please find the
locations, dates and times of these sessions below:

• Faith Centre: Wednesday 17th March, 2pm – 4pm

• Rotunda Restaurant: Monday 22nd March, 5pm – 7pm

• CSB 1st Floor Atrium: Thursday 25th March, 2pm – 4pm

• Poplar Place Restaurant: Tuesday 30th March, 2pm – 4pm


Maternity Admissions
• Please remember to inform women to book into Maternity Reception

prior to their admission.

Safer Sleep Week – All This Week!

• Safer Sleep Week aims to reach as many families as possible with
our life-saving safer sleep advice. Running a Safer Sleep Week
campaign in your area is an effective way to raise awareness of SIDS
and equip parents with information how they can reduce the risk.



Clinical Risk

Hand Hygiene – Cascade Trainers

• In light of the progress made with all things related to hand hygiene
on Ward 24 and 25, it would have not been possible without cascade
trainer input so a big thank you to all involved.

• As the Maternity Infection Prevention & Control and Practice
Facilitator link, I too would appreciate more trainers on board

• To make similar changes on Labour Ward there is a desperate need
for more trainers, especially midwives. If anyone thinks would be of
interest to them please let me know ASAP as Infection Control will
arrange bespoke training for us. (For those I’ve spoken with already,
it’s in hand) It’s a great addition to progression planning for either
Band 5 or Band 6’s.

• Labour ward really needs your support to move things on in the post
covid, all help appreciated!

• Fiona Smith – Clinical Midwifery Practice Facilitator

Clinical Risk

GAP Training
• Perinatal Institute have just announced that in April their eLearning

will be accessible via eLfH portal. Ultimately we are hoping will then
be accessible via ESR! So no need for separate accounts or logins.
• Watch this space for further updates!

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

CTG Teaching

• Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our usual morning CTG teaching has
been on hold. I am sure you will all be pleased to know that we are
planning to restart this teaching. This will be held via MS Teams on
Friday mornings from 8-8.30. To maximise attendance, we will be
holding these sessions only once a week and this has been scheduled
so that it doesn't clash with the Junior Doctors teaching (Wednesdays)
or Journal club (Thursdays).

• The teaching will be open to all Doctors, Midwives and students. MS
Teams platform will allow participation from home for those that wish to
join and are not on site.

• The night team of Doctors should prepare at least one case from the
current week. There should be opportunity to do this on one of the
night shifts (Monday to Thursday). This can be a case from the day or
night shift and doesn't have to be one that you were personally
involved in.

Clinical Risk

CTG Teaching
• Short summary of the antenatal care with the main focus on the

intrapartum CTG interpretation
• The selected case should provide some learning opportunities
• The case can be presented by SR/Reg or SHO
• Serious incidents should be avoided
• Anonymity should be maintained where possible
• Personal criticism will not be tolerated - this is a learning opportunity
• I am happy to do CBD for anyone who presents a case, senior

registrars may prefer to ask a willing consultant to complete this.
• I will be presenting the first session myself as I am on the night shift

this Thursday. (Hopefully I won’t be scrubbed in theatre!) I will send a
link via Email. Watch this space!!
• Liz Swift

Clinical Risk

Delivery Packs

• Unfortunately the current supplier of our delivery packs that contain disposable
instruments has been unable to fulfil our order and is unlikely to have any further
supply until May 2021. We have only a small supply of the packs left and once they
have gone from the rack in triage there are no more.

• Sterile supplies have made up emergency packs for us in the interim until a further
supply can be sourced. There is a supply of 15 of these emergency packs in a box in

• These packs are wrapped in blue paper and the contents are not disposable. The
packs do not contain a cord clamp or swabs and I have attached these to the outside
of the packs. You will also need a 70x70 drape and there are some on the racking in
triage and a further supply in the hold where the dirty instruments are left for

• When the pack is used there is an tray sheet as attached that lists the equipment that
MUST be returned to sterile supplies for cleaning and sterilising. This tray sheet must
be signed and returned with the instruments/equipment.

• It is essential that once the packs are used they are returned to sterile supplies as
soon as possible in order for them to be processed and returned to the LW in as timely
a manner as possible.

Maternity Feedback

• Hi all I just wanted to share some feedback regarding
my experience at lucina birth centre which was just
simply wonderful. I had an unmediated vaginal birth and
I couldn’t have wished for a better experience regarding
the support from the team. The Lucina staff who looked
after me were amazing and gave me so much help and
support and I hope this feedback can be passed to them
(as I couldn’t remember all their names) and special
thanks to llaria Harris who delivered my baby. Also
special thanks to Stacey Ormsby for helping me
establish breastfeeding - I could not have done it without

your help and it’s nearly 2 weeks and I’m still going .

