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SAA Newsletter June edition

SAA Newsletter June edition

JUNE 2019

5th Edition

I want to be an Engaged
Employee. How do I
get there?

Building and Sustaining
an Effective Team

SAA Quarter 1
Department Update

SAA West Africa
Health Tips:
Advisory Information
on Employee Wellness


in the Workplace

April, 2018

Using Colour

September, 2018

Office Etiquette

October, 2018

SAA HR in 2019

January, 2019

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Editorial by the
HR & Admin Team

Kehinde Kanyi Aghayere
HR & Administration
Manager HR & Administration



Welcome Message from the 4
Managing Director, SAA
SAA Quarter 1 Department's updates
– See what the departments did in 15
Quarter 1 2019 19
Did you Know: Your company series: 22
Ÿ I want to be an engaged employee. 23
How do I get there?
Ÿ SAA West Africa – Building and sustaining

an Effective Teamwork
Ÿ ICT Guideline – Electronic Email Security

SAA West Africa Health Tips:
Advisory Information on Employee Wellness

Announcements – Upcoming Birthdays
in Quarter 2 2019

SAA 2019 Flash Backs – Pictures of notable
events in Quarter 1 2019






Dear Colleagues,
A positive quarter that has seen the SAA seize upon opportunities to develop and grow the business. The
'Can Do' attitude developed as part of the SAA culture now resonates throughout every department of the
business and has formed the solid bedrock from which we are further developing the business. There must
always be consolidation at every level of success in order to prepare and align the business for growth and
the SAA has a clear and determined vision for the future that is fully supported and embraced by all.
The best way to look at and consider any business is from the perspective of the clients and considerable
effort has been made to ensure at every level a more client focused approach to our business. This has not
only been realized through the growth of existing clients but the development of new clients and business
opportunities critical to our continued success.
Every department must be commended for their commitment to living the SAA values of Customer
Focus/Relationship, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork and a Can Do Attitude which is realized
across the business and is at the heart of all that we do.
It is not the destination but the journey and we still have a lot of work to do in order to realise the true
potential of the SAA. Each and every one of us have a role to play in this journey and we will do it
together. I thank you all for your continued support and unwavering commitment to the SAA and look
forward to both the opportunities and the challenges ahead of us which we will face together.
“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”
- James Cash Penney
Thanks & Regards
Tristan Mcgee




Quarter 1



See what the
department did in the

1st Quarter of 2019




SAA Operations department in Quarter 1 2019 had a good period with the increase of range and geographical
operations stretching to deep offshore, into Warri, Escravos, Brass and Port Harcourt.
The period saw the department engaging and collaborating more efficiently and effectively with other
departments such as Business Development, Finance and Engineering to achieve business deliverables.
Looking forward to the next few months Operations will be working tirelessly to achieve an increase in the

· SAA Fleet.
· SAA Escorts
· New Revenue Streams providing onshore services to our Clients
· Operational added value services being introduced to SAA/STS operations for our Clients
Ernie Embleton
Operations & Training Manager




Quarter 1 2019 for the Engineering Department was a busy and challenging one however, we have kept our
heads high. We have introduced steps that have been beneficial to the successful running of the team and
assisted in coping with the demands of keeping the vessels at sea, which is one of the team’s key performance
The Engineering team has witnessed key improvements in the following areas:
Ÿ The planned maintenance schedule was strictly implemented - The Engineering Department ensured that

the vessels readiness was kept at top priority. Machinery was given routine maintenance as at when due.
Indicating boards were strictly maintained to ensure compliance to periodic servicing of main engines and
Ÿ Enhanced Dockyard Services - SAA West Africa Limited previously maintained the docking activities of her
vessels with Oceanic Fisheries Dockyard. We have been able to achieve alternative solutions that are
competitive and which have resulted in cost savings to the company.
Ÿ Construction of additional tanks on board vessels - SAA has carried out alteration and addition on two (2) of
our Hong Kong class vessels namely NNS Eagle and NNS Vision. After the construction of the additional
tanks, a Professional Outfit was commissioned to carry out Trimming and Stabilisation test for the suitability of
using the new tanks onboard. The test carried out was successful and the tanks have now been certified to
International Standard. The result is a far more efficient and effective operational capability and an enhanced
business opportunity.
The SAA Engineering department have continued to achieve unimpeded active collaboration with all SAA
departments, enhancing our operations through joint working and continually developing and growing.
Cmdr.Kadri Oyebanji
Head of Engineering




