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Published by nikki.mcnulty, 2021-04-01 07:06:39

Maternity Effective Handover W/C 29.03.2021

WC 29.03.2021

Maternity Effective Handover

Week Commencing 29th March 2021


Patient COVID-19 vaccination status now available for
staff to use on CRRS

• As part of ongoing improvements to our Clinical Results
Reporting System (CRRS), users can now view the
COVID-19 vaccination status of a patient. This
functionality allows staff to see whether or not a patient
has been vaccinated, how many doses they have had,
when they had the vaccinations and which vaccine was

• The status will be displayed in the Patient banner on
CRRS. If you have any questions or feedback, please
email [email protected]


Because I care posters share why colleagues have had
their COVID-19 vaccine

• All staff are urged to have a COVID-19 vaccination due to the
protection it provides you, our patients and your families.
Colleagues who have had their vaccinations are featuring in
our new Because I Care campaign to reveal why it is so
important. From seeing family/friends and travelling
overseas, to encouraging high risk groups including those
who are clinically extremely vulnerable to have the vaccine,
there are dozens of reasons employees have decided to
have the jab. The posters are now available to view and
download on TrustNav, with additional designs to be made
available soon. Please share these at team
meetings/huddles and display them in staff room areas.


Lateral Flow Testing kits collection time changes
• The times for collecting Lateral Flow Testing kits are changing slightly

during the upcoming Easter bank holidays, with collections not available
on Friday 2nd April and Monday 5th April.
• Opening hours for collections for the next fortnight:


New patient parking spaces allocated at the Hospital of St
Cross, Rugby

A total of 20 previously dual use parking spaces have been
allocated to patients at the Hospital of St Cross. The spaces,
on North Road, are clearly marked and should no longer be
used by staff. For full details, are on Trust Nav.

RCM Members

RCM Coventry Branch AGM
• Any ideas and suggestions

on moving the Coventry
branch forward are greatly
• My RCM email is
[email protected]

Many thanks
Melanie Carpenter

Womens and Childrens

Breast pump Equipment
• Please can I remind all staff that breast pump equipment are

• One or two packs (for double pumping) should be given to

families as required and can be sterilised for reuse.
• Sterilising bags are also reusable for single patient use.
• Multiple packs have been found at mother’s bedsides, and

bags have been found open in the milk kitchen with bottles
being removed only.
• Any issues with breast pump equipment please report this
back to me.

Stacey Ormsby

Specialist Midwife - Infant Feeding

Womens and Childrens

Women’s and Children’s Party
• Summer event 2021 post lockdown
• All Staff Welcome, including partners.
• Saturday 24th July 2021
• 7pm until 1am
• Mercia Venue, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry, CV6 5PD
• £32 per person (payment by BACS)
• 3 course meal, drinks included, DJ and dancefloor
• Free parking available
• Contact Vandy Dhingra or Manuj Vyas to book.

Womens and Childrens

Increased local rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

• The latest results from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed
that in 2018 SIDS rates in England and Wales increased by 7%. SIDS
rates in the West Midlands have also increased from 0.35 in 2017 to 0.39
in 2018.

• Rates of SIDS deaths in the West Midlands are now amongst the
highest in the country, considerably higher than the average rate in
England and Wales of 0.30.

• This is very worrying and action must be taken to bring down the number
of babies dying in your region by making sure all parents have access to
information on how to reduce the risk of SIDS. If all parents followed safer
sleep advice, many more babies’ lives could be saved.

Womens and Childrens

Increased local rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

• Make each contact count and continue to share information around
the risks of smoking, bed sharing and safer sleeping at each


• has a range of advise and resources
aimed for both families and professionals.

Womens and Childrens

For the Attention of all Practitioners Involved in the Insertion and Management of
Peripheral Venous Cannulas

• The B-Braun cannulation packs currently in use in the Trust will be changing in the
next few weeks. The new packs will contain the same equipment as the current
ones. However, the presentation of some of the individual pieces of equipment
contained in the pack and the way in which they should be managed has changed.

