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The Rafflesian 2010

we love

The Rafflesian
Year One to Four


02 Principal’s Message
04 Deputy Principals
06 Board of Governors
08 Vision, Mission, Value
09 Institution Anthem

12 Principal’s Report for 187th Founder’s Day
17 Events

46 Bayley
48 Buckley
50 Hullett
52 Moor
54 Morrison

58 Prefectorial Board
62 Sports Groups
81 Performing Arts Groups
87 Uniformed Groups
93 Club and Societies

113 Committees and Departments
140 Year 1 Classes
156 Year 2 Classes
172 Year 3 Classes
190 Year 4 Classes

we love

We love the people, how you always seem to bump
into someone you’ve been wanting to catch up with,
and how helpful people are. The teachers, who all
seem to have some endearing personality traits – their
warmth, intelligence, humour. How so much happens
here – the celebrations, the festivities, the rousing
cheers that keep us fighting. Quiet corners on campus
– the World Class Rafflesians Corridor, the Looi Eng
San Memorial Garden. That carpe diem-esque quality
that illuminates so many people here.

We love the fact that going to school is simply like
coming home.

02 we love 2010


2009 marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Raffles Institution, as RI
and Raffles Junior College re-integrated to become a single school once more. We have
certainly enjoyed the benefits of this, and two years on, we look back and realise that our
sense of unity, our spirit as ONE Raffles Institution is now stronger than ever.
In 2010, our ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division sports teams won eight championship titles. The sporting
season produced so many exhilarating moments – who can forget the ‘C’ Division Rugby
Finals, when the boys took back the Goh Keng Swee Shield after a break of 14 years?
However, what was most moving was the overwhelming and rousing match support our
athletes received from fellow Rafflesians, who would arrive by the busloads, eager to
storm the venues and fill them with their deafening roars.
But being a Rafflesian means so much more than just having an insatiable thirst for
excellence. It means having the discipline and passion for learning, living in integrity,
and regarding others with kindness and respect. It means being able to think, lead and
pioneer in any given area, whether it be mathematics and science, the humanities, sports,
performing and/or visual arts. It means being able to master the skills of leading and
inspiring others. I trust that as the year passed, you have moved several steps towards
becoming such a person.
Many of the Old Boys I’ve met tell me that the years they spent at RI constitute one of the
most formative periods of their lives. RI had given them numerous opportunities to pursue
their individual interests and passions, to rise up to challenges, to excel and triumph.
But what they really treasure the most are the friendships and personal connections they
made at Raffles: the times they spent with their schoolmates laughing and working hard
together, playing and fighting alongside each other as a team.
These stories probably sound familiar – you would have gone through some or all of
these experiences in 2010: the Year 1 Orientation, the Malaysian Montage in Year 2, the
Outward Bound Singapore stint in Year 3, and the Year 4 Home Creation project. You
would also have faced countless challenges and created many happy memories with your
classmates and CCA-mates. These are memories to be cherished, and I hope that you,
too, will keep them alive in the years to come.

Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 03

But being a Rafflesian
means so much more
than just having an
insatiable thirst for
excellence. It means
having the discipline
and passion for
learning, living
in integrity, and
regarding others with
kindness and respect.

04 we love 2010


Mrs Chia Geok Boon Mr Andrew Lim Mr S Magendiran

Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Senior Deputy Headmaster
(Curriculum & Faculty) (Educational Development) & Deputy Principal

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 05

Mr Tan Nam Seng Mrs Tan Siok Mui Mr Arthur Kok

Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Principal
(Planning & Resources) (Student Development) (Special Projects)

06 we love 2010

Board of 3
Governors 6



The Rafflesian Year One to Four 07

9 10 1 Prof Cham Tao Soon
11 12 (Chairman)*
13 14 2 Prof Tan Ser Kiat
(Deputy Chairman)*
3 Mr Bilahari Kausikan
4 Mr Chan Shelt Tsong
5 Ms Claire Chiang See Ngoh
6 Mr Daniel Soh Chung Hian
7 Mdm Ho Geok Choo
8 Ms Jenny Lim
9 Mr Kwee Liong Seen
10 Mr Leslie Fong
11 Mr Lim Soon Hock
12 Mr Loh Sze Ti Terence Peter
13 Mr Ong Eng Hin
14 Prof Phang Sock Yong (nee’ Lim)

*In 2010, Prof Tan Ser Kiat was the
Chairman of the board from January
– June 2010, while Prof Cham Tao
Soon was the Deputy Chairman.

