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Published by IBPAP, 2022-04-13 06:50:43




In the Philippine IT-BPM Roadmap of 2022, the industry The country faces a long-standing and forward-looking
was forecasted to increase its global market share, expand challenge on the low talent availability for digital skills.
outside the Metro Manila, diversify its services portfolio, and Accelerated digital transformation and the changing customer
move up the value chain in terms of skilled jobs. breed have brought about new trends and emerging skills in the
market. As more companies are emulating these changes in their
An upgraded talent ecosystem was one of the enabling systems and processes, the future of the IT-BPM growth will
conditions among others that were expected to usher in the full largely depend on complementing talent and skills.
potential of the industry. As one of the critical priorities of the Consequential to the pent-up demand and the low talent
industry, workforce transformation was supported by several availability, the unmet demand of talent for complex services has
High-Impact Programs (HIPs) that aims to expand, upgrade, and caused a talent war in the market.
attract fresh talent, and to retain and upgrade existing workforce.
For instance, various stakeholders have also partnered up to Considering these factors, the growth of the Philippine IT-
participate in the National Upskilling and Reskilling Framework. BPM industry will be enabled by a skilled workforce among other
The academe, government, and industry players focused factors. To nurture the talent pool through accelerated
initiatives in developing domain, digital, and leadership skills with investments in talent development programs for next-generation
the ultimate objective of enabling skills development and lifelong skills is now a critical requirement for competitive players of the
learning for at least 1 million Filipinos in 5 years. industry.

However, given the unprecedented global and local To be able to develop a near-term industry perspective
events, the Roadmap 2022 study underwent two consecutive on critical digital- and technical-skills demand in the next 12 to 18
recalibrations of forecasts and initiatives. Pressures on cost months, the IT-BPM Skills Demand Study was conducted
structures, geo-political changes, urgency for automation and drawing data available on employment projections, skills supply,
digital transformation, and increased focus on business and shortages in the sector.
continuity plans and resilience have taken over the strategic
processes and priorities of organizations. Nonetheless, the The objectives of this study are:
global IT-BPM services market and its strong resilience caused
most industry players to regain growth momentum or show signs • To verify if the global trends on digital and domain
of early recovery. While it also experienced the global skills also apply to the Philippine IT-BPM industry
challenges, the Philippine IT-BPM industry was expected to be in
line with the global industry as well in terms of growth and • To quantify the digital and domain skills and identify
projections. the proficiency levels required by the industry

• To incorporate feedback from industry practitioners
so findings can be shared with stakeholders.



The survey was able to capture a mix of small and medium
companies. Respondents were representatives from the following:

Respondent Composition Job Classification Sector Representation

(According to FTE Range)

47 less than 500 Human Resources Operations BP & Contact Center GIC
36% 48% 22% 31% 38%
500-2,500 Others
Companies 34% 30%

2,500+ e.g., Management, Learning IT & Software HIMS
30% & Development, Sales 23% 8%


DIGITAL SKILLS Domain skills are subsector-defined skills that
are more specialized and niche.
Digital skills pertain to cross-sectoral skills that
require digital fluency and the infusion of
technology in work functions.

Data Analytics & Engineering Software Development

Digital skills pePrrtoacinestos cAruotsosm-saetcitoonral skills that require digital fluency anPdrothgerainmfumsiionngoLfatnegcuhanogleosgy in work functions

Business Intelligence Finance & Accounting

Artificial Intelligence HR Analytics

Cybersecurity Medical Coding

Digital Project Management Clinical Research

Social Media Management Game Development

Data Science Game Art

Search Engine Optimization 3D Animation

Machine Learning 2D Animation

Source: Studies made by LinkedIn, Coursera, Udemy, NASSCOM, Everest Source: Industry consultations and FGDs with Subsector Leads


Respondents require INTERMEDIATE proficiency level for Software Development, Medical Rank & File Manager
Coding, and HR Analytics with the RANK & FILE job level appearing to have the highest Supervisor Executive
demand across the top domain skills.

Data Analytics & Engineering Process Automation Cybersecurity

Proficiency Level Advanced


Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Proficiency Level Advanced



Respondents mostly require RANK & FILE job levels with INTERMEDIATE proficiency level Rank & File Manager
qualifications for Data Analytics & Engineering, Process Automation, and Cybersecurity. On Supervisor Executive
the other hand, BEGINNER proficiency level is required for Business Intelligence and
Artificial Intelligence.

Software Development Medical Coding HR Analytics

Proficiency Level Advanced


Programming Languages Clinical Research Finance & Accounting

Proficiency Level Advanced



AI Rank & File Manager
22% Supervisor Executive

17,600 Artificial Intelligence Business Intelligence Data Analytics & Engineering
job vacancies
BI Adv
20% Int


DAE Other Digital Skills: Process Automation, Cybersecurity, Digital Project Management, Social Media
18% Management, Data Science, Search Engine Management/Optimization, Machine Learning


Finance & Accounting Software Development Programming Languages

PL 43,400 Adv
11% job vacancies Int

SD Beg
FA Other Domain Skills: HR Analytics, Medical Coding, Clinical Research, Game Development, Game
60% Art, 3D Animation, 2D Animation

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