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Contributed by Grace Melanie I. Lacamiento

"I’m not doing this for my own. I
want to serve the organization and
the public with the best that I can
and give my children a comfortable
life at the same time," he said.

Lucero spent his early years as a Local
Government Operations Officer (LGOO)
in DILG Region 1 before his transfer to
Region 7 was approved.

His stint in Samboan, Cebu from 2001 to
2007 was where it all began, he fondly

While sitting as an Officer-in-Charge
(OIC) - Municipal LGOO, he rose from

He was then promoted to LGOO V and
was designated as a full-fledged MLGOO
of Samboan and the leader of the Team
Approach Coordinated Task (TACT) of
the 2nd District of Cebu Province.

A t the age of 16, he was elected as He was later assigned as the OIC - City
LGOO of Carcar City from 2007 to 2009
a Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and was transferred to Danao City from
member of Barangay Marcos, Santa, 2009 to 2014 where he was promoted as
Ilocos Sur for four years and later LGOO VI in 2011. During his stint in Danao,
became SK chairperson for two he was also the TACT team leader of
years. Cebu’s 5th District.
This experience has sparked curiosity
from the young Lucero in pursuing a In 2014, he served as the cluster head of
career in public administration. LGOOs in the 5th and 6th Districts of
Cebu Province for a year.


O n June 7, 1999, he entered DILG,

with a vow to deliver quality service
to the Department and its clientele
as well as a dream to provide a
convenient life for his family—with his
wife, DILG Cebu Provincial Director
Jhoaden Lucero and their two
children namely Jaolian Kate, now 19
and Jan Francis Grecko, 14.


LUCERO RISES THROUGH Lucero, who was still then LGOO VI,
THE RANKS was designated in January 2015 as
the OIC of DILG-7 Local Government
Monitoring and Evaluation Division

He was also designated by former
DILG secretary Ismael Sueno as the
first general supervisor of 911 Cebu,
the government’s emergency hotline
established in 2016, wherein he
supervised for two years the Public Sa
fety Access Point agents acting as
first responders to emergency
aving been promoted as LGOO VII in
2017, Lucero then became a full
sfledged division chief of LGMED until
as of this writing.

From 2017 to 2019, he likewise acted
as OIC of DILG-7 Legal Unit while the
regional legal officer was on a two-
year study leave.

Also for two years since March 2019,
he was designated as the OIC of DILG
Cebu City while concurrent as LGMED

So in 2018, Lucero wore too many
hats as LGMED Chief, Legal Unit OIC
and 911 Cebu General Supervisor.

While in 2019, he juggled three
designations—LGMED Chief, Legal Unit
OIC and DILG Cebu City OIC—all at
the same time.

As fate would have it, he was
appointed as a full-fledged city
director of DILG Cebu City by
President Rodrigo Duterte in his letter
of appointment as LGOO VIII dated
June 2, 2021.

On June 22, Lucero took his oath
before DILG-7 Director Leocadio
Trovela, whom he thanked for
recognizing his efforts and
supporting his endeavors.



Lucero was part of the 42nd
batch of LGOOs of the Local
Government Academy, the
national training arm of DILG
for the local government
sector, where he was trained
from 1999 to 2000.

Now, he serves as a
recognized LGA trainer/coach
and lecturer for LGOO II and III

He is likewise a module writer
and facilitator on Dynamics in
Local Governance during
LGOO trainings.


So in 2018, Lucero wore too many
hats as LGMED Chief, Legal Unit
OIC and 911 Cebu General

While in 2019, he juggled three

designations—LGMED Chief,

Legal Unit OIC and DILG Cebu

City OIC—all at the same time.

As fate would have it, he was
appointed as a full-fledged city
director of DILG Cebu City by
President Rodrigo Duterte in his
letter of appointment as LGOO
VIII dated June 2, 2021.

On June 22, Lucero took his oath
before DILG-7 Director Leocadio
Trovela, whom he thanked for
recognizing his efforts and
supporting his endeavors.


He likewise serves as a lecturer and
trainer on various local governance
topics, such as Katarungang
Pambarangay (KP) Law, Local
Legislation, Local Budgeting, and Local
Taxation, during capacity-building
activities of LGUs and legal aid
programs of the Integrated Bar of the
Philippines (IBP) Cebu and Cebu City
Chapters, Young Lawyers Association
of Cebu (YLAC), Inc., local resource
institutions, and other civic and social

Lucero is also the in-house resource
person of the Office for Alternative
Dispute Resolution (OADR), an
attached agency of the Department of
Justice, during its webinar series and
KP trainings.

He was recently invited by the National
Police College under the Philippine
Public Safety College (PPSC) as a
subject matter expert on the Philippine
Criminal Justice System and KP Law.

3 BOOKS AUTHORED Working in the field as a DILG technical officer,
6 QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICE IS BOUNDLESS Lucero felt the need to come up with simplified
reference materials that would help the LGUs
and the public to understand and appreciate
local governance the same way he did.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, he authored two
books—the first entitled “Revised Law on
Katarungang Pambarangay” in 2011 and his
second book named "Raising Barangay
Revenues" in 2012.

Just in June of this year, his third book on
Jurisdictional and Procedural Aspects of the
Revised Katarungang Pambarangay Law 2021
Edition came out and was well-received by the

All these books, he said, were published to help
equip the barangays, Lupong Tagapamayapa,
DILG officers, students, lawyers, and practitioners
of local governance.

Lucero also maximized the convenient and
inexpensive access to social media by creating
the Katarungang Pambarangay Law - R.A. 7160
Facebook page and LG101 Facebook group to
encourage the exchange of knowledge, updates
and responses to queries pertaining to local


Finding his purpose in helping the people,
the lawyer-public servant finds time from
his hectic schedule to venture into
volunteer work.

With the rank of Captain, Lucero is a
reservist of the 5th Technical and
Administrative Service Brigade of the
Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
Reserve Command, belonging to Judge
Advocate General Service.

He takes part in community service
activities organized by AFP such as medical
missions and legal aid programs where he
shares his expertise on barangay justice
and public safety.