08 we love 2010


Auspicium Melioris Aevi
Hope of a Better Age

mission values

Nurturing thinkers, leaders Fortitude
and pioneers of character We face challenges with
who serve by leading and lead comradeship, resilience,
in serving tenacity and courage.

We honour our word and
faithfully discharge every

We appreciate diversity
among people and value
the distinct contribution of
each individual.

We embark on every
endeavour with foresight,
daring and flexibility.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 09


When Stamford Raffles held the torch
That cast Promethean Flame
We faced the challenge of the day
To give our school a name
The eagle eye and gryphon strength
They led us to the fore
To reign supreme in ev’ry sphere
The sons of Singapore
Come heed the call Rafflesians all
And let our hearts be stirring
We’ll do our best whate’er the test
And keep our colours flying
Let comradeship and fervent hope
With one voice make us pray
Auspicium Melioris Aevi
With God to guide the way

Composed by E W Jesudason,
Headmaster, Raffles Institution (1963 – 1966)


12 we love 2010

principal’s report
raffles institution’s
187th founders’ day,
24 july 2010

Prof S Jayakumar, Senior Minister and Coordinating Parents and the public expect a strong showing
Minister for National Security from RI and we have not disappointed them.
and Rafflesian, Class of 58 When the “A” level results were released this
Prof Cham Tao Soon, Chairman, year, we were the only school with two students
RI Board of Governors getting 9 distinctions, We also had the highest
Prof Tan Ser Kiat, Deputy Chairman number of students, with 8 distinctions and
Dr Lim Ee Koon, President ORA so on. 1 in 3 scored distinctions in all subjects
Mr Chua Wah Ann, Chairman, Raffles taken. 1 in 2 scored distinctions in at least 4
Parents’ Association content subjects, 3 in 4 scored distinctions in
Board members, distinguished guests, parents, at least 3 content subjects and 1 in 2 scored a
staff, fellow Rafflesians, past and present, friends. distinction in General Paper.

Thank you for celebrating Founder’s Day with us What is noteworthy is the all round excellence that
this morning. As Head Boy Ryan Chan mentioned, we have continued to attain as an institution.
this is the first time staff and students from Year
1 to 6 have gathered together for Founder’s Day The C Div sports season is not over yet. To date,
since 1982. It is a significant moment and credit we have garnered 28 sports championship
must go to Prof Cham and Prof Tan for leading the titles across the divisions this year. (Having
board and the key personnel of the school to make been at almost all the finals, let me say that
this happen. each of the titles was brought back with a lot
of grit and tenacity. None was an easy win.)
In the past year, we have deliberated the Rafflesian Quah Ting Wen was crowned Straits
opportunities that would arise from the reintegrated Times Athlete of the Year. Over 115 Year 3-6
institution and came up with many ideas. On this Rafflesians represented Singapore at regional
the staff were unanimous: we want to make Raffles and international competitions. 236 team
relevant, responsive and remarkable. We will be and individual colours awards were given to
relevant and responsive when we are able to help Rafflesians last year, making us the top sports
every Rafflesian fulfill his or her aspiration and when school in Singapore.
we have nurtured individuals with a strong sense of
purpose and social responsibility, for Singapore and All our uniformed groups were awarded Gold this year.
the world. We will be remarkable when others think
we have something worth “remarking” about – and In this non-SYF year, our performing arts groups
that would not be just because we declared a day have distinguished themselves in the international
off for the World Cup. arena. Raffles Chorale was awarded First Prize

TThheeRRaaffflleessiiaannYYeeaarrOOnneettooFFoouurr 13

at the 58th European Music Festival in Belgium For this year, even though the ceremonies have not
this June. The RI String Ensemble bagged a gold taken place at yet, I am pleased to say we have on
medal at the 21st Australian International Music record 9 DSTA, 15 A*Star, 22 PSC, 2 SPFOS and 2
Festival and played at the Sydney Opera House in SAFOS scholars – one of whom is the first female
July. Year 5 Art student, Bai Tian Yuan beat other SAFOS scholar ever. That is pioneering!
professional artists in Singapore to win the much
coveted UOB Painting of the Year Award which is What makes RI remarkable is the spirit of the staff
worth $30,000. and students who are constantly finding new ways
to leave a mark.
For the first time, a five-member Singapore team
comprising 3 Rafflesians including Captain Li In the past year, we have built new engines of growth
Ke Wei took top spot at the 23rd International to take RI to the next level of growth so that we will
Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Vienna. This have an impact on our community beyond the school
competition is likened to the World Cup of Physics. and the country.