Thanks so much to Lucina team and Stacey

Maternity Effective Handover

Week Commencing 8th March 2021


COVID-19 Vaccinations
• We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all your

support so far with helping us to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination
programme across the Trust.

• Data released this morning from our COVID-19 Vaccinations
Dashboard has shown that 81.63% of our staff have had their first
dose of the vaccine, meaning that there is still a proportion of our
workforce that has not yet taken the first step to protect themselves
against infection.

• A summary breakdown of the vaccine uptake for each group is
detailed below. In addition, you will shortly receive a detailed
departmental breakdown for each Group.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Trust - ICT

• When your Password Expires its time for a new passphrase ‘three random words’

• As part of our constant efforts to safeguard the Trust from cybercriminals, we recently
updated the password policy for logging on to the UHCW network.

• When your password is next due for renewal, you will be required to enter a new

password, which should take the form of three random words (known as a passphrase)

and in total be 15 characters or more in length. You can still add capital letters or
punctuation, or even spaces in between words if it’s easier for you to remember them

and once its set it will last for 365 days.

• Using a passphrase makes it easier to create a memorable password. It also makes it
more difficult for attackers to guess and harder for password cracking tools to decipher
than more traditional complex passwords.

• Examples (please do not use) horses phone alien horsesphonealie

Friday Lasagne Dinner Friday_Lasagne _Dinner Three Beautiful Children

• Simple to make, tough to break.

• For assistance on creating a new passphrase please see the following tool:

Women’s and Childrens

Safer Sleep Week

• Safer Sleep Week aims to reach as many families as possible with
our life-saving safer sleep advice. Running a Safer Sleep Week
campaign in your area is an effective way to raise awareness of
SIDS and equip parents with information how they can reduce the

Women’s & Childrens

New Baby Tags and Tape
• In your areas you will find a new version of the baby security tag and

• The company who supply them have responded to customer

feedback and have made the product smaller and softer.
• Please note the new tags are only compatible with the new strap and

vice versa the old tags are only compatible with the old strap.
• The process of adding and discharging the tag to the system remains

the same.
• Please let me know if you have any issues with the tag or alternatively

you are able to contact XTAG direct on 08452304140 for error
messages or frequently alarming tags.


Birth Partners & Visiting
• Please can we all be relaying the same

information regarding visiting.
• The birth partner / ward visitor must be the same

person who is from the same house hold or
support bubble as the woman.
• Swapping of birth partners is not permitted and
should not be encouraged

Clinical Risk

Very Brief Advise (VBA) ESR Training
• VBA training is mandatory and is required to be completed by 31st

March 2021.
• VBA training link:

pregnancy/ (VBA module only)
• This training should take approx. 1 hour.
• If there are any difficulties completing this in the time frame please

escalate this to your line manager, they have all been asked to
support you to complete this during a clinical shift.
• This is an integral part of Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle V2 and
one of our Key Performance Indicator’s that the department has to
have achieved 100% compliance in.

Clinical Risk


Make Each Contact Count - CRRS must still be reviewed
alongside K2 for checking bloods, investigations and
clinical letters.


Documenting Drugs on K2
• Administered drugs can be documented on K2.
• Regular audits are required such as Saving Babies Lives

• For example there is a specific wizard on K2 for

documenting AN steroid and Magnesium Sulphate


K2 – Fetal Well Being Software (Computerised Antenatal CTGs)
• Please remember that the antenatal computerised CTG software is a

• Use your clinical judgement in conjunction with the results and whole

clinical picture.
• Cascade training is still in progress and will be for the next few

• If you require support please speak too:

Wendy Taylor Nikki McNulty Fiona Smith
Kirsten Smith Pat McGeown Feras Izzat

Maternity Feedback

Maternity Feedback

Maternity Feedback

Maternity Effective Handover

Week Commencing 1st March 2021


COVID positive patients dip below 100 for the first time in 3 months
• Numbers of COVID positive patients have dropped below the 100

mark for the first time since December 12. Over the weekend, no new
COVID positive test results were recorded across the Trust during a
26 hour period.
• While these developments are clearly a positive step forward, they
need to be balanced against demand on the front door in the
Emergency Department, which is returning to pre COVID levels.
• Critical Care remains busy with COVID-19 and non COVID patients. A
total of 57 beds are available overall with around 40 currently in use,
still well above normal level. This has fallen from a peak of 47 and has
allowed Cardiothoracic Critical Care to have planned maintenance

and a deep clean prior to reoccupation.


