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-\ \-{ :\ tal4 xil dqr-rl *r 4Er .?.{l
ilt+"i -.j", $MR r[tar1[
r{E Slcrr-i t& s}.
This Question Paper contains 20 printed pages. Set No. of Question Paper,
ircle against which is to
darken in OMR sheet.
013 (E)

,\. (MARCH,2018)


Part-A : Time: l Hour/Marhs:50

Part - B : Time : 2 Hours /Marks : 50

(Part - A)

Time : I HourJ [Maximum Morks : 50

Instructions :

1) There are 50 objective type (M.C.Q) questions in Part - A and all questions

are compulsory.

2) The questions are serially numbered from 1 to 50 and each carries 1 mark.
3) Read each question carefully, select proper alternative and answer in the

O.M.R. sheet.

4) The OMR sheet is given for answering the questions. The answer of each

question is represented by (A) O, (B) O, (C) O, (D) O. Darken the

circle O of the correct answer with ball-pen.

5) Set No. of Question Paper printed on the upper-most right side of the Question

Paper is to be written in the column provided in the OMR sheet.

I Select the correct question to get the underlined word/phrase as answer:

1) To be a good speaker, you should know how to rnodulate your voice.
(A) What should be known to be a speaker?
(B) Who should know?
(C What should be modulate?

(D) Why should you know?

ReE (1s) L - 209 (P.TO.)

2) My father gifted me a bike. L-20s

(A) What did my farher gift me?
(B) What was gifted to me by my father?
(C) What did I gift to my father?
(D) (A) and (B) borh true.


3) As I was about to leave, he asked me.
(A) When did he ask me?
(B) How many times did he ask me?
(C) Why did he asked me?
(D) When was he ask me?

Select the correct sentence.

4) (A) Kartik is brave so to go in the dark.

(B) Kartik is so brave enough to go in the dark.

(c) Kartik is enough brave to go in the dark.

(D) Kartik is too brave to go in the dark.

5) (A) work hard so that you could achieve your goal.
(B) work hard in order to achieving your goal.
(c) rk hard so that you can achieve your goal.

(D) Work so hard to achieve your goal.

ReE (ts)


6) (A) Khushi is among the brillianr students.

(B) Khushi is one of the most brilliant students.
(C) Khushi is one of the brilliant student.
(D) Khushi is most brilliant srudents among all .

7) (A) No sooner did I call him" he anived.
(B) No sooner did I call him than he arrived.

(C) No sooner did I called him, he alrived.

(D), No sooner did I call him then he arrived.

Select the title of the read related with the sentence:

8) When emotions have taken you over, it becomes nearly impossible to

think clearly.

(A) Headache
(B) Strike Against War
(C) For youth
(D) Manage your stress

9) The ballot doesn't make a free man out of a wage slave.

(A) Sojourner Truth
(B) Strike Against War

( Heaven of Freedom

(D) Green Charter

ReE (1s) 3 (P.TO.)


10) All examinations are to give you a position, to make you somebody.

(A) Can you install Love?
(B) Unforgettable Walt Disney
(C) The Adjustment
( For youth

11) What we have called 'cow' are a kind of greenfly.

(A) Ants
(B) Blind, Deaf Fish
(C Green Charter
(D) Monkey's Paw

r Select the most appropriate answers:

12) What is freedom according to J. Krishnamurty?

(A) Freedom lies in being something different.
(B) Freedom lies in breaking traditions.

(C)* Freedom is understanding what you are.

(D) Freedom means getting desired position and authority.

13) Sojourner Truth raised her voice against

(A) Emancipation Act (B) Slavery

(C) Black people (D) Women's rights


14) What is needed to install love? (B) Conrentment
(D) All rhe rhree
(A) Warmth
(C Goodness

ReE (1s) 4

15) "The workers know they have no enemies except their masters,, means

(A) workers think that masters are their enemies.
(B) Workers have very few enemies.
(C) Masters have no enemies.
(D) The ultimaie welfare of the workers is damaged by the masters only. -

I Read the stanza and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate


I was a fashioner of swords

In days that now are gone
Which on a hundred battlefields,
Glittered and gleamed and shone;
But now that I am brimming with
The silence of the Lord,
I have ceased to be a sword-maker
And have learned to be the sword

16) What was the poet in the past?

(A) a decorator of swords
(B) a maker of swords
(C) a soldier
(D) none of these

17) Now the poet has learned to be the

(A) Sword
(B) Soldier fighring in battlefield
(C) Lord
(D) A youth

ReE (ts) (P.TO.)



18) What change can be seen in the poet now?

(A) Now the poet wants to leave battlefield.
(B) Now the poet does not have any greed for winning.