In the recently concluded International Math The Raffles Institute for Experiential Learning
Olympiad, RI Year 5 student Ivan Loh performed broke new grounds in introducing place-
best of the Singapore team. He also won the only based education as well as diversity education,
Gold medal awarded to Singapore at the Asia Pacific ecological literacy and racial integration electives
Math Olympiad. for students, staff of RI and other schools,
as well as grassroots leaders working with
Also for the first time, RI took top spot in both the
secondary and JC circuits of the National Infocomm
Competitions. The ten-member team won The Raffles Science Institute houses an Open Lab
themselves a trip to Silicon Valley as well as many and 4 PhD researchers who work with students
iPods and gadgets. on biodiversity, water technology, clean energy
and other research projects in-house.
Because of the multi-faceted nature of Rafflesians,
our graduates continue to be well sought after by Under the auspices of the new Gryphon Institute
top universities and scholarship boards. We have for Sports, we will be holding our first Sports
53 students who gained admission to Cambridge Science Symposium this afternoon, to allow
and Oxford from the 2009 cohort. The numbers student athletes the chance to present their
admitted to the top US Colleges are slightly higher research in sports.
than the year before.

14 we love 2010

The Raffles Teachers’ Academy has also gone full year to Year 1-6 needy students this year. Several
swing to chart milestone training for our teachers of these recipients come from single parent
and collaborated with partners abroad to provide homes, with fathers who have passed away
accreditation to teachers in areas such as Gifted because of illness.
Education and masters courses.
You would have read the story of the former captain
Current Year 5 students will graduate next year of our canoeing team who was brutally assaulted
with the Raffles Diploma. The diploma captures near the Kallang MRT on his way home two months
accomplishments in five domains required of ago. This young man was hoping to get a scholarship
every Rafflesian: the cognitive, character & to read aeronautical engineering. That hope is
leadership, citizenship & community, arts & the now dashed. Undaunted, the straight A student is
aesthetics, and sports & health. The idea of the currently reviewing his career choice and recuperating
diploma has been well received by top universities from the loss of his left hand and slashes to his back
such as Oxford, Princeton, UPenn and Stanford and neck. Some old boys have pledged to see him
as students who have distinguished themselves through university and we will be doing so in the
well in any of these domains will additionally be form of an RI scholarship to celebrate his fighting
given merit or distinction awards which will help spirit and the fortitude he has shown.
to differentiate them. It will also ensure holistic
development as well as recognize peaks of What drives our old boys to give generously is
excellence among our students. something that is best described in the words of
one recent donor, who sent us a 250 000 dollar
Last year, Prof Tommy Koh launched the 1823 cheque to start a fund in memory of two of his
Fund. Since then we have been in touch with many classmates who have since passed away - one an
old boys and girls, well wishers and parents who outstanding athlete & headboy and the other a
are prepared to invest in the future of RI. Some Red Cross leader who, exemplified, for him, the
are in our midst today. Several have supported Rafflesian spirit. This is what he said in the letter
us as fellows of the Raffles Debate Academy, as accompanying the cheque: The RI tradition of
members of the Raffles Rugby Union and other meritocracy, fraternity, leadership and the pursuit
sports networks. The old scouts have also formed a of excellence lives on in every Rafflesian. Giving
Guild to mentor our young troops. back to perpetuate this great tradition is an honour
and a basic instinct of every true Rafflesian.
Through contributions to the 1823 Fund, we
have been able to give out, among other forms The essence of Rafflesian leadership is giving – the
of help, 45 scholarships of $1200-$2000 per giving of oneself in the service of others. Last year,

