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A tesla designer is having a bad day but soon he is all good

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Published by Jaxon Wagner, 2019-05-08 09:28:20

The worst warm day ever

A tesla designer is having a bad day but soon he is all good

The Worst Warm Day

‚Äč Written By: Jaxon Wagner

Timothy Jacobs has lived in Phoenix,
Arizona in an apartment on 519 North Billiard
Street his whole life with his two brothers,
John and Mark. He also lived with his sister,
Marie. He just graduated from college. In his
family that's a pretty big achievement
,especially, because he got a job at Tesla.

Tom is usually a very lucky person, but
today that luck was gone.

Today was March 1st. It is one day before
his birthday. Timothy woke up and got
dressed in his BKE jeans and polo. He checked
the temp for today, and it was a low of 96 and
a high of 105. That did not surprise him
because he was used to that kind of heat. He
got down the stairs and grabbed some cereal.
Tim is the kind of person who likes to play
games while driving, like counting the
cactuses or even whistling a nice tune.

Today he was whistling, so he didn't notice
that the engine was growling until the car
stopped immediately. He was in the middle of
the road taking a shortcut through the park
driveway because the main road was always
busy. He jumped out of his car, frantically, and
popped the hood. Suddenly, a burst of smoke
shot out of the engine blowing him onto the
road. His glasses were covered, and he had to
take them off.

He didn't have any bars on his phone. He
stayed there for a while thinking of what
he could do to fix it, but nothing came to
mind. He then started to tinker with it
which only made things worse, so he
decided he would have to walk. It was
another mile and a half to work.

When he was in high school, he was on
a track team and he was the star until he
found a new hobby.

Work started at 8:20, and it was already
8:06. It would be 8:28 by the time he got there.
He remembered that there was a bike rental
not far from where he was, so he started to
walk. He got to the bike rental and rented the
bike for until he got to work because luckily
there was a rental drop off right across from
his work.

He got to work all sweaty and tired. His
boss was standing outside and didn't look too
mad. She asked where I was and that she was

He told her about the car problems, and
she told him that it was ok. He was late, but
she had to dock his pay for that day. She also
said that she could get someone to cool down
his car. He was glad for that.

He got into work, and everyone else
was already working away. He sat down
and realized that he had five emails 2 were
from the Wag Insurance Company, and the
others were work projects. He read the
Wag Insurance one's first, and they were
about not having paid his monthly car
loans. He had to pay $200 before
tomorrow or he would not have a car.he
quickly remembered that he had 5 fifty
dollar bills in his wallet, he grabbed them
and hurried to the insurance building and

He got back to work and sat down. He got
finished with his projects right before his day
was over. He was exhausted and tired so he
got his car and went home. When he got there
he ate supper and went to sleep dreaming
about the day.

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