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Published by Crystal Flores, 2019-05-08 15:12:45

crystal lavalley color project

crystal lavalley color project

Color Project
Crystal LaValley

Table of Contents

1. Gray coverage: Before & After
2.Demi-Permanent: Before & After
3. Highlights: Before & After
4.Filler: Before & After
5.Color Inspiration
6.Haircut Inspiration
7.Color Correction
8.Color Application
9.Final Mermaid Look

Before After

For my Gray coverage I used a 6NN cover
fusion by Redken. She was a level 5 natural

with 75% or a little more of Gray, for that
reason I went for a shade darker as instructed

for gray coverage.

Before After

When applied the demi permanent I used
10 volume developer with a 5N Redken.

Before After

For the highlights I used 2 oz. of bleach with 2 oz.
of 20 volume developer, then I applied 1 oz. of
toned just to get the yellow. I used a 7V as my

Before After

On my filler I used 1 oz. of 5N and accidently added one
whole Oz. of Red instead of being ┬╝th. When I

measured I measured wrong and for that reason my
filler was redder than a natural brown. The tube that I

used was actually a 2.1 oz. tube not a 1 oz. tube.

My color inspiration is mermaid themed. I love how the
colors blend and work together. They would be cool tones
and decided to use blue, purple and pink as my main colors.
In the process of when I applied them some more colors
interacted together where they became like a turquoise and

emerald green.

My haircut inspiration was a
layered haircut. I cut her hair
in a 90 degree and thought it
would be a good haircut since

I would be using several
colors and it would help the
bottom colors show and be as

visible as the top.

Color Correction was made by a bleach

soap cap all over the hair and then covered

for the heat would be contained and would

Before process After

Before After

When I applied all the colors to my manikin I
first parted her into 3-4 horizontal partings
wrapping around the head. Then started off with
the dark blue and turquoise on top which was my
main color I used. After that I started with
purple and worked my way down with pink. On
every section other than the blue I would get an
inch section or more and add a different color so
it can have a different rainbow contrast once hair
is curled or moving.

My final look is a mermaid
queen inspired look. This is

the final results after
staining and painting on her


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