The Deployment department, over the years and the period under review has been able to sustain and improve
on its relationship with the Naval authority of NNS Beecroft Naval Base, Lagos, through timely submission of
request for personnel required for boarding of the SAA vessels, effective liaison with the Base Operating Officer
(BOO), Routine office responsible for personnel nomination, and the armoury responsible for issuance of arms
and ammunition, while maintaining our position as the leading PMSC in the industry. This has subsequently
culminated into the timely boarding of the SAA Patrol boats by the armed personnel, proper management of the
personnel on board and rotating the boat crew as at when due.
In a bid to be more accountable as a department, we saw a need to review our check list design template from
what it used to be into a more effective and flexible template with a view of achieving equipment allocation,
tracking and record keeping. Crew members now sign up for every equipment and item on board as it pertains
the Deployment department and return same to the store on completion of the voyage. As a result, we have been
able to reduce ambiguity as much as possible as it pertains tracking and record keeping of these assets.
Following recurrent equipment and machinery breakdown, as recorded in the past, we saw a need to collaborate
with the Engineering department with a view of enhancing our handing over procedure. As more time has now
been allocated for carrying out of handing over between the outgoing and the incoming crew as we have
representative of the Deployment and Engineering department to manage this process.
The initiative was to ensure that the on-signer crew get familiar with the functionality of the equipment and
machinery on board their assigned Patrol boats.
The following has been achieved since this initiative was introduced:
Ÿ Promotes efficient judgement on equipment usage and assessment
Ÿ Promotes better knowledge of the on board equipment and machinery, and also their functionality know-how
Ÿ Provides an avenue for the crew members to learn, share knowledge and grow in line with their profession
Subsequently, we have used the platform of the briefing delivered to the offshore crew prior to deployment on
board the Patrol boats to address a number of issues such as:
Ÿ Convey the position of the management to the crew members, also, to inform them that policies and

procedures are being reviewed periodically



Ÿ Improvement of interpersonal relationship between the NN personnel and the civilian crew on board
Ÿ Foster proper reporting line
Ÿ Promote discipline among crew members
Ÿ Help the civilian crew to be more effective in the discharge of their roles and responsibilities on board, while

upholding company's ethics and culture

Bankole Adeniji
Deployment Manager


The Finance department entered the first quarter of the year 2019 with the objective to implement improvement in
these following areas:

1. Regular Preparation of Financial Reporting
2. Prompt Management Payable Payment
3. Speeding Invoicing and Collection of Receivable
4. Improvement in Debtors Collections
5. Improvement in System Generating Report

The team in the quarter, have successfully achieved the following:
Ÿ Prompt Management Payable Payment: Trade creditor payment has been significantly improved and SAA

currently pays vendors within 30 days of supplies/service delivery. This is as a result of improved funding and
we believe this should rob off on achieving proper vendor management and lower cost of doing business.

Ÿ Speedy Invoicing and Collection Of Receivables: Account receivable is a major factor to the growth and
development of an organization. Our account receivable has been efficiently and effectively improved with
focus on invoicing clients within 24hrs after service delivery. With strong follow-up, the collection of
receivables has improved tremendously over the last quarter.

Our focus for the coming quarter is to continuously support the Managing Director and the various departments to
achieve the SAA overall vision and mission.

Austin Erumusele
Head of Finance & Accounts




The Human Resources & Administration departments focus in Quarter 1 2019 was to build, enrich and sustain a
robust high level employee engagement in SAA West Africa adopting the WIFI model of engagement.
We focused on:
Ÿ Recruitment & Selection - Facilitated the recruitment of key roles to the Deployment, Operations, Business

Development and Engineering departments ensuring critical vacant positions were established and
employees could immediately contribute to achieving business objectives.

