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this is a memorandum of 4th grade

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Published by Mary Marallo, 2019-05-07 15:02:15

4 grade slide

this is a memorandum of 4th grade

4th grade

Rebecca Pease

❖ Nickname/s: bec the pez, big baby carrots, bubbles, acceb
❖ Descripsion: Blue eyes, blond hair, shiny smile, glasses, girl
❖ Good qualities: happiness, funniness, very easy to talk to
❖ Not as good qualities: pessimism in art class, gets mad at Grace a lot
❖ Symbol: bubbles makes magical bubbles and has a bunny sidekick

that carries around a drawstring bag with her supplies in it
❖ Lover of: Dogs, Kaden, art, big baby carrots, ice cream
❖ Hater of: peas, broken head bands, having “terrible art”, Berlin bears
❖ School info: buser, lover of Kaden, supplies bought herself,, in

memmings class, part of the fantastic 5

Addison Tomechak

➔ Nickname/s strawberry, Cashmere, nosidda
➔ Description: beautiful greenish blueish eyes, short brown hair , girl
➔ Good qualities: Smart, outdoorsy, outgoing
➔ Bad qualities: not a fan of Mary's songs sADNESs my sONGs rOCk!!!
➔ Symbol: Cashmere uses her claws and fangs for combat skills and has a

kitty sidekick named cosmo
➔ Lover of: Zeus, piper, books, radness, milkshakes, kITTIEs, oh yea also dogs
➔ Hater of: Kaden, potatoes,School lunch,hop hop ,westward expansion, harry

potter, berlin bears ,unraddness, Mary’s bottiful singing,chewing,
➔ School info: buser, supplies bought by the school, in memmings class, part

of the fantastic 5

Elliana Alonsno

❏ nickname/s: Anaille, Smellyana
❏ Description: hazel eyes, very light brown, hair , girl
❏ Good qualities:Funny,easygoing,trustworthy
❏ Bad qualities: not that good at solving conflicts
❏ Symbol: Kelp, Fish Heads, Seagulls, Memming, Lollipops, Gymnastics
❏ Superhero: She uses a giant lollipop to crush things, is a twin, has a dog sidekick named duke
❏ Lover of: Seagulls, milkshakes, midgets, fish heads, kelp,gymnastics
❏ Hater of: hop hop, school lunch, Kaden, berlin bears (they made me and Addison transfer)
❏ School info: buser, bought her own supplies, in Memmings class, part of the fantastic 5

Grace Yanez

➢ Nickname/s: ecarg, twist, gaceme
➢ Description: dark brown eyes, brown hair with a little bit of red, girl
➢ Good qualities: funniness, forgiveness, awesomeness
➢ Bad qualities: a little annoying sometimes, a little bit rude if in a bad

➢ Symbol: twist throws flaming softballs at her enemies, has sidekick

tiger, twist carries around bag with her flaming softball inside
➢ Lover of: softball, Treyton, teenager like clothes
➢ Hater of: Kaden, Traumatizing hop hop
➢ School info: walker, supplies bought by The school, in memmings class

part of the fantastic 5

Mary Marallo

★ Nic m /s: am, s l o
★ Des p o : b n e , l b n a y , gi
★ Go d a t e : F n , us r y,Lo , n , e r u
★ Bad it : ri a l , ce v i g
★ Sy ol:U gi l ip c u h n , s a n a d de k ed M
★ Lov : Jac ,C ar ,Se g s,Fi h ,Kel , d s , i k k ,Bu c a
★ Hat :Hop ,K de , l e r ,G ,An og t e t p a y t,B u r i
★ Sc o In : Mem g’ la ,P r Fan t fi e,B g su l ro c ( ev

t o h ha r su l y e n t e r.)

