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Published by tai, 2018-12-14 12:22:26

2019 Valentine's Catalog

2019 Valentine's Catalog

- 2 019 -

clear stamps

DC223 Otter Family Stamp & Cut DC175 Love Stamp & Cut DC227 Love Birds Stamp
(3” x 4”) (3” x 4”) (3” x 4”)


CM243 Color Layering Rose (4” x 6”) DI486 Color Layering Rose
Frame Cuts (B)


DI484 Love Bandit Frame Cuts (D)

CM241 Love Bandit (4” x 6”)

DI485 Stealing My Heart Frame Cuts (E) CM242 Stealing My Heart (4” x 6”)

CM210 I Love You More Than Pizza (4” x 6”)

CM212 We Go Together (4” x 6”)


CM171 You Are Loved Messages

CM209 I Love How You... (4” x 6”)

CM121 Romeo and Juliet (4” x 6”) CL923 You Are My Happy (4” x 6”)

CM149 Love Notes (4” x 6”) CM150 Sealed with a Kiss (4” x 6”)


CM211 Cherubs (4” x 6”) DI442 Cherub Frame Cuts (C)

Make your own calendar!

All you need to make and
personalize a calendar for 2018,
2019, and beyond. Mix and match
styles to come up with your own

unique look.

Kit includes:
6” x 8” clear set
12 sheets of 4” x 6”
heavy white card stock
1 cube Intense Black hybrid ink
1 calendar stand
SK100 DIY Calender Mini Kit


rubber stamps

F6276 Rose Heart K6278 Bouquet
C6277 Happily Ever After
C4483 Happily Ever After
10 G6285 Snarky Love You

H6261 Loving Giraffes

D6000 Sending Love

E6272 Meerkat Pair

D6275 You Are So Lovely

H6273 Elephant Pair


H6260 Loving Swans

H6300 Holding Hands D5302 Heart Owls
12 D6299 Family Is Everything

A6264 Love You A6262 With Love A6263 Three Tiny A6267 Be Mine
Message Message Hearts Message

A6265 Hugs and Kisses A6266 XOXO

G6259 Love Note Bird


LP452 Valentine Messages Mini Tub C6192 Smitten
F6191 truly, madly, deeply

H6195 Destination London H6194 Destination Paris

F6123 Heart Vine

LP427 Love Tattoos

G6124 Love Little Heart

LP397 Color Layering Love Heart A6193 Hugs
C6118 Made with Love Message


CG702 Heart Pattern Bold Prints CG710 Love Is Love Bold Prints
(6” x 6”) (6” x 6”)


DI162 Paper Layering Heart (C)

DI348 Heart Confetti Fancy Die (D) DI346 Love Note Pair Fancy Dies (F)


DI334 Nesting Hearts Infinity Dies (H) DI483 Window On Love Confetti Fancy Die (F)

DI441 Paper Layering Floral Heart with Frame (D)

DI375 3-D Shopping Bag Fancy Die (F) DI320 Floral Border with Frame Fancy Die (E)



PS770 Heart Tags

WM150 Pink Metallic PS771 Lovely Layering Paper
Mist (1 oz.)
8 Sheets. 2 Designs
5”x7”, 100% Recycled, Glitter Detail


SA108 Spiral Stencil
(6” x 6”)

SA086 Love Swirls Stencil (5¼“ x 6½”) SSA060 Swirl Stencil (5¼“ x 6½”)



pigment-based • acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • permanent • fast water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • coordinates with the
drying • 2 pack • ½ fluid oz. each • easily diluted with water Hero Hues® line • 1 fluid oz.