He is likewise a member of the 209th
Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Auxiliary
Squadron with the rank of Lieutenant

So in 2018, Lucero wore too many hats as
LGMED Chief, Legal Unit OIC and 911 Cebu
General Supervisor.

While in 2019, he juggled three designations
—LGMED Chief, Legal Unit OIC and DILG
Cebu City OIC—all at the same time.

As fate would have it, he was appointed as
a full-fledged city director of DILG Cebu
City by President Rodrigo Duterte in his
letter of appointment as LGOO VIII dated
June 2, 2021.

On June 22, Lucero took his oath before
DILG-7 Director Leocadio Trovela, whom he
thanked for recognizing his efforts and
supporting his endeavors.


“I believe that the more I learn,
the more I grow, and the more
I grow, the better I can serve
the public,” he shares.


Never Stop Clearly, Lucero did not take a shortcut
Learning to where he is now but on his path to
success, he made sure he never took
For all he has gone through and the road towards mediocrity.
achieved, Lucero remains a firm
believer that learning non-stop is the Surely there may be slopes and
key to enhance the quality of one’s bumps on his way, yet he did not
service. settle for being “good enough” and
continued on his journey with a
Even up to now, he continually seeks strong work ethic which he has
ways to improve himself, keeps carried from the start.
abreast of the latest developments
relating to his profession, and takes “I don’t settle for less. I work not for
advantage of available learning compliance but for quality,” he said.
opportunities in the best interest of
the Department and for the common Such work attitude, Lucero adds, is
good. being mirrored in the mantra of DILG
Cebu City where his personnel draw
In fact, to gain specialized inspiration from in their everyday
knowledge on public safety which is dealings.
in line with DILG’s vision and mission,
Lucero recently applied for the “Quality public service is boundless. It
Master in Public Safety has no end, irrespective of the
Administration (MPSA), a one-year circumstances on hand,” he states.
scholarship program of PPSC for
highly qualified senior executives in LOOKING BACK
government and private sector.
Lucero admitted he did not know
8 QUALITY PUBLIC SERVICE IS BOUNDLESS what the future would hold for him
when he entered DILG at the age of
23—but his aspiration for his family’s
well-being and dedication to quality
public service certainly got him this

Indeed, he is his own “Superman”,
rising through the ranks with his red
cape of excellence and

Four Cebu City barangays
achieve drug-cleared status

LGOO VI Clyde B. Ebojo

The first assessment saw both barangays,

Santo Niño and Sudlon 1, have complied all
the required documents for drug clearing
which were arranged in two folders.
The Regional Oversight Committee, headed
by the PDEA, had seen enough proof that
the said barangays have been successful in
their fight against illegal drugs. Thus, they
were declared drug-cleared shortly after the
deliberation process.
Over a month have passed when two other
barangays, Sinsin and Sapangdaku, went
through the same process and achieved the
same result.
It can be remembered that Cebu City had
chased long enough to have its first drug-
cleared barangay. Led by Mayor Edgar
Labella, put into action by the Cebu Office
for Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP),
good coordination among public and private
sectors was the key to this momentous feat.
Meanwhile, the COSAP, the DILG, PDEA,
PNP, DSWS, have been instrumental behind
the fast implementation of the Community
Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs
(CBDRP), a top checklist of a barangay to
become drug-cleared.
With this, more barangays are poised to
gain the drug-cleared status anytime soon.


Cebu City bares a strong
statement over CBDRP success

LGOO VI Clyde B. Ebojo

The first semester of 2021 saw several developments in Cebu City over

its fight against illegal drugs.
Twenty-one (21) barangays have already commenced their
Community Based Drug Rehabilitation Program (CBDRP) within the
year's first semester. Up running and still counting, Cebu City boasts a
total of 778 drug surrenders who completed the 3-month rehab
program. Moreover, some of these barangays immediately restarted
the process to produce the second batch. And certainly, more
barangays are heading towards the same direction.
The city's implementation on the anti-illegal drugs program is so swift.
Not only had it erased a bitter branding which posed a risk to its already
celebrated history, but it bared a strong statement that the city can
really perform at best and achieve success when it wants to.


DOH and City Government
team up for drug recoveries

LGOO V Marven M. Ecarma

T he Department of Health (DOH)

Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
conducted training on ASSIST-BI and
program intervention among Cebu City
Office for Substance Abuse Prevention
(COSAP) facilitators/recovery coaches of
Community- Based Drug Rehabilitation
Program (CBDRP) on May 10, 2021

DILG Officer-in-Charge Atty Ian Kenneth
B. Lucero in his message recognized the
shared efforts of the different partner
agencies/offices especially the Office of
Mayor Edgardo Labella, the COSAP and
the recovery coaches in helping the
recoveries in their reintegration in the

“We are reminded that we were made by
God to glorify Him. That is our primary
purpose in life - to glorify God”, Lucero
Dr. David Baron, Dr. Dino Caing, Mr. Greg
Rodriguez and Mr. Macedonio Reyes III of
DOH-7 served as the speakers during the
activity. Also present and delivered their
remarks were IA1 Jonar Cuayzon of PDEA-
7, COSAP Executive Director Jonah John
Rodriguez, and LGOO V Marven Ecarma of
DILG Cebu City.

Moreover, the team conducted an ocular
inspection at the possible site of Balay
Silangan in Barangay Taptap, Cebu City.

Balay Silangan is a drug reformatory
facility that offers temporary refuge with
the objective of reforming drug offenders
into self-sufficient and law-abiding
members of the society.


DILG Cebu City receives
Safety Seal Certification

LGOO II Cresencio A. Aseniero

The DILG-Cebu City Office, headed by Atty. Ian

Kenneth B. Lucero, received the Safety Seal
Certification after a thorough assessment by
the Cebu City Inspection and Certification
Team on June 30, 2021.

The team, which includes PLTCOL Ryan A.
Devaras of the Cebu City Police Office and
FINSP Eran A. Fernandez of the Cebu City Bureau
of Fire Protection, conferred the seal shortly after
all eligibility requirements were checked and

This is the second safety seal conferred to an
establishment in Cebu City and remarkably, to
another establishment from the same
department, as the DILG-Regional Office got the
first one on June 25, 2021.

