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Published by naeim.work18, 2019-12-03 11:38:11




Naeim bin
Amran 1191701

SELF exPRESSION ART (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Poster colour and water colour

Abstract The art portrays about myself which is I
am nothing from external look but I am not
‘an empty can’. Red and yellow colours
showed are about my braveness facing
challenges in daily life. Blue and green col-
ours represent about my calmness and pa-
tience. The man in the art is holding a
mask using his left hand shows that I am a
left-handed person.

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)

Medium Strings, PVA glue and acrylic colour

Abstract The process of this art is started from
strings were dipped into a mixes of arcrylic
and PVA glue. Next, the strings were put
down on the canvas. Then, the strings
were pulled down of the canvas to create a
splashed colour effects. This art is repre-
senting flowers that shows the beauty of
God creation.

Collage art (30cm x 30cm)

TTwwoo pfahcaesses

Medium Old newspapers and glue

Abstract Two faces are representing about a man at
his young age and in the future. The words
surrounding the faces are representing
about knowledge and experience. The art
told a lesson about the more we age, the
more we learn about something in our life.

Project 2 (A1 size)

Medium Poster colour and painting marker

Abstract This art is from contemporary era under
graffiti art or street art genre. The art is in-
spired by famous graffiti artist, Bruno Big.
The art techniques is are emphasizing on
Bruno Big’s signature; strokes and colours.
The colours and strokes show about the
uniqueness of vegetation in the world. The
graffiti art in the world usually shows
about rebel and dissatisfaction towards
something but this art is contrast. This art
spreads love and harmony through graffiti.

Alif Zikry bin

SELF exPRESSION ART (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Acrylic

Abstract When two things are placed together and
result in an apparent contrasting effect,
juxtaposition. My art details in the person-
ality of being minimal intercede the order-
less. The different position of strokes de-
fine chaotic ways of perceiving and under-
take everyday routine while manages to
keep all simple, subtle and sleek in tackling
issues and responsibility. A paramount de-
sign element of contrast area single red
stroke that translates one peculiarity in

personality from fellow hombre, a secret
few acknowledge.A solid pitch black foun-
dation reflects the negativity that nour-
ishes from the transgression of the eye,
tongue and hand upon the stone cold
heart accumulating more as day count for-
ward. By God Own knowledge.

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)

Medium Acrylic with Cotton bud

Abstract Pow! is a pop art centering around the dra-
matic coming of pop art when it first float
around America to popularity. It is a type
of art that blurs the line between high
class fine art and low class fine art to put
it simply. Instead of using solid strokes of
brush stippling technique is used.

Collage art (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Colored paper and Magazines

Abstract Inspired by Camila Cabello hit single. It
shows young Camilla heartbroken over her
failed relationship, walking down the pave-
ment in a hot dry summer night. Its hidden
meaning is that there is no wrong in loving
too deeply. You are going through a crazy
roller coaster ride and it sucks but it was
worth it.

Project 2 (A1 size)

Medium Acrylic and Poster color

Abstract Its name is derived from the greek mythology figure,
Helen of Troy or Helen of Sparta who was said to be
the most beautiful women in the world. The painting
brings back to the Eastern Indian State, Orissa that
is famous for its tribal culture and many Hindus tem-
ple . It depicts a beautiful women dancing the tradi-
tional Indian dance, Bharatanatyam with fortuitos
grace without minding the condemnation from peo-
ple and critics of her antics because she has the be-
lief that your beauty is only to be set free. Free from
restriction , from shame , from guilt ,from qualms ,
just let it flow and have fun doing whatever you
want and just be you as your free spirit is the fiery
coal burnt to be the brightest flare of you

Hasif bin
Patria @
Ahmad Patria

SELF exPRESSION ART (30cm x 30cm)

sad boy

Medium Acrylic on canvas

Abstract I painted a cat because i love cats. I made
him sad because he was losing a game,
same as i do when i lose a game. It also
shows that my favorite hobby is gaming.

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)

powerful of 4

Medium Hot glue painted with acrylic on canvas

Abstract This art was done using hot glue gun. The
hars glue would then be painted with acryl-
ic. The art shows 4 cats which is quite pop-
ular on the Internet. It represents cute-

Collage art (30cm x 30cm)

Dying leaf

Medium Leaf and acrylic

Abstract This art is a symbol of a dying leaf. It will
show how leaf will decay over time when it
falls on the ground. This art represent the

Project 2 (A1 size)

Medium Acrylic on water colour paper

Abstract This art inspired by Tardar Sauce also
known as Grumpy Cat. This painting is a
tribute to its death on May 14 2019. The
theme is a neo pop art under contempo-
rary art since Grumpy Cat was once the
symbol of the internet and also an icon.
The design layout is based on grid and us-
ing bright colour to enhance the tone.

Aizuddin Bin

SELF exPRESSION ART (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Marker pens, acrylics, pens

Abstract Flowers potray humans. Flowers are various
so does humans which different in races,
appearance, attitude and others. This de-
sign highlighted the principle of hierarchy
which is the biggest and colourful flower.
This big flower potrays the important of
myself. The colourful colours shows how
cheerful i am. The big flower pattern which
is the most prominent compared to other
flowers shows that I am different and
unique. Lastly, I'm became the hierarchy to
show that I am competative.

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Acrylics, poster colours, paper circle tem-
plates, toothbrush

Abstract This art represent fireworks. Once it ex-
plodes, it pops out colourful sparks. Differ-
ent size of circles were experimented to
show the layers of sparks. Tootbrush were
used to experiment the sprinkles of acryl-
ics on canvas. Cheerful acrylic colours were
used to represent the colourful fireworks
at night. Black plus dark blue colour for
background as the night sky, dark and si-

Collage art (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Old comics, colour papers, glue

Abstract Theme for this art is comics. This art repre-
sents the variative of comics. The hierar-
chy of this art is the big and colourful
naruto which was designed in the middle of
this art. The background was a compilation
of my old comics collection and it was po-
traying how variety was comics. Naruto
came up as a highlight in this art because
it is an iconic cartoon since childhood time.
Naruto also famous among adults nowa-
days. The special of this arts basically re-
minds us to our childhood time.

Project 2 (A1 size)


Medium Acrylics, marker pens

Abstract This art is a traditional art which is a bud-
dhism cultural art. It is a combination of el-
ephant and mandala which is really signifi-
cant in buddhism culture. Elephant is a
symbol of the untrained mind. Mandala is a
Sanskrit term that means circle or discoid
object. Mandala are objects of devotion in
Tantric Hindu.

Amirul Aiman
Bin Shahrul

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)

The Burger of

Medium Mixed medium on canvas

Abstract The painting potrayed the layer of happi-
ness that can be describe from each layer
of the burger. It shows that to reach our
maximum potential ee must start one by
one and layer by layer until we success.

Experimental art (30cm x 30cm)


Medium Acrylic & Wall filler

Abstract The wave indicate how strong the ocean
can be. Even the colour is blue, with the
help of the wall filler the effect of the wave
is successfully enhanced to look more real-

Collage art (30cm x 30cm)

Medium Carpet Paper

Abstract The collage is trying to potrayed the
struggle of a tree to stay survive in this ur-
ban area. The piece of paper seperately ar-
range to indicate the hardship and dilemma
for our nature sources nowadays.

Project 2 (A1 size)

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