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georgie wanted to have a normal day today but what he doesn't know is what's coming for him

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Published by Semisi Paongo, 2019-05-08 09:30:06

Georgie and His Unlucky Day

georgie wanted to have a normal day today but what he doesn't know is what's coming for him

Georgie and His Unlucky 
By: Semisi Paongo 

We have all experienced a bad day, haven't we? If
not, here is a story of Georgie´s Bad Day . So there was
this guy named “Georgie,”( And don’t tell me how he is still
alive). He is 30 years old, and today, when he was going
to his work at Panda Garden, he tripped on a hurdle. The
rain washed his keys down the drain. He looked for his
keys and then someone peculiar popped out and yup you
know who it is! Pennywise was in the drain sipping coffee
and sitting on the couch with Georgie’s ! (I don’t know how
he got the couch and coffee and whatever he has in
there). Georgie asked Pennywise for his key and he
said, “how about I’ll give the keys if you come down here.

So then Pennywise opened a trap door for Georgie to
come in. (Oh no wonder how he got the things in?)
Georgie was scared at first, but actually, he had a lot of
fun. Pennywise and Georgie had a great time
together. They watched tv, drank coffee, and they played
football in the sewer.

Then, Georgie realized he was going to be late to
work because his work starts at nine o'clock, and the
watch said it was eight fifty-five. So then he asked
Pennywise to give his keys back, but then, Pennywise
said he wanted to play more. Georgie said he couldn't, so
Pennywise got furious.

Pennywise shouted, “COME BACK HERE YOU
LITTLE RAT.” Georgie didn't know what to do so he just
hot-footed for his keys and grabbed them. Pennywise got
so furious that he locked the trapdoor!

Georgie was hiding and Pennywise called him “
Pennywise went further in the sewer where Georgie was
hiding behind his bookshelf.

Georgie quietly went to get the trapdoor key and went
out. He went to work and was late so he got fired. After he
came back, he never trusted Pennywise again, and
eventually, he moved and got a new job. So that is the
end of the story. Hope you enjoyed.

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