The Safety Seal is a declaration that affirms the
compliance of the establishment with the
minimum public health standards set by the
government and to assure the people that the
said establishment is safe.

More seals are underway as Cebu City awaits
more establishments to comply with the
eligibility requirements provided in JMC 2021-01,
or the implementing guidelines of the safety
seal program.


Barangay Budlaan wins LTIA Regional Level

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Ll. Salas

Barangay Budlaan, after it topped all Lupong Tagapamayapa in Cebu City,
extended its glorious run when it won first place in this year's Lupong
Tagapamayapa Incentive Awards (LTIA) - Regional Level Category for Highly
Urbanized Cities.
With a very tight competition among regional finalists whose works were
assessed for months, joined with validation through online interviews, among
others, makes it so remarkable to any barangay winning the prestigious award.
This year is special, not just for Barangay Budlaan which achieved this feat, but
also to the entire Cebu City. Notably, the city just reclaimed the title after having
been silenced in this competition for almost a decade now.
Adjudged as the regional winner by the Regional Lupon Tagapamayapa
Incentives Award (LTIA) Validation Committee, Barangay Budla-an of Cebu City
will represent Region 7 for the highly anticipated national level competition set this
Budlaan’s unwavering passion and commitment to the speedy administration of
barangay justice, forging active partnership with the city government in
promoting peace and order, is truly worthy of celebration city-wide.


DILG Cebu City aids Barangay's
1st KP Seminar

LGOO II Adel Dominique P. Gujilde

DILG Cebu City extended assistance
to the first seminar on Katarungang
Pambarangay (KP) Law organized by
a Cebu City barangay - Pasil - this

This initiative of Barangay Pasil, which
was held on June 9, aimed to equip
the members of its Lupong
Tagapamayapa on how to effectively
manage disputes in its locality, with
high hopes to make it in the next
Lupong Tagapamaya Incentive
Awards (LTIA).
No less than DILG Cebu City Director Atty. Ian Kenneth Lucero, whose
third book on KP was recently published, discussed the jurisdictional and
procedural aspects of the law.

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Salas meanwhile talked about the
administrative aspect, including KP forms and LTIA guidelines.

At the end of the seminar, Atty. Lucero gave the Lupon two knowledge
products such as the KP handbook and Department of Justice-Office of
Alternative Dispute Resolution KP book to serve as their reference and
capacitate them further.

Katarungang Pambarangay is a local justice system that provides
accessible and expeditious administration of justice by resolving
neighborhood disputes without resorting to litigation. On the other hand,
LTIA is a yearly incentive award given to outstanding Lupon for their
exemplary performance in settling disputes at the barangay level.


DILG Cebu City assists in
five BCPC trainings

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Ll. Salas

DILG Cebu City extended technical
assistance in three batches of Barangay
Council for the Protection of Children
(BCPC) Training Workshop initiated by the
Cebu City Department of Social Welfare
Services (CDSWS) and Commission for the
Welfare and Protection of Children (CWPC)
on April 20 and 26, and May 11, 19 and 26.

The training is aimed to heighten the skills
and competencies of the BCPC members of
barangays Sambag1, Santo Niño, Calamba,
Tinago, Tejero, Day-as, Duljo Fatima,
Mambaling, Kamagayan, Quiot Pardo,
Lorega San Miguel, Carreta, San Roque, Sta.
Cruz, Basak San Nicolas, Sapangdaku,
Cogon Pardo, San Nicolas Proper, Carreta ,
San Roque, Sta Cruz, Lorega San Miguel,
Zapatera, Pahina Central, Capitol Site, and

The BCPC is tasked to assist local and
national authorities at the barangay level to
identify, implement, and monitor programs
and activities that promotes child welfare
specifically on their rights on survival,
development and protection.

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Salas, LGOO II
Jedaia Balugo, and LGOO II Adel Dominique
Gujilde served as resource persons and
facilitators on the training.



Albert Generale's hard fought Cebu story

LGOO VI Clyde B. Ebojo

Tubod Lanao del Norte DILG Officer Ekijito
Cañete contacted Cebu City Director Atty.
Ian Kenneth Lucero who immediately acted
to rescue Albert.

Atty. Lucero's trusted staff, LGOO Titoy
Aseniero, who grew up in Tubod himself, was
instructed to coordinate with various
agencies of Cebu City for Albert's rescue.

And the rest is history in the making.

Last June 15, a post went viral about a Thanks to Mayor Edgar Labella and his office,
homeless man struggling to survive through the Anti-Mendicancy Team, Señor
across the busy streets of Cebu City. Santo Niño Barangay Captain Lourdes "Lulu"
Ramirez, and the DSWS, who retrieved Albert
A decade back, Albert Generale, now 34 as he slept at a corner along SRP behind La
years old, a native from Candis, Tubod, Nueva.
Lanao del Norte, left his home for good. Albert was taken to the DSWS Shelter where
Empty-handed, he reached the shores of he stayed for almost 2 weeks while his travel
Cebu and was able to find a job as he documents were processed. After he tested
arrived at the Queen City of the South. negative on COVID 19, he was cleared to
travel back home.
But luck was just momentary as he
eventually scuffled to live a day, turned June 25th, Albert was on his way to Tubod,
into years, of hard-fought food and Lanao del Norte via Ozamis City
living. accompanied by his big brother Alvin.
And everything shall have been brighter for
Albert's future. There is no place better than

For years now, he's been in limbo. Sadly,
finding his daily bread has had become
a dream for him.

Roaming around the busy streets of
Cebu, he became desperate. And
people from home is beyond his reach.

Thanks to Bingbong Vhincent Alcover,
who became interested and concerned
with Albert's story. As soon as Alcover
posted it in social media, it was not long
enough after it was flooded with
comments and concerns.

And luck is with Albert this time as his
family and friends from home have seen
the facebook post.


