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English 2018

English 2018

7\Eec)\ \6{\ 9aa aiaual A a\a--

This Question Paper contains I6 printed pages. rte {lat-tl *,a -i"rt -?-fl

(Part-A&Part-B) ttt{'i f}tulR rftarrl

SlNo 095t97"7 L6 Set No. of Question Paper,
circle against which is to be
(New Course) darken in OMR sheet

Question paper Reading 15 Minutes

Part-A: Time: l Hour/Marks: 50

Part - B : Time : 2 Ifours /Marhs : 50 ---

(Part - A)

Time : I HoarJ [Maximum Marks : 50

Instructions :

1) There are 50 multiple choice type questions in Part -A and all of them are


2) The questions are serially numbered from I to 50 and each carries I mark.
3) Read each question carefully, select proper alternative and answer in the

O.M.R. sheet.

4) Separate OMR sheet is given for answering these questions. The ahswer of

each question is to be given by darkening the circle against options

(A), (B), (C)" (D). Circle ! representing the most correct answer is to be

darken with ball pen.

5) Set No. of Question Paper printed on the upper-most right side of the Question

Paper, the same is to be written in the space provided in the OMR sheet and

circle depicting the correct set No. is to be darken with ball pen.

the blanks in the following passage selecting the most appropriate
of Verbs given against number I to 5.

A good person (1) cheats another person. It is

(2) duty to be good. Our (3) depend on our
importance tci
behaviour with others. Gandhtji also gave (4)
behaviour. Even our neighbouring countries are helpful to

1) (A) always (g) never
(C) sometimes (D) often

B-535 (P.TO.)


(C) us (P) our
(D) their
(BJ relatives
(c) more (D) rational

you (B) many
(D) most
(C) them
(B) we
(?) us

(B) Whose is a sailor? /
)(q UIIw is Mitesh a sailor?

Rajveer selected the white shirt.

(}) How did Rajveer select the white shirt?

(B) Who selected the white thirt?
(C) Which shirt did Rajveer select?

(D) How many shirts did Rajveer select?

The thief hid behind the cupboard. (B) Who is behindthe cupboard?
(D) How far is the thiefl
(A) Where did the thief hide?
(C) What is the thief doing?

16 (E)/Oe (New) 2


alap (I) I she has (2) lWhen she stands up (3) lthat disappears (a)

(A) 3, 4,2, r (B) r,3, 4,2

(c) 2, l, 4,3 (D) 4,3,2, L

's uncle (I) lbelonged to (2) / bike (3) lthe most beautiful (4).

(A) 2,3, l, 4 (B) r,3, 4,2

(c) 3, 4,2, I (D) 4,3,2, r

is laughing? (3) / know (a)

(B) 1,3, 4,2

(D) 3, 4,2, I

angel was very much eager to know _
why the creation was still imperfect

(B) what the lord was doing
(C) about the details of God's creation
(D) about the importance of a mother's kiss.

at is the source of smokeless light?

(4) solar power

(B) kerosene
(C) electricity
(D) thermal power

_.h called Shukracharyahis father because

he was revived by his magical mantra of bringing the dead back to life

(B) he was new born (reborn) out of him from his stomach
(C) Shukracharyahad taught him the mantra of bringing the dead back to


(D) he revived Shukracharya's life by the magic manfra

16 (E)/0e (New) (P.TO.)




Which of the following is not tnre?

(A) Prem Chopra threatens Ram Singh
q) Ram Singh does not harm people
(C) Ram Stngh follows his master's command
(D) Prem Chopra does not harm people

ire works were imported to our country from

(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) UnitedKingdom
(D) TheU.S.A.

is a hornbill calledin Gujarat?

(B) Vartrumaleo
(9) Vartrughelo
(D) Cranes

he library set up a sep6rate reading room for women because

(A) the women could feel safe
(B) there were only male members
(C) the women could not waste time
(D) the women could come at night

I have supportive parents who understood that my interest was the environment.

(4) I love you, teacher
(B) The Human Robot

(C) A wonderfrrl creation

(D) An interview withArun Krishnamuntry

16 (E)/oe (New) 4


Although emotionally disturbed, I did my best in the examination.