GM100 Gold & Pewter GM102 Green & Red

GM101 Copper & Bronze GM103 Purple & Blue WM150 Pink Metallic WM152 Frost Shimmer WM151 White Iridescent
Shimmer Shimmer


Hero Hues Watercolors pigment-based • translucent • archival and acid-free • India Ink friendly • ½ fluid oz. • easily diluted with water

PD119 PD110 PD116 PD120 PD114 PD122
Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolor Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors

Purple Dandelion Moss Leaf Indigo Pink

PD118 PD111 PD115 PD113 PD112 PD117 PD121
Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors Liquid Watercolors

Black Strawberry Pine Deep Ocean Mulled Wine ArtPrint Brown Dark Teal


INK PADS Designed to optimize stamping creativity

Bold Inks bright color • hybrid blend of pigment and dye ink • stamp pad measures 3.5” x 2.25”

AF386 Rose Madder AF331 Dandelion AF332 Caramel AF333 Tangerine AF334 Strawberry AF335 Crimson AF336 Mulled Wine AF337 Orchid

AF387 Aegean AF338 Summer Sky AF339 Aquatic AF340 Deep Ocean AF341 Indigo AF342 Pine AF343 Moss AF344 Green Apple

Ombré Ink Ombré pads offer a gradation of three complementary colors that blend across your image to create depth in your stamping.

All of our inks, including our popular Ombré line, are North American-made, non-toxic, long-lasting, and quick-drying.

AF417 Ombré AF401 Ombré AF366 Ombré AF346 Vintage Metallic AF347 Vintage Metallic AF319 Light to
Reactive Spring Day Serengeti Sunset Autumn Rust (pigment) Steel (pigment) Red Royal

AF306 Pink to Red AF307 Soft Granite AF308 Tide Pool AF309 Butter Bar AF310 Mint Julep AF311 Soft Brown
to Black to Navy to Orange Soda to Emerald Green to Cup O' Joe

AF312 Light to AF313 Light Purple to AF328 Neon AF330 Neon AF329 Neon AF384 Ombré
Dark Peach Grape Juice Yellow to Orange Red to Purple Chartreuse to Blue Spring Brights

AF385 Ombré AF365 Ombré AF382 Ombré Meadow AF364 Ombré AF383 Ombré AF320 Lime
Soft Sky to Indigo Mermaid Dolphin Hydrangea to Forever Green

Shadow Ink® Mid-Tone gentle "mid-range" of color, revealing its full beauty once dried • water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • 3.5" x 2.25"

AF371 AF263 AF208 AF247 AF260 AF233 AF256 AF224
Cotton Candy Ultra Pink Bubble Gum Fresh Peach Dark Quartz Pale Tomato Just Rust Orange Soda

AF207 AF261 AF372 AF262 AF209 AF210 AF246 AF223
Butter Bar Lemon Yellow Fresh Lawn Lime Green Green Hills Field Greens Mint Julep Tide Pool

AF373 AF315 AF212 AF235 AF211 AF234 AF314 AF243
Antigua Emerald Green Pool Cornflower Stone Wash Navy Dusty Blue Passion Flower

AF225 AF228 AF227 AF229 AF213 AF214 AF255 AF236
Red Royal Raspberry Jam Grape Juice Forever Green Wet Cement Cup O’ Joe Pumpkin Pie Charcoal


Shadow Ink® soft and subtle • will dry to a true delicate color • water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • stamp pad measures 3.5” x 2.25”

AF134 AF167 AF168 AF242 AF145 AF275 AF169
Soft Lilac Soft Purple Soft Pink Soft Cantalope Soft Apricot Soft Vanilla Soft Yellow

AF170 AF258 AF222 AF226 AF257 AF244 AF146
Soft Brown Gold Soft Olive Soft Granite Silver Soft Sky Soft Pool

Neon Ink vibrant and bold color • water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • stamp pad measures 3.5" x 2.25"

AF232 AF218 AF259 AF219 AF220 AF221 AF231
Neon Purple Neon Pink Neon Red Neon Orange Neon Yellow Neon Green Neon Blue

Bold Ink Cubes The best of pigment and dye combined into one perfect pad - the bold look of pigment that dries like dye. • acid-free and archival

• 4 ink cubes per pack • ink cubes measure 1.25”x1.25”

AF388 Flower Petal AF389 Tropical Waters AF390 Rain Forest AF391 Desert Sun
Mulled Wine, Orchid, Crimson, Rose Madder Summer Sky, Aquatic, Indigo, Deep Ocean Green Apple, Moss, Aegean, Pine Strawberry,Tangerine, Dandelion, Caramel

Hero Hues Cubes Our full line of Hero Hues, organized into coordinating color packs. • 4 ink cubes per pack • ink cubes measure 1.25”x1.25”