Lucero releases 3rd book

Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, JD It contains substantial provisions of KP
Law, decided cases by the Supreme
Department of the Interior and Local Court, related laws, opinions of the
Government (DILG) Cebu City Director the author himself to help the readers
Atty. Ian Kenneth Lucero recently released visualize the given situations.
his third book—a primer to guide
barangay officials and Lupong “With the book’s guidance, we can
Tagapamayapa in efficiently settling cascade down to our people similar
neighborhood disputes. resolutions of already decided and
settled cases-which in turn would
His book entitled “Jurisdictional and ease case backlogs in courts and
would speed up the process of
Procedural Aspects: Revised realizing justice,” DILG Secretary
Eduardo Año said in his
Katarungang Pambarangay Law 2021 congratulatory message.

Edition” came out in June this year and “Indeed, his passion and dedication
for the barangay justice system marks
was well-received by the market even another win in our country’s continuing
quest to champion good local
before it was formally launched on July 7 governance,” Local Government
Academy Executive Director Thelma
in partnership with REX Book Store, Inc. Vecina also said in her foreword.

Lucero, who is also the concurrent chief In his letter of commendation, DILG-7
of DILG-7 Local Government Monitoring Director Leocadio Trovela likewise
and Evaluation Division, authored two lauded Lucero’s initiative in developing
books on the “Revised Law on innovative Knowledge Products that
Katarungang Pambarangay” and "Raising adapt to the needs of those they
Barangay Revenues" in 2011 and 2012, serve.
“The comprehensive substance and
Yet, he felt the urge to publish another clear-cut presentation of your book
Knowledge Product on KP Law that would are perfectly tailored to empower the
serve as a simplified reference to barangays, our main clientele, in
address the usual concerns often raised, ensuring that peace and order prevail
especially by members of the Lupon, in our communities,” he stated.
during his lectures, trainings and legal aid
programs. “Congratulations once again! Your
accomplishment is likewise the
Presented in a question and answer success of DILG-7,” Trovela added.
format for easy reference, Lucero’s new
book is likewise targeted to equip DILG
officers, students, lawyers, and
practitioners of local governance.


DILG awards first safety
seal in Cebu City

LGOO II Cresencio A. Aseniero

The Inspection and Certification Team of Lucero was accompanied by team members,
DILG-Cebu City marked history when it PCOL Josefino Ligan of Cebu City Police
Office and FINSP Asraf Grar of the Cebu City
awarded the first safety seal certification in Bureau of Fire Protection. This team
Cebu City since the program took off this composition is provided in DILG, DOLE, DOH,
year. DOT and DTI Joint Memorandum Circular No.
Department had issued Memorandum
Circular No. 2021-053, bearing the The Safety Seal is a declaration that the
Implementing Guidelines of the Safety Seal establishment is compliant with the minimum
Certification Program dated May 21, 2021. public health standards set by the
government and to assure the people that
After having seen all the eligibility the said establishment is safe.
requirements provided in JMC No. 21-01, the
team, chaired by Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, The certification will be valid for six months
immediately handed the seal certification to from the date of its issuance and shall be
Regional Director Leocadio T. Trovela at his renewed not earlier than one month before
office in Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City, last June expiration.
25. This just made the DILG Regional Office
the first receipient of the seal since its


DILG-Cebu City wins LGOO II Adel Dominique P. Gujilde
National Zumba Challenge

While DILG-Cebu City had excelled enough doing official functions, it has
proven anew that the it can also excel at other fields- when it decides
to. For instance, the arts.
When the Memorandum was issued by the DILG Central Office regarding
a Dance Exercise Video Challenge (Zumba), the decision was easy for
the Cebu City Contact Tracers to join it.
It was a mutual group decision- with a few words of motivation from
City Director Atty. Ian Kenneth Lucero- when it all started.
With just a week before deadline of submission of entries, the contact
tracers looked only at one goal- to win it all.
And just as simply as it was decided, the DILG Cebu City won the
National Zumba Challenge.
NBOO won 2nd place while Region 8 won 3rd place.


DILG Contact Tracers augmented as
Vaccination Program Encoders LGOO II Jedaia B. Balugo

Last January 11, 2021, the Department To address this, DILG- Cebu City Director,
issued DILG Memorandum Circular No. Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero opted to
2021-007 to guide local government choose the earnest DILG-hired contact
units in the implementation of the tracers and deployed them to the VOC.
national vaccination program. The contact tracers' task is to assist VOC
in its daily operations.
In support to the said memorandum,
Cebu City Government established
the Vaccination Operation Center
(VOC). The said VOC is located in
Cebu City Sports Center, R.R. Landon
Street, Cebu City.

A whole-of-government and whole-
of-society approach was employed
by VOC. Its operations is headed by
CHD Officer-in-Charge Dr. Jeffrey D.
Ibones. Design and protocols were
established, to name: the vaccination
plan, communication plan, master list
of priority eligible vaccinee,
identification of possible vaccine
centers with cold chain storages, and
inventory of equipment and human

All efforts were harmonized. However, it
was late February when VOC realized
the lack of manpower to profile all
vaccine and their inadequate
capacity to cater them during actual
vaccination operations will be a major
issue in the following days.


As of June 25, 2021, 71,277 persons were
vaccinated with the first dose and
25,676 with the second dose. Mostly
were frontline workers, senior citizens,
persons with comorbidity, and essential
Our tracers have greatly contributed in
the continuing success of the
vaccination program. Over 300,000
persons were profiled and encoded in
the database system. Day in and out,
they are responsible in the monitoring,
scheduling, and verification of qualified
Though, some are still hesitant to
undergo vaccination, but the efforts of
DILG and the Cebu City Government
sees no end. surely enough, the number
of vaccinations will greatly increase in
the coming days.


