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A cop is driving to work then his car broke down. Then he does not get in trouble.

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Published by Julian Bowen, 2019-05-08 11:56:35

Joe's Broken Car

A cop is driving to work then his car broke down. Then he does not get in trouble.

J​ oe's Broken Car
By Julian Bowen

Have you ever had a bad day? Joe was
having a bad day. He spilled coffee on his
new shirt, so he had to get a new one. Joe
is 6ft 5in tall. and he is a cop at the LAPD
(Los Angeles Police Department).

Phil wasn't patient to go to the vet. He
actually wanted to go to the vet. Phil is a
German Shepherd. Phil wanted to go if it
wasn’t so hard to get Phil in the car. But he
had a 2011 red Mini Cooper, so Phil had to
be in the passenger seat.

On his way there, his red colored car
started to smoke, but he didn't want to get
out because it was -55c (-131f).

¨I don't know how it is -55c (-131f) in
Los Angeles, Joe said to Phil. His
radiator was overheating so he had to
wait. It won't take long because it is
extremely cold, but then his engine
started to smoke the smoke. Was red
for some reason.

He went out to see what had happened
but he put on his five coats, and he got to
the engine. Then his car started to roll down
the hill! He chased it down the hill! It wasn't
rolling fast, so he got in his car, pulled the
emergency brake, and his car stopped. He
put his car in park so it wouldn't roll down
the hill again. Next he heard, ¨BOOM¨! His
radiator exploded!

So Joe called a tow truck. It was on its way.
20 min later, Joe and Phil got their car
towed and dropped off at work and their car
was taken to the shop. Joe was really late.
He told his Captain that his car broke down.
He didn't get fired. So they went home and
had the day off.

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