(C) , Now the poet understands that 'silence is preferred to war'

(D) Now'the poet does not want to be a sword maker.

Read the stanza and answer. the questions selecting the most appropriate


dark care
a dark river,'
And on

It's stony bank

there sits
a man,


as the sun-
or older,

Weaving a yarn of rainbow
and humming a song.
But the blind, deaf fish
that swim in the stream
See neither yarn nor man,
Nor hear his everlasting song.

19) What is the old man doing? (B) Fishing
(D) (A) and (C) both
({.) Weavingayarn
(C) Singing

ReE (1s)


20) Here the fish stands for

(4) the old man
(B) God

(C) insensitive human beings
(D) flow

Read the passage and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate

Everything was going as per plan The next day we started early in the
morning to reach Jail Khad. But the weather didn't favour us. Moreover, one of

the team members was tired and was rmable to walk. So we decided to halt near
a stream. There was a shepherd already trerc with his sheep. He took us with

him to the hill where his family and other relatives tived in tents. We enjoyed a
hearty meal in his tent. The weather cleared in the evening and so we decided

to leave. We were touched by the Sepherd's warm welcome, but also surprised
to see him, his family and his relatives living in such harsh weather conditions.
The shepherd had a dog that helped him in guarding his sheep.

21) The trekkers halted

(A) due to weather

(B) due to inability to walk of a team member
(C) (A) and (B) both

(D) due to accident

22) The trekkers were surprised to know that

(4) The shepherd and his family lived in harsh weather conditions.
(B) sheep and dogs could survive in such cold weather.

(C) The weather changes drastically in Himalaya.
(D) Shepherds in Himalaya have no earning.

ReE (1s) 7 (P.TO-)


23) The shepherds keep dogs for

(A) Carrying heavy bags
(B) Guarding their sheep
(C) Showing directions
(D) Their company

I Read the passage and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate


Aiter returning to India, Salim tried to get a job as an ornithologist with

the Zoological Survey of India, but was rejected since he did not have an M.Sc.
or a Ph.D. Degree. He decided to study further to acquire eligibility for the job.

Salim went to Germany and got trained under Professor Stresemann, &D

acknowledged ornithologist in Berlin. However, when he came back to India,
he found out that there were hardly any opportunities in his profession. Another
man would have given up in disgust, but not Salim.

24) Salim decided to study further as

(A) He was interested'in higher education.

(B) His family wished so.

(C) He wanted to be a professor.

. (D)n He wanted to get ajob as an ornithologist.

25) After returning to India, Salim found out that

(A) There were great opportunities in his profession.
(B) There were no opportunities at all in his profession.
(C) There were few opportunities in his profession.
(D) It was useless to return to India.

ReE (1s) 8


L -208

Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks:

26) Always drink boiled water if you want to yourself from falling

(A) preserve (B) cease
b (D) put

(C) prevent

27) Disneyland has been a of ideas conjured by Walt.

(A) potpourri (B) description
(C) fertllizer
28) Find out the odd one:
(A anticipating
(C) foresee (B) predict
(D) evaluate

29) Ants see that each one in the nest does its share of work and that no one is

allowed to be

(A) petty (Bl active

(C) indolent (D) ferocious

I Select the most appropriate word having the nearest meaning:

30) Surly :

(A) ill-natured (B) fixed

(C) inclined (D) decisive

31) Drizzle : (B) Shivering
(D) Light rain
(A) Breeze
(C) Surprised


ReE (1s) 9 (P.TO.)



32) Summit : (B) call
(D) give up
(A) surreirder
(C) peak

Identify the functions used in the sentence:

33) I used to listen to stories from my grandma in my childhood.

(A) expressing purpose
(B) describing a person
(Cl habitual past
(D) showing time

34) Nilima recites the poem as her teacher does.

(A) expressing manner of action
(B) expressing supposition
(C) showing reason
(D) showing comparison

35) Sunita would rather take up a job than study further.
(A) expressing condition

(B)- showing contrast

(C) expressing choice
(D) taking pennission

ReE (1s) 10



Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:
36) the students rushed out of the class.(showing time)

(A) Hardly had the bell rung when
(B) When the bell iings

(c) Hardly had the bell ring when

(D) No sooner does the bell ring

37) Start reading loudly . (showing purpose)

(A) and improve your pronrmciation

(B) with a view to imprroviag yolr Forrmciation.

(c) because you need iryrurm in your prcnunciation.

(D) for you can improve ytrrlr prmunciation.

