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Published by Honey Badger Herald, 2021-12-16 23:17:48

HBH_December 17, 2021

HBH_December 17, 2021

DECEMBER 17, 2021 | AY 2021 - 2022


Domuschola International School Newsletter

Message from the
Head of School

Angelica R. Fernandez de Castro

Dear Domuschola Community,

I would like to congratulate all our students in Pre-K to Grade 5 for completing their unit
end assessments. Well done too to the students in Grades 6-12 for finishing their mid-year
exams. We commend their efforts in the last two weeks and thank you for the guidance and
support you provided during their review.

Today marks the end of a very productive semester. Together, we have provided the
support and care needed to every student so that learning is made fun, creative, and
effective for them.

Enjoy this very well-deserved break. I am certain that many families will come together to
celebrate one of the most important events in our history -- the birth of Our Lord, Jesus
Christ. Let Him be the center of all our festivities this season. For those of you who will be
traveling, please take extra care and always stay safe.

Here’s wishing you all a very Blessed Christmas and a bright and Happy New Year!

Have a restful and enjoyable break ahead! See you all back on January 10, 2022!


The Power of Imagination

A wise man once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
Imagination is the door to possibilities. This is how the Pre-K students
learn how to express themselves and the world in arts, music, or the
performing arts (role play) in their unit on Imagination.

The Pre-K students have a whole bag of tricks as they listen to different
resource speakers for their unit. Teacher Aina Palacio, the resource
speaker for visual arts, provided learning opportunities for the students
to express their imagination and show their creative juices through
drawing and coloring as they listened to the Read Aloud, The Purple
Crayon, and The Dot. Students were able to choose and take control of
their art materials by making something out of the dot. They were able
to find out at the end of the activity that whatever it is that we imagine in
our mind, we can do just anything about it, and one of which is to
express our imagination through the arts, whether in drawing, coloring,
painting, making a sculpture, etc.


Teacher M, the resource speaker for music, gave the students a whole
new perspective by bringing the characters to life while reading a
storybook. She was in high spirits while sharing her early childhood
education and music knowledge. The students discovered that making
animal sounds and playing musical instruments while reading a story can
be more exciting, leaving much more room for their imagination.

The students were over the moon as they were all ears, using their facial
and body expressions to perform through role-playing with Teacher Jona,
the resource speaker for the performing arts. The students discovered
that we could use our whole body to express emotions to tell a story.
Moreover, our singing, acting, and dancing skills are used to entertain
others through the performing arts.


Moreover, the students expanded their worlds by engaging in make-
believe stories on fables and fairytales. Their literacy and numeracy skills
were further enhanced as they were introduced to various realia in
exploring letter names and sounds and learned about counting and
positional words. With this, life skills and critical thinking skills were
further developed and nurtured. They opened up to new ideas,
understood new things and concepts, and learned to visually picture
ideas and strategies to various problems through play.


The Pre-K students indeed came out of their shells by doing all sorts of
activities as they expressed and enjoyed imagination in the different
forms of arts. The fun continues as they discover, explore and dream
using their imagination and expressing their creativity.


Recycled Cell Model

Using materials that can be recycled is one way for the students to
release their creativity and to use what they have learned in class. As part
of the authentic assessment of Grade 6 students, they were asked to
create a cell model made up of materials that can be only found at home.
Some of the materials that they were able to use are bottle caps, yarns,
ribbons, face masks, rubber bands, their sister’s scrunchies and even
stones from their gardens that they each represented as a cell part. They
were also able to explain each function of the cell in a video. Below are
some of the models:




DIS Secondary Students Takes
Synchronized Online Exam

The secondary students of DIS took their synchronized online exam using for their Midyear exams before the break. Teachers assisted the
students to set up the camera as well as the Zoom interface for exam

The school purchased an online exam platform to administer secure,
user-friendly, and accessible tests. is a cloud-based
examination software where the students take the exam remotely-using
their computers or phones while preventing them from opening other
browsers. Teachers uploaded the exam with high-security mode and they
can also allow tools necessary in the test such as calculators, drawing
area, and formula sheets. It also has chat functions for queries while the
students are in the exam process. is intended online but if the
student loses internet connection, they can still continue with the exam
without interruptions.

Domuschola ensures the integrity of assessments by providing a secured
and safe way of assessing students' learning during this online set-up.
Below are some statements from end users.

“As IB DP remains to be the most formidable pre-university programme,
Domuschola International School adopts to the new normal in all aspects
of teaching and learning and assessment is one of those. To prepare our
students for this, we have developed an online examination using With the features of this platform, we replicated the in-school
written assessment in the comforts of our students’ homes.
provides a great balance between an intuitive, user-friendly interface and
just enough security to maintain the academic integrity in our
assessments” says Mr. Marquee Alcesco our DP Programme Coordinator.

SECONDARY SCHOOL 10 ensures quick, easy, and online examination sessions with our
teachers. The platform makes things a lot easier for us students to
contact our teachers and/or proctors while taking the exam live, given
the current pandemic. The exams in the platform are also being watched
live by the proctor, ensuring that each student does their part. The fact
that is highly known for its cheating prevention systems, such a
platform is then recognized and recommended for all students taking
exams online.- Alia Montinola, Grade 11 IBDP student.


Students concentrate on their summative assessments while they are
being assisted and proctored by the teachers in Zoom.

The interface while students take the exam.