All DILG-Cebu City personnel goes fully vaccinated

LGOO II Jedaia B. Balugo supervise and monitor the COVID-19
vaccination program, all DILG Cebu City
Led by City Director Atty. Ian Kenneth B. personnel have all been fully inoculated.
Lucero, all DILG Cebu City personnel as
part of the frontline efforts against Whilst, the said employees have
COVID-19, are now fully vaccinated. convincingly led the efforts to dispel the
stigma of our people over the
In order to ensure continuous and vaccination program.
unhampered efforts by the agency to
facilitate, expedite,


DILG Cebu City joins 4th Cebu City-
wide cleanup challenge LGOO II Adel Dominique P. Gujilde

To mark the celebration of the Philippine
Environment Month, DILG-Cebu City joined
the 4th city-wide cleanup challenge
organized by the Cebu City Government on a
silmutaneous clean-up among all
participating agencies in the city held on
June 19 this year.
The city DILG, joined by the 209.4 Division and
217th Squadron of the Philippine Coast Guard
Auxiliary (PCGA) and Maritime Industry
Authority (MARINA), conducted their cleanup
efforts in Barangay Cogon Pardo inclusive of
two sitios in said barangay, Sitio Seasons 2
and Sitio Seasons 3.
DILG Cebu City Director, Atty. Ian Kenneth
Lucero, an officer of the 209th PCGA
Squadron with the rank of Lieutenant
Commander, emphasized the significance of
bayanihan and volunteerism in addressing
the city’s environmental woes such as solid
waste problems.
Punong Barangay Harry Eran gave rice packs
and canned goods to residents in exchange
for a 10 kilo trash they have collected during
the activity.
Meanwhile, various city barangays, private
sectors, and other civic sectors, participated
in the cleanup challenge that took place in
the different coastal areas in the city.





Barangay Secretaries hold 1st assembly

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Ll. Salas

Since their appointment to office, the
barangay secretaries in Cebu City had held
its first federation assembly at the Guadalupe
Sports Complex last June 25.

DILG Cebu City Director Atty Ian Kenneth B.
Lucero attended the said assembly where he
oriented the secretaries on the guidelines of
the Safety Seal Certification Program.

Director Lucero also highlighted the upcoming
Barangay Tanod Skills Enhancement (BTSE)
Training for the 80 barangays which is
scheduled on the third quarter of this year.

Following the minimum public health
standards set by the IATF and the city
government, the secretaries have finally
paved way into strengthening their federation
after having assembled for the first time
despite the health crisis.

LGOO VI Socorro Dorina Salas and LGOO II
Adel Dominique Gujilde, on the other hand,
served as judges during the federation’s logo

Furthermore, they presented and gave
updates on DILG's programs, projects and
activities, among others, especially those that
include the federations' coordination.

Regional Nutrition Council
assesses Cebu City

LGOO VI Maria Lourdes D. Boone

Members of the Regional Nutrition Council The CCNC also presented the different
Monitoring and Evaluation Team (RNC MET) programs and accomplishments for CY
assessed the Local Level Plan 2019 and 2020.
Implementation of the Cebu City Nutrition
Council (CCNC) on May 4, 2021. Representatives from the Ramon Aboitiz
Foundation, Cebu City Social Welfare and
DILG Cebu City, a member agency of the Services (CCSWS), Cebu City Planning
CCNC, participated in the said assessment, and Development Office (CCPDO), Cebu
through LGOO VI Maria Lourdes D. Boone. City Disaster Risk and Reduction
Management Office (CCDRRMO) and
The RNC team assessed five outcome areas Cebu City Health Office (CCHO) were
namely: Organizational Capacity, Policies, also present in the activity.
Governance, Nutrition Management and
Sevices. Having evaluated these areas, the
RNC may determine the functionality of the


Lucero talks on the LGOO II Cresencio A. Aseniero
sources of virus superspreaders

DILG Cebu City Director Atty Ian Kenneth B.
Lucero discussed the DILG Memorandum
Circular No. 2021-058, re lntensifying
Regulation/Prohibition of Holding of
Activities as Sources of Virus
SuperSpreaders during the 2nd Quarter
General Assembly of Liga ng mga Barangay
(LnB) - Cebu City Chapter at Waterfront
Hotel, Cebu City on June 21, 2021.

LGOO II Cresencio Aseniero, on the other
hand, oriented the members on the
guidelines of Safety Seal Certification

LnB President Franklyn Ong presided the
assembly along with the Punong Barangay
of the City.

Lucero also presented the updates on
BADAC Audit for 2019 and 2020 and the
Barangay Tanod Skills Enhancement (BTSE)
Training for the 80 barangays which is
scheduled on the third quarter of this year.
BTSE training aims to enhance the skills of
the Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSOs)
to effectively and efficiently perform their
duties as first reponders of peace and order
in their respective barangays.

Appointed SK officials in 5 city
barangays trained

LGOO III Emmanuel S. Pedralba

Appointed Sangguniang Kabataan (SK)
treasurers and secretaries of barangays
Taptap, Sta. Cruz, Pung-ol, Quiot and Apas
underwent the SK Mandatory Training (SKMT)
on June 10, 2021.

Republic Act 10742 or the SK Reform Act of
2015 provides that no SK official shall assume
office if they have not completed the SKMT.

LGOO III Emmanuel S. Pedralba and LGOO II
Jedaia B. Balugo of DILG Cebu City served as
the speakers during the training. Topics
discussed were the functions of SK Officials in
the local level, guidelines on the
appropriation, release, planning and
budgeting process for the SK Funds, among

SKMT aims to emphasize the role of the youth
in nation-building and molding them to
become better citizens with the values of
patriotism, nationalism and honor as Filipino.


Atty. Lucero lectures justice system at
National Police College Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, JD

Atty. Ian Kenneth Lucero, DILG-7 LGMED Lucero was invited to be the resource
Chief and DILG Cebu City Director, speaker of the activity which was
discussed components of Philippine attended by the 47 students from the
Criminal Justice System and Philippine National Police with the rank of
Katarungang Pambarangay Law during Police Lieutenants. He was given
the whole day online class of Public Certificate of Appreciation for his
Safety Officers Basic Course (PSOBC) invaluable contributions as subject
Magiting Class 2021-05 organized by the matter expert on the topic Philippine
National Police College, Cebu on June 7 Criminal Justice System.
via Zoom.

OADR invites Lucero Diño urged the barangay officials to
take advantage of the webinar series
Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, JD and improve their knowledge on KP Law
as the DILG recognizes exemplary
Atty. Ian Kenneth Lucero, DILG-7 LGMED performance in settling disputes at the
Chief and DILG Cebu City Director, barangay level of Lupong
discussed the conciliation and Tagapamayapa through the Lupong
mediation procedures under the Tagapamayapa Incentives Awards
Katarungang Pambarangay (KP) Law
during the Season 2: Episode 5 of Office
for Alternative Dispute Resolution
(OADR) webinar series on May 27.