38) , he couldn't rreh in time.(expressing contrast)

(A) He drove fast and

(B) He drove fast however

(C) However he drove fast

(D) However fast he drove

39) The nurse would have treated the patient .(express supposition) I
(+) because she is a doctor
(B) according to her knowledge I
(C) as if she were a doctor I
(D) if she had been instrucred by the docror

ReE (1s) 11 (P.TO.)


40) , it would have won the race.(showing past condition)

(A) If the rabbit hadn't taken rest

(B) If the rabbit took rest

(C) Unless the rabbit took rest

(D) If the rabbit takes rest

Select the most appropriate responses:

41) Sumit : I've got only 38 marks in Chemistry and 90 in Physics.

Jayvir : .(exPressing advice)

(A) You should concentrate more on chemistry.

(B) Oh ! How imbalancing!

(C You can concen{ate on chemistry more'

(D) But chemistry is easier than physics'

42) Naiya : This sum is very difficult. I can't solve. Just have a look.

Riya: .(Giveexclamation)

(A) No, I can't solve it right now.

(B) How easy it is!

(C) But I find it easY.

(D)* It's very simPle.

ReE (1s) 12


43) Principal : Why do students prefer only Mr. Bhatia?

Teacher : .(comparing)

(A) He is very favourite among students.

(B) His explanation is very impressive.

(C) Very few teachers teach as well as Mr. Bhatia.

(D) Because he works very hard.

44) Rahul : How is your new neighbour?

Supan : .(showing result)

(A) _ He is really an interesting person.

(B) Really he is a very kind hearted person.

(C) He is so kind that he has won our heart.
(D) He is better than the earlier one.

Choose the correct connector:

Having heard the news, she was (45) shocked (45) she fainted (46)
we took her to the hospitaL (47) heavy rain.
45) ( ) so.....that


(C) such......"...that
(D) very much,. .that

ReE (1s) 13


46) (A) because (B) since
(D) when
(c) so

47) (A) due to (B inspite of
(D) on behalf of
(c) because of

Select the comect arrangement to make meaningfui sentence:

48) in a positive way(l) the flow of (2) cerebrospinal fluid(3) the crown pull


( 4,2,3,1 (B) 2,3,1,4
(c) 4,r,3,2 (D) 2,3,4,I

49) in those of you(l) what is false(2) the hope of a new world is(3) who

begin to see(4)

(A) 4,2,r,3 (B) 3,1,4,2
(D) 3,?:,I,4
(c 3,1,2,4

50) of the system(l) in motion(Z) all the machinery(3) has been set(4)

(A) L,3,4,2 (B) 3,I,4,2

(C)t 2,3,L,4 (D) 4,2,L,3

ReE (1s) t4

ts*,*- _


013 (E)



(CLASS - xtr)

(Part - B)

Time : 2 HoursJ fMaximum Marks : 50

Instructions :

1) Write in a clear legible handwriting.
2) There are four sections in Part - B of the question paper and total I to 20

questions are there.

3) All the questions are compulsory. Internal options are given.
4) The numbers at right side represent the marks of the question.
5) Start new section on new page.
6) Maintain sequence.


Read the paragraph and answer the questions: 16l

Climate change and Global Warming are dramatically urgent and serious
problems that can lead to calamitous consequences. We do not need to wait for
govemments alone to find solutions to these tenible problems. Each individual
can play an important part by simply adopting a more responsible lifestyle,
beginning with some little, everyday Dos and Don'ts. It's only reasonable way
to save our planet before it is too late.

1) What are the two issues discussed here?

2) How can one help to overcome the problem?

The mind is the rational, logical part of you that helps you to make
unemotional choices, to Store and retrieve information and to order and
calculate. It is the counterpart to the emotions. A good example of the
interaction between mind and emotions is exam nerves. Your mental

capacity has helped you retain what you have revised you 'know

your stuff but when you enter the exam room and start getting emotional
by expecting difficulties and imagining failure, all of a sudden the

carefully stored information is no longer available. Your emotions have
baned the way to your inner information store.

ReE 15 (P.TO.)

,. L-208

3) Which example is given here to explain the interaction between mind and

4) Which obstacle hinders the retrieval of the stored information?


These are ants that do 'farming'. You may know that it was a big [eap for
lluman progress when man gave up being a full-time hunter and took to
farming seemingly, the umbrella ants of South America have taken the
same step in their small way! They are called by that name because they
are often seen carrying large pieces of leaf over their heads like umbrellas.

' They take these pieces of leaf to their nest, where they chew them up

nicely, Afterwards they make beds of these chewed-up leaves. On these
beds grows a kind of fungus, which is the food of ants.

5) What was the great step of humans towards progress?

6) How do ants make their food?