• The new packs have been designed to better promote the effective use of a
Standard Aseptic Non-Touch Technique. Therefore, all sterile pieces of equipment
(e.g. the needle-free device, the cannula dressing etc.) will be provided in individual
packages inside the cannula pack. Please be aware that the blue drape surrounding
the equipment is clean and not sterile. It should therefore be used as a general
aseptic field inside a clean procedure tray with each piece of sterile equipment
maintained within its own individual micro-critical aseptic field until it is required.

• We are distributing posters to all clinical areas with information regarding the
changes to the packs. The posters contain a QR code link to a video by B-Braun
explaining the changes and management of the equipment before and during the
cannulation procedure (please see the link below). This video will be available on
the Practice Development intranet page for your information also.



Ravinder Kanwar

CANNULATION PACKS Standard presentation of BBraun Cannulation

Your Current Pack:

 Pack specification: Presentation of the UHCW Cannulation Pack
 Safeflow Needlefree
 Tegaderm 1681 Piggy
 Tourniquet backed
 Swabs
 Patient Underarm Drape
 Outer Field
 Clinical Waste Bag
 PDI Wipe
 Omniflush Pre-Filled Saline Syringe

 Risk of Omniflush detaching/being separated from
the pack

 Risk of wipe not being used as part of pack

CANNULATION PACKS Micro Critical Aseptic

New Generation Cannulation Packs: General Aseptic
 Undergone a redesign in collaboration
with ASAP

 Standard ANTT Cannulation Pack

 New design offers you:
 A General Aseptic Field onto which all
items can be laid out as they will
remain protected in their MCAFs
ensuring Key-Part protection
 Omniflush & the PDI wipe can be
included in the physical pack
 Easier to store & no risk of Omniflush
being detached from the cannulation
pack or the wipe being discarded

CANNULATION PACKS Poster Cannulation Pack Audits
Continued Clinical Education
Support: RCN Online product Online product
Cannulation support surgery training suite
 Instructional video showing how to use the
pack in accordance with the principles of Training

 Step by step instructions for use posters with
QR code link to video

 Regular best practice audits

 RCN accredited cannulation theory and

 Product support surgery

Coming soon

 Complimentary access to our online suite of
product training modules:

 Product overview & instructional video
 Competency knowledge check
 Electronic certificates of completion


K2 Shortened Bookings
Please can all areas, when completing a short booking,
complete a basic management plan
For example:
• ANC and scan at 30/40 for RFM
• Attended ANC for XYZ and now back to MLC

This would make it much easier for us to prioritise care.

Thank you,
ANC Team


Documentation of Antenatal Steroids for Pre-terms Births
• A gentle reminder to document on K2 when antenatal steroids have been

• In March 2021 only 1 of of the 9 cases were documented on K2 that steroids were


Thank you,

Wendy Taylor (Saving Babies Lives Lead Midwife)


Baby being Adoption / Fostered from birth?
Ensure you input the baby’s correct address on discharge on K2 and update IPM via
your ward clerk.


K2 Shoulder Dystocia
• There is a Shoulder Dystocia wizard on K2 Guardian:

K2 Guardian > Actions > Emergency Scribe > Shoulder Dystocia


K2 Shoulder Dystocia
• There is a Shoulder Dystocia wizard on K2 Athena:

K2 > Intrapartum > Baby(s) > Baby > Shoulder Dystocia

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

CRRS: Requesting Bloods
• Please can I remind you that when you are sending blood requests

you must ensure they are assigned to the correct Consultant on
• There are an increasing number of requests incorrectly assigned
to Dr Rina Agrawal.
• Dr Rina Agrawal does not do obstetric sessions therefore this is
creating an awful lot of admin time trying to reassign the results.
• This could lead to a delay in results being reviewed and actioned.
• Please let me know if there is anything you can think of that may
resolve or help this situation.

Thank you, Gaynor Armstrong


Dear Maternity UHCW,

I recently met with two second year SWFT students have just undertaken their
UHCW exchange. They explained that before going, they were anxious about
starting a new trust on the labour ward.