(A) I love you, Teacher!
(F) Kach and DevaYani
(C) Tirne up O Teens
(D) Against the Odds

Games, music and entertainment are quite essential for physical and mental

(4) Kaph and Devayani
(B) Test of tnre love
(C) Tune up O Teens
(?) Playrng with fire



He had never believed that a woman could understand a man's thoughts so

(A) I love you teacher
(B) ATest of bue love
(C) Kach and Devayani
(D) Our feathered ftiends

f,t will the song do when the child is in a crowd?

(A) guide the child
(B) protect the child
(C) bless the child
(D) whisper to the child

Find out the correct set of rhyming words.

(A) fears - tears
(B) fly-way
(C) streams - tears
(D) dreams - battles

16 (Ey0e (New) (P.TO.)


5) When the poet thinks of his beloved
(A) he feels lonely
(B) he doesn't feel huppy
(C) he doesn't feel lonely
(D) he feels like crying

I Read the following passage and answer the que.tion, selecting the most

appropriate options :

The next day John and his mom cleaned the house. They cleaned up-stairs, down
stairs, inside, outside, until everything was spotless. Pointing to Pop-Pop''s chair,
John's mom exclaimed : "Oh my! That old chair has got to go. We'll buy Pop-Pop
a new one".

It was true, John had to agree. The chair was faded and worn and in some places

':"*t;;e and help me, we'll take the chair to the foot path. Tomorrow rhe garbage.

truck is going to come".

) "That old chair has to go". Who said these words?
(A) Mom
(B) John

(C) Pop-Pop
(D) Pop

at was the condition of the chair?

Clean and nice

(B) Faded and worn
(C) Torn but clean
(D) Faded but good

) Mom asked John to help her to take the chair
(A) to Pop-Pop
(B) to the garbage

(C) to the footpath
(D) to the garbage truck

16 (E)/0e (New)


Read the following passage and answer the questions selecting the most
appropriate options.

The explorer bees tell their sisters about direction and distance of flowers
through definite movements which we can call 'dances' . A round dance suggests
that the flowers are quite near. The shuffle dance suglests that the bees should be
ready for a long fhigfrt. Certain other mover ents are also used to indicate even the
direction of the nectar source of flowers.

What do the explorer bees tell through their dances?

(A) quality of flowers
(B) direction and distance of flowers
(C) direction and distance of honey-comb
(D) quanlty of nectar

ffle dance means

(A) there is plenty of nectar
(B) there are plenty of pollen grains
(9 bees should be ready for a long flight
(D) flowers are near

Read the following extracts and answer the questions selecting the most
appropriate options.

We sleep in different ways and at different times. The habit of sleeping in
bed is not expensive, it is comfortable. But in parts of Asia and Africa the nights
are so wann that people sleep comfortably without any cover at all. Whether we
spend our nights in a bed or not, sleeping takes up about a third of our lives. The
amount of sleep that we need however, varies greatly with age. New born babies,
for example, sleep for about twenty hours each day. By the age of twelve years,
about ten hours of sleep each rught is enough. Adults usually need only seven to
eight hours. Old people sometimes say that they hardly sleep at all; but you have,
no doubt, noticed they are good at taking little naps as they sit in the sunshine.

born babies sleep for hours.
(A) ten
(c") twenty (B) seven
(D) fifteen

16 (Ey0e (New) (P.TO.)


sleeping in bed is /

(A) uncomfortable (p) comfortable
(C) expensive (D) good

ch time do we sleep? (B) half of our lives
(A) one third of our lives (D) one fifth of our lives

(c) one fourth of our lives

many hours of sleep do adults need?

twelve (B) fifteen

ten (D) seven

eople are good at (B) sleeping for long hours
(D) taking long naps
(A) sleeping for short hotri
(e) taking short naps

I Study the following data and answer the questions selecting the most

appropriate options I

The Principal, Staff and students of

Shantiniketan, Veraval

cordially invite you to




Chief guest

Hon. M.L.A. ShriNitin Oza

Venue \


Near Station Road,

Veraval [Dist. Gir Somnath]
Time: 11.00A.M.