AF375 Rose Petals AF374 Floral Hues AF380 Sky Blues AF379 Sea Aquas
Soft Pool, Pool, Cornflower, Navy Mint Julep,Tide Pool, Antigua, Emerald Green
Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Pale Tomato, Red Royal Passion Flower, Grape Juice, Raspberry Jam, Ultra Pink

AF378 Fresh Foliage AF376 Morning Glory AF381 Earth Neutrals AF377 Shades of Grey
Lime Green, Green Hills, Fresh Lawn, Forever Green Just Rust, Orange Soda, Butter Bar, Lemon Yellow Pumpkin Pie, Cup O’Joe, Wet Cement, Charcoal Unicorn, Soft Granite, Chalkboard, Black

Essential Ink water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • stamp pad measures 3.5” x 2.25”

AF101 Black AF248 India Ink Black AF272 Chalkboard AF345 Intense Black AF136 White AF249 Unicorn White
NK026 Reinker
dye ink, crisp & flexible, dye ink, good with markers, dye ink, chalk-effect, NK345 Reinker Dye ink, rich,
full coverage pigment ink, opaque, rich,
fast-drying fast-drying lighter black hybrid ink, ideal with alcohol full coverage

markers, fast-drying
HERO KIDS™ Designed to optimize stamping creativity

Just For Kids® water-based, non-toxic ingredients (FD&C approved) • child safe • stamp pad measures 3.5” x 2.25”

CS108 CS103 CS105 CS110 CS111 CS102
Rainbow Red Hot Pink Orange Yellow Green

CS101 CS119 CS104 CS109 CS100 CS106
Blue Light Blue Purple Brown Black Turquoise

Henna Ink fast drying • skin safe

AF409 Onyx AF412 Amber AF410 Lapis AF411 Scarab


Scented Just For Kids® water-based, non-toxic ingredients (FD&C approved) • child safe • stamp pad measures 3.5” x 2.25”

CS112 Scented CS113 Scented CS114 Scented CS115 Scented CS116 Scented CS117 Scented
Just for Kids Just for Kids Just for Kids Just for Kids Just for Kids Just for Kids
Licorice Strawberry Lime Grape Orange Chocolate


Sequins Each pack contains 3 colors and 2 sizes packed in a reusable zip bag. Great for shaker cards or as embellishments for any card

or scrapbook layout. Add style and flair to all your creations.

CH313 Icicle CH314 Snow & Berry CH306 Champagne CH307 Frost CH308 Winter CH309 Poinsettia CH301 Ombré Blush CH302 Ombré Blue

CH303 Ombré Green CH304 Ombré Sunshine CH305 Ombré Purple CH300 Ombré Ocean CH311 Seashore CH312 Pink Pop Flowers CH310 Butterfly Garden

Embossing Powder Use embossing powder with pigment ink pads to turn stamped impressions into sparkling raised images. • 1 oz. jar

PW124 Silver Sparkle PW123 Gold Glitter PW120 Black Sparkle PW121 White Puff PW125 Sand

PW100 Gold PW101 Silver PW117 Platinum PW116 Copper PW115 Brass

PW104 Clear PW111 Clear PW110 White PW105 Sparkle PW118 White PW119 Detail Black
Ultra Fine Satin Pearl

PD103 Water Flow Brush

PW126 Snowfall Glitter PD102 Watercolor Dot Palette PD201 Mini CH114 NK350 Crystal Clear Lacquer Pen
Watercolor Brushes Little Clothes Pins
18 Daniel Smith watercolor dots Fine tip for detailed application. Use for clear highlights and
custom picked by Hero Arts. pack of 20 (25 natural) embelishment. Also good for use as an adhesive. ½ oz.

