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Published by Julia Harriott, 2019-03-15 10:45:01

Vietnam War- Julia Kate (2)

Vietnam War- Julia Kate (2)

The Vietnam War 


The Vietnam War 
started on 
November 1st, 1955 
all the way to April 
30th, 1975. The 
Vietnam War lasted 
for a good 20 years 

into which equaled 
two decades. This 
war was between 
communist North 
Vietnam and the 
government of 
Southern Vietnam. 

The North was 
supported by 
countries such as 
the People's 
Republic of China 
and the Soviet 

Union. The South 
was supported by 
countries, primarily 
the United States. 
How did they fight 
you ask? Well, in 

this war they used 
weapons such as 
Agent Orange is an 
herbicide and 
defoliant chemical, 
one of the "tactical 
use" Rainbow 

Herbicides. It is 
widely known for 
its use by the U.S. 
military as part of its 
herbicidal warfare 
program, Operation 
Ranch Hand, 

during the Vietnam 
War. These 
countries were 
fighting over land. 
Unfortunately the 
United States of 
America lost the 

Vietnam War giving 
the opposing side 
the Land of 
Places the war was 


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