Tejas Velmurugan

● Nicknames: None
● Description: Black hair, Short, boy
● Good Qualities: He is a person?
● Symbol:
● Bad Qualities: Very Annoying, Mean, Rude, Calls people names
● Lover of: Hop Hop, Being Mean, Insulting Elliana, Annoying People,
● Hater of: Probably hates fantastic 5
● School Info: In Memmings Class, Parent pick up, In the hop hop group

Kaden Pilkington

➔ Nickname/s: Ketchup, Hop Hop
➔ Description: blond hair (that always has an unnecessary amount of gel), boy
➔ Good qualities: Likes Becca (We don’t approve but he still does)
➔ Bad qualities: over obsession of hop hop, annoying, irritating
➔ Symbol: hop hop, hair gel
➔ Lover of: Becca, hop hop, hair gel
➔ Hater of: seagulls, fantastic 5 /except becca, Seagulls, The Duck Song, Fish Heads
➔ School info: loves becca, supplies bought himself, in the hop enthusiast group, in

memmings class

Bennett Lammi

● Nickname/s: none
● Description: Caramel hair, hazel eyes
● Good qualities: Smart, not annoying, sensible
● Bad qualities: Sometimes his car presentations are too long
● Symbol: Car/s
● Lover of: Cars, Smartness, being a good boy
● Hater of: People being annoying ,Any nickname,American things with

● School info: Um… In memmings class, have no idea what group he is in

Ashly pitser

❖ Nicknames:Ash(no one calls her that she just want to be called that)
❖ Description:Sleek and shiny caramel hair with brown highlights in it.
❖ Good qualities:Strong personality,Determined
❖ Bad qualities:Rude,saucy,Mean,bossy
❖ Symbol:Red lipstick
❖ Lover of:Kyler,Treyton,Chokers,Make-up,Slime,Squishies
❖ Hater of:Grace, and who knows what
❖ School info:Bought school supplies,In Cabbage group,


❖ Nicknames: Chicken Nugget
❖ Description: Bleach Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes (I Think)
❖ Good Qualities: Probably Has A crush on addie
❖ Bad Qualities: Supporter of Hop Hop, Annoying
❖ Symbols: chicken nugget
❖ Lover of: Probably addie, Hop hop
❖ Hater of: The Fantastic 5
❖ School info: In Memmings Class,Part of chicken nugget group


❏ Nickname(s):Shubi
❏ Description:Jet black hair ,dark skin
❏ Good qualities:Nice,Kind,Good friend,Kind to all
❏ Bad qualities:Brings squishies to school and is obsessed with that kind of stuff
❏ Symbol:Squishy
❏ Lover of :Squishies
❏ Hater of :Don’t know
❏ School info :Part of exotic pants,


★ Nicknames: Harishca, Camel
★ Description:Jet black hair, brown eyes, Dark skin,boy
★ Good qualities:Smart,Nice
★ Bad qualities:Supporter of soccer and hop hop
★ Symbol:Soccer ball
★ Lover of:Soccer,Orange justice,hop hop
★ Hater of :Who knows what
★ School info: Part of chicken nugget group,plays sports at recess,


➔ Nicknames: Juliana (He doesn’t know we call him that)
➔ Description: Caramel hair,Maybe blue eyes
➔ Good qualities: Has a crush on mary (I find it gross) Haha
➔ Bad qualities: He supports hop hop ,Weird in general, picks his nose

like Ashley, very awkward,and he is loyal to Kaden
➔ Symbol:A broken shoe
➔ Lover of: MAry, Ashley, Dyed hair, hop hop
➔ HAter of :
➔ School info: In chicken nugget group


❏ Nicknames: None
❏ Description: Black hair,Boy
❏ Good Qualities: SMart,REasonable nice sense in books
❏ Bad Qualities: off topic to much,Supporter of Hop Hop
❏ Symbol: Donuts
❏ Lover of: Donuts, Hop Hop
❏ Hater of: Who knows what
❏ School info:IN CHicken Nugget group


● Nicknames: AJ, Lahi, AJ-Lahi
● Description:Tall,Dark skin,Black hair,Buzz cut,Boy
● Good qualities: Not any that i know of
● Bad qualities: Offensive, Rude
● Lover of: Sports
● Hater of: Who knows?
● School info: ???????????????


➢ Nicknames:None that we know of
➢ Good qualities:Nice,Easy to talk to,Overall good person
➢ Bad qualities: Wears exoitic pants,She doesn’t wear sjorts peirod,
➢ Lover of : Exotic pants
➢ Hater of :Who knows
➢ School info:Part of Exotic pants group,


➢ Nic m ( ):Me m ,M s o ,M s Mem g
➢ Go d a es: AM G E H , on , j aw e n er
➢ Bad i s: BO T H !!!!!!!
➢ Des p o :Or ha ,P e s ,T l, a o n i b n ho r
➢ Lov :His fi t a m we c a s,T m i g le
➢ Hat : Um m m m ????
➢ Sc o n o:T he Gl o le t s o l

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