Lucero was invited to be the resource
speaker of the activity which was
attended by the lupon members from
various barangays in the country.
The activity was graced by DILG
Undersecretary for Barangay Affairs
Martin S. Diño who thanked OADR for its
continuous partnership with the
Department in upgrading the skills of
barangay officials and lupons to
effectively perform their roles through
the conduct of webinar series.amayapa
Incentives Awards


GAD Planning Workshop held

LGOO II Jedaia B. Balugo

DILG Cebu City, in coordination with the
Cebu City Women and Family Affairs
Commission, extended technical
assistance during the Gender and
Developmemt (GAD) Planning
Workshop for Cebu City GAD Focal
Point System (GFPS) on June 16-17,
2021 at Alta Resort, Cordova, Cebu
LGOO VI Maria Lourdes Boone, LGOO VI
Socorro Dorina Salas and LGOO II
Jedaia Balugo of DILG Cebu City
served as resource persons and

The City's GFPS's function includes the
mainstreaming of GAD perspective in
LGU policies, plans and programs,
ensure the assessment of the gender-
responsiveness of systems, structures,
policies, programs, processes, and
procedures of the LGU based on the
priority needs and concerns of
constituencies and employees, and
the formulation of recommendations
including their implementation.
The team drafted its GAD Plan for
CY2022 to be reviewed and endorsed
by DILG.


Cebu City CDP now for review

LGOO VI Maria Lourdes D. Boone

The Technical Working Group (TWG)
created to formulate the Comprehensive
Development Plan (CDP) has finally crafted
the draft for review and approval of the
Sangguniang Panlungsod.

The draft is the output of the numerous
sectoral and sub-sectoral group
consultations and workshops which began
before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDP contains the six-year strategic

direction and developmental priorities of

the city. It covers five (5) sectors namely:

Social, Economic, Environmental,

Infrastructure and Institutional. It also

endeavors to integrate the Disaster Risk

Reduction and Management Plan, Peace

Lucero speaks during and Order Public Safety Plan.
NEO Orientation
The Plan covers the period CY 2021 to 2026.
LGOO II Adel Dominique P. Gujilde The TWG made use of the CDP Guide on
Rationalizing the Local Planning System
Atty Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, DILG while observing its tools, processes and
Cebu City Director and concurrent techniques, to help them in the preparation.
DILG -7 Local Government
Monitoring and Evaluation Division Dr. Oscar Abordo of the City Planning and
(LGMED) Chief, discussed the Coordinating Office spearheads the TWG .
Mandanas Ruling, Principle of
Decentralization, Extent of Local Based on DILG Memorandum 2018-172,
Autonomy in the Philippines, and dated October 8, 2018, all CDPs should be
Evidence-Based Legislation during assessed to emphasize the role of the
the first and second batches of the province in local development planning and
Newly-Elected Officials (NEO) as an oversight partner of the national
Orientation Course Cum Seminar on government over its component cities and
Mental Health, Legislation and municipalities.
Philippine Government New Normal
System at Bai Hotel, Cebu City. Cebu City's CDP was assessed by the
Regional Technical Assessment Committee
The participants were the Vice from June 30 to July 1, this year.
Mayors and the Sangguniang
Panlungsod/Bayan Members of the The Final Draft is now reviewed by the
component cities and municipalities Committee on Urban Plannning of the Cebu
from the Province of Cebu. City Sangguniang Panlungsod before its
final approval by the legislative body.
Personnel of DILG-7 and other
national government agencies also The DILG – Cebu City, represented by LGOO
provided their technical assistance VI Maria Lourdes D. Boone, extended
as resource persons during the technical assistance in the formulation of
activity. the City’s CDP.

The NEO course covered a total of
10 batches from April 26 until June
30, 2021.


City convenes POC for quarterly meeting

LGOO V Marven M. Ecarma

Cebu City convened its Peace and
Order Council (POC) for the second
quarterly meeting held at the Golden
Prince Hotel last June 23, 2021.

Presided by Acting Mayor Michael L.
Rama, the council discussed the
overall peace and order situation in
the city. It also went through the city's
anti-illegal drug campaign, anti-
terrorism and anti-insurgency.
The council passed multiple
resolutions on the meeting. First, it
passed a resolution to strongly
appeal for the continuous
implementation and funding of the
Support to the Barangay
Development Program (SBDP);

another is a resolution commending
Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero for his
promotion as full-fledged City
Director of DILG Cebu City; finally, a
resolution commending Barangay
Budlaan as the 2021 Regional Winner
and National Entry for Region 7 to the
national Lupong Tagapamayapa
Incentive Awards (LTIA).

Led by Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, the
DILG City Office, being the council's
head secretariat, offered technical
support to council members during
the meeting.



CCMCC convenes for second quarterly meeting

LGOO V Marven M. Ecarma

The Cebu City Management Coordinating The meeting featured the discussion of
Committee (CCMCC) held its second CCMCC accomplishments within the
quarterly meeting on June 22, 2021 at second quarter and what programs,
Sugbutel Hotel, this city. projects and activities (PPAs) to aim for
the 3rd quarter.
Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, DILG city
director and CCMCC chairman, Moreover, the committee discussed what
welcomed the council members present accomplishments were made on the
which include the officers from Implementation of E. O. 70, DILG MC 2021-
NAPOLCOM, Cebu City Police Office, 058, or the - Intensifying
Bureau of Jail Management and Regulation/Prohibition of Holding of
Penology- Male and Female Dormitories, Activities as Sources of Virus Spreaders
Cebu City Fire Office, and Armed Forces and the Implementation of the Safety
of the Philippines (AFP) Task Group Seal Certification Program.
The committee also adopted a few
resolutions in the meeting. First, it
resolved to commend the top performing
personnel and stations of the PNP, BFP,
and BJMP within Cebu City. Second, it
adopted to add membership to the
committee such as AFP TG Bohol-Cebu-
Siquijor and the PDEA. Finally, it adopted
to strongly appeal for continuous
implementation and funding of the
Support to the Barangay Development
Program (SBDP) to attain inclusive and
sustainable peace and development in
the city.