16 (Ey0e (New)

l. K


is this data? (B) Advertisernent
(D) Notice
a Invitation

(c) Announcement

any years has the School completed?

(A) 100 years (B) 25 yens

(c) 50 years (D) 75 yens

Venue means (B) 'instifute'
(D) 'place'
(,+) 'address'

(C) 'organization'

his invitation is sent by (F) A chief guest
(D) Ahospital
\ (A) Atmst

(C) A school


(+) delay
(B) cancel

(C) fix

(.Ol give-up


(A) overseas
(P) far off
(9) nearby
(D) overboard

16 (E)/0e (New)

42) glr

(A) tall
(B) fat
(c) thin
(D) plump

(A) showup
(B) show to

(c) show for
(D) show off

What was the teacher's about your marks?

(A) comment
(B) said
(C) hate
(D) praise

45) Near my house there is a grorurd where I see a of sparrowS:

v/ -/ (A) crowd

(B) mob

(e) flock

(D) bunch

The'preaching of the saint my soul and renounced the worldlY'

(A) explained
(B) showed
(C) saw

Q) awakened

15 (Ey0e (New) 10


(C) handsome
(D) sf;ong

'(B) describing process
(C) speciffing turle
(D) exchangingpleasantries

) "Best of luck ' said Nirali to Meghana

(A) niceties
(B) talking about alternatives
(C) reporting events
(D) describing future action


, whose son is in the army, is proud of the armed forces

(A) duration of time
(B) describing place
(C) point of timO
(D) describing person

16 (Ey0e (New) 11 (P.TO )

,/--'!-'- /a




16 (E)

(New Course)

(Part - B) fMaximum Marks : 50

l) in a clear hand writing' \o
z) are four sections in part
Write - B of the question paper and total 1''to 28

questions are there.
All questions are compulsory. Internal options are given'
4) The numbers at right side represents the marks of the questions-
s) New section may be started on a new page of answer book'

6) It is advisable to maintain sequence'


^*Read the passage and answer the questions :

(.14.; ynor, Sir?" grinned the short naffow - eyed salesman inside the

Super Robot Plaza- I
..W.II........€t',, PremChoprarespo rded,..Iwishtopurchase arobot.......]'.
..For help, Sir,,, completed the salesman. is our speciality. We
plumbiirg an4
formanufacture efFrcient robots
*: dcleaning, caretakers - they Our best ones
forare for consumers like you - d programme'

..Er.........yes, that,s what I want'' Prem Chopra spoke in a business-like fashion.

1) What kind of robots are made by SuperPlaza? tu

2) Who greeted Prem ChoPra? IU

3) 'To buY'means I1I

It is a fresh and Pleasant morning' B

calm. Shubhangi with her family is having

Shubhangi's iister Mifta's friend has co
a studeni of second Year ZoologY rn
fascinated by the call of a bird exclaims' "V
promptly corrects her, "My dear, it is not a spalrow' It is a tailor-bird')


16 (E) (New) 12

4) What does Devangi studY? Where? B-535


5) What is Shubhangi interested in? tU

6) What does Devangi tell Shubhangi about the tailor-bird? tu

Miss Sullivan used to take me to long walks every morning. I had a lot of
on her palm and in turn she would talk
...)My teacher satisfied my curiosity.
questions to ask. (would write something 6

*-into my palm as people talk into a baby's

Now every thing around me was full of life, love andjoy.

7) How would Miss Sullivan and Helen communicate? ul

S) becauseEvery thing around Helen was fulI of life andjoy [Complete IU

the sentence]


(.Th. Science of fireworks is techn

Greek word, 'pyr'meaning fire and 'tec
not only fireworks but also a whole rang

\\L, principlelfrom safety matches that we use everyday to solid fuel rocket boosters

of the s6ce shuttle. The household match is considered a special pyrotechnic

device, as all the pyrotechnic effects - heat, smoke, light, gas and sound - are present

in it.