Ÿ Employee Wellness & Safety - Facilitated Health Talks: Facilitated one (1) Wellness and Lifestyle
Modifications employee engagement with the health insurance company. This was aimed to increase
awareness on the medical benefit to ensure optimal utilization of the benefit and education on topical issues
related to health and wellness. The expected impact is the positive behavioural change, enhanced employee
retention, enhanced engagement level of staff and to positively influence employee's health-seeking
behaviour to make better informed decisions which improve employee productivity in the workplace.
Facilitated a Safety knowledge share session in active collaboration with the QHSE and Operations
department. This knowledge share session improved the safety awareness across the business.

Ÿ Driving a High-Performance Culture - Facilitated the 2019 performance management contract development
across the departments.

Ÿ Training & Development - Coordination and facilitation of training and developmental needs in collaboration
with line managers. Training and development needs were identified and training effectiveness interventions
have commenced across some departments.

Ÿ Recognition Framework - Facilitated the bi-annual 2019 recognition award program which was held between
March to April 2019. Recognition is integral to building an engaged workforce, driving employee behaviour
and performance. In line with encouraging reward and recognition, the bi-annual awards were launched in
March 2019. Award winners who had exhibited the core values of the company as well as other exceptional



positive behaviour towards the achievement of their departments and the company business objectives were
identified and celebrated.

Ÿ Enhancement to the Employee Value Proposition - An SAA Pulse Room/Break out room for staff was created
from the old company assets from the dissolved guest houses. This initiative received laudable accolades to
the HR & Admin team as it was a zero cost initiative to the company.

Our key focus for the next quarter of the year would be to continue to build, enrich and sustain an engaged
employee satisfaction index which will ensure an efficient workforce in the company structure and the ability to
meet business needs through managing the company's most valuable resources – its employees.
Kehinde Kanyi
HR & Administration Manager


The SAA business development unit has been primarily focused on developing, initiating and exploiting business
relations and networks for the overall benefit of the company. The strategic alignment and positioning of the
company is critical to the success of the business and the BD department work not only to generate revenue for
the business but to ensure the strategic goals for the business are actualized to ensure the sustainability of the
The key Objectives of the SAA Business development unit for Q1 and Q2 2019 has been to:
Ÿ Maximize asset utilization to generate revenue for the company
Ÿ Consolidate and manage existing business relations
Ÿ Review and streamline SAA unit rates for services offered
Ÿ Improve and maintain quality service delivery to SAA clients.
Ÿ Develop and improve client relationship management techniques
Ÿ Network & engage with new & existing clients
Ÿ Exploit opportunities for diversification & value added services
Ÿ Identify business risk and governmental activities that affect the business



The team with active collaboration of other departments have been able to achieve the below:
Ÿ Increased escort requests from clients and execution of escort operations.
Ÿ Significant increase in SAA/STS days through the utilization of the SAA services via the tanker client and

DSDP client engagement strategy.
Ÿ Introduction of Value added service to improve quality of service to clients.
Ÿ Effective Client database and relationship management activities

In the quarter 1 2019, The department attended two notable business conferences:
SAA representation at the International Petroleum Week, London
The International Petroleum week was held in London, United Kingdom from the 26th – 28th of February 2019. The
SAA West Africa was represented by the Managing Director -Tristan Mcgee, Commercial Manager- Rik Groves,
Business Development & Government Relations Manager (SAA) - Bassey Adie and Business Development &
Government Relations Manager (OMS) Abel Ogobene.
This year, the Energy Institute brought together the most powerful voices in the energy industry, helping senior
leaders to assess the state of play and prognosis across three key themes – geopolitics, sustainability and
The IP week attracts all key persons from our target market including tanker operators, vessel charterers,
traders, IOCs, NOCs and more. It provided a platform for the SAA BD team to capitalize on the extensive network
available to further market our upcoming projects and services to a wide audience of key team players, engage
new clients and network with our present clients in order to further develop and maintain existing relationships.
Most companies utilized the period to host industry parties, dinners and events in an attempt to bring all key
players under one roof.