TThheeRRaaffflleessiiaannYYeeaarrOOnneettooFFoouurr 15

our cohort of students initiated 430 community The RI tradition
projects, volunteered at over 65 welfare of meritocracy,
organisations and embarked on 45 international fraternity, leadership
service learning trips to countries in the region. We and the pursuit of
are currently working on a Leadership Academy to excellence lives on
be helmed by fellows drawn from our illustrious in every Rafflesian.
alumni. We will also be working with our global Giving back to
alliance schools across the world, to pool together perpetuate this
efforts and experience on leadership training. great tradition is an
honour and a basic
Today, we will launch the Raffles Leadership instinct of every true
portal, an initiative funded by EDB & Rafflesian.
Glaxosmithkline. The portal is a one-stop online
service that provides free leadership development
resources to students and educators worldwide.
These resources include leadership insights
and personal stories from Singaporean and
international leaders, as well as tools, case studies
and best practices for developing youth.

A more complete report on the institution has
been provided for your reference. It leaves me
now to congratulate all award winners and thank
our guest of honour (who has been most gracious
and attentive to the institution’s evolution and
progress), our board of governors, partners from
the ORA and RPA and all our staff members who
have stood by the institution in times of change,
and contributed towards making RI an institution
we can all be proud of.

All for ONE.
ONE for Singapore and the World.

Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

16 we love 2010



The Rafflesian Year One to Four 17

Year 2 First Day
of School

4 January

The Year 2 students headed to a batch picnic at MacRitchie Reservoir Park to kick-start the new school
year. Along the way, they were tasked to take photographs of specific venues. The students also took class
pictures as well as snapshots of the flora and fauna they saw during their batch picnic.

18 we love 2010

Year 3 Outward Bound Singapore
and Learning Journeys

4-8 January

The Year 3 students, as part of tradition, started the school year with a week at the Outward Bound
Singapore (OBS) at Pulau Ubin, where they braved the kayaking, trekking and exhilarating high-rope
challenges. Year 3 students who missed the OBS camp embarked on learning journeys to Sungei Buloh,
Tuas South Incineration Plant, and conducted a CIP activity at Bishan. The Year 3 Orientation culminated in
a campfire and a song/cheer-filled night.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 19

Year 1
Orientation Camp

5-7 January

The Year 1 Orientation Camp was themed Zelos, or Spirit. Besides activities that pushed every boy to his
limit, the camp also created opportunities for the Year 1 students to get to know one another as a class and
as a cohort.

20 we love 2010

Junior Rafflesian
Investiture Ceremony

8 January

On this memorable night, the Year 1 boys received their school badge from their form teachers, with
the jubilant support of their parents in attendance. The ceremony also featured a photo montage
documenting the boys’ experiences during the Orientation Camp. It ended with the boys bellowing their
newly-learnt school cheers, which shook the school hall.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 21

Year 4
Castles Can Fly

8 January

The entire Year 4 cohort enjoyed themselves at East Coast Park in an afternoon of constructive creativity. As
part of the Castle Can Fly programme, the batch created buildings of various shapes and sizes to reflect their
dreams of a futuristic RI campus.

22 we love 2010

Chinese New Year

12 February

Year 1 - 4 Rafflesians celebrated Chinese New Year in the school hall, with performances from the Chinese
Orchestra and Chinese Cultural Club that added to the festive atmosphere. The celebrations culminated in
song and dance items put up by the teachers.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 23


26 February

The inter-house competition was held at the RI Swimming Pool. Fastest swimmers from each house pitted
against each other, with some students returning twice or thrice to compete in multiple events. Spectators
also got into the act by cheering their hearts out despite the rain. At the end of the carnival, Moor House
emerged victorious.

24 we love 2010


2 March

This year’s Prefects’ Investiture had the theme ‘InDeed – Outdo Your Limits’. It was a day of celebration
and pride for the newly-elected prefects who were formally inducted into the board. Prefects and student
councillors from other schools graced the occasion, and enjoyed a tour of the RI campus thereafter.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 25

CEC Investiture

9 March

The annual Class Executive Committee (CEC) Investiture was a formal event that recognised the important
role of the CEC in every class. Along with the representatives from each class, five level representatives per
batch were also invested into the CEC Council.