They couldn't have been more complimentary in their description as how they
felt welcome, supported, and included. Overall they felt the experience really
helped to increase their confidence and experience in the intrapartum

Please pass on these comments to your valuable staff.

Kind regards,

Lecturer in Midwifery
Coventry University

Maternity Effective Handover

Week Commencing 22nd March 2021


Balancing the needs of staff and patients ahead of restoration of services – update from
the Chief Executive

• As we approach the anniversary of the first lockdown, please take the time to reflect on the
year just past; a time of challenges and difficulties but also a time when your courage and
dedication shone through.

• Thanks to the vaccination programme, we can start to look forward. Numbers of COVID
positive patients continue to reduce, although we need to be mindful of potential fluctuations
as lockdown restrictions ease.

• Our focus is on balancing these demands while stepping up services in a way that is
respectful of the experiences you have been through and offers opportunity – as well as the
appropriate support – to enable you to rest and recover.

Protect yourself and our patients by having the vaccine

• I would urge all staff to have a COVID-19 vaccination due to the protection it provides you,
your patients and your families. While I am pleased to see thousands have done this, I am
concerned there is still some hesitancy among some colleagues.

• We have done so much work in putting the patient first, as exemplified by the Trust being
chosen to host the first vaccine in the world outside of clinical trials. To take this to the next
level and to truly be a national and international leader in healthcare, we need to be aiming
for a 100% staff vaccine uptake. We owe it to our patients as well as our colleagues and
loved ones. My message to you is simple – please don’t delay.


• A huge amount of information – including frequently asked questions and videos from our
clinicians – has been made available on TrustNav to outline the benefits and dispel any
myths. If for any reason you are still unsure, please take the time to speak to your line
manager so the appropriate advice and guidance is provided.

Prioritising your health and wellbeing

• I’ve said it before and will keep saying it - please continue to take care of yourself and look
out for each other. I am fully aware of the toll the last 12 months has taken and we will
continue to do everything in our power to help you recuperate.

• Building on the wellbeing offer already in place, we have seen more than 100 ideas put
forward as part of the UHCW Charity Penguino Wellbeing Pitch. Judging is set to start
next week and we are looking forward to seeing how we can take these suggestions from
the drawing board to reality.

• Our groups have also been holding sessions to talk to their teams about how they are
feeling and to understand what more we can do to improve your wellbeing.

• We are listening to your ideas and what you are telling us – whether on the frontline, in
support sessions or through the Staff Survey – and will use this feedback to further
improve your experiences of work.


Moving towards the restoration of services

• This time last year we had a proud record of no patients waiting for more than 52 weeks for
elective surgery. This figure now stands at over 4,500. I think it is important to share this with
you all to demonstrate the size of the task we have ahead.

• It is vital we remain open and honest with our patients, however difficult this can be at times, to
ensure they are kept well informed about their treatment plans during what will undeniably be
an anxious time.

• We have started to make some inroads into restoring our services, with e-referrals being
stepped up for those requiring an Outpatient appointment and clinical assessments undertaken
for all patients who require surgery.

• There is much more still to be done and a wide variety of options are being explored to enable
us to restore services in a planned way. It is going to be a significant challenge – but it is one
we will work together to achieve and I welcome your views on how we can best achieve this
across the Trust.

And finally…

• I remain incredibly humbled and grateful for everything you continue to do to keep our patients
as safe as possible. Your work is hugely valued, both inside and outside of the Trust, by so
many people.

• I feel so proud of the way everyone continues to pull together and look forward to keeping you
up to date with future developments as we move into a new phase of our response to the
pandemic. Professor Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer


Shielding for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable staff to end on 1st April

NHS England has confirmed that with effect from 1st April 2021, shielding for the
Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) will be paused nationally. The new advice from
April 1 is to continue to work from home where possible. Where it isn’t, employers
should undertake a risk assessment (a revised version is available on TrustNav).