SAA Representation at the Africa Refiners and Distributors Association (ARA) 2019, South Africa
The Africa Refiners and Distributors Association (ARA) conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa from 25th
- 29th March 2019. The SAA was represented at the conference by the Managing Director, Tristan Mcgee,
Commercial Manager, Rik Groves and Client Relationship Officer, Ajoke Adebona.
The 2019 conference themed 'Strengthening Investment in the African Downstream' was attended by over 500
key players of the North and Sub-Saharan African and international downstream oil industry. Attendees at the
conference consisted of representatives from African refineries, government ministries, banks, regulators,
importers, distributors, traders, storage companies, marketing companies and refinery equipment and
technology suppliers. The conference focused on solving challenges for the future of the African downstream oil
industry and analysing current trends and innovations in the industry which were discussed in 24 sessions and 3
The ARA aims to promote fair economic policies in respect of all downstream oil activities across the African
continent. It strives to help members develop with their Governments coordinated pan-African policies on oil
supply, refining and distribution in Africa that are consistent with international agreements while promoting local
investment, employment, training and development in a safe and clean environment. The ARA week provided
the SAA BD team the opportunity to network and engage with new and existing SAA clients.



Our key focus for the remainder of the year would be to ensure we exceed the revenue generated last year and to
strategically and systematically manage each SAA client effectively and efficiently and actively collaborate with
all departments to continually ensure the service delivered to our clients exceeds expectations.
Bassey Adie
Business Development & Government Relations Manager, Lagos


The Supply Chain department main objective in Quarter 1 2019, was to focus on cost savings and efficiencies.
The primary objectives set were to ensure that SAA derives optimal value for money spent. Therefore, from
Quarter 1 2019, several cost savings measures were devised to keep the teams Opex in a very cost-competitive
position in all our transactions. Some of the methods include:
Ÿ Reduction of Just-in-time procurement by bulk purchase (advance procurement planning)
Ÿ Introduction of alternative products to end users
Ÿ Overseas sourcing
Ÿ Periodic market surveys
Ÿ Increase in vendors for certain lines

In addition to the cost savings core objective, there was concentration on process improvements. The team
focused on the following improvements:

Vendor Evaluation
A new evaluation process for all our vendors for the year 2019 was implemented. Vendor evaluation serves to
ensure that all our vendors comply with company and regulatory requirements, also to verify that all vendors
engaged by SAA are responsible, responsive and meet SAA's product/service quality standards.

Closer Liaison with the Engineering department over planned maintenance and Dry Docking operations
There was an improved liaison with all end users especially the Engineering department for planned
maintenance and dry docking operations. This has led to shorter lead times for purchases, better
understanding of specific material requirements and consequently quicker turnaround of vessels to

Inyene Benson
Supply Chain Manager




Quarter 1 2019 witnessed the achievements of three (3) significant business milestones for the ICT department:
Ÿ The installation of the Local Area Network (LAN) cable connection both in the Ikoyi and Apapa office locations.

This will provide stable and faster network connectivity and also the deployment of a Radio Link in Apapa.
Ÿ The Linking of Ikoyi and Apapa networks via VPN thereby allowing users in Apapa to connect to Sage 300 ERP

with ease. Before now, users from Apapa have been connecting remotely to computers in Ikoyi but with the
establishment of the VPN between the two (2) sites, users in Apapa can now connect to Sage300 ERP and
work as if they are in Ikoyi seamlessly.
Ÿ Cost saving on IHS Maritime Portal – The IHS Maritime portal is a software developed by IHS MARKIT. It
provides both comprehensive ship characteristic data with live and historical ship movement information and it
is majorly used by the Operations team for monitoring and tracking of Patrol Boats. Before now, we had 5 IHS
licenses out of which SAA West Africa Limited was using four (4) and Ocean Marine Solutions was using one
(1). Following extensive evaluations, it was discovered that, five (5) concurrent users can actually use one
(1) license effectively. This led to the reduction of the number of licenses from five (5) to two (2), i.e. one (1)
license for SAA and one (1) for OMS. By this process improvement, a cost savings to the company financially
to the sum of over $30,000 was saved.
Joshua Oladimeji
ICT Assistant Manager



‘Know Your Company’ Series



By: Kehinde kanyi
HR & Admin Manager

What is Employee Engagement? Ÿ Actively Disengaged Employees: These employees
are unhappy, resentful, and spread negativity within the
Employee Engagement is the degree to which employees organization. However, despite doing less than the
are satisfied with their jobs, feel valued and experience minimum, these employees last longer in the firm by
collaboration and trust. It is critical to a company in achieving removing employees whom they perceive will attain
its objectives. higher positions soon.

