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How to treat wrinkles in the early stages?

We can treat wrinkles in the early stages when we know their causes and risk factors.
Cure always works when the real reason is known. So, here is a detailed description of
how to treat wrinkles in the early stages, their causes, and risk factors. If you want to
know everything about wrinkles, then you switched to the right place. Let's jump to what
are wrinkles and then to their prevention methods.


Have you ever noticed that being in the water for hours start to show lines on your
fingers? Yes! These are the wrinkles. They are the ridges, folds, and creases of the skin.
We develop lines on our face, mainly because of facial expressions. Some external
factors, such as genetic factors, dehydration, UV rays, and smoking, raise the chances of
developing wrinkles. Not only this, but several factors make the human body start
developing lines. Every 3 out of 5 people spent most of their money on beauty products
and for treatments of lines.

Causes and risk factors

Dry and thin skin

Because of aging, human skin becomes thin and more exposed to environmental
changes. The dry, weather harshness exposed skin starts developing wrinkles. Less
elastic skin is less protective and leads to many lines on the skin surface.

Facial expressions


Few people are expressionless; otherwise, many of us use emotions and change our
facial expressions to smile and cry. The continuous switching facial tissues with frowning,
smile, and anger are also the reason for wrinkles.

Reduced blood supply

Getting involved in unhealthy activities such as alcohol consumption and smoking affects
the proper blood flow to the skin. Reduced blood flow to the skin, leads to dehydration
and elevates the aging process.

UV rays

Similarly, UV rays affect the eyes and promote cancerous cell growth. Likewise, it affects
the skin to a great extent. In our recent article, we explained about safety glasses for the
protection of eyes. The facial skin also requires proper protection from UV rays as it
promotes the appearance of many lines on facial skin. Breakage of elastin fibers due to
UV rays brings the aging too early. Here is the list of treatments that can help you to
control wrinkles or to eradicate them.

Best treatments for wrinkles

If you notice the causes mentioned above, then you can control facial lines by avoiding
the UV rays, wear sunglasses as the most vulnerable portion of the face to wrinkles is
under eyes and forehead. Always get adequate sleep and quit smoking and alcohol
never to be the victim of lines.

Improve your diet with fish, vegetables, fruits, soy, and milk to fight against wrinkles
efficiently. Also, never overwash your face for avoiding the dirt and dust. Because the
facewash and tap water contain some harmful chemicals, which reduces the natural oil
of your face and makes wrinkles appear more.

Cosmetic treatments for wrinkles

Wrinkle fillers

Nowadays, because of our busy work routines, we have no time to take care of diet and
to use natural methods for skincare. So, many dermatologists use substances such as
hyaluronic acid, synthetic compounds, and collagens as the wrinkle fillers.

Chemical peels

This medical treatment makes use of laser rays to burn the external damaged skin and
initiate the collagen to start developing the new facial skin layer. The new layer will make
you look younger and prettier.



It is one of the most used dermatological methods utilizing an injection. The Botulinum
toxin A in dose acts as a relaxer for the muscle under the skin and make it crease-free.
Not only these but also the dermabrasion and laser resurfacing helps in fighting against
the wrinkles. If you are young women and in your 30s, then we suggest you take care of
your facial skin from the start. Use the moisturizer daily and anti-wrinkle creams. If you
want organic and natural beauty products, Contact us. Get these and treat the wrinkles
in early stages.


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