Math and Science in Focus:
Graph Linearization and Mathematical Modelling
How do we predict relationships us
ing mathematical models? How can

we apply the higher concepts we had learned in Math in terms of

research or in everyday observation?

Grade 10 students of DIS showcased their learning in Math and Science
by developing Mathematical models out of observations and researched
data. One of the topics in Science from this semester is Graph
Linearization and making a linear series of the independent and
dependent variables. If the observed plot is curved, students will use
power series in order to predict how to linearize the graph. In addition,
Math topics include linear and quadratic functions.

One of the Authentic Tasks of the student is to observe the simple
relationship between the independent and dependent variables and
identify the possible controlled variables. They had chosen any topic that
might interest them. Moreover, they developed a Mathematical model
out of simple observations. This activity helped the students to think
critically and understand how abstract concepts in Math are translated

One good example of students' output is the Prediction of Tiktok Users
each year. Ashley Caharian, found out that it is an exponential function.
She then made a linearized graph and translated the power series to
linear function in order to verify the relationship. Another output is the
“Depreciation of the Tesla Model after 2021” by Jacob Ode. He
formulated an exponential model, as well as a linear model regarding the
car’s value after 2021.

Students also wrote a reflection on their task. Below are some of their
takeaways from the learning experience.


“In this activity, I displayed my learnings in Math and Science through the
application of my knowledge on straight lines and linearization. In our
Math and Science classes, we were taught concepts and formulae such as
y=mx+b. From this activity, I learned that these functions are applicable
beyond the worksheets that we do in class, and are greatly valuable in
understanding real-life phenomena,” says Ashley Caharian.

“After performing this task, I learned that there are various real-life
scenarios that can be interpreted by utilizing the skill of modeling or
linearization to further understand how something works and to improve
decision-making skills. In this activity, I graphed and linearized an
exponential model of the depreciation value of a Tesla Model S after 2021
and learned the significance of decision-making between purchasing a
new or used car since aspects like long-term usage and the total cost will
be affected over time,” says Jacob Ode.



Brigada Pagbasa

Since School Year 2019-2020, DIS students have shown commitment to
service through our Service Learning Program projects with our school
beneficiary, Francisco Legaspi Memorial School. The projects are Jingle
and Mingle Activity, Brigada Eskwela, DIS Reads, and this year’s Brigada
Pagbasa, to name a few.

Last October, our Service Learning Coordinators and our Head of School
arranged a meeting with the administration and some faculty members of
F Legaspi to continue the close collaboration between the two schools.
The F Legaspi teachers eagerly and willingly gave their resounding yes to
the activity entitled, Brigada Pagbasa. This activity aims to instill the love
for reading and writing by letting the Primary and Secondary students
create their open-ended short stories and inviting the F Legaspi students
to watch a live storytelling via YouTube.


The Primary and Secondary students started creating their open-ended
short stories during the Language and Literature week held last
November. The students were storytellers at heart, bringing their ideas to
a whole new level and turning them into compelling stories.

The fun did not stop as the students of F Legaspi, from Kinder to Grade 6,
were welcomed to a live storytelling session led by our librarians. A story
entitled “Hating Kapatid,” written by Raissa Rivera Falgui, was read in two
languages as Ms. Eloi creatively and animatedly shared her talent in
storytelling. It left the viewers wanting more since it talks about fairness
and sharing between brothers and sisters.


The morning storytelling event was a great experience that culminated
the school’s Service Learning efforts and initiatives for Term 1. We invite
everyone to visit the YouTube link: and
share it with family and friends.


Term1 of Service Learning culminated this morning, December 15, with a
live storytelling event for the students of our recipient and partner
school, the F. Legaspi Memorial School in Pasig.

The Student Body of Domuschola International School hosted the event
with one of our librarians, Ms. Eloisa Santos, doing a story telling from the
book Hating Kapatid. It was done in English and Filipino and through the
versatility of Ms. Eloi, the audience was engaged in a story about the
spirit of giving.

We hope that it was a great experience for the students and teachers of F.
Legaspi Memorial School, as it was for the students and teachers of DIS.

In this season of love, we hope that the event was an opportunity to
reflect and realize that sharing is not just for material things; it
encompasses love, happiness, kindness, and most of all gratitude for the
blessings of safety, health, and life each day, from the time the sun rises
in the morning. There is an abundance of what each one of us is capable
of sharing in small and big ways.


We thank the Team that worked together for the success of the
culminating event; Ms. Patty, our Elementary School Service Learning
Coordinator, Mrs. O, Service Learning Coordinator for Secondary School,

Ms. Melanie, the Coordinator of F. Legaspi Memorial School, our

librarians, Ms. Eloi and Ms. Mersha, our IT personnel, Marc, our PYP
Coordinator, Ms. Gina, Secondary School Head, Ms. Grace, and our Head
of School, Ms. Bambi.

We invite everyone to visit the YouTube link: and share it with family and friends.

DECEMBER 17, 2021 | AY 2021 - 2022 20


Our offices will be closed for the holidays from December 24, 2021 to
January 2, 2022. Operations will start on January 3, 2022 and classes will
resume on January 10, 2022.

Thank you and have a restful break!

DECEMBER 10, 2021 | AY 2021 - 2022 21


For any questions and concerns, please get in touch with the

Academics - [email protected]
Administration - [email protected]
ASAC - [email protected]
Athletics - [email protected]
Registrar - [email protected]
Finance - [email protected]
Admissions - [email protected]
Learning Resource Center - [email protected]

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