An “engaged employee” is one who is fully absorbed by 3THE TYPES OF
and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive EMPLOYEES
action to further the company's reputation and interests.
1 ENGAGED employees work with passion
Types of Employee Engagement and feel a profound connection to their
company. They drive innovation and move
3 Types of Employees the organization forward.

Depending on the level of commitment, the employees can 2 NOT - ENGAGED employees are
be classified into three categories: Actively Disengaged, essentially ‘checked out.’ They’re
Actively Engaged, and Not Engaged. sleepwalking through their work day, putting
time...but not energy or passion into their
Ÿ Engaged Employees: The engaged employees are work.
those who work with full passion and are emotionally
attached to the organization. They are innovative and 3 ACTIVELY DISENGAGED employees
provide new ideas and consistent performance to move aren’t just unhappy at work; they’re busy
the organization forward. They personalize the acting out their unhappiness. Every day,
company's goals and objectives, and always work above these workers undermine what their
and beyond their job requirements for the betterment of engaged co-workers accomplish.
the organization.

Ÿ Not Engaged Employees: Such employees do put in
their time, but not passion and energy into their work.
These are the ones who do only what is asked of them.
These employees can hold either a negative or positive
attitude towards the organization. They consider their job
as a paycheck, nothing more.



Common Drivers for Employee Engagement This may seem simple, but subtleties matter. Ask your
manager, and ask your peers. The best way to influence what
Clear is expected of you is to ask what is expected of you.” ask for
Organizational specifics.

Goals 3. Request what you need.
Employees to be their own best advocate. Think about what
Reward Meaningful you really need to be effective. If you aren't getting it, can you
and work articulate how it will ? Can you identify the 'business case' for
why you need it?” This will help the employee in other ways,
Recognition too: “Developing a business mindset about will make you more
effective at communicating and in the process may also help
Employees’ you get what it is you are after,”
understanding of
their role in the 3. Know your strengths.
What are you uniquely good at? What do you do best? Then
business figure out how to connect that into what matters to the
company and bearing in mind the job role you are employed
Availability Clean and for. This is a win-win for the company and employee: the
of work tools safe company gets the very best from the employee, and the
employee is fulfilled, making real contributions and is engaged.
and environment
resources 4. Think win-win (The habit of interpersonal Leadership)
“Win/Win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks
Work-Life mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win/Win means that
Balance agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial, mutually
satisfying. With a Win/Win solution, all parties feel good about
Much has been written on how companies can make their the decision and feel committed to the action plan. Win/Win
environment more engaging and a great place to work. sees life as a cooperative, not a competitive arena.
But what can employees do to embrace that opportunity?
They can't just sit back and wait? 5. Care about someone else.
Here are valuable tips on how you can be an engaged Being kind is something you should do anyway - but it can also
employee to your company. help you. If you want someone to care about you, “start by
caring about someone else. Ask about their families and their
1. Begin with the end in mind (The habit of personal stresses at work and at home.” You'll be amazed at the effect it
Leadership) has on your workplace. “Caring about others makes your work
“Begin with the end in mind”” means to begin each day, task, or environment more more humanistic. The more you help
project with a clear vision of your desired direction and create such an environment, the clearer it will be that others
destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive care about you.
muscles to make things happen. Develop a Personal Mission
Statement. It focuses on what you want to be and do. It is your
plan for success. It reaffirms who you are, puts your goals in
focus, and moves your ideas into the real world. Your mission
statement makes you the leader of your own life. You create
your own destiny and secure the future you envision.
2. Ask what is expected of you.



