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A love story between a daughter and a father.

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My Piggy Bank

A love story between a daughter and a father.

Keywords: father's day

'my piggy bank'

“Mum! I feel like my piggy bank is full. Can I open it up?” ask Sarah
excitedly towards her mother. “Sure my girl. What do you want to do with
the money?” her mum asked. Sarah took sometimes to think so she took
flight of stairs back to her room and leave her mother alone in the living
room. After 5 minutes, Sarah came back with a wide smile of her face. “I
can use this pocket money from the piggy bank to buy a bouquet of flowers
and a pile of books for dad since Fathers’ Day is just around the corner.”
said Sarah excitedly. Her hands were already moving towards the piggy

bank and trying to dig the money from the bottom part. Sarah face is full

of excitement to get her dad presents.

The next day, she told her mother about her plan to go out and get some
presents for her dad. Her mother agreed to her request. Then they start
the car and left home to the city. Along the way to the city, a patrol of
policemen can be spotted. Their job is to ensure the safety of the place.
After a few kilometres ahead, Sarah shouted excitedly as she saw a band
of musicians or a busker at the street near their destinations. Sarah asked
her mum “Can we join the crowd and enjoy the music for a little while?”.
Her mum nodded as she finished listening to her daughter as there are
crowd of spectators is quite big enjoying and entertained by the music.

After few music was played, they decided to left the crowd and continue on
their original plan. Along the street, Sarah found a big gift shop for her to

get a bouquet of flowers. She took quite sometimes to choose the right
flower for her beloved father. After she have decided, they move on to the

next door shop which is the bookstore. Sarah planned to get him books
because he loves reading so much. “What kind of books should I get him?”
asked Sarah toward her mother. Tons of book are arranged according to the
genre. She suggested on business books since it is their core business. Sarah
called upon of the staff of employees at the counter in suggesting the best

seller books. Then she decided on buying three different types of book.

Since Sarah bought all the things she planned to, so they headed home.

Sarah was very excited as she knew her dad was already home waiting for
her. “It is going to be the best day in my life in celebrating Father’s Day as
I got few presents for my beloved father!” told Sarah excitedly in the car.
She felt blessed as she spent the money she been keeping buying presents

for one and only father.

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