Lucero awards outstanding police officers

LGOO VI Clyde B. Ebojo

Cebu City DILG Director, Atty. Ian
Kenneth Lucero, handed
certificates of commendation to
the outstanding police officers,
stations and units in Cebu City,
in an awarding ceremony held
at Camp Sotero, on June 28,

Invited as guest of honor, Atty.

Lucero, Cebu City Management

Coordinating Committee

Chairperson, delivered words of

inspiration to the members of

the Cebu City Police Office.

He acknowledged PNP's efforts of
delivering quality public service
especially in the fight against
illegal drugs, illegal gambling,
loose firearms, wanted persons,
insurgency, terrorism, and all
forms of criminalities amid the
ongoing health crisis.

"In this time of uncertainty, retreat
not from hope. In case you get
weak or feel tired, remind yourself
the oath you took. Go back to
your purpose of being- TO
said Atty. Lucero.


Cebu City's Sanggunian –
A legislation machine

LGOO VI Maria Lourdes D. Boone

498 5

Resolutions Ordinances

For the second quarter of this year, the Ordinance No. 2614
Sangguniang Panglunsod of Cebu City has
passed 498 Resolutions and enacted 5 “An ordinance establishing the
Ordinances. Persons With Disability Affairs Office
(PDAO) And providing funds for its
Seventy-nine percent (79%) of the operation and maintenance and for
other purposes”
resolutions where developmental in nature,

which seek to promote better quality of life Ordinance No. 2615

of its constituents through the development “An ordinance amending Appendix
‘E’ Schedule V of Ordinance No. 801
of its local economy, social services, Entitled ‘An Ordinance Establishing
the Traffic Code for the City of
infrastructure, environment and Cebu”


The following are the ordinances approved
within the quarter:

Meanwhile, the SP Secretariat

Ordinance No. 2611 Office and the 15th Sangguniang

“An ordinance requiring documents Panlungsod of Cebu City has
submitted for the consideration or
action of the Sangguniang Panlungsod embarked on a project which
to adopt the prescribed format for the
efficient use of paper.” pens the “Guidebook in Writing

Ordinance No. 2612 Resolutions, Ordinances,

“An ordinance providing for the speed Committee Reports, Implementing
limits for all kinds of all motor vehicles
within the territorial jurisdiction of the Rules and Regulations and
City of Cebu, providing penalties for
the violation thereof, collection of road Position papers (Templates and
crash data, and appropriating funds
for this purpose” Styling Took Kit)”.

Ordinance No. 2613 Funded by the Philippine
Councilors League – Cebu City
"An ordinance adopting the document Chapter, the guidebook is now
security seal to be used by all ready for publication. It is
officials/departments of the Cebu City intended as “To-Have-and-To-
Government that issue original Hold Checklist” for local legislators,
documents to transacting persons researchers, advocates, among
and/or entities, appropriating the others who are interested in
necessary funds thereof and for other seeking guidance on basic
purposes". legislation preparation.

Senior personnel, Mr. Roy Vincent I.
Alix, leads the project team.


Cebu City in finding best opportunities

LGOO VI Clyde B. Ebojo

Naturally in our existence, when all of
the world's beauty fade, we find ways
to restore them.

And when we can't, life doesn't stop.
Because when all is gone, there will
always be ones to fill or replace.

And with this, victory lives on. Life is a Guided by the question that which
matter of choice. It is finding the best among the labor sector greatly
opportunities even when all seems demands number of workers. And
dark. guided by reason that the taxi, jeepney
and habal-habal drivers were one
In Cebu City, the COVID-19 pandemic among many sectors who greatly suffer
stood as a villain to defeat. during the pandemic, the DMDP head
Nevertheless, it was a challenge which clearly had something in mind -the
brought more proof of the city's security training.
enormous ability to withstand.
Aided by one of her trusted
Many lost their jobs. Many businesses counterparts, Jom Hisoler, a trainor of
have closed. And many people have security himself, all was good enough.
to start anew, move on from what
they were used to, and search for new
options to earn a living.

True to his promise to the people of For the records, Cebu City currently has
a demand of 5,000 to 10,000 security
Cebu City, Mayor Labella had guards. With this, the security training is
timely enough, one that surely brings in
introduced several livelihood employment to a big number of
unemployed Cebuanos.
opportunities. And one of these is

potential to become a best practice

on local governance.

Some mostly affected by the Now in their early batches of security
pandemic were taxi, jeepney and training, it is predicted that more will
habal-habal drivers. When ECQ was come, be trained, and land for a job.
declared, taxis, jeepneys and habal-
habal couldn't operate. Yet, even until With this development, the Cebu City
now. Because of the social distancing Government is really one that supports
protocol, these people have lived their the people, offering best opportunities
lives with meager resources. when time calls. When the city lost
some of its beauty due to the
Brought to life by one of the city's pandemic, some local heroes emerged
most celebrated offices, the to fill and replace them.
Department of Manpower
Development and Placement (DMDP), Not only that, the office of the Cebu City
its head, Sheila May Daluz, connected
all the dots by identifying what is the Department of Manpower Development
best for the Cebuanos in this time of
pandemic. and Placement (DMDP) offers more, pls

check their website,






Contributed by:Liga ng mga Barangay - Cebu City Chapter

200 blood units were collected in less than a month during the
Liga ng mga Barangay Cebu City’s “Dugo Mo, Kinabuhi Ko”
Blood Donation Program.