6. Find a mentor. 9. Synergize (The habit of creative cooperation /
Finding a mentor can require a lot of time and it is a worthy teamwork)
investment. “One of the most rewarding things people do in life Simply put, synergy means, “Two heads are better than one.”
is helping others. Mentors are not burdens , it is a gift to their Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork,
own sense of growth and development. If you identify one or open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions
more mentors in your work life, you are far more likely to feel to old problems. But it doesn't just happen on its own. It's a
encouragement and connectivity.” Mentors can also play an process, and through that process, people bring all their
important role in guiding an employee's self-advocacy. They personal experience and expertise to the table. Together, they
can help the employee find the right words to ask questions, can produce far better results that they could individually.
identify what they need, and give and receive feedback. Synergy lets us discover jointly things we are much less likely
to discover by ourselves. It is the idea that the whole is greater
7. Dig deeper for thoughts than the sum of the parts.
Employee's want to work in an environment where their
opinions matter. We may feel our opinions and thoughts are 10. Make close friends.
quickly discarded. This can be an unfortunate by-product of It is critical to have good friends at work. “One of the best ways
managers who may be too absorbed to take the time to explain to connect and engage in your job is to make close friends.
their reactions to our opinions. You cannot control others, but Creating friendships requires investment, and the best way to
you can control your reactions. make a friend is to be a friend.
Rather than being defensive or feeling offended, dig deeper. “All of us can take time to ask someone to lunch or to happy
Try to understand the context that others might think you are hour, just to find out about their interests, families, passions,
missing. Conduct a thought experiment: It may be helpful to goals…” These connections will make your day-to-day life
take the perspective, 'My opinion if it is not resonating. So what more pleasant. “All of this makes your own work more
other context am I missing?' Doing this will reduce frustration meaningful and the environment more engaging. Having
and cause you to engage in a learning process.” Try to connect strong relationships at work can even help make personal
your opinions to the strategy of the business, and find the relationships better.
source of the misunderstanding.
11. Seek feedback regularly.
8. Find how you can create value. Ensure you have your every 6 months performance review. It
Every employee contributes something a little different to the is key to know if ''Am I adding value? Is the work aligning with
company. We generally have very little influence over the what was expected? Is my progression aligning with what is
mission or purpose of the company. Who are those 'others'? normal? What is on the horizon?”. These questions are critical
How does your company affect their lives?” Asking yourself to your continuous growth, and your employer should want to
these questions will help you identify what you can do for them. help you get there. It also demonstrates to the company how
“Getting explicit about the connection between your work and hard you are willing to work to make yourself and the company
the individual lives that are affected has a on our feeling of better.
meaning. If you can't make the connection with the company's
purpose, what about your own department or division? How 12. Sharpen the saw (The habit of self-renewal)
can being great at your work have an effect on someone else's “Sharpen the saw” means preserving and enhancing the
happiness, productivity, or stress level?”. Virtually every job greatest asset you have – you. It means having a balanced
can have a meaningful effect on someone else. Embracing this program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical,
will make your jobs inherently more satisfying. social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.



It is important to take stock of your own progress. Ask yourself Often we have had opportunities to learn and grow that we
“In this last year, have I had opportunities at work to learn and don't even recognize. To combat that, “Find a mentor to reflect
grow? Research has shown that a critical ingredient in both with. Identify what you've done, what you know now that you
learning and growth is the process of reflection.” Think back on didn't prior to doing it, and how you might apply it in future
all the projects you have completed, the conversations you work,” he advises. Taking the time to appreciate what you've
have had, and the decisions you have made. What skills did accomplished will help make you more conscious of the growth
you enhance? Have you become a more thoughtful employee? that is occurring and make you more engaged – HAPPY!




''Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude''

- Ralph Marston



‘Know Your Company’ Series

Building and Sustaining an Effective Team

Want Your Team to

Think Outside
the Box?

Demonstrate Your
Own Ability First

By: Kehinde Kanyi
HR & Administration Manager

Over time, there has been so much focus on building a 3. "I can't afford to say yes to all my staff's desires, but one thing
consolidated TEAM. There have been so many business is certain - I can't afford the outrageous cost of not listening to
articles on creative thinking and problem solving - it's hard to do! their requests." - John Yokoyama
It's easy to get stuck in your own ways, never considering an
alternative. Sometimes it is because your way is easier, even if it 4. "Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your
is not the best way. Other times it is because you just have no mind is more open. You're able to benefit from the unique
idea what else to do. It can be scary to consider a new path or viewpoints of others, without being crippled by your own
method. There are no guarantees any of it will work, and it judgment." - Ralph Marston
requires you to take a risk.
5. "No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it.
Displaying your own open-mindedness can do great things for The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish. Open-
your team. This kind of free-sharing atmosphere will make them mindedness is essential for belief. Closed minds do not inspire
more likely to explore and contribute their ideas, which will make faith, courage and belief." - Napoleon Hill
them feel heard and respected. It will affirm trust within your
team and ensure you are aligned with the same processes and 6. "If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not
goals in mind. When that is in place, you will be better to help right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one
yourself, your team and the wider stakeholders of the company was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-
and external customers will provide better service. deception and ignorance who is harmed." - Marcus Aurelius

