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Published by Kylee Williams, 2019-12-04 15:39:21

Flip Book

Flip Book

Little Blue Bot

Kylee WIlliams

There used to be this little blue
bot, his name was Wester. He
was moving to a new school, a
school for humans.

He was scared because he’s
never moved schools before let
alone be in one with humans.

He was scared of being judged
and thought that he wouldn’t
have any friends because
they’re humans and he’s a bot.

His first day of school arrived
and he tried acting human so he
could fit in better but it wasn’t
working, nobody talked to him.

He went home that night crying
because nobody would talk to
him and when his mother asked
what was wrong he explained
what happened.

His mom stopped him and wiped
away his tears and when he
finally calmed down she looked
at him and said, “Just be yourself
and you’ll find people who love
you. Whoever decides they don’t
like you isn’t worth it”

Wester went to school the next
day still pretending to be human
but then he remembered what
his mother told him. He decided
to take her advice.

When he started acting like
himself he came to find that
slowly more and more people
were talking to him and he was
making friends.

As time went on he made more
and more friends and found out
people really like him when he’s
being himself, way more than
when he’s pretending to be
someone else.

Wester now knows it’s more
important to be yourself than to
pretend to be someone you’re
not and he’s also way happier.

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