Staff on immunosuppressive therapy remain at higher risk from COVID-19 and will be
supported with an occupational health conversation to ensure they are deployed to
roles and sites with lower risk of infection. Appropriate training and protection will be

Automated process for Lateral Flow Test results introduced

If you are taking part in Lateral Flow Testing, results can now sent directly to an email
address of your choice. To request this service, please fill out an online form available
on TrustNav. You will be required to enter your assignment number and an email
address to receive the results, which may take up to 24 hours. If you have any
feedback on the process, please email [email protected]

Womens & Childrens

Community Midwife Team Leader Ellie Laurie retires 43
years after joining UHCW

• The Maternity department at UHCW has bid a fond
farewell to Community Midwife Team Leader Ellie Laurie,
who first joined the trust in 1978 as a newly qualified

• Ellie took a 1-year career break to raise her family shortly
after, but she returned to nursing in 1989 and went on to
qualify as a midwife in 1999.

• Since her qualification to become a midwife 22 years ago,
Ellie has worked in the Antenatal, Postnatal and Labour
wards, proving herself to be an invaluable member of our
fantastic Maternity team.

• Midwife Theresa Corcoran said: “Ellie has dedicated more
than 30 years to the women and families who’ve come
through these doors.

• “She will be missed by all her colleagues, not to mention
the women who’ve come to know her through each of
their pregnancies over the years.”

• All the best for the future, Ellie.


K2 Guardian on Labour Ward – Signing the Trace

Commonly a clinician will want sign a trace to show that they have reviewed it.

Click on the “Sign Trace” button, the reviewer will be prompted to add their finger
print. Once complete, a “Signed” label will appear on the trace.


K2 Guardian on Labour Ward – Partogram

Don’t forget to update the partogram, part of your routine intrapartum care documentation.

Select the
titles (left

hand side of
the partogram)

to open up
the wizard to

input the
details for



K2 Sticky notes Pad

Remember to check the notes pad for any actions for communication reminders
from your colleagues. Make each contact count!


Confidential Mode
C This will appear on the wizard if there is confidential documentation to view.


K2 Antenatal Consultation
To access the wizard for an antenatal consultation:
K2 > Consultation & Admission > New Consultation

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

Clinical Risk

Personal Child Health Book

• Reminder to all Midwives - any vaccinations (e.g.
Hep B, BCG) which are administered must be
clearly documented in the baby’s personal child
health book.


Antenatal Education Sessions

Women can book onto a class by calling the Coventry / Rugby Community
Midwives office, emailing [email protected] or you
can refer on K2 via ‘Add referral’.



As of April 2021 we will
only be offering the
Whooping cough
vaccination (Flu vaccine will be

out of season).

Women can have their
whopping cough vaccine
following their 20/40
scan. Booking is not
required, advise women
to inform staff on arrival.


Smoking Cessation
• Reminder to make each

contact count and offer
CO monitoring in all
hospital settings.

• CO Monitoring is to be
offered as part of routine
antenatal care. It is
mandatory at booking and
around the 36/40
antenatal appointment.


The Great Maternity Bake Off 2021
• Save The Date: Tuesday 6th April 2021
• Can you beat last years winner: an edible USS machine?
• All staff can enter!
• After the competition, cakes will be cut up and placed inside

sealed bags and shared amongst the teams.


“Just had my baby in your hospital after a long
induction, horrible emergency section and a

complicated situation at home with my son, I
wanted to let you know the support and way your

staff cared for us as a family was amazing!!
Every member of staff went above and beyond for

us as a family and even in these times made
allowances for my son to come in see his new
sister to make the transition home easy thank you

to every single member of staff you are all


“The whole of the Fetal medicine team have
been amazing.”

“Thank you so much. Thank you
for all your help and support
during our journey”

Maternity Effective Handover

Week Commencing 15th March 2021


COVID-19 cases continue to steadily reduce across the Trust
• The number of COVID-19 positive patients currently stands at 55, with

10 in Critical Care. Wards 30, 31 and 31a continue to care for COVID

• With schools now back and further restrictions soon to be lifted, we
may experience fluctuations and will keep this under review.

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