Here are quotes that will encourage you to view opportunities 7. "If you don't go through life with an open mind, you will find a
and ideas with a fresh perspective, identifying their potential lot of closed doors." - Mark W. Perrett
instead of pointing out their flaws:
8. "Every now and then a man's mind is stretched by a new idea
1. "One of the best paradoxes of leadership is a leader's need to or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions." -
be both stubborn and open-minded. A leader must insist on Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
sticking to the vision and stay on course to the destination. But
he must be open-minded during the process." - Simon Sinek 9. "An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a
worthwhile thought in it." - Mark Twain
2. "Keep your mind open to change all the time. Welcome it.
Court it. It is only by examining and re-examining your opinions
and ideas that you can progress." - Dale Carnegie



‘Know Your Company’ Series

ICT Guideline Tips

What is

Mail (E-Mail)


By: Joshua Oladimeji
Assistant Manager ICT

Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Security refers to the collective A secure password is almost impossible to guess without
measures used to secure the access and content of an email some insight. The only way a hacker will break into your
account or service. It allows an individual or organization to system is if they use specialist password-guessing software
protect the overall access to one or more email that will run through millions of combinations.
addresses/accounts. The more complex the password, the more time it takes for
An email service provider implements email security to the software to figure it out.
secure subscriber email accounts and data from hackers - at
rest and in transit. PASSWORD ROTATIONS
Email security is a broad term that encompasses multiple Password Rotation refers to the changing/resetting of a
techniques used to secure an email service. From an password(s). It is advisable you change your password every
individual/end user standpoint, proactive email security 30 days or when you have feelings that your password is
measures include: compromised.
Ÿ Strong Passwords
Ÿ Password Rotations SPAM FILTERS
Ÿ Spam Filters One of the best things about cloud-based email services
Ÿ Watch out for phishing emails these days is that they tend to come with excellent spam
Ÿ Scan all emails for viruses and malware filters. Indeed, even Google through their service Gmail
Ÿ Never access emails from public Wi-Fi manages to remove most unwanted messages from your
Ÿ Never click the “unsubscribe” link in spam emails inbox. Make sure you turn your spam filter on or look for a
provider who offers better security solutions than those you
STRONG PASSWORDS have right now.
Use strong passwords that are unique, e.g. [email protected]!960;



You can often change the settings on your spam filter to block SCAN ALL EMAILS FOR VIRUSES & MALWARE
out any emails that contain specific words or phrases. Some of the top virus screening solutions on the market will
also scan all incoming emails and check them for
vulnerabilities as they come into your inbox. The software will
present you with an alert if there is any reason for concern.
You can usually quarantine the affected email before it has
enough time to cause any damage.

Public Wi-Fi is never secure, and there are many ways in
Phishing is a straightforward concept many which hackers can
hackers will use to steal email and account steal all the
information by tricking individuals into information that
handing over their details. passes through a
The process usually works like this: Indeed, criminals
The hacker sends emails that only require a
contain a link to a site you laptop and basic
know. The victim clicks software to hack
the link and finds into public Wi-Fi
themselves looking networks and then
at a familiar website. monitor all the
That is often their bank or traffic.
something similar, but the site If you are unable to connect to a secure Wi-Fi, you could use
is fake. The victim then enters smartphone and mobile internet.
their email address and password to That is much more secure than any public Wi-Fi service
log into their account. The fake phishing site steals the email
and password before passing it back to the hacker. NEVER CLICK THE “UNSUBSCRIBE” LINK IN SPAM
A phishing attack is no longer as apparent as it used to be. EMAILS
Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it Let us presume for a moment that an email managed to get
more difficult to identify it unless you pay attention to details. through your spam filter and antivirus programs. You open
Just consider this example of a phishing email pretending to the message and then discover that it looks like a phishing
be ABCD 1234 ([email protected]). scam or something similar. There is an unsubscribe link at the
bottom of the page, and you wonder if it is sensible to click
that to prevent further emails from the unwanted source.
Whatever happens, make sure you never click that
unsubscribe link. Hackers will often place them in emails in
an attempt to fool you.
If you decide to click the unsubscribe link or do it by mistake,
there is a reasonable chance you will land on a phishing site
that will attempt to steal any information it can gather. The link
could also provide hackers with a backdoor into your system,
and that is why you must never click it.