Write any two short notes focusing on the given questions: [Question No. 7

and 8l 0' I6l

o \{alt's Journey from Horse to Mouse:

. How did he make his first money?

. Where and what did he study? O.-

. How did he start his own cartoon company?

. What are his cartoon series?

. How did Mickey Mouse become successful?

Magic of Monkey's Paw :

. How did the couple get the Pa
o What warning did Monis give
. What was the horrible effect of the first wish?
. , What was the second wish?
. What was its effect?
. After the third wish of Mr. White, what happened?

ReE l6


Struggle of Sojourner Truth

o \{here was she born?
. To whom was she sold?
. What did she do after Emancipation Act was passed?
. What did she speak in her speeches?
. How long did she serve?
. What were her social activities?


e) Read the following passage and write its summary. Give a suitable title. Isl

For last several years, I have been talking about my freedom. I

remember the d4y when you objected to my dress and hair. That day you
appeared to me like 'evil dictator' who would never understand my style,

my personality. The next day, you did not allow me to go out. I was fiercely

angry with you. We were on opposite sides and there seemed no meeting

grounds. Now when I recall this incident, I also remember how you

appreciated my choice when we had to buy a gift for Asmi. I also recall
how after getting angry with me for the bad report card for a few hours,
both of you came into my rodm and explained what I should do to score
more marks. I have both good and bad memories but now I would prefer
to remember the best. The little and big arguments between us were just

thoughtless reactions.

Read the news clipping and answer the questions: I4l
Giant Dinosaur Footprint Discovered

Sep. 30,2016 @
The Times of India

One of the biggest dinosaur footprints ever recorded has been unearthed
in the Gobi Desert, researchers said on Friday, offering a fresh clue about the
giant creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

One of the veral footprints were discovered in the vast Mongolian desert
the huge fossil was discovered last month in a geological layer formed between
70 million and 90 million years ago, researchers said.

ReE t7 (P.TO.)

' L-208
,n. footprint is believed to have belonged to Titanosaur, a long-necked

dinosaur, and could have been more than 30 metres long and, 20 metres tall,

according to researchers. "This is a very rarediscove ry ." Said a statement issued
by Okayama University of Science. The Japanese University has been involved
in the study with the Mongolian Academy of Science.

10) What is the news about?

11) How old was the fossil found by the researchers?

12) What are the long-necked dinosaurs called?

13) Which two institutes have taken up the study?

Do as directed: I4l

14) On a cold and stormy night, Mr. White and his son, Herbert, were playing

chess in their small living room of Villa. While Mrs. White was.sitting by
the fire, knitting and talking to them occasionally. They were expecting a

guest named Sergeant Morris.

. Start like this: 6

On a cold and stormy night" IvIr. White and his son, Herbert, were playing

15) My Mom is making a special dish in the kitchen. She has received a call

from a guest just now. She says that she will have prepared the dinner by

8 o'clock.

. Start like this:

A special dish is being made by ...


16) Render the following dialogue into indirect speech. l4I

Lomov Thank you! And how are you?
Tschub oh, so-so, my friend. Please sit down. what brings you here?
Lomov I need some money.

Tschub Oh! You have come to borrow money again.

ReE 18

- --:._


17) Study the given data and write aparagraph on ir in about eighty words: l4l

Zaverchand Meghani

A well-known writer of Gujarati Folk Literature.
Born in chotila on 28 Aug., lg96 died in Botad orr 9 March, lg47

Got degree of B.A. n t9I7
worked as an editor in 'phoolchhab' for years. O

A social reformer and a freedom fighter.

His books - over 100.

Title of 'Rashtriya Shayar' by Gandhiji.

Notable Awards : Ranjitram suvarna chandrak (Lg2g)

18) As an active student, you have to speak on the occasion of the Farewell
Function of your H.S.C. class. Prepare
points in a speech in the light of the follo-w. i-n-e-e
about 100 words.

Points : Support and motivations of the teachers - Healthy atmosphere A
of the school - Thankful for developing overall personarity of
-students special memories - unfoigeitable life-lessons from O


ReE l9 (P.TO.)




19) Write a paragraph in about 150 words with the help of the given points. l7l

o !flomen Empowerment

Points : Social s now attitudinal change _
Role of
Women _ male, female equality _

eds awareness.

OR lrrr,

Positive Aspects of your personality

Points : co-operative nature - performance in education and
sports - confident - leadership - courageous - Sharp
observation - co-curricular activities - skills.

20. Romesh Trivedi sends an e-mail at [email protected] t5l
complaining about not receiving a book which he had ordered 15
days ago. Write an e-mail on his behalf.

oR tr

Write a report on your visit to an Old Age Home




B# 20


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