26 N E W

VersaMark™ Ink StāzOn®

M1002 Sponge Daubers PD101 Watercolor Paint Wheel VC250 VersaMark (3" x 2") EM602 Self-Adhesive SS100 Silky Stamping SJ001 Jet Black (3" x 2")
3 daubers with caps 24 colors Create “watermark” or tone-on-tone Googly Eyes Sponge Permanent solvent-based ink
offering great detail. Adheres to
impressions on colored paper. 77 pieces on two sheets,
nonporous surfaces.
PS699 Midnight
8mm & 10mm

PAPERS A stylish range of Hero Hues ® for card making and stamping

Mixed Envelopes pack of 12 envelopes • 4 each of 3 colors • color outside, white inside • 5.75" x 4.5" (A2 size)

Sold Out PS614 Blush PS615 Sunshine Sold Out PS638 Pool Sold Out PS618 Earth

PS613 Floral PS616 Foliage PS617 Sea

Mixed Folded Cards pack of 12 folded cards • 4 each of 3 colors • color outside, white inside • 80# card stock • 5.5" x 4.25"

LSotowck LSotowck

PS567 Floral PS568 Blush PS569 Sunshine PS570 Foliage PS639 Pool PS571 Sea PS572 Earth PS698 Midnight

Mixed Layering Paper pack of 12 sheets • 4 each of 3 colors • color on one side, white on other • 80# card stock • 8.5" x 11" (letter size)

LSotowck Sold Out PS621 Sunshine LSotowck PS640 Pool Sold Out PS624 Earth PS697 Midnight

PS619 Floral PS620 Blush PS622 Foliage PS623 Sea

Basics Specialty Papers

Layering Folded Cards Envelopes Classic Vellum Decorative Decorative Decorative Handmade
Paper Layering Paper Woodgrain Woodgrain Woodgrain Watercolor
• pack of 10 folded • pack of 10 Envelopes Cardstock Vellum Paper
• 10 sheets cards envelopes •10 sheets
• 80# card stock • 8.5” x 11” • 8 envelopes • 8 sheets • 8 sheets • 8 sheets
• 8.5" x 11" • color outside, white • white outside, • 48 lb. • 140lb 5” x 7“
inside white inside • translucent • 68# embossed • 111# embossed • 8.5” x 11”
• A2 size • 5.5” x 8.5“ watercolor
• 80# card stock • 5.75" x 4.5" paper
• 5.5" x 4.25" (A2 size) • folds to A2 size • 100% recycled

Snow Black Snow Sold Out PS772 PS769 PS768 PS766 PS767
PS610 PS688 PS566


PS774 Acetate Cards Acetate Sheets Recycled Paper
Accordion Book • 5 sets • 100% recycled post consumer
• acetate cards content • made in USA
• measures 5” x 7”
• 8 fold-out sheets (two-sided) with white cards
• 140 lb. watercolor paper, 100% recycled and envelopes
• ribbon tie closure • 4" x 5.25"

PS762 Acetate Sheets PS763 Acetate Sheets PS627 Kraft PS507 Kraft Notecards
Layering Paper with Envelopes
PS454 5”x6”, 20 sheets 3”x4.75”, 20 sheets
8.5" x 11" (letter size), 5.5" x 4.25" (A2 size), 80# cover,
65# kraft stock, 10 sheets 8 folded cards with 8 envelopes



Clear Blocks, Stamp Cleaners & Others

NK200 Memories™ NK201 StāzOn® NK205 Child Safe
Stamp Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Stamp Cleaner (4 fl. oz.)
Best for rubber stamps. Also cleans VersaMark Ink. Child safe. Non-toxic.

CL033 Acrylic Block CL073 Acrylic Block CL074 Acrylic Block
(3" x 2") (2" x 1.5") (3" x 3")

NK202 Clear Design NK301 Clear Design WM101 Water
Ultra Clean Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Scrubber Pad Mist Bottle (2 fl. oz.)
For clear and rubber stamps. (7.5" x 4.5")

CL083 Acrylic Block CL081 Acrylic Block
(6" x 4.75") (4" x 4.5")

PW200 Embossing Gun (9.5" long, UL listed)
The Wagner brand embossing heat tool directs air to
the precise area where it's aimed, melting embossing

powder and creating amazing results in seconds.

MISTI for card making and stamping

MISTI Products Collection of MISTI products including the MISTI and MINI MISTI, grid paper, and accessories.

MT110 Bar Magnet

MT100 Original MISTI Laser Etched Tool MT102 Original MISTI Grid Paper

MT101 Orignal MISTI Mouse Pad

MT200 MINI MISTI Laser Etched Tool MT111 MISTI Super Magnets MT202 MINI MISTI Grid Paper MT201 MINI MISTI Mouse Pad
28 N E W

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