SAA West Africa Health Tips: Advisory Information on employee wellness


Smart Food Smart Drinks

Balanced diet Water, Fresh juice/smoothies

Ÿ Your food and drink choices each day affect your health and wellbeing at work and generally — how you feel today,
tomorrow, and in the future.

Ÿ Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to
reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote
your overall health.

Ÿ Even for people at a healthy weight, a poor diet is associated with major health risks that can cause illness and even death.
By making smart food and drink choices, you can help protect yourself from these health problems.

Ÿ By taking steps to eat healthy, you will be on your way to getting the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, active, strong
and perform better at work.

With good nutrients and physical activity, you will be improving your performance at work and work-life family
balance. This can go a long way and it's easier than you think.




SAA 201


JULY 2019






in SAA




juliet dansou okon etim karo edafe austin omorodion austin omorodion Happy
adesina joseph james austin erumusele clement benson GEROGE GADSEKPE



SAA IN Q1 2019 Joshua Oladimeji (Assistant Manager ICT)
January 15th 2019

Some of the birthdays
celebrated in
SAA West Africa in
Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 2019

Eseosa Okunbor (Head Shared Services)–14th February 2019 In celebration – Cakes sent to SAA West Africa
SAA Jointly celebrated the birthday of the Head from the Head Shared Services to celebrate her

Shared Services at the Ikoyi and Apapa locations. birthday with all OMS Affiliates

Hector Odukoya (Operations Manager) Inyene Benson (Supply Chain Manager)
7th March 2019 6th March 2019



Cmd. Kadri Oyebanji (Head of Engineering) Bassey Adie (Business Development &
3rd May 2019 Government Relations Manager) June 7th 2019

SAA Representation at the Africa Refiners Long Service Award
and Distributors
Olabode Isijola
Association (ARA) 25th - 29th March 20192019
in South Africa, Congratulations on 10 years of dedicated and
loyal service to the OMS Group.

The Deputy Managing Director, Olabode Isijola
cloaked 10 years long dedicated service to the
OMS Group of Companies on the 4th of May 2019.



SAA Bi-Recogniton Award

The SAA bi-recognition award for the period of October 2018 to March 2019 held in May 2019. This was the
second notable event in the implementation of the initiative by the HR & Administration department.

The recognition program is integral to building an engaged workforce and driving employee behaviour
and performance. In line with encouraging reward and recognition, the management of SAA is committed

to recognizing employees who have exhibited the core values of the company as well as other
exceptional positive behaviour towards the achievement of their departments and the company business

The objective of the programme is to appreciate and reward employees of SAA West Africa who have exhibited

positive core values and positive attitudes towards delivering and/or exceeding business objectives, thereby
creating a high-performing company/department.

Leadership Award Leadership Award Innovation Award

1st Bankole Adeniji 2nd Cmdr. Kadiri Oyebanji 1st Ernie Embleton



Living the SAA Values Living the SAA Values Conformity Award

1st NNS Bini Crew 2nd Kehinde Kanyi 1st Sunday Ishokare

Recognition Award to Customer Service Award
Non SAA Support Staff

1st Nathaniel Eyo 1st Saviour Amarie 2nd Ajoke Adebona

Most Outstanding Driver Award

From the

HR & Admin


2nd Timothy Owan 1st Olaitan Ogundipe 2nd Samuel Ajao




The SAA Pulse/break room was created in May 2019 as part of the HR & Admin enhancement to the
Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This initiative was zero cost created as items from closed up
facilities were gathered to create the center. It has been received with delight by the SAA teams.




Don't be embarrassed by your
failures, learn from them and
start again.

Success is the result of
perfection, hard work and
learning from our mistakes.

- Richard Branson


from the HR & Admin Desk
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