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Tapendium 2020 Brochure

Tapendium 2020 Brochure

Transforming the In-Room
Guest Experience

The In-Room Digital Compendium

The Solution

The In-Room Digital Compendium from Tapendium and Samsung
helps hotels delight guests, increase sales and reduce costs.

The sleek tablet design, intuitive user %åÏų屟å ÏŅŸƋŸ
interface, and built-in translation capabilities
of Tapendium make it incredibly simple for The Tapendium solution replaces the
guests to use. As a cloud-based, mobile expense of maintaining compendiums,
solution, it is also easy to implement, with brochures, and menus; reduces calls to
no expensive cabling or back-end servers the front desk by 75 percent or more;

The centralised control system enables FĵŞųŅƴå ÏƚŸƋŅĵåų Ÿ±ƋĜŸü±ÏƋĜŅĹ
hotel staff to update service information ±ĹÚ ĬŅƼ±ĬƋƼ
in real-time, as well as manage settings
on devices throughout the hotel. Tapendium provides guests with up-to-date
hotel and event information in their own
FĵŞųŅƴå ŞųŅĀƋ±ÆĜĬĜƋƼ ±ĹÚ languages while also using automation to
as valet parking and taxi requests.
Tapendium is a simple, affordable
solution that allows hotels to delight Tapendium also helps hotels understand
their guests, while also increasing sales who loves what and why. Since the solution
and reducing overheads. tracks and reports every touch by every guest,
it helps hotels understand where they can
FĹÏųå±Ÿå Ÿ±ĬåŸ adjust offerings for different types of guest
to increase satisfaction and revenue.
Tapendium gives you a simple way to
capitalize on new revenue opportunities Here is just a sample of what Tapendium
through room service upsell, online gift can do for you...
shop purchases, and new promotional
placement opportunities.

%ƼűĵĜÏ aåĹƚŸ

Tapendium allows your in-room dining menu to be highly
graphical and content rich, while also up-to-date.

Publishing daily specials is a snap, and if items become
unavailable, they can be temporarily hidden.

Ordering is simple and eliminates human errors.
Intuitive upsell functions, increase order value and
customer satisfaction.


Tapendium has been shown to reduce calls to the
concierge station by 75 percent, as it keeps hotel guests
informed of the latest information on hotel amenities,
local attractions, and events.

Online booking allows guests to purchase tour packages,
make restaurant or spa reservations, and access hotel
promotional offers.

eƚƋŅĵ±ƋåÚ čƚåŸƋ ųåŧƚåŸƋŸ

Guests can use Tapendium to order standard hotel
services such as laundry, shoe shine, housekeeping,
maintenance, valet parking, or taxi service. Gift shop
items can be purchased online. Guests can check
their bill and check-out of the hotel seamlessly.

ƐųÚ {±ųƋƼ „ƼŸƋåĵ a±ųĩåƋĜĹč ¼ :ƚåŸƋ
FĹƋåčų±ƋĜŅĹŸ a域±čĜĹč

Tapendium can be integrated into a Tapendium can help you increase
range of connected systems across room revenue by providing a dynamic
POS, PMS, Housekeeping and and flexible platform to promote your
Maintenance Systems as well as hotel’s service offerings.
Automated Room Control Systems.
Whether you want to increase restaurant
Guest requests will be visible within and spa bookings or reward your guests
the Tapendium Admin Portal but with special offers, the Tapendium is a
once integrated the requests will be powerful promotional tool.
sent directly to the relevant system
eliminating duplicate processing and 1HHGTU ECP DG VCKNQTGF VQ URGEKƒE TQQO
KPETGCUKPI QRGTCVKPI GHƒEKGPEKGU types, and can easily be added or
removed depending on availability.
Tapendium has achieved Oracle
validated integration with Oracle Using Guest Messaging, promotions
Hospitality; Opera PMS and Simphony can be send directly to tablet screens
POS for dual or individual integration - allowing your hotel to target offers
enabling increased personalisation, and monitor their effectiveness.
in-room billing and guest checkout
from the tablet. aƚĬƋĜ X±Ĺčƚ±čå „ƚŞŞŅųƋ

ƚŸĜĹ域 FĹƋåĬĬĜčåĹÏå Present your hotel in any desired
language according to your customer
Hotels have up-to-the-minute access RTQƒNG 5KORNG RTQEGUU HQT OCPCIKPI
to data reporting through the Tapendium and maintaining content in multiple
Admin Portal, where data is collected languages, with reporting able to
on guest views of content and order segment data results by language
activity. Data reporting provides of guest.
hotels with the ability to monitor guest
behaviour, which can be used to craft
effective promotions and offers to
boost hotel revenue.

Partner Hotel Testimonials

“Tapendium has provided Crown Towers with a simplistic yet highly effective
mode of digital communication for our guests. The ease of navigation for

our guests combined with the ability to frequently update content seamlessly
has led to an increase in room service sales and an all-round enhanced
in-room information solution.”

Shaun D’Cruz, Executive General Manager,
Crown Hotel Melbourne - Forbes 5 Star Rated

“We are delighted to be the first hotel in Singapore to implement the Tapendium
Digital Concierge solution across all our 500 rooms at both The Fullerton Hotel

and The Fullerton Bay Hotel. From January to October 2018, the Tapendium
solution has garnered 90% guest satisfaction and effectively replaced over
10,260 guest calls to Concierge, which amounts to 633 manpower hours that

can be redeployed to creating enhanced guest experiences.”

Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, General Manager,
The Fullerton Heritage Singapore - Forbes 5 Star Rated

„åÏƚųå ¼ 屟Ƽ ƋŅ ĵ±Ĺ±čå

Light-weight and stylish, the Samsung Galaxy tablets provide a secure platform that allows for a
great experience for hotel guests using the Tapendium solution. Samsung’s KNOX security software

enables Tapendium to lock down the device to offer only the compendium functionality.

Contcacts Martin Jensen
Mobile: +61 431 433 825
eŽ„‰eXFe Email: [email protected]

Paul Rushton - Sales Director ŽcF‰)% ee )aFe‰)„
Mobile: +61 403 171 878
Mobile: +971 526 622 273
ck‰B ea)F e Email: [email protected]

Thomas Hallin „kŽ‰B )e„‰ e„Fe
Mobile: +1 917 327 5186
Mobile: +65 9692 8785
ŽcF‰)% UFc:%ka Email: [email protected]

Nick Hill
Mobile: +44 7852 820 978
'OCKN nick" EQO

Tapendium, a division of Benie Worldwide Pty. Ltd.
4/484 Graham Street, Port Melbourne, Vic, Australia 3207

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