9) What is 'Pyrotechnics'? tu

10) What does Pyrotechnics include? lll

Read the passage and answer the questions :

| 1\

fGrowing up with a father in Railway means moving often. This school in

Bharuch was -y nmt school. I was alwlys eonsidered as 'a new girl)Once or

fwice I managed to make ftiends. But before we could know each other, I had to
move to a different school, agarnas a 'new girl'

16 (E) (New) 13 (P.TO.)

,l,l 8-535

i stood in the doorway of my newest classroo;)+:
some unknown fear. I shivered and tried to hold
\One day inAugust, 1967I
always my stomach ached with
back my tears. Thirty five boys and girls stared at me. I tried hard to keep my eyes
on the floor to avoid strange looks. Then I saw a girl smiling like warm sunshine at
me. She actually seemed to welcome me. When the teacher told me to sit next to

Manish n, ffiy frozen terror began to melt.

11) Why was the narator always considered 'a new girl'? IU
12) What happened when the narator reached her newest classroom?

13) She felt uncomfortable to a new class and students. IU
14) When did the na:rator's frozen terror begin to melt? IU
15) How did Manisha look?


Complete the sentence using the function given in the bracket :

lfl16) Mr. Sharma is ce c I t . [describing person IU

17) The Post Office [speciffing location] i s \s^qe$tc\r\\riCIfllf tf
18) How many
. [inquiry as nafure] P 'trr'*.n{.'1c\.tLfr]- t) '"-1 '' ' \[U


1e) Complete the dialogue using the function given in the brackets : l2l

Moxa : What are your plans for the vacation? e "{\' "\' s
S o ARoma: Oh, I
. [describing actionl .nl\ '\ 5

Moxa : When will You come back? r r$ \*"(

Roma: I . [speci$ringtime] rn'\r * 1., r.* *''. ")

\ 'i

16 (E) (New) t4

:20) Change into reported speech B-535

:Romil Can I sPeak to TruPti, Please?

:Maltiben I am sorry. She isn't in. Who's speaking?

:Romil My name is Romil. Do you know what time she'llbe back?

:Maltiben She won't be back till ten.


I Frame sentences using the given set of words. You may change the forms of

the words. f- # \\-\ F"q1-s' r nY\ n t ftil

2l) emotion-disturbance. ?\eLl f e

22) raw-ease-digest.-(1ha cl.'elr'''*'-/ 1a',1"4"\ro*" \'n'\ '\t-t" iiiii,:*?'

23) Changethetextasshown. t31

The master called his servant. He gave him the keys. The servant locked the

was called........

bJ '{ rne \\Ar t! J ! i': i ', rr ''1 ' t

I tWrite short notes using the given points / answer the questions .-tr)' '" .' [6], ., , ,t.1 I (.:

24) Derrami . hr.rt,,
' Questions :
. When was Devayani attacted to Kach?

. Why did the Asuras ty to kill him?

2--' '. How did she help Kach to come to life three times?
. How did Kach learn Sanjivani?

. What did Devayani propose Kach?

. What happened in the end?

25) Arun - Ayoung Environmentalist.

,o ' Who founded anN.G.O.?
. When did he found anN.G.O.?

What do Arun and his volunteers do?

Why did he leave the job at Google?

. What does he feel about water bodies and other life forms?

16 (E) (New) 15 (P.TO.)



26) Write a paragraph in about 100 words : l6l

(A) My Best friend
:Points name - his/her looks - clever - tennis player - how you met

him/trer - coflrmon interests - his/her good qualities - modest

and humble - proud of himAer.


(B) Making my village I crty better.
Points : Present facilities - facilities required - your ideas to

motivate people - PPP Model (People's Participation

Programme) - a plan of improving at least two facilities -
possible effects on the village life - give a catchy name to



(C) My dream robot

Points : name - appearance - skills -use - as afriend-facility -my

comfort - special qualities - my pride.

Draft an e-mail in about 30 words on behalf of Ronak Patel to his frSnnd t4l
Gaurav Shall os [email protected] tetling him about the importance 6igood

health, physical fitness and simple diet.

28) Describe the picture in about 50 words : tsl



SaA r-n?r{rSaror&

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