26 we love 2010

Friendship Day

16 April

37 Year 3 and 4 international scholars put up a song and dance performance to celebrate International
Friendship Day. Their performances showcased the cultures of countries such as Indonesia, Spain, Vietnam,
China and India, allowing their friends to better understand these diverse cultures.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 27


17 April

This year’s event was held at Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), and it brought the Raffles family together
for a day of fun and fund-raising. Besides musical performances, student groups set up games booths and
merchandise stalls, with activities such as T-shirt designing and face painting.

28 we love 2010


27 April

As guest-of-honour Professor Chia Kee Seng put it, this was a day not just to reward the top students in
the various cohorts, but also to recognise the outstanding work of their teachers and the remarkable effort
put in by all students. Prizes were given to those with outstanding academic results, excellent sporting
achievements, as well as those who had contributed significantly to the school and community.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 29

Science Challenge

4 May

A heated test of both scientific prowess and mental tenacity: this annual competition featured the
sharpest minds from each house in two categories of Olympic-style competition, culminating in a final
rapid-fire round. The team from Buckley emerged as champion.

30 we love 2010


22 May

Over 1,600 Primary 6 students and their families attended the Year 1 to 4 Open House, which had the
theme ‘All for ONE’. It featured performances and displays by CCA groups, campus tours, as well as a
presentation about the Raffles Programme by the Principal of RI.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 31

Year 2 Malaysian

24 – 27 May

The Year 2 cohort embarked on a four-day trip to Malaysia. They visited Malacca and Johor, where they
learnt about the culture and heritage of our neighbouring country, and took part in a home-stay which
featured a traditional wedding ceremony.

32 we love 2010

Ambassador Series

25 May & 23 July

On 25 May, Polish Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Mr Waldemar Dubaniowski, spoke to Year 3
and 4 students about the historical legacy of Poland, as well as the economy of modern Poland. He later
charmed guests at the tea reception with his rendition of a popular folk tune. Meanwhile, the Ambassador
of Saudi Arabia to Singapore, His Excellency Dr Jamil M. Merdad, addressed Year 3 and 4 students on 23
July. He shared with them insights into the rich history and culture of Saudi Arabia, highlighting its many
achievements today.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 33


18 July

This annual community service project is conducted by Year 4 students and organised in partnership
with Viriya Community Services. After assessing the needs of the residents that lived in Block 47,
Owen Road, Year 4 students were assigned specific households that had asked for help with cleaning,
painting or refurbishment. The day ended with a block party for the residents, with dinner and a
performance by students.

34 we love 2010

Racial Harmony Day

20 July

The highlight of this year’s Racial Harmony Day celebrations was a musical that showcased many talents
from various cultural groups. Set in a kampong where the residents were under threat of being evicted,
the musical showed how a community, united through a celebration of racial diversity, could overcome
any obstacle.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 35


24 July

RI celebrated its 187th Founder’s Day as one school, with Year 1 – 6 staff and students in attendance.
Professor S Jayakumar, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, and an old boy
of the school, was the Guest-of-Honour. Over 200 student prizes and staff long-service awards were
given out during the event. The Raffles Leadership Portal was also launched at the event. The portal
aims to provide free leadership development resources to students and educators worldwide, and is
sponsored by the Singapore Economic Development Board-GlaxoSmithKline development fund.

36 we love 2010

National Day Celebrations/
Youth Olympic Torch Relay

7 August

There was additional oomph at this year’s National Day celebrations, as the school prepared itself to
celebrate the nation’s birthday while welcoming the Youth Olympic Games torch. At the celebrations
which took place later that day, Rafflesians were treated to a cultural performance put up by their friends.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 37

Teachers’ Day

30 September

The celebrations kicked off with a concert, as Rafflesians showed their appreciation for the teachers at
RI. Teachers subsequently attended a luncheon at the Orchid Country Club.

38 we love 2010


5 October

Part of the rich tradition of RI, Prometheum Day recognises and appreciates the sacrifices made by
outgoing leaders of the school, and welcomes the incoming leaders for the next year. During this year’s
ceremony, 57 CCA leaders took over the mantle of leadership.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 39

Launch of Overseas
Alumni Network

7 October

The Raffles Overseas Alumni Network – which the school is referring to as ‘RFL’ – aims to provide a
platform for alumni to come together, be it for academic, professional or civic purposes. It also seeks
to reconnect and strengthen the ties between the school and its alumni. The term ‘RFL’ was inspired
by airport city codes, and references Raffles as both a home and a point of departure. The first alumni
chapter was launched in Jakarta, and the Guest-of-Honour was Mr Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador of the
Republic of Singapore to the Republic of Indonesia., who is also an Old Boy from the Class of 1977.