“Dugo Mo, Kinabuhi Ko” (DMKK) is a The program was implemented by LNB
Barangay Blood Donation Program of the Cebu City in two phases - Phase 1 was
the Liga ng mga Barangay (LNB) Cebu the Stakeholders’ Meeting and
City, implemented through the Orientation conducted by LNB and
leadership of Liga President and Ex- VSMCC and Phase 2 is the Mobile Blood
Officio member of the SP, Franklyn Ong, Donation (MBD). Phase 1 was
and in partnership with Vicente Sotto conducted last April 2021 and was
Memorial Medical Center - Blood participated in by 248 participants from
Services Unit (VSMMC-BSU), to help various barangays of Cebu City
address the shortage of blood supply consisting of Punong Barangays,
needed in the city. Sangguniang Barangay Members
(Chairperson of the Committee on
After learning that VSMMC-BSU had only Health), Barangay Secretaries, and
gathered 5 blood units in 2020 through Gender and Development (GAD)
their Mobile Blood Donation (MBD), LNB Focals among others. This was
Cebu City did not hesitate to act and conducted to answer questions and
come up with a program to help recruit clarify misconceptions on blood
more blood donors. LNB - Cebu City, donation, to lessen blood donor deferral
through the Committee on Health and during the Mobile Blood Donation, and
Public Services and the cooperation and to encourage the barangays to recruit
support of various barangays in the city, “quality blood donors”.
was able to gather at least 401 blood
donors wherein 200 of them have
passed the onsite screening process and
were successfully extracted. This is the
partial number as of June 13, 2021, after
LNB Cebu City launched its DMKK Mobile
Blood Donation (MBD) last May 15, 2021
at Pit-os Gym, Barangay Pit-os, Cebu
City. Every blood unit that is cleared after
some laboratory tests can save up to 3


As of June 13, 2021, blood donors came from Barangay Agsungot, Bacayan,
Binaliw, Mabini, Pit-os, Pulangbato, Kasambagan, Hipodromo, Guadalupe,
Sapangdaku , Apas, Busay, Cogon Ramos, Day-as, San Antonio, Capitol Site,
Kamputhaw, Luz, Mabolo, Buhisan, Pamutan, Babag, Bonbon, Buot, Malubog,
Sudlon 2 and Tabunan.
Liga President Franklyn Ong urged the public to participate in the bloodletting

“Karong panahon sa pandemiya, atong
nakita ang importansya nga adunay
igong supply sa dugo sa atong mga
blood bank ug mga tambalanan aron
makahatag sa mga nanginahanglan
natong mga kaigsuonan ug makaluwas
og kinabuhi”

Donate Now.
Save Lives.

Dugo Mo, Kinabuhi Ko.

The DMKK Mobile Blood Donation will run again in
September to October this year.
You may also contact the LNB Cebu City office
during office hours at 266-1031 for more details.
Updates are also posted in the Liga ng mga
Barangay - Cebu City Chapter Facebook page
from time to time.


SK Mabolo believes in the SK STORY
transformative power of education

Contributed by SK Mabolo



The Sangguniang Kabataan of USAID OPPORTUNITY 2.0 PROGRAM is a 5-
Barangay Mabolo envisioned to week training program that would strengthen
provide excellent quality education second-chance education programs for the
to its constituents. It has aimed to OSY/ALS learners in the community that aims
give opportunities to our to provide the youth with the skills and
educational learning sectors such opportunities to improve their education,
as: Out of School Youth and In- employment and livelihood customs. Among
School Youth. With this, for the 1st the 80 SK barangays in Cebu City, SK Mabolo
Semester of 2021, SK Mabolo was became the pioneering group that the USAID
able to provide sustainable chose to conduct this program.
activities that allows them to grow
as responsible and concerned -With this, the SK Council of Barangay
citizens in the community. With the Mabolo agreed through a unanimous motion
help of partnered NGO, they were to aid the USAID OPPORTUNITY 2.0 PROGRAM
able to prioritize the Out of School Participants.
Furthermore, the following assistance were
given to the 1st batch of USAID OPPORTUNITY

Tablet Usage for their Online Training
Weekly Mobile Load for the Participants
Communication Allowance
Health Kit Materials

The said training started last June 23, 2021
and it was completed on July 21, 2021



by Atty. Ian Kenneth B. Lucero, JD

[G.R. No. 116763. April 19, 1996.] En Banc


Whose appointment is valid?


FACTS: Neither Al Nacino nor Edward Palafox was
appointed in the manner indicated in
Carlito B. Domingo was a member of Section 45 a (2) and b of RA 7160, which
the Sangguniang Bayan of San provides:
Nicolas, Ilocos Norte with no political
party. On March 24, 1994, he resigned SECTION 45. Permanent Vacancies in the
after going without leave to the United Sanggunian. — (a) Permanent vacancies
States. in the sanggunian where automatic
successions provided above do not apply
To fill the vacancy created by his shall be filled by appointment in the
resignation, the mayor, respondent following manner:
Angelo M. Barba, recommended to
the Governor of the province, Rodolfo xxxx
C. Fariñas, the appointment of
respondent Edward Palafox. (2) The governor, in the case of the
sangguniang panlungsod of component
A similar recommendation for the cities and the sangguniang bayan;
xxxx (c) in case the permanent vacancy is
appointment of Edward Palafox was caused by a sanggunian member who
does not belong to any political party, the
made by the Sangguniang Bayan of local chief executive shall, upon
recommendation of the sanggunian
San Nicolas but the recommendation concerned, appoint a qualified person to
fill the vacancy.
was made to Mayor Barba. The
Thus, neither is entitled to the seat in the
resolution, containing the Sangguniang Bayan of San Nicolas, Ilocos
Norte which was vacated by Carlito B.
recommendation, was submitted to Domingo. For while Al Nacino was
appointed by Governor Fariñas, he was not
the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of recommended by the Sangguniang Bayan
of San Nicolas. On the other hand, Edward
Ilocos Norte purportedly in Palafox was recommended by the
Sangguniang Bayan but it was the mayor
compliance with Sec. 56 of the Local and not the governor who appointed him.

Government Code (R.A. No. 7160). WHEREFORE, the decision of the Regional
Trial Court of Ilocos Norte, insofar as it
Sangguniang Panlalawigan dismisses petitioners’ action for quo
warranto and prohibition, is AFFIRMED, but
disapproved the resolution for the for different reasons from those given by
the trial court in its decision.
reason that the authority and power
to appoint Sangguniang Bayan

members are lodged to the Governor.

On June 8, 1994, Governor Fariñas

appointed Al Nacino upon

recommendation by the Sangguniang

Panlalawigan and sworn him in office

that same day. On the other hand,

Mayor Barba appointed Edward

Palafox to the same position and the

latter took his oath as member of the

Sangguniang Bayan.

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