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Published by teacherdianarenke, 2021-12-16 01:18:20

December 2021 Awesome ESL Newsletter

December 2021 (4)

Awesome ESL Newsletter #4

December 2021

Warm Greetings Awesome ESL Friend!

Next, as promised, the latest documents can be
A huge heartfelt thank you if you had taken the time downloaded here:
to complete the Interactive Websites & Resources
Survey on Google Forms. Your input is very much  Awesome e-Resources Database:
Top 10 websites and resources, as voted by you:
1. YouTube  Templates for Song Worksheets & Activities:
2. Quizlet
3. ISL Collective worksheets-activities-templates
4. TED Ed
5. Google Forms Note: these are the free versions, and they are in
6. ESL Printables .pdf format. It is just to show gratitude for you
7. Quizizz completing the survey. We hope you find them
8. Canva useful!
9. Padlet
10. We will be releasing the results of the survey at the
end of December on the Awesome ESL blog – watch
this space!


Should you want editable versions (.doc & .xls Here at Awesome ESL, we are big collaborators.
formats) of these documents, sent directly to your In October & November:
inbox, please consider donating a coffee here (for as
little as $5 – that’s $2.50 for each editable  We teamed up with Mark and the awesome
document)! tutor crew @ English With Adam, to run through,
at breakneck speed, an extremely densely-
packed Tutors' Interactive Game, Worksheet &
Activity Workshop.

As a teacher, you should know how much blood,  In addition to this, Do Tan Khoa and Chính Phan
sweat and tears go into creating databases and joined us for an informal workshop. We only
templates etic, which is why a small donation is managed to cover a couple of interactive tools,
requested  All funds will go back into Awesome and some video presentation tools, but plan on
ESL, including fuelling your said-writer with her meeting up soon to cover some more!
morning cappuccino!
Future possible workshop guests include, but limited
WORD/EXCEL VERSIONS Chris @ Teaching Tracks, Terry @ Real English for
Gamers, Fergal @ Tune into English, Teresa @ The
 Fully editable and customizable to suit your TEFL Development Hub, Ronan @ Baamboozle,
teaching needs. Use the grammar and vocabulary Kieran @ Film English… to name but a few!
you require!
The following are workshops on offer, updated for
 The Awesome e-Resources Database Excel 2022:
spreadsheet includes space for you to write your 1. (Kickass) Tutors' Interactive Game, Worksheet &
login details (strictly for your records only) plus a
separate tab for Job Forums & Teachers Message Activity Workshops (incl. Video Production &
Boards. AND links to various Facebook Groups, Uses for the Classroom, Games & Gamification
plus an indication which Unit in TESOL it was in Education, Online/Offline Worksheet
addressed in (for my former TESOL teacher Production, Nifty Tech Tools)
trainees). 2. Grammar Bootcamp (incl. Grinchy Grammar
Overview, Punchy Parts of Speech, Intense
 Be able to add additional information and Tense Review, Crafty Conditionals)
updates etc. for your records. 3. IPA Magic - Perfect Pronunciation (incl. IPA
Overview, Monothongs, Diphthongs &
DID YOU VISIT BUY ME A COFFEE Tripthongs, Consonants)
ALREADY? 4. Focus on Young Learners & Teens (incl. YL &
Teen Lessons Overview, Using Songs & Music in
Was this you? Lessons, Interactive Online Classroom Ideas,

If yes, thank you for your support! We *think* the

supporter has correctly been identified , and a
personal thank you note sent 

Not yet? Please consider doing so, all you need is a

PayPal account… Any bit helps!

Gamification in Education) Basically, how co-hosting works:
5. Exam Preparation Courses (incl. Cambridge Exam • These workshops are run strictly on a donation