Staff asked not to change date of second vaccination

• Please support the work of our UHCW COVID-19
vaccination clinics by sticking to your allocated second
dose date. Clinic teams are working under a lot of
pressure and are unable to support requests being
received to change appointments due to not being at
work that day or because individuals want to move the
date forward. Our clinics are following national
guidelines to ensure effective patient flow and
appreciate your ongoing understanding and co-


NEW Inpatient Covid-19 Testing
• With effect from Monday 8 March 2021 for new admissions only, there

will be a new faster test for Covid in Maternity, providing a result
within a few hours.
• Please familiarise yourselves with the poster below as to how to
perform the test, use of different swab and packaging.
• It is vital when requesting on CRRS the Covid swab is requested as
‘URGENT’. Placed in the provided grey bag and left on either Labour
Ward or Ward 24 for collection by the porters who will attend on an
hourly basis.
• Any subsequent testing for 3 or 7 day inpatient covid swabs we must
continue using the existing method. If you have any questions, please
speak to Sharon Gouldingay or Louise Dean.


A Huge Thank You!

• Last week you went above and beyond your job roles to help support
an extremely busy maternity unit, which resulted in a significant
pressure on beds.

• Excellent team working was observed between the medical, midwifery
and support teams, who all worked together to overcome the

• I would also like to thank Lucina Birth Centre, who supported with
postnatal families, under exceptional circumstances and admissions
who would have normally been transferred to Ward 25.

• Thank you to each and every one of you!
• Gaynor Armstrong.


BBC ‘Hospital’ series filming starting next week – includes Maternity

• The BBC Hospital Team has been visiting areas to understand services and
identify potential stories over the last week and a half. They have been
extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and expertise shown across each
of our clinical groups and they would like to say a big thank you for the warm
welcome received so far.

• Filming is due to start in selected areas across the Trust from next week, with
further details to be made available nearer to the time. Staff filming consent
will operate on an opt out basis, meaning if you see the production team
filming and you don’t wish to be on camera, please make yourself known to
the team. Only patients who are happy to be filmed will be involved, with strict
consent protocols in place to cover a wide range of scenarios.

• Please be assured that the Communications Team is in constant contact with
the crew and is being kept fully up to date with developments. A panel of
senior staff from the Trust will have the opportunity to view episodes before
they air to ensure medical accuracy and patient confidentiality.


Mamma Mia: For New and expectant mothers
• If they are feeling anxious during pregnancy or are worried about

becoming a new parent, they can get access to free online support
through Mamma Mia
• This is an online self-help management tool which can help improve
their wellbeing and give you tips on how to prepare for changes to
• The tool enables them to receive weekly sessions during their
pregnancy and until their baby is six months. They can access it on a
phone, tablet or computer.
• To register to use Mamma Mia go to
• These postcards are now available in our maternity unit waiting rooms
and inpatient areas. Community Midwives can also give these out
during antenatal consultations.


High Risk Referrals on K2
• We have seen an increase in direct referrals on K2 to

the care of a consultant.
• If a woman requires consultant care, either from a

Community Midwife or following a an inpatient episode
then the ‘to be allocated’ option must be selected.
• This will then appear for ANC team to triage and liaise
with MIT to make the appointment.
• This is important to ensure women are receiving
appointments in an appropriate time.


Telephone calls and K2
• All calls are to be documented on K2 for women already

booked on the system.


Postnatal Debriefs / Duty of Candour
• Just drawing your attention to the postnatal debrief

wizard in case you’re not aware of it for future cases.

Maternity Feedback

• My 23rd January girl. Born 2 weeks early weighing 9lb.
Can't thank the staff enough for everything they did for
me, partner and baby. Especially the 2 midwives who
delivered my girl Claudia & Angela. The team of doctors

who also was called in to help me

• January 14th ❤ A big thank you to Dr Sabri and her

team and the amazing neonatal unit

• So happy to be one of those 4 home births ❤️ thank


• My son Bailee was born on 24th, 2 weeks early
weighing 7lbs 5oz, staff were amazing!

Maternity Feedback

• Robyn born on 6th. Thanks to fabulous midwives Hazel

and Laura

• Our little girl was one of these ❤!! Born on the 12th!!

The midwives, doctors and student midwives were all
absolutely fantastic x

• This was us! Little girl Indigo born on the 24th. Staff
were incredible and in particular Kayleigh who was the
most amazingly respectful and lovely midwife. Thank
you so much !!!

• My girl was born on the 12th in the Lucina ward, could
of had a water birth but I didn’t like the pool! My midwife
was amazing!

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