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Social Studies Project


Social Studies
Picture Book

By. Darius

Martin Luther King Jr.

He gave the “ I have a dream” speech on the
march on washington. Was a civil rights
leader was the leader of the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference. Was a
major help in desegregating cities and large
areas of states and he worked with SCLC.


The SNCC was a group that helped fight
against segregation, equal rights for blacks
and more. Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Julian
Bond, Bernard Lafayette, and Charles
Sherrod led the SNCC. Charles F. McDew,
who served as the second chairman then was
succeeded by John Lewis.


The leader of the SCLC was Martin Luther
King Jr. The SCLC had a large involvement in
the American civil rights movement. The
Southern Christian Leadership Conference is
an African-American civil rights organization
which was closely associated with civil rights

Brown V. Board of Education

Brown lost the first case because they talked
about how it is wrong to have segregation.
Then they won the second case by talking
about how blacks had to walk an extra
couple miles. When a white school was down
the street from them and that it wasn’t equal.

Civil Rights Act

The civil rights act was when blacks would do
marches in highly segregated places. And
when blacks would go to segregated areas
such as restaurants and stay their. Many civil
rights leaders did the civil rights act like
MLK, Ella Baker, Ralph Abernathy, and
James Baldwin.

Albany Movement

The Albany movement was a known as a
failure to most people. Because of how many
people who had been stopped or arrested
including civil rights leaders. Also because
everyone else ran because they couldn’t
desegregate the city and didn’t want to be

March on Washington

The March on Washington was successful on
pressuring the administration of John F.
Kennedy to initiate a strong Federal civil
rights bill in Congress. During this event,
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his
memorable “I Have A Dream” speech. The
1963 March on Washington had several

Olympics of 1996

The olympics is a yearly games but the
difference in 1996 it was played in Atlanta.
And was also referred to as international
multi-sport event. That was held from July
19 to August 4, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia,
United States.

Lester Maddox

Lester Maddox had a cafeteria that was only
meant for whites. And didn’t agree with the
civil rights act and once chased out two black
men with a gun in his hand. He later ran for
governor and loss then tried again and
became governor and changed his ways and
got support from whites and blacks

Sibley Commission

Sibley Commission was what some white
people did in Atlanta after hearing that the
Brown won the case. Like putting up the
confederate flag and taking their children
out of school. So their kids wouldn’t be in the
same class as some black kids.

Iranian Hostage Crisis

The 1979 seizure of 52 American hostages
by iranian students. Who were held for 444
days. And the overall perception that he
didn’t do enough to remedy the “stagflation”.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter became interested in running
for office then became the state senate. He
ran for governor but came behind Lester
Maddox and Ellis Arnall then ran again and
became governor of Georgia. Then after his
four year term he ran for President and beat
President Ford.

Andrew Young

Is an American politician, diplomat, and
activist. He began his career as a pastor,
young was an early leader in the civil right
movement. Serving as executive director of
the Southern Christian Leadership
Conference and a close confidant to Martin
Luther King Jr.

John Lewis

Born in Alabama in 1940, John Lewis grew
up in an era of racial segregation. Inspired by
Martin Luther King Jr., he joined the
burgeoning Civil rights Movement. Lewis
was a freedom rider, spoke at 1963 March
on Washington and led the demonstration
that became known as “Bloody Sunday”.

Maynard Jackson

Maynard Jackson was the first African
American mayor of Atlanta. He served
mayor for eight years and then returned
for a third term in 1990. Was born in
March 23, 1938 and was born in Dallas

Ivan Allen Jr.

Ivan Allen Jr. was Atlanta’s mayor From
1962-1970, continued William B. Hartsfield
aggressive development policies. However ,
hre was also more adamant in the fight for
civil rights as well. He was instrumental in
the building of Interstate 285, was an early
advocate of the M.A.R.T.A commuter rail
line, and was responsible for 55 new building
projects during his tenure as mayor.

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