Courses - KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS & TOEFL – basis only.
Fun?!?, Cambridge YLE - Starters, Movers & • Attendees will be requested to consider offering
Flyers, Other Exam Courses)
6. English For Specific Purposes (incl. Business a donation, left to their discretion (can be as
English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), little as $5).
Conversational English - Coffee & Culture Clubs, • All donations will be divided up fairly amongst
Improving Your Students’ Five Macro Skills – the host, co-hosts and collaborators, and paid
Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading & Watching) via PayPal.
7. Creating A Kick-Ass Online Presence (incl. Online
Overview, The Basics: Webpage & Social It’s not intended to be a massive money-making
Networking, Branding & Logos, Materials endeavour – education and the teaching-learning
Creation) process are the top priorities, and always will be. So,
8. Nifty Tools for Breaking Through the 4th Wall it might not be a lot financially, but, from a genuine
Workshops (follow-up to (Kickass) Tutors' teaching-focused approach – it’s pure gold!
Interactive Game, Worksheet & Activity
Workshops). Incl. Polls & Surveys, Videos, Songs & COLLABORATIVE PROJECT – USING
Music, Games & Quizzes, Activities & Worksheets MUSIC & SONGS TO TEACH
If you would like a more detailed explanation
regarding the above-listed workshops, check out the This is a pet project,
blog here. started several months
For more details, and,
perhaps make a
visit this page please 

Should you be interested in attending or even co- LATEST NIFTY TEACHING TOOLS
hosting any of the above workshops, or offer
suggestions for other future possible workshops, Check out these gems discovered over the past few
kindly fill out this registration form, at submit asap! months:

Spaces are limited to 10-15 seats (max.) per session, Class Tools Sanook English
so be sure to register asap. Mentimeter Multimedia English
Blooket Canva
CO-HOSTING Wordwall Purpose Games

If you indicated that you may be interested in the Have you discovered any similar sites lately? Please
opportunity to possibly co-host these workshops. be sure to let us know!
That’s awesome! More info regarding this will be
sent to you closer to the time. Like what you see here? Come & join our workshops
to discover similar websites & resources!
Should you be interested in attending or even co-
hosting any of the above workshops, or offer Looking for good tutorials on how to use these
suggestions for other future possible workshops, resources? Check out Russell Stannard’s Teaching
kindly fill out this registration form, at submit asap! Training Videos!


As a life-long educator, I try to breathe new light into It would be remiss to not give a quick shout-out to
my chosen career path. I have met so many amazing, Charles, Thao & the fab team at The English
passionate and dedicated educators along the way. Connection up in Hanoi. They were super-helpful,
particularly during a rather sticky visa situation,
Yes, we are going through some pretty challenging which has, thankfully, been resolved, many a grey
times, for sure. But collaboratively, it is felt we can hair later! We have been discussing exciting future
ease this. If you are receiving this, it means that YOU plans, including a teacher training programme, more
are one of these awesome teachers who have to follow soon!
crossed paths with us, in some way or another.

A very big thank you to every one of you! We’re
striving towards creating a thriving community of
Awesome ESL, collectively.

However, it is very clear that some people misuse
and abuse data – we do no such thing. Your details
will only be shared with others with your explicit
consent. But you can unsubscribe here, if you do so
wish. Please just send the line ‘unsubscribe’, and
your wish shall be granted… Because we know how
much crap clogs up the inbox from time to time.


For those of you who have met me in person, you Regardless of your religious (or non-religious) beliefs,
know that I am rarely seen without my headphones, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & may 2022
and I don’t know what I would do in a world without bring far more joy than strife!
music! Thus, I like to share a few awesome tracks
discovered over the past few months. Some include Be sure to check out the Awesome ESL blog &
worksheets and/or teaching materials. Most of these website, and various socials here.
tracks have pretty cool music videos. Kick back &
enjoy! Thank you for your love & support! Chat soon.

65daysofstatic – Radio Protector As always, Love, Peace & Light, Diana
Agnes Obel – Fuel to Fire
Axel Flóvent – Your Ghost
Bastille – Flaws (materials here)
Bear’s Den – Crow
Beta Radio – Our Remains
Capital Cities – One Minute More
Charlie Cunningham – Bite
Forest Blakk – Put Your Hands Up
Gang of Youths – Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane
(materials here)
Gnarls Barkly – Crazy
Kodaline – Sometimes
LP – Lost on You
Lubomir Arsov – In Shadow: A Modern Odyssey
(materials here)
Missio – I See You
Röyksopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) – Running to the
Sea (materials here)
Seafret – Wildfire (materials here)
VNV Nation – Nova (Shine Your Light On Me)
The Dead South – People are Strange

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