40 we love 2010

Visit by Minister Mentor
Lee Kuan Yew to RI

11 October

RI alumnus Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew visited the school and received a rousing welcome. He was
given a tour of the Heritage Centre, observed on-going lessons, and interacted with students from various
levels. His visit ended with a present from the school – a replica of the Bras Basah school facade, the
original campus of RI.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 41

Research Education

29 October

The 2010 RECongress saw the culmination of student-managed projects carried out over the course
of the year. Part of the RI curriculum, RE projects not only set Rafflesians on the path of curiosity and
problem-solving, it also reaffirms the school’s belief in giving back to the community. Winning projects
entered in various competitions over the year were presented during the congress to Guest-of-Honour,
Mr William Lau, Director of Networks Division, DSO National Laboratories.

42 we love 2010

House Carnival

1-2 November

Held on the last two days of the school term, the carnival gave Year 1 to 3 students time to enjoy
themselves and have a good break before the school term ended. The Inter-House Competition
included events in the sports, aesthetics and cognitive domains. The winning House was Moor House.

The Rafflesian Year One to Four 43

Year 4
End-of-Year Dinner

10 November

This year’s dinner was held at the Furama Riverfront Hotel, with the theme of ‘Glee’. It was a night filled
with fun and excitement, with Rafflesians capturing every moment of the event with their cameras. As
the night drew to a close, everyone was still full of energy and rocked the house with their batch song,
‘We are the Young’, and the ‘Unite’ cheer. It was indeed a night to remember for the Year 4 students,
who would progress to Year 5 in 2011.


46 we love 2010


TThheeRRaaffflleessiiaannYYeeaarrOOnneettooFFoouurr 47


2010 has been a year of ups and downs. Although we started the year on a less-than-satisfactory note,
the House eventually came together and bounced back with convincing wins at the Inter-house Chess
competition and the Chinese Cultural Quiz. We also came in a commendable 2nd place in Cross Country
and Dramafeste, for which we won best play and best acting ensemble. These results propelled us into
contention for the House championship, which went down to the wire.

Besides the passion and competitiveness displayed in the various events, it is the pride and the unity
shown in the face of numerous challenges that defines us as a house. Despite the number of cancelled
events throughout the year, we still gathered under the banner of Bayley and supported our House to the
end. This was a good year for growth in the House in terms of facing and overcoming obstacles, and we
can say with confidence that our House has emerged soaring higher, faster and further than before.

Gloria Illustris Semper

48 we love 2010


Buckley Bushido
Bushido, the way of the warrior: a code of conduct that stresses loyalty, honesty, respect, honour,
benevolence, courage and rectitude.
These were the guiding principles for us Buckleyeans as we entered the fierce battlefield of the Inter-
House Competitions. Waving the green flag, we struck fear in our opponents and took on all competition
with dedication, commitment and passion – characteristics of a true warrior. We emerged champions of
both the Science and Humanities Quizzes, demonstrating our domination in the academic field. Even in
the sports arena, Buckleyeans ran, swam and played their hearts out, all for the glory of the House.
The spirit of giving one’s full effort in competition has been witnessed so many times by the House
Committee of 2010, be it in the tremendous drama of Dramafeste, the intense moments of the Inter-
house Chess competition or the ever-fluctuating points of Swimming Carnival. Seeing each and every
Buckleyean show such commitment to the House was tremendously heart-warming. This spirit of never
giving up is something all Buckleyeans should take pride in.
The Championship Shield may not always be in our hands, but what will always remain is the undying
flame of the Buckley Spirit. We hope that we have imparted to you this flame of spirit, unity, passion and
above all, the way of the warrior. May this spirit of the warrior guide the future batches of Buckleyeans to
greater heights, and may the Buckley Spirit be with you always.
Unos Spiritus Forte, One Strong Spirit
Buckley House Committee 2010

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